five more nights

horror game asks
  • outlast: would you rather lose your genitals or your fingers?
  • amnesia: something you'd like to forget?
  • silent hill: talk about a memory from your childhood
  • slender: do you believe in any cryptids/urban legends?
  • until dawn: favorite horror movie?
  • alien isolation: do you believe in aliens?
  • five nights at freddy's: the worst job you've ever had/a job you would hate to have
  • left 4 dead: how would you survive a zombie outbreak?
  • the evil within: one thing you like about yourself and one thing you don't like
  • soma: would you live forever if you could?
  • fatal frame: post a selfie
  • lucius: do you believe in god or the devil?

Nothing quite compares, to the mascot grinning with despair
Got some wear and tear, you can tell he’s undergone repair
Rare - hard to come by!
Just barely did he survive…
Nightmares for a lifetime!
Oh no, where did he go?

- He’s a Scary Bear


Freddy when Mike said he had a headache, I don’t think that was the remedy he had in mind..



Anyone remember those FNAF traditional dumps I did? I finally finished digitizing the main four…after like, two years of being under construction in my folder. But hey, at least they’re finally done!

Y’know, finally. I swear university takes away all my time from digital art.

Say it with me. Chuck E Cheese is not Five Nights at Freddy’s.

And the animatronics do not move at night. First off, a good majority of the animatronics don’t even have legs.

These certain set up of the band don’t have legs. They’re half bodied to save on money. And the other animatronics don’t even have animatronic devices in their legs. Furthermore, at night they’re left on random mode, y’know, that mode where they just turn their heads and blink. Stop saying about how they’re gonna kill you.


One way to get rid of art block is to draw something you usually don’t find yourself drawing. Compared to my usual stuff, I’d say this definitely qualifies!