five hundred words of funny

The Mini-Challenge: A piece of creative writing, 500 words or less, that makes us laugh. (Works that make us chuckle, guffaw, giggle, chortle, etc. will also be considered). There are no rules. 

Why? Exploring Tumblr, we’ve noticed that people like to write things that are sad. Characters die all over the place, there are lots of creys, and people are altogether not having a very good time. We wanted to create this challenge to encourage our followers to try some humor.

The Rules. (Yeah, we lied about the “no rules” thing).

  1. The entry must be 500 words or less. Notice this does not mean 501 words. 500 or less.
  2. You may submit your entry to our submit box. Please write “Humor Challenge - Your URL - Title (if applicable)” in the title box on the submit page.
  3. Please refrain from submitting fan fiction or quoting another writer in your entry.
  4. This Mini Challenge is public. Your url will be attached to your entry. You may also include your name.
  5. All humor is fair game, but we will not be impressed by any writing that bullies other people. Haters need not apply.
  6. The entry is due by Sunday, March 24th, 2012 at 11:59pm EST. We will post all entries that fulfill the length and due date requirements for your reading pleasure.

We will also be selecting a few winning entries (oooh, ahhh!), that will be designated as such.

If you have questions about this Mini Challenge, please use our ask box. We will answer all questions publicly (and probably in groups) there. Thank you.

Also, massive thanks to Frida-RPC for this snazzy graphic.