five hundred pounds


“he spent five hundred pounds on jeans”

“He’s got his eyebrows plucked and his asshole bleached”

“Tribal tattoos and he don’t know what it means”

“And wears a man bag on his shoulder, but I call it a purse”

“Drinks beer, but has a six pack, I’m kinda jealous”

“He wears sunglasses indoors, in winter, at nighttime”

“Now you’re eatin’ kale, hittin’ the gym”

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Headcanon that the IGR agents are all raccoons. All of them.

You know, for that matter, given how little I describe appearances on this show, I’m not sure you could prove anyone is human. The characters can work computers and stuff but raccoons do have those little paws. How can we know that the “humans” of the future aren’t just a strain of highly developed raccoons who mastered speech, won a war against homo sapiens, and renamed themselves “humans” just to be funny? 

We can’t. We just can’t.

I touched the combination lock. I concentrated so hard I felt like I was dead-lifting five hundred pounds. My pulse quickened. A line of sweat trickled down my nose. Finally I felt gears turning. Metal groaned, tumblers clicked, and the bolts popped back. Carefully avoiding the handle, I pried open the door with my fingertips and extracted an unbroken vial of green liquid.

Thalia kissed me on the cheek, which she probably shouldn’t have done while I was holding a tube of deadly poison.

“You are so good,” she said.

Did that make the risk worth it? Yeah, pretty much.
—  Luke Castellan, The Demigod Diaries

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My ex-boyfriend (who broke up with me) is mad because I don't want to be friends, My best friend bailed on me even tho I haven't seen him in 2 months, I failed a chem test, an ASL test and an English Socratic Seminar today and I have to go to school tomorrow. It's been a hectic day. If you have the time (and energy def don't feel pressured!!) I'd love a hurt/comfort Stucky or Stony fic please (or Bucky/Steve/Tony)

that is a huge pile of shitty anon, i’m sorry!

“All right, Iron Man, back in the air,” Steve calls and Tony does a silly salute even though he doesn’t think Steve can see him from where he is.

“Upsie daisy,” he calls in return. He’s barely lifted off when something hits him in the right thigh with a loud crunch. Pain spikes all the way down to his toes and up into his hip. The shock knocks him off kilter. He cries out, but it’s more out of shock than anything.

“Tony?!” he hears someone yell, but the view on the HUD is spinning and that’s more important than whoever’s yelling at him.

“Sir, you’ve taken a hit—”

No shit!” Tony yells back breathlessly.

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Animal Experts

Here’s my fic for the Seasons @kagehinaficzine! I got to collaborate with @k-a-r-o-1221 – for the season of spring, we came up with a Wildlife Park AU ^^ 

It’s dark out when Kageyama’s alarm goes off, but he shoves his blankets off his legs and yawns, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. In an hour, he’s dressed and out his front door.

A little before seven on that mild April morning, he’s hustling into work. A few staff members raise a hand in greeting, though he doubts they remember his name. Most wouldn’t even notice the absence of one lowly grad intern. He probably could have gotten a little extra shut-eye, if he’d wanted to sleep in. But he’s got a job to do.

He opens the door to his first appointment of the morning and is immediately greeted by a blast of sound that practically blows his hair back, a loud trumpet call.

“Good morning,” he says, to the five hundred pound baby elephant, already waiting to start its day off on the right foot. Very literally—Kageyama lays out all his tools necessary for their daily foot care routine.

The job is as tough as the elephant’s leathery skin, but it’s just one small part of his work at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Park and Zoo. The acres of land owned by the park are home to dozens of species, all of them in need of a little more care than they’d otherwise get out in the wild. The baby elephant was abandoned by its mother at birth and would have died, but it was rescued by the park. In four months, it will be flown back to Africa, where a team will help facilitate its reintroduction into the herd. Kageyama will miss it, but the other animals will keep him very busy.

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(Not) Killing Your Darlings: Parallels Between ACD Canon and S4

I’ve slowly been working my way through a reread of the canon stories, and although I am used to finding phrases and plotlines among the stories that have been adapted within Sherlock, what surprised me towards the end of the canon is that the writers of Sherlock appear to be adapting the way the stories are written, as well. We’ve talked a lot about the idea that Mofftiss have Reichenbached the show in Series 4, but I’m beginning to think they have Case-booked it (and His Last Bowed it, a little, too). This will probably sound grim at first, but I remain an optimist when it comes to Sherlock, so bear with me. These are Princess Bride “pit of despair” times; I figure if we have to be here, we may as well look around.

As a quick reminder, Doyle published the short stories as:

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1892)
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (1894)
The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1905)
His Last Bow (1917)
The Case-book of Sherlock Holmes (1927)

I’m going to start at the end of His Last Bow and the later stories, because they best parallel Series 4, then look back very briefly.

Breaking the fourth wall

His Last Bow breaks the pattern of the Sherlock Holmes story collections in a few ways. It begins with a brief preface written by John H. Watson; he addresses the reader directly to explain that he and Holmes are still living, though ageing:

”The friends of Mr Sherlock Holmes will be glad to learn that he is still alive and well, though somewhat crippled by occasional attacks of rheumatism… Several previous experiences which have lain long in my portfolio, have been added to ‘His Last Bow’ so as to complete the volume.” (His Last Bow, preface)

… lots more under the cut.

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Right Now, Harry

is laying stretched out on the grass in the back garden. It’s chilly and dark, and only a few stars can be seen through the heavy clouds hanging in the sky.

He hears the squeak of the back door, and for only a moment the bright, warm light from the kitchen shines upon his face, making him squint.

“What are you doing, silly boy?”

Stretching his neck, Harry looks toward the house to see Louis walking toward him, tiptoeing through the grass in bare feet.

“You’re going to be cold,” Harry tells him, his voice just a little hoarse.

“You’re going to be cold,” Louis imitates, his voice high and squeaks and very much the opposite of what Harry actually sounds like. He squats down next to Harry and then lifts one leg over him to straddle his Harry’s chest. He leans down for a chaste kiss - which Harry eagerly reciprocates - and then falls the last six inches with a thud so that he’s sitting across Harry, placing his hands on either sides of his ears in the wet grass.

Harry lets out a heavy oomph when Louis sits, and then coughs a few times, which makes Louis grin like a cheshire cat. “You can tow five hundred pounds with your upper body,” Louis says. “And you think I’m heavy?”

“Your six hundred pound arse is what does it,” Harry says, and Louis flicks his nose.

“Shut it,” he tells him. And then, “What are you doing out here, Haz? Solo life become too much?”

“It’s been a day,” Harry croaks. “Give me at least a week.”

Louis laughs and leans forward for another kiss, which Harry gives. “Are you feeling good about it? They love it. We knew they would.”

Harry rolls his eyes. “You knew they would,” he says, the pauses. “I don’t know. I just… Feel really exposed. It’s been a long time, Lou. Since this sort of thing.”

“It has,” Louis says. “But you’ll love it. It’ll just take a bit to get used to again. You’ve got this. We’ve got this.”

He wiggles down Harry’s chest so that their chests are flush and leans down until their noses are touching. Harry, as always, is starting to get that contented happy stare that he gets when he’s with Louis, and Louis would be lying if he said that he didn’t take pride in being the one to give Harry that expression.

“Yeah,” Harry drawls, his voice slowing to sweet molasses. Louis ducks down one last time and kisses him slow and sweet. Harry sighs out in contentment and slings his arms around Louis’s shoulders. The cold in the air doesn’t seem as biting when they’re together.

Each House as a Disney Heroine

Gryffindor: Esmeralda

“You mistreat this poor boy the same way you mistreat my people! You speak of justice, yet you’re cruel to those most in need of your help!”

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Hufflepuff: Giselle

“But dreams do come true! And maybe something wonderful will happen!”

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Slytherin: Charlotte La Bouff

"I would do it! I would kiss a frog! I would kiss a HUNDRED frogs if I could marry a prince and become a princess…”

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Honey Lemon

“Five hundred POUNDS of it! C'mere c'mere c'mere, you’re gonna LOVE this! A dash of perchloric acid, a smidgen of cobalt, a hint of hydrogen peroxide, SUPER HEATED TO FIVE HUNDRED KELVIN, and… “

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Monumental Gravity - Part 1

Characters: Corey Graves x OFC

(shitty)Summary: I’d pick your thunder – I’d pick your rain – over anyone’s sunshine any day.

Word Count:

Notes: There is an extreme lack of Corey fics. What’s up with that? Anyway, here’s my attempt to fill the void. Special thanks to @athoughtfulmindwrites for helping me with things and for assuring me that it’s totally fine to abandon my other fics to work on something new.

More Notes: Those who read my other ongoing fic, Reckless, fear not! I’m not abandoning it! That fic will be updated later this week.

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Jakob Chychrun #3

Requested by Anon:  Hi I was wondering if I could request a Chychrun Drabble where he gets jealous when the reader starts hanging out with a guy in their class?

*Here it is!!! Enjoy! :)*

Word count: 917

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Jakob Chychrun reached for your phone at the same time you did. Blame it on his hockey skills, but he actually got to it first. Now, on a normal basis, you would be furious that someone deems it their right to read your unread messages but, because he’s been acting like a big baby the past few days, you let him.

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New Man - E.D

A/N: I tried something different, a different style of writing. Sorry if you don’t like it. Based off of New Man by Ed Sheeran. 

Warnings: Swearing, maybe a little bit of sadness? I found it hella relatable to write

I heard he spent five hundred pounds on jeans. Goes to the gym at least six times a week

Y/N is now in a relationship. 

Oh Facebook, how I love your completely annoying updates; it’s like you just adore intentionally rubbing it in my face that she moved on. I know she moved on, and I know that I should too and in a way I have; but nobody will ever compare to Y/N. If you knew her, you’d understand. The guy in the photo next to her looks familiar, but I can’t quiet place where I know him from, so it’s justified me clicking on his Facebook page, and on his profile picture to find out. And it’s totally okay that I go through the rest of his past profile pictures, because his current one doesn’t show his features in the best lighting. It’s not stalking; it’s perfectly healthy. I’m just trying to remember where I know him from. After a couple of months worth of photos, it clicked where I remember him from. Gym. I know him from f*cking gym. I remember this douche bag! He walked around bragging about all his ‘successes’ over the weekend, and how much money he earns. Complete and utter a**hole if you ask me, not that you did, but if you did I would tell you.

Wears boat shoes with no socks on his feet. And I heard he’s on a new diet and watches what he eats

He’s the type of guy that you can imagine living at the valley, dancing with a different girl every night and drinking till he’s blind rotten drunk. The type of guy with no self-respect, but a big enough ego to suffocate anyone else who stands in the room with him. But I guess that’s what she wants. Or maybe she’s just completely and utterly blinded by his perfectly styled hair and perfect f*cking wardrobe that she can’t see how toxic he is to everyone around him.

He’s got his eyebrows plucked and his arsehole bleached. Owns every single Ministry CD. Tribal tattoos and he don’t know what it means, but I heard he makes you happy so that’s fine by me

I mean, dude. Like I’m not being petty and I’m not jealous at all because that’s just not my thing, but he has a full sleeve of tribal tats, and he’s the whitest guy you will ever meet. I don’t think he’s stepped a foot outside of the city, let alone belongs to a tribe. Like doesn’t that just scream HEY, RED FLAG OVER HERE? Why are girls into this sh*t, cmon. I swear he goes to the salon more than she does, I mean, his eyebrows are perfectly maintained. Is he gay? Like, I know it’s 2017 and guys can wear makeup and get their eyebrows plucked and sh*t, but still, he has to be gay. But hey, she looks really happy in all these photos so he must be doing something right. Maybe it’s a different story on her Instagram. Hold up, let me check.

But still, I’m just keeping it real, still looking at your Instagram and I’ll be creeping a little. I’ll be trying not to double tap, from way back, cause I know that’s where the troubles at

Well, this isn’t the Instagram theme I remember her having. I mean, it’s been like six or so months so I understand a little change but this? It’s like she’s a completely different person. I used to take photos of her when we went out on dates, when she was eating her pizza and laughing at some ridiculous pun I made, or when we went out on a hike and she was completely oblivious to the camera focused on her beautiful body. But it changed from modest and artsy photos, to bikini shots and modelling lingerie. The girl I knew only saved that for me. But she’s not with me anymore, so maybe her outlook has changed. I know I shouldn’t but I keep scrolling, wondering if she kept up all the photos of us. And as I scroll deeper and deeper into the black hole, I noticed the photos I once took are no longer there. It’s like we never existed, but there’s still one photos left. God, I remember that day.


I roll over amongst the tangled sheets to see Y/N curled into a ball, hugging her knees in her dazed sleep. Her hair is all in her face, and her breaths are deep and long. I quietly and slowly slip out from the bed and stumble into the kitchen, making a fresh pot of coffee and turning on the stove whilst I gathered the supplies to make her some of ‘Ethan delights’ breakfast. After a while I tippy toe back into the room as Y/N groans awake at the sound of cutlery clicking against each other. She rubs the sleep from her eyes and sits up gracefully in the bed as a small smile forms gracefully.
“You made me breakfast?” she says softly, her voice still strained.
“For you? No this is for me, you have to go make your own” I say seriously as I plop down next to her and start munching on the toast. She throws a tantrum and grabs the plate from my grasp anyway and starts devouring it with giggles as she swallows it down with some coffee. I don’t think I’ll ever get over her laugh. She finishes it quicker than ever and places the emptied plates on the ground.
“What are you doing?” I raise my eyebrow as she crawls her way over to my lap and cradles me.
“I’m still hungry” she smirks as she leans in and kisses me, her hands running through my hair desperately as she tugs on the ends. God, this girl knows how to drive me insane. I can’t take it anymore, as I flip her over and grind my hips against hers as her legs wrap around my waist, my kisses getting sloppier and hungrier by the second. A sweet moan escapes her precious lips which just sends me over the edge.
“This needs to go now” I instruct as I grip the hem of her shirt and tug it over her head as she giggles.
“Wait here” I halt my actions as I quickly dart over to the bed side cabinet and pull out my phone.
“We are not recording it Ethan, that’s final” she states in a more serious tone, which makes me chuckle.
“I’m not recording you, I’m taking a photo” I laugh.
“Nooooo, I look like a mess babe, no no please don’t” she rushes as she tries to grab the phone out of my hands.
“Trust me” I laugh as she covers her face with her hands, in which I take the perfect photo. In that moment that the photo captured, I’ve never been more in love.

Let me remind you of the days when you used to hold my hand, and when we sipped champagne out of cider cans. I guess if you were Lois Lane, I wasn’t superman. Just a young boy trying to be loved, so let me give it to you

I lost myself in that memory for a little bit, but I’m back now. Petty Ethan, it’s your time to take over! I’m going to upload a little photo of my own, one that only she will know what’s going on. I won’t tag her in it, I know she still follows me and I know she probably forgot to turn her push notifications off because she’s forgetful like that. So, I’ll post the photo she took on my phone of me eating lunch out on one of our famous adventures.
‘Ed Sheerans new song ‘new man’ makes me giggle’ I captioned it. Posted. Done. 

Subtle E – Y/N Well, that was quick. I at least expected an hour before she texted me. 

Not everything is about you, but if the shoe fits – Ethan 

It’s good to see you haven’t changed – Y/N

You loved it once – Ethan

Maybe I still do – Y/N

What does she think she’s doing? There’s no way this is the girl that I once loved. She would never, ever try and get two men at once. But I’m so curious to see how far she’ll take this, to see the person she’s become

Can we call. I miss your voice – Y/N

I don’t wanna know about your new man, cause if it was meant to be. You wouldn’t be calling me up trying to f*ck, cause I’m positive that he don’t wanna know about me.

“Ethan. How have you been”. God, the sound of her voice still makes me weak at the knees. 

“I’ve been great, how have you been” I smile, trying to sound convincing

“Yeah I’ve been better”. She sounds so sad, so heartbroken. No Ethan, be strong! 

“What’s wrong”. F*ck, I gave in. 

“I think we both know”

I don’t wanna know about your new man, we’ll get there eventually. I know you’re missing all this kind of love, but I’m positive that he don’t wanan know about me

“I have to go Y/N. It was nice talking to you”. Click. Hung up. Good bye. But I didn’t feel any closure. Why don’t I feel closure? I shouldn’t look, but she tagged him in a photo, and she must have done that because she wants me to look at his photos, and she thinks I won’t so I’m going to prove her wrong by looking at all of his photos. Every. Single. One.

Your new man rents a house in the burb, and wears a man bag on his shoulder but I call it a purse. Every year he goes to Malaga, with all the fellas, drinks beer but has a six pack, I’m kind of jealous

You’re kidding me. Does he have to boast about every single little accomplishment in his life? We get it, you’re a business man and you’re rich. Get the f*ck over it. Seriously, what is that? DOES HE HAVE A PURSE! Oh my god, he owns a purse. How is she into him? Are we all sure he’s not gay, he’s getting stereotypically gayer by the second. This must be photo-shopped, there’s no way he drinks that much and still has that body definition. Like that’s just not possible, beer makes you fat everyone knows it. Where even is Malaga?

He wears sunglasses indoors in winter at nighttime, and every time a rap song comes on he makes a gun sign. Says Chune, boydem light up the room

Okay he’s definitely gay. Wait nope, just a douche bag, never mind. What’s the point in wearing glasses at nighttime, inside, with that outfit? Really? Are you high? What are you hiding? And why is he doing a gun sign? Does he think that’s cool? He’s going to get beaten up one day, and I’m going to take a photo and upload it and educate children on what not to do.

But enough about him girl, let’s talk about you

Okay breathe Ethan. He has nothing to do with this situation. We broke up for a reason, and that reason is undeniable. It happened, it’s time to get over it. But I will always love her, regardless of what we go through, she was and will always mean the absolute world to me. What’s happening to her?

You were the type of girl that sat beside the water reading. Eating a packet of crisps but you will never find you cheating. Now you’re eating kale, hitting the gym, keeping up with Kylie and Kim in the back of club kissing a boy that ain’t him

“Hey Grayson”. Grayson will know what’s going on. He knows everything

“Hey E, what’s up?” there was rustling in the background. 

“Have you heard from her?”

“I thought you got over that”



“Oh common dude, I’m worried about her. She called me and she sounded so upset. Is it him?”

“She’s fine I think. I just don’t think she’s herself anymore”. His voice cracked. That’s never a good sign.

“What do you mean”

“She’s not the same girl we used to know”

“Explain” He sighed on the other end. 

“I think she just wants to be alone but she gets lonely. I don’t think they’re that serious. I don’t think she ever really got over you”. Bingo, that’s all I needed to know

“Thanks man, talk later”. Click. Hung up. I still have her contact in my phone.

“Y/N. What’s going on” I say slower this time. I hear her sniffle on the other end.

“I don’t know Ethan. I just know that I’m going out of my mind” she cracks. She’s breaking. I can’t hear this. 

“It’s okay babe, just breathe”. Holy sh*t I should have not said babe. Red flag. 

“I just feel so broken, like I can’t stand on my own two feet and I really want to but I just don’t know how”, my girl should not be feeling like this. Oh wait, she’s not my girl. Second red flag. 

“Y/N, get him out of your life. Stop getting with random boys and seeking validation in men. You deserve better than that. Start loving yourself before you love someone else okay. He’s not right for you, and no one will be until you help yourself. If you need me, you know where to find me but I hope you take my advice” Click. Hung up. What did I just do

Ok you need to be alone, and if you wanna talk about it you can call my phone. I just thought that I would tell you cause you ougtha know. You’re still a young girl trying to be loved

I guess I should probably analyze and evaluate why we broke up right? We’ve known each other since, well, for as long as I can remember. She was the girl that lived down the street and ran for the bus because she was always late. A little girl with two piggy-tails that I used to pull on during math class. And one day that little girl missed the bus, and little Ethan was confused as to why. A part of me missed seeing her running alongside the yellow vehicle and wailing her arms around like a clown trying to get the driver to hit the breaks. You’d think after a couple of months he’d realize to wait a little longer, but no. The next day she didn’t turn up, or the day after that either. So I had no choice? I put on my detective hat and marched my little legs down the street and knocked shyly on her door. I remember distinctively a tall blonde lady opening the door with a sweet smile and kind eyes.
“Hello, what can I do for you?” she said, a warm smile welcoming me.

“Can I see Y/N?”. Her eyes went wide and as shock filled her body.

“Y/N has a friend?”. She was loved by everyone, even at the age of 6, she was just so quiet that everyone left her to herself. But we all noticed the girl in the pink dress with two piggy tails. 

“Yeah, can I see her please mam?” 

“Sure, she’s upstairs to the left” she practically bounced. I remember running up the stairs like I did in my own house, except I wasn’t yelled at it in this home. When I opened the door I was shocked to see her with her hair out, eyes puffy and nose red. 

“Y/N?”. She jumped at my voice. 

“Hello?” her voice croaked. 

“Why aren’t you running for the bus anymore?”

“I didn’t want to run”



“Because why”

“Because I don’t want to go to school”



“But why?”

“God you’re annoying”

“That’s rude!” It was really rude honestly. Gosh

“It’s true”

“Why don’t you want to go to school”

“Because nobody likes me there” she stopped. 

“I do”

“You do?”

“I do”.

And from that day on, I told the bus driver to stop as she ran down the street. Soon enough the girl with piggy-tails grew into her fluffy hair and learned to speak. Her voice became so loud and so strong, but I’ll never forget how quiet she used to be. I grew up with her, and one day the cute girl became the beautiful girl with curves and long eyelashes and my little hormonal horny boyhood couldn’t stop myself. 

“I think I love you”

“God you’re weird E” she giggled as she slapped my arm and collapsed on my couch. 

“I’m serious”

So from that day on, she was mine and no one else could have her. We dated for, god, how long was it. I guessed I stopped counting the years after the fourth. But when you grow up with someone for that long, you kind of become dependent on them. I didn’t mean to put her in the shadows, and I didn’t mean to control what she did. I didn’t do it intentionally, but she just became so shy again that I had too. I guess she lost herself through loving me, and when the years clicked on, she forgot how to be her. She wasn’t Y/N, no she was Ethan’s girlfriend, and she lost her identity and with her identity, she lost herself. Nothing I could do could fix it. I couldn’t fix her. F*ck I tried, but nothing I could do could make her happy. She couldn’t love me anymore because she’d forgotten how to love herself. So, I did what I had too, and I told her to end it. She had to end it because god knows I’m not strong enough to do it. So she did, and here we are. Six months later when my family still asks how she’s going, and my great grandma still asks why she isn’t bringing sun flowers on our famous Sunday brunches. She was a part of the family, so it wasn’t just me who lost her. My mother lost a daughter to take shopping and drink tea with. My brother lost his best friend. My sister lost her soul mate. My father lost his drinking buddy. We were all mourning. We all missed the girl with two piggy-tails. But she needed this, she needed to find herself again. I just wish she didn’t have to find herself through him.

Baby, I’m not trying to ruin your week, but you act so differently. When you’re with him I know you’re lonely. Please remember you’re still free to make the choice and leave, and don’t call me up, you need to show me

I love you Y/N, you know I always will. I will never stop loving you, no matter how hard I try. I know you need to do this to find yourself, and I know you need to grow up and stand on your own two feet. I know that you’re going through hell and back right now, and f*ck, I know that you don’t think you’re good enough for anything or anyone.  If you want me to wait, you know I’ll wait centuries because nobody will ever compare to the girl that chased the bus down. Nobody will ever compare to you. But I just want you to know that you have so many people who love you and cherish you. My whole family still ask how you are. I don’t think anyone really understands why you left, but they still love you and support you regardless of what you do. I know it’s hard for you to do this, and I want to be here for you but you need to be there for yourself. So do that. Go do that art class you always wanted to do but never had the time for. Quit that terrible job you hate, it makes you miserable anyway. Do what you’ve always wanted to but were far too scared to. It’s time you started living again babe. If you need me, I will always be here. I love you forever – Ethan.

I need you. Ethan I need you by my side. I get that I need to stand on my own two feet, but how can I be me when my whole life you’ve been the biggest part of who I am. Yes, I’m my own person, and I get that now. I know I need to make a name for myself and stop living in the shadows, but I can do that with you. I can’t keep doing this anymore, I need you. I love you Ethan, please, come back to me – Y/N

I’m on my way - Ethan

I guess her new man doesn’t compare well to me. 

No Control | Chapter Seventeen


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

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The Coopers stick around well into the evening, playing a game of croquet in the yard that Robin set up after we all ate. The adults all play while the younger crowd sits back and laughs as the intoxicated parents bumble around, trying to knock the other balls off course. Harry keeps me in his lap all day, hands roaming over my jeans and up under my shirt to touch my bare skin when he can. Around the time the sun starts to go down, I can feel him begin to get restless, shifting in the seat constantly. Jen hasn’t really taken her eyes off us the entire day, so I think it’s in discomfort of having her practically stare at us, until he whispers in my ear.

“I need to have you, pet,” he says, lips grazing against my earlobe. He pulls me closer against him, and I can feel his erection press into my bum, making him hiss at the contact. “Think we can sneak away for a bit while everyone’s preoccupied out here?”

I glance around, taking note that Gemma’s on her phone, taking pictures of the game on Snapchat, laughing as her mum stumbles over her own feet for no reason. They’re all well entertained and not at all paying attention to Harry and me, except for Jen. 

“In your mum’s home, Harry?” I ask, unsure if this is a good idea. 

“It’s turning me on more thinking about it, angel,” he admits, teeth nipping at my ear now. “Never had anyone there before.”

“The sneaking around and the possibility of getting caught turns you on, doesn’t it?” I guess.


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To My Hairy Legs:

Thank you for guiding me through the Himalayas.
Thank you for pushing me to a second degree black belt.
Thank you for pounding the stage through eighteen years of dance.
Thank you for giving my 5'1" self the strength to push five hundred pounds with ease.
Thank you for leading me into protests for my oppressed brothers and sisters.
Thank you for bending each time I’ve wiped a child’s tears.
Thank you for delivering me to higher education.
Thank you for kicking up dust in every race I’ve ever run against men.
Thank you for standing me up against those who have ever dared to scorn this body.
Thank you for bringing me home every night into the arms of those I love.
Thank you for never being weighed down by a few dark hairs or a few dark comments.

Thank you for giving me this life.


Tv Show: HEY! Check out this broad! This crazy lady is TOTALLY ADDICTED TO BABY WIPES!!!! What a freak!!!!!!

Woman: I was (heavily implied to be sexually) abused as a child, and the abuse always started and ended with the sound of a shower. I used baby wipes to clean myself instead, but I’m scared to go outside because No matter how many I use I never feel clean enough.

Tv Show: LOL what did I tell ya? What an irrational weirdo!!! But thanks not all folks!!!!!!! Check out all these women who weigh OVER FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS!!!!!!

All Those Women: I was sexually abused as a child and began binge eating for comfort and to build a barrier.

Tv Show: LOOK AT HER GUT!!!!!

There’s Something in Your Eyes Pt. 2

So, somehow this became a three part fic. This part isn’t even a prompt for Adrinette Month it literally just kind of happened, although it still falls under Day 13 with the Harry Potter AU. I’ll be posting the final part, that actually fits today’s prompt, later this afternoon. For now, I hope you enjoy! 

Part 1

Also Available on AO3.

It was 2 AM and Adrien was still wide awake in his bed. Nino’s voice was rattling around in his head. It had been all month, ever since Marinette had asked him to the Yule Ball.

“It’s like she’s the sun and your whole world revolves around her.”

Adrien’s mouth scrunched up. Ever since Nino said that, he’d paid closer attention to the way he interacted with his shy friend. Whenever they did something together as a group, it was true, Adrien was a bit more excited to hang out with Marinette. He’d always attributed that to wanting to get to know her better. After all, their best friends had been dating each other for a year and a half, and Adrien still wasn’t very close to her.

She was intelligent, fearless, and strong, but at the same time she seemed to have difficulty stringing together her own words sometimes. She had a tendency to trip over air, and she seemed to always be in a rush somewhere, but Adrien found all of those qualities made her that much more endearing. She was like a lesson in opposites.

Adrien shook off his thoughts. He really couldn’t keep staying up like this, especially when the next challenge was tomorrow. He, Alya, and Nino needed to be there to support Marinette while she prepared, and he couldn’t do that if he fell asleep on all of them.

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Monster cloud rising over Hiroshima, over the world—monstrous, mushrooming thing, sign of our age, symbol of our sin: growth; bigness, speed: grow, grow, grow—grow in a cancer, enlarge a factory, swell a city, balloon our bellies, speed life, fly to the moon, burst a bomb, shatter a people—explode the world.
So it rose and I shrank in my cot, I who had cringed before the body-squeezing blast of a five-hundred-pound bomb, hearing now this strange cold incomprehensible jargon of the megaton.
Someone had sinned against life, and I felt it in my very person. But then I, too, sinned.
Suddenly, secretly, covertly—I rejoiced. For as I lay in that hospital, I had faced the bleak prospect of returning to the Pacific and the war and the law of averages.
But now, I knew, the Japanese would have to lay down their arms. The war was over. I had survived. Like a man wielding a submachine gun to defend himself against an unarmed boy, I had survived.
So I rejoiced.
—  Helmet For My Pillow, by Robert Leckie
Soundtrack of Us (Part Four) - Dive

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Word Count: 2500+

Pairing: AU!Dean x musician!reader

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Ellen & Jo Harvelle, Castiel, Russell (OC), Dan (OC)

Warnings: Character Death (not main), DUI, angst, language

Summary: Y/N is a local artist with standing gigs at a coffee shop and a bar in a small town in North Carolina. She’s run from some things at home, but life has finally fallen into place in Asheville. Music is her life and her only worry in life, until she meets a pair of hypnotizing green eyes.

Author’s Note: Sorry it took me so long to post this! I am also working on the next couple parts, but honestly this story was very loosely planned haha. Anyways, is anyone else obsessed with Divide??? I heard this song and immediately wanted to add it to SoU! without further ado, here’s this rollercoaster of a chapter!

Song is Dive by Ed Sheeran. Lyrics are bold and italicized, flashback italicized.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

“I will never forgive myself,” you wept.

“But you should,” Dan interrupted, “This isn’t your fault. This is because Russell is a careless idiot. Your heart is broken too and you aren’t out here trying to kill yourself.” You could tell that Dan was furious with his barely breathing brother.

“Please don’t beat yourself up, Y/N. I know I can’t make you see it, but this was not because of you. Russell was just in such a dark place. Nobody could’ve known this would happen, I don’t even think he was trying to kill himself.”

You tried to accept that. You tried to remember the smile that sent your heart into the sky. You tried to picture the way his eyes sparkled when he would laugh at your dumb jokes or embarrassing blunders. You glanced down at your left hand and let out a tear at the sight of your bare ring finger with a tan line running through it. You loved him, but you knew you had to let go and this time for good. This would always be on your shoulders, but for now, you needed Russell to be able to find peace. The peace that you knew you’d never find.

You left the room to Dan so he could say his goodbye.

“Y/N, sweetheart, you okay?” Dean awakened you from your silent trance. You were sitting in the passenger side of his bench-seated muscle car, surrounded by the smell of leather and the sounds of Led Zeppelin. Dean and yourself were heading back to your apartment after the two of you had a long and exciting day. It had been a couple weeks, almost a month that Dean Winchester became a part of your life now.

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