five guys in my mouth

The Family Business

Summary: When a handsome stranger came into your modest coffee shop, you never expected to hit it off so quickly.

Words: 1,702

Dean x Reader

Warning: None

A/N: This is written for @balthazars-muse’s Dean’s Flavor Of The Month star sign thing! I’m a Virgo, so I got Coconut Creme Pie to work with… Virgo Strength Keywords: - Analytical - Observant - Helpful - Reliable - Precise

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You noticed them as soon as they walked into your store.

Well, you noticed him first.

And then you noticed the equally attractive and even taller guy come in after and sit opposite him at a table entirely too small for the two of them.

Great, you thought, continuing to clean down the coffee machine, Taken and gay. Just my luck.

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