five finger fillets

An appreciation post for the only human being lacking of the things we call flaws, also evidence in gif form that being able to do shit with knives is fucking sexy af despite the fact that she can’t really do five finger fillet.

After finally watching Power Rangers I have discovered that contrary to popular memes Jason Scott is not the dad friend.

Jason Scott is the “If anyones gonna do something stupidly dangerous around here, it’s gonna be me” type friend.

He’s the one that would lecture you for walking too fast with scissors while he’s sitting there playing five finger fillet for bet over who is gonna pay for ice cream later.

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ahh i really love hancock right now, do you have any headcanons for him in a relationship/flirting with a shy sole?

While falling in love…

  • Doing impressions of the other companions together and laughing hysterically when Hancock attempts to imitate Curie’s accent;
  • Guilty glances that elicit dopey grins and shy laughs when caught;
  • Trusting Hancock’s knife skills enough to place down their own hand in five finger fillet;
  • Drunken karaoke nights at the Third Rail that always ends up with half the bar singing along too;
  • Regular nerd out sessions with Kent Connelly when Hancock insists he can pull off the Mistress of Mystery costume like a boss;
  • Watching Hancock repeatedly try to beat Fahrenheit at arm wrestling and being there with a warm hug when he gets up pouting and rubbing his sore arm.

While dating…

  • Hancock dedicating an entire floor of the State House to him and Sole only, filling it up with various odds and ends that would make even the most seasoned Dominatrix blush;
  • Camping out together in the middle of nowhere, cuddling under the stars and passionately making out like there was no tomorrow;
  • Strutting around Goodneighbour with dorky grins and arms thrown around each other possessively;
  • Sneaking Hancock into Diamond City where he cheekily reveals his face to an unsuspecting Natalie, then frantically trying to calm her down while trying not to laugh before Piper finds out;
  • Realising that Hancock has inadvertently slowed in his use of chems because he’s been too preoccupied with the love of his life to worry about getting high;
  • Romantic dates almost every night when Hancock dresses himself in the fanciest, cleanest suit he can find and subsequently gifting Sole with thoughtful little trinkets and a shy smile.

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Could you do the types when carving pumpkins with eachother? Have fun;)

I was waiting for just this time of the year to do this ;P

ESFJ: The one who bought the pumpkins for everyone. Won’t stop talking about the lengths they went to get the very best quality pumpkins.

ISFJ: Is somehow extremely skillful at carving. Unintentionally ends up just helping everyone else carve theirs instead of finishing their own. Is swindled into baking pumpkin pie afterward.

ESTJ:  After several hours of convincing, they finally give in to carving a pumpkin. They carve the stereotypical jack-o-lantern pumpkin design and then return to whatever they were doing before.

ISTJ: Refuses to participate, claiming there’s no point to the activity. In reality, their mind is swimming with all of the negative possibilities of having so many carving knives in one room.

ENFJ: Has a blast carving pumpkins with everyone, making sure to dish out compliments when they see their friends’ progress. Eventually realizes they are left in a mess and they’re the only ones willing to clean up.

INFJ: Gets so focused on what they are doing that they lose their sense of time and gets lost in their own head. Doesn’t speak a word the whole time. Finally when they are done they lament that their pumpkin didn’t turn out anything like they had pictured.

ENFP: Strives to be the one with the most unique and unusual pumpkin of all time. Ends up making the weirdest fucking pumpkin ever with no discernible face or design, leaving everyone confused. Success.

INFP: Creates a complicated backstory to match their pumpkin design, complete with in depth characters and plot twists. A lone tear escapes from their eye on the day the pumpkin inevitably rots.

ESFP: Starts carving their pumpkin, gets bored within 2 minutes, starts to chat with everyone instead. Tries several times to get someone to ditch the pumpkins and go with them to a Halloween party.

ISFP: Creates the most visually stunning pumpkin design. Ends up winning a contest prize for it even though they did it for fun.

ESTP: Keeps fucking around and trying to balance pumpkins on their head. Squishes the seed gunk between their fingers. Pretends to stab people with the carving knife. Is eventually banned from pumpkin carving.

ISTP: Decided it wasn’t worth their time and broods in the corner while everyone else has fun. Challenges themselves to Five Finger Fillet out of boredom and soon enough ESFJ is bandaging up their cut finger.

ENTJ: Predicted that everyone would want them to carve a pumpkin, so had planned ahead of time what design they would do so they could get through the carving as fast and efficiently as possible.

INTJ: Anticipates everything that could have gone wrong ahead of time– they were the ones who thought of putting down newspapers, investing in a bucket to put the seeds, making sure there were enough carving knives, etc. Now that it’s time to carve, they lack the motivation to do it.

ENTP: Invents an entirely new use for the pumpkin shell. Gets halfway through with designing it, then throws it aside due to boredom. Begins trying to make people competitive against each other for their own amusement.

INTP: Starts pondering the origin of pumpkin carving. Eventually abandons the activity to sit at their laptop and research it instead. Shares their findings with everyone else when they are done.

Happy Halloween everyone! =)

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how do the companions like to pass the time while travelling

Ada - There’s not really that much that goes on in her head aside from the casual conversations with her travel companion and her routine scans of their surroundings. Although there is always the presence of her past friends in her memories that keep her occupied should she need them.

Cait - She likes to clean her weapons, whether it be a simple combat knife or her trusty shotgun. Aside from of course drinking or shooting up if pre-benign intervention.

Curie - She jots down her notes and findings that she’s make while out on the road, mostly the flora and fauna of the world as well as whatever is new that her body seems to be doing/experiencing. If she’s lucky, they’ll have picked up some pre-war books that are still legible and so she’ll read them too.

Codsworth - Most of his time is spent trying to ignore the numerous alerts and blips on his HUD alerting him to the filth that is wasteland and also the sadness that always clouds over him whenever he sees a place familiar to him.

Danse - Like Cait, he services his weapons and power armour whenever possible and whenever he’s not scanning for enemies or pre-war tech the BOS could use.

Deacon - Obviously he changes costumes often, very often and when he’s not he’s thinking about what different types of combinations he can come up with next to keep his enemies on their toes.

Gage - He loves listening to Raider Radio whenever its quiet enough, also an avid fan of servicing his weapons and counting the caps he’s managed to haul.

Hancock - Its a well known fact he’s good with a knife so he’ll be sure to keep up with appearances and tries to think of new ways to brandish that very fact, like practicing five finger fillet and the like.

MacCready - Whenever he can, he’ll always pull out his little mini stash of comic books when he thinks Sole’s not looking. Sometimes ‘borrowing’ Sole’s Pip-Boy to play a few of those holotape games when camped down for the night.

Nick Valentine - Aside from smoking of course, he likes to keep his mind distracted by looking at and studying anything and everything around him. Truth be told thats probably what makes him as good a detective as he is.

Old Longfellow - Drinking is pretty much his only hobby, when he’s not hunting or tracking God knows what of course. Although he does like to brainstorm new forms of traps now and then.

Piper Wright - Being a reporter means she has to take shitloads of notes and whenever she’s not doing that she likes to talk about pretty much everything and anything, as long as Blue or whoever it is she’s travelling with doesn’t mind of course. She’s also heavily addicted to staring at Blue’s butt too but everyone knows that

Preston Garvey - He whistles, comes up with new tunes and new ways to recruit more Minutemen as he walks along. He’s also privy to thinking of new ways they could banish the scurge that are the raiders from the Commonwealth.

Strong - He likes to pick his teeth with split femur bones as he travels. There’s not much to do while walking instead of just walking, so he’ll be bored pretty quick and itch for a chance to smash something.

X6-88 - He revises his training from the Institute and services his rifle, making sure to repair his leathers as well should they have received damage while out on the road. He doesn’t like to talk much and is always scanning his surroundings for threats and anything or anyone worthy of the Institute’s attention.


The Knife Song.
Also known as Five Finger Fillets. 

Someone said I wasn’t doing it right because I was using someone else’s song so here’s my version. Just a bit faster this time (; 

A 50 person flash mob in a crowded mall food court except instead of dancing they all simultaneously drop to the floor and start aggressively playing Five Finger Fillet with steak knives