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For the record

People stealing food/ necessities because they need to survive in our shithole of a government: Zero judgment, I’m incredibly sorry you’re in this situation, do what you need to do to survive.

People stealing designer clothes and makeup because you don’t want to pay for it and you “enjoy the rush”: Absolute assholes, grow the fuck up and stop pretending what you’re doing is a “hobby”.

Things that need to be left in 2015
  • 3rd wave Feminism - Seriously that shit needs to go.
  • Otherkin- Sad and pathetic but very very funny.
  • Trigger warnings and safe spaces - You’re an adult , act like it you will not be coddled.
  • Male tears and making fun of men for having emotions - Do I really need to explain?
  • Endorsing obesity and a unhealthy life style. - I’m talking to you pro fat community.
  • Being PC- learn to take a joke not everything is offensive.
  • Doxxing- MY private info is MY private info not the worlds. Grow up.
  • Bullying artist to the point of attempted suicide - Seriously what makes you think it’s okay to do this to someone? 
  • Shoplifting community - You’re not stealing for survival, there for you shouldn’t be stealing.
  • SJW’s - Once again must I explain. 
  • Self diagnosing - If your not a health care professional then don’t make medical diagnoses.
  • Rape culture- It doesn’t exist , no one promotes rape, our culture doesn’t promote it.
  • Yes all men - I’m looking at you sjw and feminist . Its just stereotyping men and degrading them. And I though your movements were about equality?

First haul since flu! Jesus it’s been three weeks since my last haul


Shirt- $20

Tank- $10

Thongs- $5 x2

Color Tattoo (in Inked in Pink)- $5.94

Boots No 7 Beautifully Matte Foundation- $14

elf Eyeshadow C Brush- $3.00

elf Blush/Bronzer Duo- $3.00

elf Makeup Remover Pen- $3.00

Topcoat- $7

Charming Charlie’s:

Bracelet- $13.00

Watch- $15.00

Random earrings- $2.00?

Bath and Body Works (cough fucking buffet cough):

Body Lotion- $12.50 x3

Body Cream- $20.50

Shower Gel- $12.50

Bubble Bath- $14.00

Total: $190.44

So my trick with Target has been to go in the middle of a weekday when nobody is there and wait for the dressing room attendant to get distracted (it doesn’t take long), which allows me to enter the dressing room without telling her how many items I have. It was funny today because I got this knockoff bag for lifting (I literally only chose it because it’s big and easy to conceal in) and today two employees from different stores asked me if it’s a Michael Kors, and I’m thinking ‘No, but it’s full of shit I’m stealing from your store.’


I got caught today and while I’m a beginner I still got away with like 6 trips or so which isn’t even a lot but yeah. All of today I’ve been nervous and jittery then I went into the store. I was ridiculously nervous and sloppy I told myself multiple times I was going to get caught but I did not stop. I kept thinking about a post I saw that said something asking the lines of what in saying right now. I went to a new shoot I thought was concealed and to my other concealing spot that I’ve been to every time but I’m not sure if that’s what got me this time. But PLEASE DO NOT PUSH IT PLEASE BE SAFE AND KNOW YOUR LIMITS!!! I was stupid I am a minor so my parents were contacted and are facing an 100$ fine for my actions. Please don’t push your luck guys.

Lift Tip By Store

This place is seriously so easy. For beginner lifters, know that BARCODES DO NOT TRIGGER THE ALARMS. Expensive perfumes rarely have RFIDs or soft tags.
Cosmetics- Just slip stuff into your bag, it’s that easy.
Food- Get a basket, fill it up, go to the front, grab a reusable bag, pretend like you forgot something, conceal in seasonal, and then meander out.
Furniture- Who the fuck do you are?
Clothes- Just slip into bag. BARCODES DO NOT SET OFF ALARMS JESUS
Electronics- Target don’t fuck around with electronics. Just keep lifting and returning stuff to build store credit or something.

Actually I think everyone working there must be literally retarded.
Electronics- Just conceal. When you’re trying to leave, wait till someone with a packed cart (and with kids if you’re lucky) tries to leave. Walk out with them, and when the alarm goes off, give the family an accusing look and keep walking.
Cosmetics- Take and conceal in Pet Supplies.
Food- Same as target.
Clothes- I’ve never taken Walmart clothes ew.

Little trickier. Bring wire cutters, a huge bag, and accomplices if you can.
Handbags- Most are untagged, but Michael Kors and other really high end bags are tagged. Cut the wires. They won’t beep.
High End Cosmetics- Politely evade the annoying sa and cleverly conceal as you go.
Clothes- They tag everything, bring a hook.
Shoes- Check thoroughly for tags.
Clarisonic- Wait and conceal. They never beep.

Claire’s and Icings:
Are you 9? Just avoid mirrors and go cray.

Clothes- Never tagged. Conceal in baby.
Jewelry- conceal in baby.
Appliances- little ones are easy, just conceal.

If you have a hook, this store is so easy.

Most things aren’t tagged. Bring a hook just in case.

Stick the dildo up your ass

Hot Topic:
Bring a hook. Not that it matters, the sa are just as bored and misunderstood as you are

Take one shoe from a box, get the match from a different box. Conceal.

Beauty- conceal as you go
Clothes- Bring a hook
Shoes- you need a hook

All this talk about these crybaby lifters reminds me of something that happened at my old job

When I started working at a small grocery store, I learned a lot about spotting shoplifters.

One time, probably about 7 on a Saturday, two tween boys came into the store. They split up as soon as they came through the doors without a word to one another. They weren’t accompanied by adults. My manager thought that was fishy, so she asked me to try to keep an eye on one of the boys in my off time at the register and she’d watch the other while she straightened the product displays.

The boy I was watching went to the back of the store, obstructing my view from him as I’m not allowed to go too far from the register. His friend came up to the register and paid for a few things and his friend walked by, talked with him for a bit and told him he’d meet him outside.

My manager went outside to get carts in and she noticed the boys were sitting on a bench in front (on store property) eating candy and drinking drinks and she made a mental note of what they had and came in to ask me if anything wasn’t paid for. The boy that didn’t check out was drinking a chocolate milk and I told her I hadn’t rang up any chocolate milks, showing her my register’s recipt copy.

She went outside and asked the boys if they paid for the chocolate milk and according to her, all the color drained from their faces and the boy I’d been watching claimed he thought his friend had paid for it(which was clearly bullshit because I didn’t see any chocolate milk even near my register).

She cheerfully asked if he wanted to come inside and pay for it and he and his friend said they had no more money left. So my manager told them she can call their parents to see if they can come down and pay for it and the boys claimed that their parents (they weren’t related) were working. Then she asked them both to come inside, which they did, and she called the juvenile detention center. In a few minutes, a cop in full uniform strolled into the store.

He asked the kid if he stole the drink and the kid admitted it. The officer let the other boy go home since there was no evidence he had stolen anything, so this kid bails on his friend. The officer asked the kid if his friend had ever stolen anything and he said he had. The officer flat out told this kid to find better friends.

Now, at the time, it was really comical to me. People stealing from a store I held pride in made me so angry that the situation struck me as hilarious. I literally had to stifle laughter when the cop told him he needed better friends and then he started to read the kid his rights and handcuffed him and I nearly lost it. The cop then asked the kid to apologize to us.

When he did, I piped up, having been silent through this whole thing, “If you were thirsty and couldn’t afford a drink, I would have gladly bought one for you.” Which was entirely true as I’ve paid for a few people’s food on occasion when they were a few dollars short and looked like they needed what they were trying to buy.

The kid was almost in tears, probably more afraid of what his parents were going to say when they found out.

When the officer escorted him out to his patrol car, he asked him, “Was it worth it?” And I saw the kid shake his head as they went out the door.

When you steal from a store, you hurt those who are employed by that store. Big or small, expensive or not, you don’t have the right to steal anything. The fact that the lifting community on tumblr is getting wrecked makes me smile. Fuck you and your sense of entitlement. All because you want something outside your price range. Y'all pathetic.

And before someone says, “Calling the cops because of a stolen bottle of chocolate milk is too harsh.” Well maybe that kid thought twice about stealing after that. People should be held accountable for their actions, good or bad.

anonymous asked:

can you explain why it's bad to shoplift? like, say if i steal some makeup from walmart, who's suffering? walmart has literally monopolized the market. i dont think they're gonna miss the, say, $7 mascara i hypothetically stole.

The employees at that store (for whom that mascara can be just short of an hour’s wages) suffer, because each store keeps track of what they call “shrink,” or inventory that gets lost or stolen. If shrink gets too high, then walmart of whichever company it is responds by cutting costs at that store, which means that the people who work there get their hours cut bigtime–which means you’re fucked if you’re already trying to make ends meet on $7.25 an hour. 

Also, many stores will punish employees who have stuff stolen on their shift, even though they also overload employees with responsibilities. You might think this isn’t as bad for big box companies, but honestly the corporate chain of command just makes it even easier and more brutal to shift the blame to the next person, which always ends up being the minimum-wage person busting their ass on the sales floor. This is also why I especially loathe the shoplifters who share tips about waiting until an employee is busy–they’re deliberately taking advantage of the fact that these workers are exhausted, underpaid, and overworked.

So to you, that hypothetical $7 mascara isn’t a big deal, but to someone for whom that mascara represents almost an hour’s wages, and especially that person’s boss, it’s a dickpunch from satan. The rich assholes on top are safe, as is always the way in capitalism, but the workers at the bottom of the heap are going to get screwed. 

This morning’s breakfast and snack, all successfully lifted from The Winged Guar in Mournhold! There’s soooo much stuff to lift in this city! :)

5 pieces of Bread: 1 Septim each

10 Ash Yams: 1 Septim each

2 pieces of Hound Meat: 2 Septims each

3 Small Kwama Eggs: 1 Septim each

Total Savings: 22 Septims!

staff Concerning your excuse of the shoplifting posts as freedom of expression. 

Freedom of expression is not a viable excuse when it comes to illegal activities, and promotion of said activities. News reports are not coming from the committers of crimes, which is why that’s allowed. It is not comparable to the shoplifters, who are doing something illegal that is harming businesses and employees.

I have already reported this to several nationwide news stations, and I’m going to the local ones. I’ll be sure to tell them of Tumblr staff’s incompetence at handling such matters.

I work at Walmart. This week we had to let three associates go because over the course of our last two quarters our losses due to theft more than doubled, and we need to cut costs in the departments these associates worked in. All three of these associates have children; two of them are single parents. If you make a habit of shoplifting from stores because “the company makes billions every year so they can handle a few hundred dollars in losses,” think about that, and think about the lives you’re ruining. We lose our jobs when you do what you do. Don’t pretend it doesn’t affect us.

Dear shoplifters,

We see you. We know. Cashiers, customer service associates, sales floor members, we all see you. We are keeping an eye on you. We can’t detain you or confront you directly, but we are trained to try and prevent theft in any way we can (and I have done it). We’re trained to spot it.
We can get a good look at you and notify other stores in the area. We all work together.
Loss Prevention has no mercy on you either, and will sometimes grab one of us to help make an apprehension to prevent a theft.
You’re not hurting corporations, but you’re hurting employees, who can actually get fired for not catching theft. We don’t care if you got “free stuff.” We care about our jobs.
So we know who you are. We knew the minute you walked in. And we’re watching you.

Retail workers everywhere - View Single Post - Clothing Lifting Thread

Here are some of my clothing lifting tips to cover situations that may arise:

When you talk into a store, you will be greeted by an employee & asked if you need any help. Always firmly say, “I’m just browsing, thank you”. If the employee asks if you are looking for something in particular, insist you are just browsing & thank them again. I made the mistake of once telling an employee I was looking for black pants… she insisted I try on EVERY style of black pants the store carries… I was there for 20 mins.

You may be repeatedly asked if you need help or if you need assistance finding your size. Say, “I’m good, thanks”. Be polite but firm. Never get annoyed with the employee. The employee may be annoying but never snap at them. I’ve made that mistake, too. When you snap at an employee, they play victim & act like you were extremely mean to them. Other customers will also give you dirty looks. If you lose it & snap, leave.

After you’ve entered the store, don’t start gathering items in your arms. The reason being, an employee will offer to start a dressing room for you which you don’t want to happen. When you find the item(s) you want, quickly gather a few sizes of that item & maybe a few of another article of clothing. Do not take a ridiculous amount of clothes into the dressing room. Employees will be pissed they have to put it all away & it will look odd that out of a gazillion items, you didn’t like anything. If you are going to take 1 item, then bring 4 items into the dressing room with you. If you are going to take 2 items, then bring 8 items into the dressing room with you. Hold your items so that employees cannot see how many items you are carrying.

When you are picking up the item you want, get multiple sizes. Get 2 of the size you think you are & 2 other sizes. For example if I want a size small shirt, I will bring into the dressing room with me: 2 size smalls, 1 size xsmall & 1 size medium. When I pick up the 2 size smalls, I do it in one swoop so it only looks like I picked up 1 shirt. Make sure one of your extra items isn’t tagged so you have an article of clothing to put the tag on that you are going to remove from the item you want. If the item you want is on a hanger then you need to find an item that is sitting on a table to put on the hanger. Get a few of those. If you are getting extra items so you can put one on the hanger then you will be bringing more than I recommended into the dressing room. Try not to bring in more than 10 items total.

Now, you are ready to go to the dressing room. Pick a room furthest from the door. If an employee is loitering around, send them out to the floor for another item. Try clothes on & in between trying on articles of clothing, detag the item you are going to take & conceal it. Put tag on an untagged item. Sometimes an employee will bring you items to try on that they picked out based on what they saw you choosing on the floor. Politely decline. I’ve made the mistake of taking the items. Employees apparently like to play ‘dress up’ with ShadyLady. I’m not a doll.

What to do with the items you have 'decided against’: You can either leave them in the individual dressing room or put them on the 'do not want’ rack or put them back in the spot you found each item.

If an employee is pushy & asks if you liked anything, just say no & thank them for their help. Do not give a reason why you did not like what you tried on unless they ask. The reason being, if you say you don’t like a particular item for any given reason, the employee will try to find you an alternative & insist you try it on. I’ve made this mistake, too. The employee will try to no end to find something you will like in order to make a sale. If the employee is very pushy about trying to get you to buy something, make up a reason why you have to leave.

Every time you have a conversation with an employee, ALWAYS thank them for their help. It is their job to assist you. It’s not their fault you are a scummy thief. Being thanked makes an employee feel good like they’ve been useful. ALWAYS BE POLITE.

Other tips:

A technique for concealing how many items you’re walking around with & taking into the dressing room: Pick up a large item such as dress or long shirt. As you walk through the store, put the items you are interested in under the large item so employees are unable to tell what you are carrying.

When exiting the dressing room in a store w/o LP that has a dressing room attendant, take the clothes you don’t want & put them back yourself (in the correct spot, just b/c you’re a thief you don’t have to be inconsiderate). This gives the attendant the impression you are going to buy them since you aren’t handing a bunch of clothes to him/her/it. This also works well with stores where the attendant counts (they almost never count when you are leaving).

Hanger trick that works best in department stores: Have a lot of clothes draped over your arm & casually let a hanger slide out & fall on the floor. Don’t let on that you realized the hanger fell. Hangers will easily slide off silk or polyester shirts.

Small stores such as Gap, Express usually don’t have LP. If the employees suspect you stole something, what they will usually do is call mall security rather than confront you.

For malls, park near the closest exit of the store you are hitting. After you get the item at the store go to the car & slip items into a plastic shopping bag & shove under seat or something. Move car near exits that are closest to the other stores you want to hit & repeat. Only do this if the mall doesn’t have cameras in the parking lots.

When you pop a tag off, it does make noise. If the store is busy & there’s lots of noise in the dressing room, no one will notice it. If it’s quiet & employees are lurking around the dressing room, send them to the floor to look for another size.

In malls, if you struggle with where to conceal an item, consider using another store’s bag. Large paper bags are best like the ones the following stores use: Ann Taylor, American Eagle, Hollister. When putting items in the bag you need to make sure to do it slowly so employees can’t hear the sound of the paper bag crinkling. Make sure to keep the bag in good condition & get a new one when it looks worn.

In the smaller stores such as Banana Republic or Gap, I don’t believe they have LP & I’ve never seen cameras in my area. When no one is looking, you can slip an item off the hanger & slide it under the clothes draped on your arm. Then stick the hanger in a different spot & push the clothes on the rack together so it’s not obvious there’s an empty hanger. That way, when the employees put back the clothes that you 'decided against’ they won’t discover the empty hanger in the spots that your items came from. It’s so much easier to have one less hanger in the dressing room.

Advice courtesy of ShadyLady! I DID NOT MAKE THIS ADVICE.

And remember, always be nice to store personnel! I’m always nice to employees and they always let me mind my business. If you snap at an employee, you’re gonna give them the time of the day if they catch you shoplifting.

Here are some more lifting blogs

You’ll notice most of them are labeled as RP blogs. They’re not. Turns out shoplifters are also capable of lying (who knew???)

This is a real subsection of Tumblr, shoplifting mostly clothing and makeup, posting their hauls (and cumulative value lifted), sharing tips. They act like it’s some sort of fun club, but all they’re actually doing is justifying theft.

What a bunch of fucking assholes.


I had all of those undies in my purse in that picture I posted yesterday. I didn’t realize I had grabbed so much stuff. I think I have officially graduated from PINK undies, next time I hit up VS I’m going to the grown ladies section to lift the good stuff. (used the 5/$26 in total)

I wanted to get stuff at Pacsun but I didn’t bring any shopping bags with me. Will bring bags next time. 

I finally got the right color NAKED lipgloss. :)

If you have any questions about where I got anything feel free to message me! I’m always willing to help!

(I made sure to use the sale prices and still ended up with a crazy total so I guess this goes to show how overpriced everything is)

Total : $520 

Really helpful tip for lifters that go in packs!!

What my friends and I used to do years ago when we’d lift, is we would come up with a sort of codename-language. For example:
“I can’t find my keys” meant “cover me while I put this in my bag”

“I really think my sister would like this!” Would let your crew know you were probably going to steal that item

“Guys, I really have to go to the bathroom” meant “let’s get the fuck out of here, I have a bad feeling”

Also, always have a meeting spot! This is important if your crew decides to split up, or if someone in the crew gets caught.

Sooo yeah I just thought I’d share this, of course this is only supposed to be used if the store is especially crowded, because doing this with very few people in the store would attract a lot of attention from employees.