five favorite fictional females

Everyone thank you so so soo much!! Thanks to everyone i’ve finally reached 400+ followers!! You guys are the best~ I drew five of my favorite female fictional characters! I’m really proud of this (·^v^·) I wanted to add Frisk but I didn’t want to deal with the whole gender thing, so i’ll draw the adorable pacifist child another time! Ok now back on topic, I want to thank @unashamed-shipper and
@evilkitten3 ! Your guy’s shout outs flooded me with extra followers so I would like to thank you for that!

Mmm I want to thank my skype chat tumblr fam~ @hestiasfandoms @prince-alberona @zukosfangirl and @xxgajevyloverxx for lots of love and support! You guys are the sweetest~ i’m proud to be a part of this small adorable family!

I want to thank so many people right now! But there are so many of you!! Mmm but I think that there will always be a certain group of people that I need to thank @lord-luminous @lushinaa @hurriicanei @chibicanz and @erzas-strawberry-cake ! If it wasn’t for you guys I would never had made it this far and I probably wouldn’t have met a lot of my other friends! So thank you guys, thank you everyone.