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Great news from CBS! The network has announced the renewal of BULL, MACGYVER, KEVIN CAN WAIT, MAN WITH A PLAN and SUPERIOR DONUTS for a second season. The network has also renewed BLUE BLOODS (for an eighth season), HAWAII FIVE-0 (for an eighth season), NCIS: LOS ANGELES (for a ninth season), NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (for a fourth season), MADAM SECRETARY (for a fourth season), SCORPION (for a fourth season) and MOM (for a fifth season).

I was supposed to post this for the last day of the Eight and Fitz week, but I had some things to do (more about that later, probably). Here’s a scene from The Taking of Planet Five, where Eight tried to survive in deep space for a couple of minutes (after the TARDIS he was aboard disintegrated) in a thin cloud of ice particles.


Deep space, in a freezing cloud of water, dying by inches and by microseconds, is possibly the only place where you can literally crack a smile.

The Doctor beamed.

Imagine a conversation between all 13 Doctors at Day of the Doctor, just before they save Gallifrey,
  • 10: Allons-y!
  • War: Oh for god sake! Gallifrey stands!
  • 4: One last round of Jelly Babies and we can start.
  • 9: Those Jelly Babies are fantastic, absolutely fantastic!
  • 11: I know, right? Jelly Babies are cool.
  • 2: Oh my giddy aunt, I discovered them. So when I say give me some, give me some.
  • 6: I wonder if we are ever going to stop talking and do what we are here for.
  • 10: Oh I'm sorry, I am so, so sorry, but Jelly Babies are more important than Gallifrey.
  • 3: *whispers to 1* I think I'll reverse the polarity of the neutron flow so they lose their taste and we can go on.
  • 1: Nonsense, my dear. Those morons won't stop procrastinating.
  • 5: I don't want Jelly Babies. I prefer celery.
  • 11: Fish Fingers and custard all the way.
  • 9: Or bananas.
  • 10: Oh yes, bananas are good.
  • 8: Who am I to talk about food when I've got a planet to save?
  • War: "Good question. NO MORE EATING, OTHER MES!
  • 4: *throws Jelly Babies at the War Doctor*
  • 8: *throws random fez at 4*
  • 10: Oh, a fez.
  • 7: Oh, a fez!
  • 11: OH, A FEZ!
  • 7 and 11: *fighting about the fez*
  • 3: *sighs*
  • 5: *cheering for 11*
  • 9: *cheering for 7*
  • 1: Am I having a midlife-crisis?
  • War: I said the same.
  • 5: We could play cricket all together.
  • 2: Or we could be a band!
  • 10: Brilliant idea. Well, that grumpy guy over there is good at the guitar. I once heard....
  • 6: He's babbling again. That will take long.
The Signs as Supernatural Quotes

Aries: Nothing says family like the whole family being dead.”

Taurus: “This is stupid. My sandwich didn't do anything.”

Gemini: “Yet here we are, negotiating like proper psychopaths.”

Cancer: “I wish I couldn't feel a damn thing.”

Leo: “I think I’m adorable.”

Virgo: “Five-eighths of a virgin?”

Libra: “I know it’s hard to believe, but I haven’t always been this cute and cuddly.”

Scorpio: “The last person who looked at me like that got laid.”

Sagittarius: “What’re you calling me a bitch for?”

Capricorn: “My ‘people skills’ are ‘rusty’”

Aquarius: “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a little hell to rise.”

Pieces: “They’re supposed to make you miserable! That’s why they’re family!”


Crossed The Ditch!

I’ll Miss Him In Melbourne, But Hoffie Has Kept Some Interesting Company Since Joining The Warriors. Super Model Or Not, I WAs More Interested In Hoffie Et Al In Their Pants!

Woof, Baby!

Would Love To Hassle This Hoff!

Chowder and Dex have a CS lecture in the building next to Nursey’s Literary Theory class. Both classes end at 11:50, so they grab lunch in the Small Dining Hall (it has another name, but they’ve forgotten it).

“Did you sleep in yesterday?” Dex asks. He and Chowder turned in a brutal CS project Friday night–two all-nighters–and Chris has announced his intentions to sleep through the weekend.

“Tried to,” Chowder says. “The weirdest thing happened, though.”

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Junior Worlds Day Two

The first medals of the competition were awarded, but first - Ice Dance started.

Russia dominated the top four going into the Free, with Alla Loboda and Pavel Drozd, the reigning Bronze medalists, leading the pack. In second, only .3 behind are Rachel and Michael Parsons of the US, the reigning Silver Medalists and JGP Final Champions. About four points behind are Anastasia Skoptcova and Kiril Aleshin in third, with Anastasia Shpileyeva and Grigory Smirnov .12 behind in fourth place.

Majorie Lajoie and Zachary Lagha of Canada are in fifth place right now, about two and a half points behind. Christina Carriera and Anthony Ponamarenko of the US are in sixth place, only .26 points behind them. .23 points behind them are the reigning Champs, Lorraine McNamara and Quinn Carpenter, who sit in seventh.

About five points behind in eighth are Natacha Lagoue and Corentin Rahier of France. Angelique Abachinka and Louis Tharon of France are about half a point behind in ninth. About a point behind them, rounding out the top ten, are  Nicole Kuzmichova and Alexandr Sinicyn of the Czech Republic.

Next up, the Junior Men’s Champions were crowned!

American Vincent Zhou, the reigning US Silver Medalist, won the title coming back from fifth place to dominate the free and win the title. He becomes the first American to win the title since Joshua Farris did so in 2013. Overnight leader, Dmitri Aliev of Russia, was third in the free and held on for second place and the silver medal. Alexander Samarin of Russia was fourth in the free but still managed to hold on to the bronze medal.

Alexander Petrov of Russia was fifth in the free but held onto fourth place. Cha Jun-hwan of South Korea, who was second after the short, only had the sixth place free and fell to fifth. Meanwhile, in sixth place, reigning Champ Daniel Samohin of Israel redeemed himself having the second-place free and climbing up from sixteenth place. 

Kevin Aymoz of France had the eighth place free and fell to seventh. Alexei Kraznozhon of the US held onto eighth place. Kazuki Tomono of Japan had the seventh place free skate and climbed up from fourteenth to place ninth. Yarsolav Paonit of Ukraine had the ninth best free skate but remained where he was, rounding out the top ten.

Tomorrow, the Junior Ladies start their competition and we have the conclusion of the Junior Pairs competition.

I’d like to think no-one who is part of the Doctor Who tumblr community would do this, but I’m just going to say it just in case:

Do not pirate the Doctor Who audio plays (Well: don’t pirate in general). Big Finish is a small company and has been hit by piracy before and badly. It forced them to end then previously successful Sapphire and Steel range because piracy of the series in it’s third series was so bad that Big Finish had to abandon the series on a cliffhanger. Which was never resolved. At all. 

(And I’d love to drum up support for a renassiance for the series: but guess what? The licencise expired this year and Big Finish can no longer sell the series. It’s gone. Forever. Outside of inflated Ebay prices. Thanks for that, pirates - and if you want to know what your missing out on: Sapphire & Steel was a really great continuation of a 1980s horror/fantasy/science fiction series about two mysterious human figures who appear to be human, but are anything but who appear when strange events begin to occur and investigate in a procedual fashion. It’s a really surreal offbeat series and I’d strongly recommend it to anyone to watch the original (which I only found out about through the older generations of Whovians) . The revival series also had Mark Gattis playing a new character, Gold and he was fantastic. But, now that’s gone. Forever.)

And Big Finish have been honest about just how much, despite the Doctor Who name, piracy has cut into sales and despite Big Finish having Moffat’s favour that licencise isn’t cheap.

In addition, as a small company, Big Finish, despite the Who name, face distribution problems in getting their products out their on the market. So, their products don’t have anywhere near the same exposure as the revival series and it’s tie-in media  does. Colin Baker himself spoke out about it and about the realities of the situation and means of production itself - and while Dark Eyes (and the promotion of it in DWM) came along and it doesn’t seem to be as pressing as it once was, I still can see how all the newfound intrest in the Eighth Do ctor could lead to a rather unfortune knock on effect for Big Finish. 

And apparently people have been buying subscriptions so they can obtain the subscriber specials and upload them on the internet? A big source of Big Finish’s revenue comes from the subscriptions. 

Big Finish also had to let their Stargate licencise expire due to poor sales.Apparently, this was due to a large portion of the fandom prefering a new series over audio drama set within the time frame of the series, but I’m more then willing to bet that piracy played a role in poor sales as well.

Title: Of Palates || Mod Kamala

Characters: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 1.2K

Age Suggestion/Rating: T (swearing warning)

Summary: Bucky is really pushing for Steve to ask you out. 


Notes: May be continued even more so at a later date!

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#AltonSterling is the 558th person murdered extrajudicially by cops in 2016 alone. FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY EIGHTH.

The owner of the store told the @NYDailyNews that he openly allowed #AltonSterling to sell his CD’s there in front of the store. The owner of the store told the @NYDailyNews that the Baton Rouge police immediately confiscated his security camera footage. Both police officers claim that their body cameras fell off and we’re not functioning properly when they murdered #AltonSterling

Let the BATON ROUGE PD know what you think.
PHONE: (225) 389-2000
#thesystemisbuilttofailus #blacklivesmatter #independencedaywhere?

Friday’s Fox!

Kieran Foran Lights My Fire As Sure As He Lights The Pitch. Godspeed To Him, Since He Left The Match With An Injury Today.

Woof, Baby!