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“No one really gives a shit,” Stanley sighed. “They call me gay. Well, I am, but that’s… they say worse, you know? There are, of course, the fucking skinheads that walk past me and claim that I killed Christ, and dicks who drew horns on my picture when I won the spelling bee in eighth grade, but… Other than that, no one cares. The new hot topic is if you’re anything not straight or cisgender.”




WARNINGS: underage smoking, transphobia, homophobia, implied anti-Semitism 

BETAS: @eddison-medicine and @ghostlydenbrough

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Who Needs A Kit?

It Looks As If Kieran Foran Has Sucked His Shorts In Training Today, As He Shows Off His Toned Legs, Muscular Hindquarters, And Thunder Thighs, All The While Demonstrating Incredible Stamina, Strength, And Overall Athletic Skill.

Woof, Baby!

Imagine a conversation between all 13 Doctors at Day of the Doctor, just before they save Gallifrey,
  • 10: Allons-y!
  • War: Oh for god sake! Gallifrey stands!
  • 4: One last round of Jelly Babies and we can start.
  • 9: Those Jelly Babies are fantastic, absolutely fantastic!
  • 11: I know, right? Jelly Babies are cool.
  • 2: Oh my giddy aunt, I discovered them. So when I say give me some, give me some.
  • 6: I wonder if we are ever going to stop talking and do what we are here for.
  • 10: Oh I'm sorry, I am so, so sorry, but Jelly Babies are more important than Gallifrey.
  • 3: *whispers to 1* I think I'll reverse the polarity of the neutron flow so they lose their taste and we can go on.
  • 1: Nonsense, my dear. Those morons won't stop procrastinating.
  • 5: I don't want Jelly Babies. I prefer celery.
  • 11: Fish Fingers and custard all the way.
  • 9: Or bananas.
  • 10: Oh yes, bananas are good.
  • 8: Who am I to talk about food when I've got a planet to save?
  • War: "Good question. NO MORE EATING, OTHER MES!
  • 4: *throws Jelly Babies at the War Doctor*
  • 8: *throws random fez at 4*
  • 10: Oh, a fez.
  • 7: Oh, a fez!
  • 11: OH, A FEZ!
  • 7 and 11: *fighting about the fez*
  • 3: *sighs*
  • 5: *cheering for 11*
  • 9: *cheering for 7*
  • 1: Am I having a midlife-crisis?
  • War: I said the same.
  • 5: We could play cricket all together.
  • 2: Or we could be a band!
  • 10: Brilliant idea. Well, that grumpy guy over there is good at the guitar. I once heard....
  • 6: He's babbling again. That will take long.
Pairing Week

So I’m going to do a thing: Seven days of pairings! Each day will be entirely dedicated to the listed ship on this blog. All fanart, fanfic, hcs, and content will be exclusively related to that ship. Fluff, Angst, and Smut are all welcome. I’m stockpiling prompts today!

September Third Day One: Prinxiety 

September Fourth Day Two: Logicality

September Fifth Day Three: Analogical

September Sixth Day Four: Moxiety

September Seventh Day Five: Logince

September Eighth Day Six: Royality

September Ninth Day Seven: LAMP/Polyam Sanders


Great news from CBS! The network has announced the renewal of BULL, MACGYVER, KEVIN CAN WAIT, MAN WITH A PLAN and SUPERIOR DONUTS for a second season. The network has also renewed BLUE BLOODS (for an eighth season), HAWAII FIVE-0 (for an eighth season), NCIS: LOS ANGELES (for a ninth season), NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (for a fourth season), MADAM SECRETARY (for a fourth season), SCORPION (for a fourth season) and MOM (for a fifth season).

New Zealand Slang

I might not know them all, or I misremember them. Nonetheless, here’s a list from memory.
a into g: get going, arse into gear, as in ‘I’ve got to get my a into g’
anklebiter: small child
arse over tit: head over heels
Aotearoa: Maori name for New Zealand, it means the land of the long white cloud
beaut, beauty: splendid, terrific, as in ‘beaut of a job you did’
bit of a dag: hard case, comedian
bite your bum: go away, get lost
boy-racer: young man who drives fast in a car with a loud stereo
brassed off: disappointed, annoyed
bugger off: go away, piss off
carked it: died
chocka: choc-a-block, full, overflowing
chocolate fish: chocolate covered marshmallow fish, frequently given or offered as a reward.
chippie: potato chip
couldn’t see the road to the dunny if it had red flags on it: said of somebody blind drunk or slow witted
crash hot: excellent
crikey dick: expression of surprise
crook: sick, poorly, also to go crook at, meaning to be angry with, or to put someone crook, meaning to give someone bad advice
cuz: cousin
dairy: corner store, the only shop allowed to open 365 days a year
dear: expensive
doodackie: thingamajig, or doodad, an object that you can’t think of a name for
drop in it: get someone in trouble
dunny: toilet
Eketahuna: doesn’t exist. It’s like saying 'timbuktu’ or 'shangri la’.
fizzy drink: soda pop
flat stick or flat tack: full speed, as fast as possible
fuckwit: idiot
full tit: as much power as possible, “cmon! We need to go full tit!”
get off the grass: disbelief, 'stop pulling my leg’
gizza: give us a
going bush: get away from it all, take a break, become reclusive
good on ya, mate!: congratulations, well done
good as gold: good job, not a problem
guts for garters: in big trouble, as in 'I’ll have your guts for garters!’
home and hosed: safe, completed successfully
hoodackie: what you call someone when you cant think of their name
hard yakka: hard work
heaps: a lot of work to do
how much would you charge to haunt a ten room house?: rhetorical question to suggest a person is ugly
if your brains were barbed wire you couldn’t fence a dunny: you are stupid
jandal: thongs, flip-flops
kai: food, from the Maori word for eating
Kiwi: New Zealander
my arse is a red cabbage: ’ if he can do that, my arse is a red cabbage’
Other Side: Australia
pack a sad: become morose, ill-humoured, broken or dead, as in 'the washing machine packed a sad’
pack a wobbly: get angry
pakeha: non-Maori person
pav: pavlova
piece-of-piss: easy, as in 'that was a piece of piss’
piker: slacker, a person who gives up when things get difficult
piss: any alcohol
piss around: waste time, procrastinate
piss awful: very unpleasant
piss easy: very easy
piss up large: large scale drinking of alcohol
piss up: party, social gathering
pissed: drunk, inebriated
pissed off: angry, upset
pissing down: raining heavily, pouring down
prang: minor car accident, as in 'he was in a prang yesterday’
puckeroo: something that is buggered or broken
quite nice: something you say when you want to be polite but can’t really think of anything to say, as in 'his tie is quite nice’; can also mean the opposite of the actual words: 'Your car is in quite nice condition’
rattle your dags: get a move on, hurry up
rellies: relatives, family
root: to have sex
rough as guts: unpolished
two sammies short of a picnic: brick short of a load, a bit thick or crazy
she’ll be right: everything will be OK, it’s not a problem
shitheap: utter mess, as in 'your bedroom is a shitheap’
sickie: to take a day off, apparently sick
smoko: break, rest period
sook: silly or a scaredy cat, as in 'just a big sook’
suss: figure out, as in 'I’ve got it sussed’
ta: thanks
tata: goodbye
tiki tour: scenic tour, roundabout way
tin-arse, tinbum: lucky person
togs: swimsuit, speedos
two-thirds of five-eighths of fuck all: very little
up shit creak in leaky gumboots: in trouble, variant of up shit creek without a paddle
up the boohai shooting pukekos with a long handled shovel: none of your business, used kind of like “up your butt and around the corner”
Waikikamukau: pronounced 'why kick a moo cow’, its basically so remote it makes Eketahuna look like the capital of the USA
were you born in a tent?: sarcastic question asked of somebody who has left a door open
what’s that got to do with the price of fish?: challenging the relevance of some remark
whinge: complain
wobbly: tantrum, as in 'he threw a wobbly when he heard that’
wop-wops: out of the way location
wouldn’t know shit from clay: naive or stupid person
wouldn’t know them from a bar of soap: I do not know this person
yonks: a long time, ages, as in 'haven’t seen him in yonks’
yack: conversation between friends, natter
you ain’t wrong: you’re right
you get that: resigned acceptance
you make a better door than a window: said to somebody standing in the way, perhaps in front of the TV
you think you’re a flowerpot because you’ve got a hole in your bum: you love yourself

I was supposed to post this for the last day of the Eight and Fitz week, but I had some things to do (more about that later, probably). Here’s a scene from The Taking of Planet Five, where Eight tried to survive in deep space for a couple of minutes (after the TARDIS he was aboard disintegrated) in a thin cloud of ice particles.


Deep space, in a freezing cloud of water, dying by inches and by microseconds, is possibly the only place where you can literally crack a smile.

The Doctor beamed.

35.8857° N, 128.5828° E (Pt. 1)

Soulmate AU (Series) 

Copyright © btswritingsforyou. All Rights Reserved.

Genre: Mostly angst

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Length: 1k (1,047)

Synopsis: Were you a defect of the system because you’ve lost your soulmate once? Was this suppose to be the punishment for losing him?

pt. 1  |  pt. 2  | pt. 3 | pt. 4 | pt. 5 | pt. 6 | pt. 7 (final) 

Flashback | the beginning | backstory

You always believed him to be your soulmate. Best friends since forever, young love, and a matching pair of coordinates on both your wrists.

35.8857° N, 128.5828° E; your hometown in Daegu.

You were bound by the system and simply to put it, you were meant to be.

“I’ll be supporting you the entire way! Waiting!” You knew being a trainee in the industry was hard. He didn’t mention much, but always complained about it being so difficult and most of time, he wanted to give up.

It had only been a year and he wanted to quit, but you didn’t let him. He couldn’t throw away his dream just like that.

“Thanks,” your energetic spirit gave him a slight smile and you heard a faint laugh escape his lips. “I miss you.”

“Me too,” you whispered. He wouldn’t be coming back anytime soon.

Phone calls made weren’t daily or often, but whenever he could, he’d do nothing but call you just to hear you talk; to hear your voice.

All in one go, six months, you didn’t hear from him. You always waited for his call, but with a six month distance, you picked up your phone.

No missed calls. You bit your lip considering whether to call or not. With enough courage built up, you shut your eyes as it rang.

“I’m sorry, the number you’ve dialed is no longer in service.” You brought your phone closer to your face. It was his supposed to be his number. Did he change it without telling you? Without another thought, you ran downstairs to your mom.

“Mom, did Yoongi change his number?” Your mom quickly turned around.

“Not that I know of. You can check the house phone.” You rushed out of the kitchen to get the phone. You flipped through the contacts and found the same number still there. Maybe your phone was broken. You dialed the contact as your chest heaved from the lack of air.

“I’m sorry, the number you’ve dialed is no longer in service.”

You dialed it again.

“I’m sorry, the number you’ve dialed is no longer in service.”  Again, again, and again.

“I’m sorry, the number you’ve diale-.” He changed it. You could feel your heart drop slightly. You heard footsteps behind you.

“What’s wrong?” Your mom’s eyebrows furrowed faintly.

“I think Yoongi changed his number.” Your shoulders fell.

“Maybe he forgot to tell you. You can always go next door and ask his mom if you want.” You nodded. “Go tomorrow.”

The entire night you stayed up because of the negative thoughts clouding your mind.

Why did he change it? Did he do it because of you? Did you do something wrong?

You rang the doorbell. Your other hand began to shake and you held it tightly.

“Hi (Y/N),” his mom greeted with a smile. You were already her daughter-in-law in her mind. You looked down at your hand watching as your fingers played with each other. She invited you inside.

“What brings you here?”

“Um, well, I was wondering if Yoongi changed his number?” What a dumb thing to say. Of course he did.

“Yeah.” She looked at you with a funny smile. Then her mouth fell open slightly. “Did he not tell you?” She had a sorry expression on her face. You shook your head with a sad smile. “I’m sorry if it made you worry.”

“No. it’s fine.” You left it at an awkward silence. Was it right to come out and ask her for it? You looked around the room.

“Here,” she quickly scribbled down on a piece of paper.

“Thanks,” you smiled as she handed you the paper.

“Talk to him,” her hand enclosed around yours. Her eyes fell sad as those words left her mouth.

Your worrying thoughts changed to worry about how he was doing. You suddenly felt anxious; was he okay?

Each ring caused your heart’s pace to pick up. When it cut off, replaced by his voice, you nearly shut the phone.

“Hello?” A rustle on his line.



“Yeah, hi,” your words were overbearingly awkward.

“How did you get my number?” His words caused a pang in your heart. Strike one.

Did you forget about me? Us? You wanted to say those words with strength, but your voice failed you.

“Um, your mom gave it to me. Why didn’t you tell me you changed it?” His line was silent.

“I didn’t think it was important.” Even if his words carried close to no answers, you felt it and you felt a crack in your heart. Strike two.

“What do you mean?” You faked a small laugh as if you didn’t understand.

“I thought we wouldn’t be together anymore.” None of his words added together, and yet again, you knew exactly what was happening. Strike two and a half.

“We never broke up.” You felt your voice go weak.

“I just thought we did.” You didn’t hear it, but his voice was struggling to stay steady by this point. He could barely help the tear escaping his eye. Strike two and three-fourths.

“Do you want it?” You couldn’t keep your voice strong anymore and it fell weak.

“Yeah. We shouldn’t anyway.” Strike two and five-eighths.


He stayed silent. If you weren’t busy with the tears coming from your own eyes, you’d have heard the slight cry from his lips that he tried his best to muffle. Strike two and nine-sixteenths.

“I guess that’s it then, Min Yoongi. Goodbye,” your words came from frustration and anger. He was breaking up with you and he didn’t even have a reason. You shut the phone in a haste and when it ended, you let an agonizing cry from your lips.

So you cried yourself to sleep that night. Your mom and dad came to see you during the night, phone in hand, shredded up photographs next to you, and tear stained cheeks.

You woke up to your wrist feeling sore. When you took a good look at it, a new set of coordinates were etched into your skin.

Then you had realized, you lost him. The only person you imagined your forever with, your soulmate was gone. Not only changed in the system, but gone from your life.

He wasn’t your soulmate anymore.

Strike three. You’re out.

and thats the end to part 1

yes there are other part woohoo! 

haven’t settled on how many, but at least 3 for sure

One of the main reasons behind China’s success in reforming into capitalism is that Deng Xiaoping and his capitalist allies had an experiment think tank next door: the Soviet Union.

Already in the late 50′s Soviet economists were endorsing market capitalism and in the 60′s - by their own admission - mimicking western capitalist countries. And while it was different from western capitalist nations, Soviet ‘planning’ in the 1970’s was no different from western countries using state levers and economic incentives to fulfil goals.

At the 22nd Congress of the CPSU in 1961, the brave socialist Khrushchev affirmed,

We must elevate the importance of profit and profitability

Roughly ten years later, the same soviet economists saw how the reforms enacted under Khrushchev’s leadership and then Brezhnev’s resulted in the destruction of the planned economy and the enforcement of profit as the only significant economic marker, to the point they saw themselves unable to finish the eighth five year plan and following plans because market economies can’t exactly be planned.

It’s clear that this experience provided vital information to the rightists on how to maintain their power and further steer China from socialism into capitalism.

anonymous asked:

If you don’t mind, could you do a head canon young Jackson and his relationship with his parents ( maybe a story why Jackson is the way he is ) thank you

  • When he was younger, he liked to draw pictures for them and hang them on the fridge to find when they came home from work. He always thought it was weird that they’d disappear after a few days, never to be found again.
  • There were days he’d go to school, come back, and be in bed before his parents ever got home from work. The longest stretch he went without seeing them was five days in the eighth grade.
  • He’d be low key excited if they were going to do something as a family, even if it was just watching a movie. Many times, though, they’d take something that happened in the movie and turn it into a lecture.
  • They tried to get him to pursue some career that had some sort of security to it. Racing wasn’t one of those, but it was what he wanted to do. They let him pursue it, but not without being vocal about their opinions.
  • His fondest memory is one Christmas his parents were both home and they celebrated the holiday together, getting up early to open gifts. They’d gotten him tickets to a race in the upcoming season, and he’d never been happier. There were no conflicts of interest that day, just them enjoying each other’s company.
Dominican People // Google Search Answers I // Dominican Republic

*-What are the dominican roots / Where the Dominican come from / What is the culture of the Dominican Republic?

Roots and culture (ethnicity): The Dominican roots arise from admixture of Black African, European and Native American.

Genetically and by race: Approximately the 70% of dominicans are mixed race , followed by a White group and a Black group those are approximately the 26% of the population. The rest of the population have origins from Asia ( Chinese and Japanese people), Middle East (Palestinians, Turks, and Syrians) and Indigenous inhabitant groups.


*- Who owns the Dominican Republic? 

Dominicans and Dominican Government.


*- What is the Dominican Republic best known for?

In this order:

  1. Beaches.
  2. Dominican Women.
  3. Baseball Players.
  4. Merengue Music and dance
  5. Bachata Music and dance.


*-Whats is the area of the dominican Republic?

Occupy the eastern five-eighths of the island of Hispaniola, in the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean region. The western three-eighths of the island is occupied by the nation of Haiti, making Hispaniola one of two Caribbean islands, along with Saint Martin, that are shared by two countries. The Dominican Republic is the second-largest Caribbean nation by area (after Cuba) at 48,445 square kilometers (18,705 sq mi), and third by population with approximately 10 million people, of which approximately three million live in the metropolitan area of Santo Domingo, the capital city.


*- What are Interesting facts of the Dominican Republic? 

The Dominican Republic is the first place reached by Christopher Columbus in 1492, Fishing in the Dominican Republic is also a big deal, with several annual tournaments and big-game fish like marlin, Oscar de la Renta one of the best-known fashion designers of the century is Dominican and born in the capital Santo Domingo RD, Maria Montez was a Dominican Hollywood actress, Juan Rodriguez was the first documented non-Native American to live on Manhattan Island, they love alcoholic drinks specially beer and rum, They are on the third position on alcoholism in Latin America, their favorite beer is called “Presidente” and the favorite rum is “Barcelo”

See here 74 facts of the Dominican Republic


*- Whats Afro Dominican mean?

Is a term used to refer to african descent of Dominican Republic; specially inside USA.

In other hand these terms “afro dominican” or “euro dominican” are not usually used inside the country. Because Dominican republic see Dominican ethnicity as one. The admixture of both. This happen because the dominican culture is a mix of african, native and euro and many of them are mixed race, for these reasons they don’t like section their ethnicity.  See more of the dominican ethnicity Here


*-Who did Dominican Republic gain their independence from?

The official independence is from Haiti. 

Before the occupation of the Haitian troops and its government in the “Spanish Santo Domingo - Santo Domingo Español” on 1822. The Dominicans obtained their freedom from the Haitian occupation on February 27, 1844 led by “Los Trinitarios - The Trinity. The period of 22 years of “Haitian Occupation” is recalled by Dominicans as a period of brutal military rule and these gave the Dominicans the autonomy from Haiti. 

In other hand they have the others independence wars called Ephemeral Independence (1821 led by José Núñez de Cáceres y Albor ) and The Restoration War (1865 Led  by Santiago Rodríguez, Benito Monción, and Gregorio Luperón ) these gave the Dominicans the autonomy from Spain. See Dominican Independence Here


*-What is the Typical food of the Dominican Republic?

The food that is consumed daily in the Dominican Republic is called “The Flag” (La Bandera) consisting of white rice, stewed beans and stewed meat (of whatever type but preferably chicken, pork or beef). You can also found: Mangu, “Los tres folpes” (The three strokes), Sancocho, Patimongo, Mondongo, Locrios, Habichuelas con dulce, Dulce de leche, Flan, Arroz con Leche, Arepas con Batata, tiburón Asado, Longaniza Guisada Dumplin, Tostones, Pescado con coco, Camarones guisados among others.