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Yuuri Katsuki is like the skating world’s Married Cousin™

Like, you always thought he was pretty cool and you still think that but he’s the oldest and he married well and now all anybody can talk about is Married Cousin Yuuri and you’re like Why can’t they ever talk about me, Straight B Student Cousin Kyle.

“Oh yeah, Viktor and I just bought a house,” says Married Cousin Yuuri, smiling and perfect as all of the trainwreck late-teen skaters simmer with jealousy in a corner.

“I used to be like you,” assures Married Cousin Yuuri, patting a young skater’s back as she has her fourth existential crisis of the day. “Before Viktor and I got married, I–”

Ugh.” The skater wedges her head between her knees. “UGH.”

Getting an invitation to Viktor and Yuuri’s post-season celebratory dinner party is like being told by your mom that you’re going to Married Cousin Yuuri’s house for Thanksgiving because he and His Husband Viktor want the whole family to be there for their First Thanksgiving In The New House.

The only difference is that instead of standing up halfway through the meal and announcing that they’re having a baby, Viktor starts the night by walking into the dining room with not one but two poodle puppies in his arms and says, “Meet our babies!”

“I want to die,” mutters Yuri Plisetsky, and the five under-eighteen skaters surrounding him grunt in agreement.

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Epilogue | Epilogue: We Meet Again

Description: You’re wandering aimlessly when you meet him: the tall man who looks like an angel, the bright red hair on top of his head resembling fire. This angel boy tries to help you, but you soon find out more about him that turns your world upside down.

Warnings: age gap, mentions of death, sexual themes

Pairing: Park Chanyeol x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy (because Smutty said I could reupload my babies ^^)

Lately, even seeing the flashing lights of a police car sent you into a panic. You found it hard to concentrate on the work at hand, the sounds of the sirens drifting into your ears. It had only been a week since your mother had kicked you out and for some reason, the tall man offered to help you.

You didn’t know why he did that, obviously, but you agreed because you really had nowhere else to go. You learned his name was Chanyeol and he insisted he was going to help you, and that you didn’t owe him anything.

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GREY AREA. (M) | 05

And just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so.

And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.


“I don’t know if you’ve changed - of if I’ve changed. I hate how time flows even in this moment. I guess we changed, that’s just the way it is.” -Spring Day BTS

 Pairing: Yoongi/Reader
 Word Count: 6,317
 Genre/Warnings: Soulmate AU, Angs

→   Chapter Index

You are five years old, sitting on a swing with your legs kicking back and forth. Small fingers curling around the chains that uphold the swing, while the sharp wind brushes through your hair, causing shivers to rush through your petite and small body.

It’s in the middle of Spring, so the weather is not the friendliest, this visible by the different layers of clothing wrapped around your body.

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soul directs - luminarai - The Get Down (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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The first time he sees artwork bearing the name Rumi, he’s almost seventeen and he’s in love.

He’s sixteen, and he’s ten, fifteen, seventeen, five, eighteen, and somewhere along the way he’s given the name Thor. It’s fitting he thinks. He’s always felt like there’s a storm raging inside his chest.

a character study on thor and his background which quickly got way out of hand

bedding (part 2)

Title: The Jealous Type

Part List

danisnotonfire x reader

warnings- swearing a bit

info- you find your age in this (17), just remember “being legal” wasn’t a thing back then. e/c = eye colour


You lay awake, the sun shining through your eyelids when you feel Dan shift next to you. He groans a bit, tightening his grip on you which causes you to sigh in content.

You haven’t been held like this before. You felt almost safe, relaxed for the first time in ages. You open your eyes to take a peak at Dan, but when you open your eyes you are met with his brown ones starring at you.

“Good morning, love.” He whispers, leaning down to kiss you. He softly presses his lips onto yours, pulling away after a few seconds.

“Morning, Daniel.” You whisper back, a smile playing on your lips. You had only met him two days ago, but he was your husband and so far his presence has made you happy. You were hoping the more you get to know him, the happier he’d make you. You were stuck with him until death, after all.

“I told you last night, call me Dan.” He whispers, reminding you.

“Yes, but in front of people I am to address you as Daniel. It is your proper and fu-” He cuts you off by pressing his lips to yours. He presses harder against you, if that was possible, before pulling away and kissing your forehead.

Daniel, we have to get ready.” You start, teasing him a bit causing him to narrow his eyes a you. “You have your celebration today and I’ve got to go to class.”

“Class?” He asks.

“Yes, I’ve got to learn to be a proper queen for my king, and today is one of my last classes. Been taking them since I was five.” You explain.

“But I thought classes were only from age five to eighteen?” He asks, a look of realization settling over him.

“You’re not eighteen?” He asks, sitting up. You sit up as well and turn to face him.

“No, I turn eighteen in one week. Next Friday.” You answer.

“Well then I’ve got only a week to plan the celebration, dammit.” He says under his breath.

“No. No celebrations.” You answer. He looks over at you curiously before agreeing. You both get up and get ready for the day. You no longer had maids to dress you, that was Daniel’s job now. He helped you after you explained how to tie the corset properly. You had to keep reassuring him that it wasn’t tight enough and you would be fine.

“I don’t understand those things, it’s so tight it looks as if you can’t breath.” He says, pulling his jacket on.

“The point of it is to look thinner.” You explain.

“I knew that, I just think it’s unnecessary.” He says.

“That’s all good and well, but I’m afraid that we are going to be late if we converse any longer, dear.” You say, walking towards the door.

“Ugh, don’t call me dear. We aren’t old enough for that.”

“You’re old.” You say, laughing a bit and resting your hand on the door knob.

“Hey!” He says, acting offended. “I’m only 21!” You laugh, pulling the door open and pulling him out after it. You fix yourselves, linking you arms as you walk down the corridor. You stop at the room where Dan’s celebration was to be held.

“Have fun.” You whisper as he opens the door, joining the men sitting inside. You continue down a few more corridors until you reach your class.


You had finished your class early for the day and were walking to meet Dan at the room of the celebration. It was about three hours past and you knew that the party would have ended or been close to it. You stop outside the door, ready to knock when you hear your name mentioned from the inside. You pause to listen.

“So was Queen y/n a good fuck, Daniel?” One voice said.

“Bet her pretty little mouth did more than smiling and talking if you know what I mean.” Another voice said.

You hear Dan nervously laugh.

“Must’ve been tigh-” You’d had enough. You knocked loudly.

“That must be your lady, Danny.” Someone yelled.

“Go get her! Before someone else in the castle does, there’s a line.” A clearly drunken voice yells. People gasp and shush the man. Must’ve been a secret.

You feel tears brimming your eyes.

No one has ever spoken of you this way. You were a Princess, now a Queen. People are not to speak that way!

“There’s what?” Dan’s voice says from inside the room, sounding infuriated.

“You know what? The crude comments were enough, but a line to see who could fuck my wife and your Queen is unacceptable. I suggest you get rid of any evidence of that before you’re all punished.” Dan growls the last bit and the door swings open. He almost crashes into you. He looks down, ready to yell when he notices it’s you and sees your state.

There were tears running down your cheeks, not many, but enough to piss off Dan. He sends a glare back into the room of men before slamming the door and embracing you.

“Love, I’m so sorry you heard any of that. You don’t deserve that shit.”

“Dan, don’t swear.” You whisper.

“Dan, huh?” He asks, trying to cheer you up.

“Quiet.” You breath, laughing a bit. He pulls you by your hand down the corridor, linking your arms after a bit as you manage not to trip over your dress. You arrive at your bedroom.

“Daniel, we have to go to the dining hall, they are expecting us in ten min-” He cuts you off with a rough kiss. He moves his lips passionately against yours, filled with lust and something else. He pushes you back onto the bed, pining you down and boxing you in with his forearms on either side of your face.

“They can wait.” He says, kissing your lips.

“You see,” He kisses your jaw, “y/n.” He kisses your neck.

“I don’t like what they said anymore than you do.” He breaths, kissing down your neck and making his way to your collarbones, kissing the sweet spot he found last night, making your breath hitch. “And you see, love.” He brings his face back to yours, your lips not even a centimeter apart. He looks you straight in the eyes, his chocolate orbs peering into your e/c eyes. There’s a fire burning behind the brown of his.

“I’m the jealous type.”

baekhyun x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Baekhyun (EXO) x Reader
Rating: PG
Comments: Since I couldn’t come up with some sort of plotline on my own, I headed into my giant list of prompts to use. This one is actually two prompts that I mixed together. I actually really like this one. It’s probably one of my favorites that I wrote in the past few months, so I hope you guys like it as well!

Summary: “I wanted to request one with Baekhyun that’s really really angsty but ends up happy and fluffy,” - Anon

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Name: Two quattuoroctogintacentillion, seven hundred eighty-eight treoctogintacentillion, eighty duooctogintacentillion, one hundred four unoctogintacentillion, nine hundred fifty-seven octogintacentillion, six hundred thirty-nine novenseptu

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The Lenape Natives initially lived along the Delaware River Valley in parts of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania –from which they received their more common name, Delaware. They became dependent on the colonies and became so involved in the trade of pelts and furs that they eventually killed off most of the mammals in their area –they soon grew impoverished and were forgotten as traders abandoned them for the Iroquois Natives to the north. Under the threats of poverty, conflict, alcoholism and disease, the Lenape numbers had dwindled from about ten to twelve thousand to about three thousand since contact was made with the Europeans.

“-as small groups sold their land or were forced from it at various times. The scattered, decimated, and unorganized bands … soon gathered, or were gathered, as they had never been in pre-European times. The ‘towns’ that grew up in the river valleys of Pennsylvania in the early decades of the eighteenth century were not formed from homogeneous cultural units.”

^ Lenapehoking, the original Lenape territory. 

Selling their lands, being forced out of others, and willingly abandoning others – they became refugees within their own land and would also retreat to the land of others. After the death of William Penn in 1718, he was succeeded by his sons Thomas Penn and John Penn –whom were involved in the infamous Walking Purchase of 1737 in which they brought forward a suspicious and possibly fraudulent copy of a land deed from 1686 that led to a large theft of land from the Lenape. The Penn brothers had arranged to have three trained runners sprint through a cleared route, covering about sixty-five miles in eighteen hours and winning them 1,200 square acres of land from the Delaware.

^ Delaware by David Wright.

They [Thomas Penn and John Penn] were used to an expensive life-style, but had no money. In their desperation, they contemplated ways to sell Lenape land to colonial settlers. The resulting scheme culminated in the so-called Walking Purchase. In the mid-1730s, colonial administrators produced a draft of a land deed dating to the 1680s. William Penn had approached several leaders of Lenape polities in the lower Delaware to discuss land sales further north. Since the land in question did not belong to their polities, the talks came to nothing.

But colonial administrators had prepared the draft that resurfaced in the 1730s. The Penns and their supporters tried to present this draft as an actual deed. Unsurprisingly, Lenape leaders in the lower Delaware refused to accept it. What followed was a convoluted sequence of deception, fraud, and extortion orchestrated by the Pennsylvania government that is commonly known as the Walking Purchase. In the end, all Lenapes who still lived on the Delaware were driven off the remnants of their homeland under threats of violence.” – Steven Harper.

^ Walking Purchase.

The refugee Lenape villages that had arose from this displacement are believed to have been an important component that led to the French and Indian War and the surge of revolutionary ideas among the Lenape Delaware Natives. One of these revolutionaries was a man from the Delaware named Wangomen, who believed that the great creator spirit, Gichi-Manidoo, had chosen him as a messenger. Wangomen, also known as the Assinisink Prophet, was visited by a great buck during a hunting trip that conveyed the message that by abandoning the old ways, the Natives had placed themselves in this difficult situation.

The great creator spirit, Gichi-Manidoo, let him peer into the heavens where he saw that there were three heavens –one for Natives, one for ‘Whites’ and one for ‘Negroes’. The ‘Whites’ were ill-treated in their heaven, as punishment for their abuses against the Natives, for taking the promised land away from them and for their enslavement of the ‘Negroes’. 

Another Delaware man named Papoonan, had a vision while mourning his father’s death –the great creator spirit, Gichi-Manidoo, was offended by the way that the Natives had abandoned the old ways. Papoonan was a supporter of Natives purifying themselves in the old ways of their forefathers and for them to denounce the use of alcohol. Unlike the other prophets he preached peace, coexistence, the sharing of resources and also accepted some of the teachings of the Moravian Christian missionaries 

^ Neolin, the Delaware Prophet.

There was yet another man from the Delaware tribe named Neolin, meaning “the enlightened”, in this story he plays the greatest significance. Neolin traversed the spirit world for days before reaching three forks in the road, from both the wide and the narrow roads a great fire arose from the ground which forced him to turn back. On the third path he encountered a marvelous white mountain in which he saw a woman of radiant beauty that instructed him to strip himself of all that he has and to purify himself in a nearby river. After purifying himself he met with the great creator spirit, Gichi-Manidoo, who gave him a guideline for the Natives to follow. The Natives must refrain from drinking, be married to one woman, not covet their neighbors’ wife and not to fight with their fellow brethren.

That the land in which they inhabited was given to them by him, reminding them that they lived before the French and English had arrived and didn’t need their assistance. They hunted with bow and arrow without need of firearms. That now they had become dependent on the whites, for his children (the Natives) to send the whites back to the homes that he has given them, across the ocean. To “drive off your lands those dogs clothed in red who will do nothing but harm”. 

He sought to purify his followers, urging them to rid themselves of all European goods and return to the lifestyle of their ancestors. Though he had many followers, the idea of tossing aside their arms was too much for some Natives to comply with. Nevertheless, Neolin became yet another force swaying the Natives against the ‘Whites’. 

By so doing, and by strictly observing his other precepts, the tribes would soon be restored to their ancient greatness and power, and be enabled to drive out the white men who infested their territory. The prophet had many followers. Indians came from far and near, and gathered together in large encampments to listen to his exhortations.” – Chapter VII, The Conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian War after the Conquest.

If there are any errors please privately inbox me so I can update it. As always, if you’d like to read or learn about any specific historical subjects just let me know what they are and I will take note of them.


  • THE COUNCIL OF THREE FIRES AND THE PONTIAC-GUYASUTA UPRISING – This post covers some of the history, culture and religion of the Native American inhabitants of the Great Lakes region of North America, focusing on the Pontiac-Guyasuta Uprising and the Council of Three Fires (the Ottawa, Ojibwe and the Potawatomi); the peace-pipe, Rogers’ Rangers, the sport that inspired lacrosse, and some Native battle tactics
  • THE IROQUOIS CONFEDERACY: THE “SAVAGE” EMPIRE – The origins of the Iroquois Confederacy, the early wars they were involved in, the effects that disease epidemics incurred upon them, the Iroquoian cultural use of torturescalping, and cannibalism, the tomahawk and its symbolism (bury the hatchet), as well as the taking of captives during mourning wars and adopting them in order to replace lost tribal members.
  • THE IROQUOIS CONFEDERACY: THE RED ROMANS AND THE RED COATS – This post covers the religious beliefs of the Iroquois Confederacy, their origin story, their belief in duality (like yin and yang), their secretive and mysterious masked societies, and their involvement in the conflicts between their two great colonial neighbors (New France and the New England) like the famed French and Indian War. I’ll also speak of their involvement in the American Revolutionary War as well as the famed Joseph Brant, a Freemason Mohawk leader who swayed most of the Iroquois Confederates into siding with the British. It is believed that without the aid of the Iroquois Confederacy, North America would now be speaking French instead of English and that France would’ve held a massive portion of the eastern half of North America, leaving a massive battlefield for the French and Spanish to battle over.
The Best Gifts in Life Are Free

This is me, posting from the past. Thought I’d leave one more sidekick!Adrien AU drabble before I attempt to control my internet addiction. SIN WARNING.


“Adrien… what is this?”

Clearly it was a hotel suite. Over on the dining table were lit candles and two delicate slices of chocolate cake. Ladybug turned a questioning smile on her boyfriend, only to lose it, along with all the blood in her cheeks. “You’re not proposing to me, are you?”

Adrien laughed out loud. “Ladybug.” He took hold of her face. “As much as I love you”—he kissed her—“and I do love you”—she giggled—“I won’t propose to you or have sex with you until I know your name.”

“I wasn’t asking about sex.”

“It was on your mind. I could see it in your eyes, buginette.”

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anonymous asked:

Please explain 1895!!! I'm new and so very lost!!!

So 1895 is an iconic Sherlockian year mostly because of the poem “221b” by Vincent Starrett, which is about how Watson and Holmes are immortal in our collective hearts.  No, seriously.  Seriously.  It’s a hard poem to read, because the whole time you’re either cringing from second-hand embarrassment at how outrageously sentimental it is, or trying not to cry because of how outrageously sentimental it is.  The last line of 221b is “And it is always eighteen ninety-five.”  (See also: the scene in ASiB with John’s blog counter being stuck on 1895, and this neat visual reference in HLV.) 

Among TJLC sympathizers, it’s also noteworthy because 1895 was the year of the Oscar Wilde gross indecency trials, and coincidentally the year canon Holmes and Watson thought it was a good idea to Not Be In London For Reasons Watson Doesn’t Feel Like Going Into Right Now.


You’re in a fight and Michael comes to help.

Growing up rough is a hard life. Especially for a girl. You’re always scared you’ll get raped or kidnapped or killed. Then everyone looks at you as the poor innocent defenceless dear who they feel sorry for, but won’t help. It’s all about the thought and not the action, all the people that grow up better off than you say they feel sorry for you. But they don’t know nothing about struggles or having to work to get something.

But you understood. Growing up without parents was bad enough. Your eldest brother had looked after you until he turned twenty five and you were eighteen. He left to go to Manchester and hadn’t come back. But you didn’t mind. He had taught you all he knew and you knew how to steal, defend yourself, fight, hide, shoot a gun, have a successful disguise as a man and how to seduce a man into submission before killing him and taking his wallet. Even though you didn’t own a gun, most of the people that would get at you only had their fists as well.

You had loved your brother, but it a wasn’t fair for him to stay around forever waiting for you to get older. He always said “Once you’re grown you won’t need me you cheeky blighter. You’d give any man a run for his money.” When he got on the train and you stood on the platform he said. “Now your grown. You’ll give any man a run for his money.” With a grin as you smiled though tears

Living in Birmingham wasn’t ideal. It was too dark and smokey all the time, and the smog was awful. You had lived in Manchester for the first four years of your life, and then moved to Leicester for a year before living down in Birmingham where no one was chasing your brother. You never used to understand why you couldn’t have any friends, but it made sense after a time. Your brother was the only one close to you and, now you were alone and only talked briefly to people in bars, and were protected by your brothers friends in Birmingham. Which you resented because you didn’t want protecting. You felt like you were completely able to win a fight against someone double your strength. Especially if you had a knife.

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“221B” By Vincent Starrett

Here dwell together still two men of note
Who never lived and so can never die:
How very near they seem, yet how remote
That age before the world went all awry.
But still the game’s afoot for those with ears
Attuned to catch the distant view-halloo:
England is England yet, for all our fears—
Only those things the heart believes are true.

A yellow fog swirls past the window-pane
As night descends upon this fabled street:
A lonely hansom splashes through the rain,
The ghostly gas lamps fail at twenty feet.
Here, though the world explode, these two survive,
And it is always eighteen ninety-five.