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The Teacher

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Mr Lane was our Math teacher in high school. He didn’t stand out in any way, and his lessons weren’t particularly interesting. He was just—always there. Always there in his usual button-down shirt and pants, earnest in his hope to interest us in algebra and isosceles triangles and whatnot. Seldom was he successful though.

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The Velvet Underground and Nico, released 50 years ago tomorrow (there is actually some disagreement on the exact date), is the definitive way-ahead-of-its-time album. With a near-peerless collection of songs — nearly all written by frontman Lou Reed — and an iconic, banana-sticker cover designed by band benefactor Andy Warhol, this jarring and innovative collection was initially a cult success at best, with no hit singles and a “peak” of No. 171 on Billboard’s albums chart in December 1967. But the world eventually caught up with it, and for the past 30 years it’s had perennial placement on best-ever lists, including No. 13 on Rolling Stone’s 2012 “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” tally.

It’s the first album to truly combine a novelist’s gritty realism with equally confrontational rock music, yet it’s also a fount of soft, vulnerable songs like “Femme Fatale” and “I’ll Be Your Mirror” — songs that are all the more poignant because you can sense, somehow, that the sensitive soul who wrote them is also kind of an asshole.

Still, it was initially considered a commercial failure, selling approximately 60,000 copies in its first two years — not bad, but no More of The Monkees. This was due partially to a legally induced (more on that shortly) factory recall that removed the album from shelves just as its Warhol-driven publicity was peaking. But that certainly wasn’t the only challenge to its commercial prospects; the group’s ensuing albums met an even more dismal commercial fate, and a disillusioned Reed left the band in August, 1970. Despite his solo success, The Velvets’ catalog gradually slipped out of print over the next few years.

The Velvets gradually assumed their proper, lofty place in rock history, their oeuvre was reissued in the U.S. in 1984 (although The Velvet Underground and Nico’s cover was a single-sleeve reduction of the original gatefold with a printed banana instead of a sticker). Thus another generation of obsessives was spawned. And on and on.

Yet the most atypical obsession of those five decades may be that of veteran music publicist and longtime Velvets fan Mark Satlof, who collects original pressings of the album. He owns more than 800 of them – he’s actually not sure exactly how many – which are neatly filed on shelves in his study. They account for an estimated 1 percent of all copies manufactured in the U.S. before March 1969.

800 Copies: Meet The World’s Most Obsessive Fan Of ‘The Velvet Underground and Nico’

Photos: Christopher Gregory for NPR

In the five decades since graphic footage of the JFK assassination splattered its way onto our television screens, said footage has been played, enhanced, replayed, zoomed in upon, and declared “FAKE!” by everyone from Oliver Stone to your dumbass college roommate. As such, you probably think there’s no gruesome detail of that fateful day with which you’re unfamiliar, and to that we emphatically say, “No, you are wrong. Unless you have heard of it, in which case you are some kind of macabre history buff, and are still wrong, albeit in a more general sense.”

The most distressing detail of the footage – other than the exploding skull – is the outward anguish of Jackie Kennedy, who in just seconds transforms from a poised First Lady into a blood-drenched widow. What you probably haven’t heard was her insistence on staying that way.

Hours after the assassination, Jackie arrived on Air Force One for the emergency swearing-in of her husband’s vice president Lyndon Baines Johnson – still wearing her watermelon-pink suit from the motorcade, filthy with her husband’s blood and brain matter. She had repeatedly shot down her aides’ pleas to change with, “No, I’m going to leave these clothes on. I want them to see what they have done.”

6 Dark Details History Usually Leaves Out (For Good Reason)

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OH MY GOSH - VIVIANNE AND KALLIAS REUNION AND SUBSEQUENT FUCK-FEST !!! tbh it was probably hella emotional and I am a sucker for angst-ridden reunion scenes ! the fact that the mating bond snapped into place during literally makes me weep - please consider doing a fanfiction based on thisssss

Also a response to this anon ask: 

‘ If you wrote anything about Vivianne and Kallias I would virtually hug you so hard! I am in so deep with this ship, and I literally only got like, a chapter and a half of content from them! Tysm xxx’

Okay so I haven’t yet done the fuck-fest, but I’m definitely going to do that as a part 2. For now, have the initial reunion. I really love this pairing, not so much as a ship but rather that I love these two people? To me Viv is such a badass babe, and Kallias is such a cute little snowflake dork, all trying to be cold and snarky but secretly a cute little button inside who just loves his wife and people so damn much. 

Please Don’t Freeze

Ship: Vivianne x Kallias


Disgustingly cute pet names, Kallias winnowing to the EXACT wrong spot, Love and Fluff. 

Contains ACOWAR spoilers in the sense that it has ACOWAR characters in it. 

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Since February is Black history month, I’ve decided to do my part and share some tidbits from Black history every day. I’m hoping to bring to light some lesser-known figures in black history along with some of the more common ones.

Today’s figure: Jackie Robinson

‘Jackie Robinson, the first Black baseball player in the major leagues, was born in Cairo, GA, on January 31, 1919. Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, ending five decades of segregated baseball. At the time of his retirement in October 1972, Robinson is believed to have been the most respected of all baseball players.’
(photo: Jackie Robinson)
- CARTER Magazine

Happy Birthday Tim Curry!!!

Today, April 19th, marks the 71st birthday of the one, the only, TIM CURRY!

The Rocky Horror fandom knows him best as the deliciously demented Dr. Frank-n-Furter, of course…

But Mr. Curry’s body of work goes far beyond that. Over nearly five decades(!) of acting, he has portrayed the Bard of Avon, Will Shakespeare

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the original Broadway run of Amadeus

Miss Hannigan’s dashing but dastardly brother Rooster in Annie

The Pirate King in the 1982 West End production of The Pirates of Penzance

The demonic Darkness of Legend

The butler, Wadsworth, from that board-game-come-to-life Clue

The Grand Wizard in the film-length meme that is The Worst Witch (and yes, Tim, we all want to see your *ahem* “tambourine”)…

Steven King’s carnivorous clown Pennywise, causing generations of horror fans to develop coulrophobia (Beep Beep, Richie!)…

Ferngully’s Hexxus, whose slimy, seductive song “Toxic Love” gave 90′s kids of all genders very confusing feelings for an animated smog-monster…

The smarmy, sycophantic Concierge in Home Alone 2

The conniving Cardinal Richelieu, the Three Musketeers’ powerful foe…

The entire creepy-ass Brackett family in the Tales from the Crypt episode “Death of Some Salesmen”…

Ariel’s oddly muscular antagonist, the Evil Manta, from The Little Mermaid TV series…

The Pebble and the Penguin’s devious Drake (once again, why on earth is a penguin that buff?)…

The infamous Long John Silver, complete with Muppet crew (and a smouldering past romance with Miss Piggy)…

King Chicken in the strange, crass adult cartoon Duckman…

The patriarch of that beloved creepy, kooky family, Gomez Addams

The bumbling wildlife expert (and father of 1,000 smashing memes) Nigel Thornberry

Ben Ravencroft, a horror writer with a mysterious past in Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost

The greedy Ebenezer Scrooge in Madison Square Garden’s 2001 Christmas Carol (as well as a number of other Christmas Carol projects, including voicing an animated Scrooge in 1997, recording an audiobook, and even participating in a Sesame Street version!)…

King Arthur in the original run of Monty Python’s Broadway blockbuster Spamalot…

Prince, Garfield’s royal doppelgänger… 

Chancellor Palpatine in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The ominous Auntie Whispers in Over the Garden Wall

…and did the Time Warp again in 2016 as the Criminologist in FOX’s totally unnecessary remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

And that’s just a tiny selection of roles from his huge body of work! (I should know: I spent literal hours combing his résumé for this post.) Mr. Curry is a true jack-of-all-trades talent—from stage and screen, to audiobooks and voice work for animated features and video games; he even released several albums as a solo musician!

For almost half a century, Timothy James Curry has inspired the weirdos, the queer kids, the theater geeks, and the freaks of the world. His life shows them—shows us—that being ourselves will pay off in the long run, no matter how much we are told that we have to “learn to fit in” and “be normal, for god’s sake.”

Mr. Curry, you are a motherfucking hero, and for that, we honour you. Here’s hoping you are healthy and happy, today and for many birthdays yet to come.

So everyone join me in a rousing chorus of a song even the virgins will know!


The episode “Bride of Chaotica!” offered viewers–and Star Trek: Voyager’s cast–a delightful black-and-white side trip into an era when science fiction wasn’t quite so polished. The story primarily takes place on the starship’s holodeck, a recreational area where the crew can interact with realistic holographic projections. Due to a misunderstanding with alien life-forms from another dimension, several of Voyager’s crew members are forced to assume the identities of fictional characters in order to save the ship. The most outrageous of these characters, both in appearance and behavior, is Arachnia, Queen of the Spider People. And who better to portray her than Voyager’s Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew).

As soon as he read the script, Robert Blackman knew just what to weave for the Spider Queen’s attire. “I told Kate, ‘We need to think of Arachnia as a ‘30s vamp. She’s a spider lady.’ We had a great fitting and I made a copper-beaded dress that made her look like a million bucks. The fabric was on a silk base. It was beaded, the whole thing, solid, with little copper glass beads and feathered shoulder pieces. And the neckpiece was wire built on plastic, with black, metallic beads.”

Star Trek Costumes: Five Decades of Fashion from the Final Frontier, Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann

Digging your fingernails into outdated 1970s feminism that was problematic as hell in its own time - nevermind almost five decades later - and then trying to drag everyone else backwards with you doesn’t seem that radical to me.

The Happy Disaster

Words: 1140
Steve Rogers x Reader x Brother!Tony Stark
Request:  Hiiii! I have a writing prompt darling! Can you make one about steve and the reader where they are married and in one mission she gets hurt but they discover she is pregnant whike they are trying to save her! A happy ending pls! Love your writing darling.”@theonethingforyouu

There was too much going on in your earpiece. Steve was barking orders. Nat and Clint were calling out shots, and Tony was quipping snide comments throughout the entire thing. You’d been waiting for a brief break in their noise to let someone know that you had broken your leg. You limped over to a crowd of low bushes. It was poor coverage, but it was better than nothing. You inhaled a few breaths and tried to make sense of the chaos in your ear. You were about to just scream over them all, when a fire started burning in your chest. You looked down to see blood quickly pooling on your uniform.

“Steve….” You said it so quietly you were sure no one would have heard it even if they weren’t all chattering at the same time. You didn’t know if it was the broken leg or the bullet in your chest, but one or the other pushed your pain threshold too far. You blacked out before anyone even had time to make it to you.

“Hey radio silence for a minute guys.” Steve ordered through his earpiece. “[Y/N]? What’s your position?” You didn’t answer him because you couldn’t. [Y/N]? I need to know your position. Do you copy?” When you didn’t answer a second time, Steve felt his heart harden. He knew something was wrong. “Okay, what was [Y/N]’s last known position?”

“I saw her up on the ridge about ten minutes ago.” Clint said.

“I’ll hit the sky and see what I can find.” Tony promised. He found you seconds later. Like you said, it wasn’t great coverage. “I got her.” He announced. “She’s on the ridge just like Barton said. Meet you there.”

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…”I tried to invent a design system for each one of the alien cultures,” [Robert] Fletcher explains. “I tried to make the Vulcans as far from Klingons as I could in the choice of fabrics and silhouette. They are very non-militaristic and have clothing closer to priestly robes.

“…One of the worst things about hiring two hundred movie extras is their hair. Trying to make them look unearthly, you must cover their heads. If you just wrap a cloth around them, they’re going to look [Middle Eastern]. If you go into very elaborate hats that have trim and a lot of doodads on them, you go into vast expense.”
Fletcher compromised, using simple headpieces, a lot of monk-type hoods, and some long straight wigs that conveniently covered ears.

Star Trek Costumes: Five Decades of Fashion from the Final Frontier, Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann

Out of the Darkness

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: depression (reader), angst, fluff.

A/N: This is very slightly based on the song “Lullaby” by Nickelback. I’ve been feeling especially down lately, hence the somewhat rare angsty (ish) story from me. This really helped me release some negativity. Hurray for productivity! Anyways, here you go.

The sound of wings filled the bunker library. Dean shot up out of his seat, relieved that he had finally patched through to Cas. He had been trying to reach you for almost two days with no luck, which was very out of character for you. You were usually right in the middle of whatever case they were working on, cracking jokes and livening up the room. But, lately, you barely left your bedroom, locking the brothers out and making absolutely no noise.

“Dude, she won’t pick up her phone. I’ve called her so much, I filled up her voicemail. She won’t open the door when either of us knock. I dunno, Cas. Something’s up.” Dean’s voice was wrought with concern. You were the little sister he never had and he would do anything to make sure you were okay. “I even tried breaking down the door, but it’s reinforced. She just won’t answer.”

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Robert Fletcher is particularly fond of one item of wardrobe that he created for The Motion Picture: Spock’s black velvet meditation robe [top left]. “It’s Vulcan civilian attire,” the designer explains. “In my concept, Spock arrives on the Enterprise [looking] rather like Hamlet–dark and tragic.

“…People always ask me what the writings on the front of Spock’s black velvet at-home costume symbolize,” Fletcher says of the decorative lettering he invented–just as he invented the “personal symbols” worn on the costumes of several other Vulcans in the first movie. In fact, he never attached meaning to the shapes. 
“All I can say is that it’s very much akin to Chinese. It’s non-syllabic, and the various shapes contain an entire thought; you don’t use [the symbols] to make words.”

Star Trek Costumes: Five Decades of Fashion from the Final Frontier, Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann

Hi my name is Alucard Prince of Dark’ness and I have long ebony black hair (that's how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and crimson eyes like blood and a lot of people tell me I look like Vlad the Impaler (AN: if u don't know who he is get da hell out of here!). I'm not related to Integra Hellsing but I wish I was because she's a major fucking hottie. I'm a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I'm also a witch, and I work at a vampire hunting company called Hellsing in England where I’ve been for a few decades (I'm five hundred and fifty years young;) ). I'm a goth (in case you couldn't tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black waistcoat with a red coat around it and black polyester slacks, white gloves and black combat boots. I was wearing white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. I was walking outside Hellsing. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of humans stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.