five days of war

Imagine Valentines Day
  • Echo would most likely go the traditional route since, to him, it was the safest route to go. Most of it would depend on if he was on leave or not, unfortunately, but he would still make it happen even if it was late. He’d would have saved up a good amount of credits for it too, and take his s/o to their favorite restaurant, and even out to see a movie. He’d add his own twist at the end, though, and would surprise them with the most beautiful silver locket with his name ingrained in the back.  
  • While Echo is traditional, Fives is unique. Flowers and candy were ok, but he wanted to do something less clique. His s/o was special, so he didn’t want to treat them they same way every other boyfriend would be doing that day. So if they were down for it, he’d get them matching tattoos. He wanted to constantly have a reminder that they were his, and he wanted them to have a piece of him whenever he was away for months. 
  • Poor Wolffe would honestly have no idea what to do. He’s never been the romantic type, but that’s because he’s never worn his heart in his sleeve. He wanted to do something for them, and thought that they deserved the best, but would be at a lost. Eventually he would get them a promise ring. He would be flustered while giving it to them, and would be terrified that they would reject it. He would even be straight forward about not being use to this type of stuff. When his s/o accepted it he would be relieved, and would let them drag him wherever they wanted to. 
  • Rex would feel bad because there wasn’t much he could do. That was just one of the sad truth of their relationship, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t try. He’d want it to be a surprise too, so the weeks leading up to it he was completely silent about Valentines Day, he didn’t even bring it up unless his s/o did. When it came around he’d surprise them with exotic flowers. They weren’t easy to get, and lord knows he had a hell of a time keeping them alive, but all the effort was worth it when he saw his s/o’s face. 
  • Cody originally wouldn’t have put a lot of thought into it, in fact he almost forgot about the holiday all together. He only remembered the holiday a few days before, and had to practically scramble to figure something out. He end up settling with taking them out on the town. Cody never really spends his credits, so he would take them to any and every shop they wanted to. He’d probably buy them a ton of new clothes, jewelry, and spoil them as much as possible. 

Various depictions of the “People’s Spring” of 1848, such as the Battle of Buda, the Five Days of Milan, the slaughter of Galician nobles by Polish peasants,  the declaration of the Serbian Vojvodina, the short-lived victory by the revolutionaries in Berlin, and the victorious return of Royal Danish troops from the First Schleswig War.


Fashion Wars Day Five : Erin Cinderstone

A recently re-made character and someone I’m super proud of design-wise, Erin has gone from a sparkle-charr to a serious vigil officer, and a mesmer I can see myself playing quite a bit more often.

While her armour is full of earthy tones, this Charr ICly covers herself in golden accents, be it rings, chains, filaments, or otherwise - she knows the colours looks superb on her and will not hesitate to show it off.

The entire theme of her armour was vigil, so obviously I had to use the mantle and chest to pull off the look, but it still needed to have some semblance of traditional charr and and older look, so the boots and glasses were a very easy choice. The pants are … a bit of a pain for me, I dislike how the textures stretch so much, but the shape of the pants are exactly what I had pictured for her so I just try to ignore it ( / v \ )

Head : Reading Glasses ( matriarch brass )

Shoulders : Vigil’s Honor Mantle ( icing, charred, oil slick )

Chest : Vigil’s Honor Vest ( abyss, antique bronze, antique bronze )

Gloves : Carapace Gloves ( charred, icing, icing )

Pants : Inquest Breeches ( abyss, icing, charred )

Boots : Archon Boots ( charred, charred, charred, charred )

Weapons : Shooshadoo, Privateer Sword ( x2 ), Ravenswood Branch


Vitality of the SU-25.

The Su-25SM with the number “09” of the 368th regiment during the Five-Day War with Georgia, piloted by Captain Ivan Nechaev, on August 11, 2008 received a missile of a portable anti-aircraft missile system into the tail section, which caused damage to both engines. The aircraft, however, was able to make a landing at the airfield Budennovsk.


Three Dorks and Dooku, for Clone Appreciation Day! Needless to say, it doesn’t look like Dooku is appreciating the clones very much. This is based off a fanfic I’m working on, the first leg of which centers on Fives, Kix, Jesse, and Dooku having to meek their way through the Felucian jungles together. Although this particular scenario doesn’t occur, it pretty much illustrates their relationship (✿◠‿◠)


More Clone Appreciation Day art! Have some lovely Arc Troopers! Precious Echo and Fives. I ADORE these two very much. I feel so bad for both of them. And I love them to bits. They both deserved better.

I included the sketch to show how I work for those that wonder ^^


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“Beyond Our Days”

He was only five years old - three days before his sixth birthday - when his family was slaughtered in their tiny living room.
He comes back, twenty five years later, despite his sister’s final wishes, when the war is over and Jyn’s fingers clasping his.

Going back to Fest, Jyn and Cassian stumble across a small child all alone in the streets. What were they supposed to do, just leave him there?



I’m the kind of person who saw the first gif and immediately thought of the second gif. I know that the second appears to be in slow motion, plus they’re probably drunk after winning the Cup. However Patrick still seems more comfortable with maintaining skin-to-skin contact with Jonny, whereas with Shaw it’s a quick slap and then he pulls his hand away.