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I might just be being a brat/petty but I’m annoyed.
I posted on here like over a month ago saying I was gonna start babysitting a 2 month old about 15-20 hours a week. Well, the lady was like “yes for sure I want to come see your house and you start Feb. 8th.”
So I told her to let me know what day she wanted to come over. Fast forward five days with no response, I text her asking if I’m still watching her baby. No response.
Two days later she texts me to say her husbands parents are getting divorced & the grandma is moving in with them. So she’s gonna watch the baby. I was just like ok good luck. That was like, idk 2 weeks ago?
I get a text at 10pm last night. “Hi Kara can you watch my baby this week? My mother in law won’t be here til next week.”
I said sure & long story short she needs me starting tomorrow morning for FOURTY HOURS this week. A hell of a lot more than the 15 to 20 we originally talked about.

My main point in all this is how do you wait SO LAST MINUTE to find a sitter for 40 hours for your baby that’s practically a newborn? Not to mention, shes never seen my new home. And she’s just going to come drop off the baby tomorrow. Like idk maybe it’s just me but I would definitely not be comfortable with something like that if rolls were reversed.

This is an incredibly pointless post. At least I’m gonna make like 400 bucks.


The The Adventure Zone Lady Zone, Day Five: Angst! Julia did die, her husband did live.

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Headcanon that Holtzmann have a lot of fun toying with dress codes to mess with snobbish people at formal events. 


Day Sixty-Five

-A woman informed me that her boyfriend is a railroader. There was no context, explanation, or follow-up, but I am glad to know that railroader is still a profession in the year 2016.

-Three dudebros came through my lane with armfuls of assorted children’s toys, high-fiving one another as their totals passed thirty dollars. This is the sort of support real men need.

-A woman spoke to me words that I will never forget: “My husband is worse than our kids on Christmas. We have ferrets. He uses our ferrets to open presents under the tree early.” All I want in my simple life is to meet this man and apprentice under him in his ferret-harnessing trade.

-An elderly man strolled through the store, his wispy beard moving to its own accord, his short steps each appearing to carry him much farther than they possibly could have. My life is forever changed having been in the presence of such a powerful tree spirit.

-The computer printed out a coupon for menstrual pads. I handed it to the man for whom it was printed, who in turn dropped his head, sighed sadly, and walked away. 

-An older woman approached me and began to place her items on the conveyor belt. Once she got to the bottom of the cart and spilled an enormous bag of candy, she looked at me and told me that this was someone else’s cart. She then took the cart and walked away to the back of the store. She returned a long time later with a cart full of pillows, very different to the children’s clothing she had unloaded.

-A man who seemed to be missing eyelids zoomed into the store on a motorized cart. Before I could get a good look at him, though, he was gone in a blink of an eye.

Alex packs her suitcase five days before their vacation. Maggie thinks it’s adorable, how Alex makes a checklist of items she needs to pack, how she checkmarks them off one by one as she sets them next to her suitcase. And then Alex sits on their bed, folding each article of clothing with extreme care (she even refolds a few shirts because she hadn’t gotten them just right). When she finally looks up and asks Maggie if she needs help packing hers, Maggie just grins and shakes her head.

Alex quickly finds out that Maggie has an entirely different method - or rather, definition - of packing. Alex uses the word ‘packing’ loosely, though, staring at the frenzied movements Maggie is making to and from her closet every few minutes. It’s the night before their trip; over the last few days, Alex has concernedly reminded Maggie she hasn’t packed yet, and she’s just now decided to get around to doing it.

Maggie is taking random shirts off of hangers and throwing them towards her suitcase, followed by underwear and a few pairs of jeans, and then tosses a pair of shoes over as an afterthought. She tries to stuff them all into the suitcase, unfolded, and Alex just watches her wide-eyed. Maggie tries to zip the suitcase but the zipper won’t budge, and suddenly Alex is watching her huff and sit on her suitcase to get it to shut. She looks up and meets Alex’s eyes with a triumphant grin.

When Maggie wakes up in the morning, she slowly squints her eyes open to see that the other side of the bed is empty. She glances around their bedroom, and her eyes fall on Alex, who is currently sitting on the floor with Maggie’s suitcase open. She scrunches her forehead, wonders what in the world Alex is doing with her suitcase, and then she notices: Alex lifts one of the shirts Maggie had haphazardly thrown into the suitcase to her nose, inhales the scent of Maggie’s perfume still clinging to it. And then Alex’s lips twitch into a smile and she folds the shirt, sets it down in a pile of other folded clothes.

She doesn’t stir, not wanting Alex to know just yet that she’s woken up. Alex is staring into her suitcase with the utmost concentration, then gets up off the floor and heads into the bathroom. A minute later, she’s walking back towards the suitcase with Maggie’s hairbrush, shampoo, and razor in her arms. She’s careful when she places the items in Maggie’s suitcase, tries to be as quiet as she can so she doesn’t wake her up.

Maggie beams, and she can’t help it; she’s not used to being with someone who cares about her this much, someone who puts thought into their relationship, someone who actually pays great attention and detail to her. She’s not used to being with someone this perfect. She’s not used to feeling this loved.

Types Of Friends When A Boy Fucks You Over (PT.3: The Finale)

The Blac Chyna- Funds the money for the make-up line you have been wanting to get started so, you can focus on something positive and productive. The two of you settle on the name ‘FuqBoí’ for the brand. For being a form of inspiration she sends your ex a check. The check is made out for ‘$00.01″

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The Vivica A. Fox- Verbally annihilates him using nothing but SAT words at his new girls pool party. Takes a bottle of Patrón and CÎroc from the bar and makes her exit. Comes to your house and gets you turnt with the bottles and gives you a play by play of everything that happened

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The Ciara- Tells you to block his number and block him from all social media. Has her hair stylist make you a wig like hers and has you working out with her in the gym five days a week. A few weeks go by and she photographs you in a boudoir shoot and posts them to social media. Ends up getting you noticed and you get booked for a music video

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The Patti LaBelle- Comes over to your place and bakes you a cake and two pies. Prepares enough food for you that could feed the whole family at the reunion. Has your ex come to your place so you can have closure, plus she has a few words for him. He gives you an apology and explains his actions. When he’s done, she catches him eyeing the food and says to him “I know your behind not thinking about fixing a plate. Ya bettah think about fixing that attitude of yours before you get bust upside the head”

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The Solange- Some random person sees her beating up your ex and starts to record it. It is posted to vine and goes viral

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The Keke Palmer- She never liked your ex in the first place. Lowkey wants to flatten his tires and break his arms but, focuses on you instead. Enrolls the two of you in hip-hop dance lessons

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The Diana Ross- Tells you that you are far too fabulous to concern yourself with an uncultured buffoon like him. Books the two of you a trip to New York City. Has you shopping for eye catching ensembles from thrift/costume shops. Takes you to hit up the underground club scene and everyone there loves your outfits and wants to take pictures with you.Ya’ll end up trending online

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The Gabrielle Union- Infiltrates your ex’s family and ends up dating his brother. Sabotages any potential relationships your ex could have. His brother goes along with it because she got him sprung

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The Missy Elliott- Is a popular youtuber. Makes a dope music video about how weak your ex’s dick game was based off of what you’ve told her. Innuendos are all over the place. Choreography is fire. The song gains mainstream popularity and his mama now has it as her ringtone whenever your ex calls her

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The Trina- Spams all his instagram pics with the comment “fuckboy”

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The Amber Rose- Instafamous. Tells all her instagram followers not to fuck him cause he’s a bitchass. Your ex goes through a sexual drought

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The Lynn Whitfield- Runs his car off the road at 9 and casually drives to her brunch meeting at 10

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The Octavia Spencer- Knocks on his front door. He let’s her in, they walk into the kitchen. She tells him there are no hard feelings and gives him her “special” pie

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The Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes- Will burn his house down

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The Aaliyah- She runs into your ex at the Foot Locker. Tells him how she is so incredibly disappointed in his actions and that he needs to take a look at what kind of path he is taking in life because, he can’t go around hurting people that love him unconditionally. He feels so bad he starts going to church every Sunday to build a relationship with Jesus

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The Lupita Nyong’o- Takes you on a trip to Spain so you can clear your mind. She’s not even worried about your ex

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The Joseline Hernandez- Uses permanent spray paint to write “PENE PEQUEÑO” on the windshield of his car

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The Brandy- Sends you a text telling you to stop “sittin up in your room”. Picks you up and ya’ll have a beach day. She catches the owner of the bar two of you are at on the water eyeing you and encourages him to talk to you. Takes a picture of the two of you talking and sends it to your ex from your phone

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The Zendaya- Your ex contacts her first because he knows she will send him a 3000 word essay in MLA Format with an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion, with direct quotes and a bibliography page to go with it. She doesn’t care what he has to say and goes with her usual formula anyway

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The Tamar Braxton- Bumps into him in the produce section at the grocery store. Makes the loudest cackle because she has been ready to run into your ex. Goes the hell off and he tries to tell her to calm down cause people are staring. Responds with “Whatchu mean calm down? What you worried about them for? You don’t know them! What you needed to be worried about was your relationship!” Wraps up the whole encounter with “You lucky I am a child of God”

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The Pam Grier- Shoots your ex then, takes you dancing later

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The Jackée Harry- Roasts your ex. I’m talking FATALITY  level roasting. He ends up deleting all his social media accounts and moves out of state. Even at his funeral she’s still dogging him and even the pastor slips out a chuckle

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arya stark meme | five relationships ► arya and eddard

↳  One day she came back grinning her horsey grin, her hair all tangled and her clothes covered in mud, clutching a raggedy bunch of purple and green flowers for Father. Sansa kept hoping he would tell Arya to behave herself and act like the highborn lady she was supposed to be, but he never did, he only hugged her and thanked her for the flowers. 

Liberals: We are so inclusive and care about ending racism and diversity, unlike those other groups.

*An electoral vote is cast for Faith Spotted Eagle*

Liberal news sites: An elector voted for a “Faith Spotted Eagle,” whatever that is lol. 

Liberals: I’m screaming! Literally what the fuck is a “Faith Spotted Eagle?!” This is the Harambe and Deez Nuts votes all over again. Oh that’s someone’s name? Haha what the fuck kind of name is Faith Spotted Eagle? 

I mean you could take five seconds out of your day to Google her name, especially those whose jobs it is to literally report the news, but why bother, right? So funny, right?

     “We knew each other, and one day last winter, I walked to her apartment to see her. I didn’t know a blizzard was coming. I was stuck in her dorm for five days, and that’s how it all started.”

     Boston, MA


Next summer

kdramawomensweek | kdrama women’s week

alternatively: a week and one day to talk about and make things for women you appreciate in celebration of International Women’s Day (8th March) 

Day One: Least Typecast Fave

An actress you appreciate who manages to not get boxed into industry stereotypes (re: roles), someone who constantly surprises you.

Day Two: Rent’s Due  

A character whose journey through adulthood you identify with, from job searches to daily upkeep, to bills etc. Someone who you feel reflects to some degree the struggle of either blazing through life or falling and getting back up again.

Day Three: 40 + up, women in stories you adored

This is self explanatory, no? Female characters in dramas over the age of 40 that blew you away.

Day Four: Work X3

A character with a job or a relationship with work that you found either interesting/was merged well with the show/was unexpected etc.

Day Five: Femininity + Her

A character who dealt with being a woman in a way that interested you. Either in the way she behaved, or the way she dealt with the way she was percieved or the way she dealt with her existence ‘as a woman’. Am I being clear enough? Forgive me if I’m not.

Day Six: Strong Foundations

Wax lyrical about a character who was supported either her friends or/and her family. Female characters supported in life throughout, called out when they should and loved for who they are.

Day Seven: So Goodbye

Female characters with the best disappearances (no death, never death unless it’s fake death) and gap years, off to better themselves, or leaving for whatever heroic dramatic reasons. I’ll be incredibly impressed if you can do one on a character that never comes back.

Day Eight: Age of Youth Love-fest/Happy International Women’s Day

News about Season Two dropped and even though the tag is still active, it could be a little bit more active. Tell me about your favourite girl (it can be all of them), favourite scene, favourite prop, favourite line, draw parallels between Park Yun Sun’s previous work and Age of Youth! Do it all.

As always should you not like the categories, there are always  2015 + 2016 prompts, although it would please me if you could stick to these ones. Please tag your posts #kdramawomensweek and/or @ us so they are easier to find, admire and reblog.

A Hundred Days After

By Cassie Bones

It takes five days for Alex’s humiliation to dissipate enough for her to return to the bar. Maggie is there, already waiting by the pool table. When she sees Alex, she smiles, but Alex can see the hesitation in her eyes even when she smiles back. So she takes several steps forward and wraps her arm around Maggie. Her heart hurts, but she knows that it would be a thousand times worse if she lost Maggie as a friend, the same way she lost Vicky all those years ago. Maggie practically melts into her, pressing her cheek to Alex’s shoulder. Alex feels all the air leave her lungs and she fights back her own sigh of relief as she holds Maggie tighter. She tries to ignore the way Maggie’s perfume makes her hair stand on end.

Just friends, she thinks to herself. That’s all they are.

Fifteen days after, Vicky Donahue reenters her life. She’s a defense attorney now and Alex isn’t the least bit surprised. Vicky was always so goddamn smart. She’s going up against Maggie, defending a client accused of a hate crime against an alien, which pisses Maggie off to no end. Alex can relate.  

Still, she feels her heart flutter the first time they come face to face after so many years apart. Vicky instantly recognizes her and offers her an uneasy smile, like she’s not sure if she should be happy about seeing Alex again or cautious. When Alex smiles openly back at her, Vicky seems to relax and they start the process of catching up. Alex has no idea if she should be pleased to learn that Vicky had felt the same about her when they were kids in high school—especially when Maggie gets upset about their ‘obvious flirting’. Alex tries to deny it, but can’t help but feel the tiniest bit excited at the prospect of romance.

She tells herself that it has nothing to do with the green she can see in Maggie’s eyes.

When she asks Vicky out for a drink, she says yes. Suddenly, Alex is a nervous wreck. She goes through her entire closet for something—anything—to wear. Everything she tries on is too casual or too fancy or too feminine or too masculine. She has no idea how to dress for a date with a woman. She nearly picks up the phone to call Maggie, but then thinks better of it. They’re friends, yes, but they’re not that kind of friend. It’s too soon. Besides, she still has a problem with Vicky.

So she calls Kara and Kara calls Wynn and Wynn helps her pick out a dress that he assures her looks 'knockout’ on a girl as hot as her. He receives glares from both of the Danvers sisters, but Alex can’t help but feel pleased when she looks at her reflection in the mirror. She does look hot.

Vicky thinks so, too. They go out for dinner; somewhere nice, but casual. They catch up on all the things they’ve missed since high school. Alex finds out that Vicky had been just as terrified to come out of the closet as she had. Her parents reaction hadn’t be entirely accepting. Her mother had come around, but her father still refused to speak to her, even at holidays. Alex holds her hand on the table and apologizes, profusely, for the things she’d said when things went wrong. Vicky gives her that smile and squeezes her hand, forgiving her.  

They kiss against Vicky’s door when Alex walks her home and there’s this light inside her heart, threatening to engulf her. Vicky is so soft and warm and just…beautiful. She’s so beautiful. But when Vicky invites her inside, Alex says no. She’s not quite ready for that step yet.  

It’s thirty days after and she and Vicky have gone on five dates and have had dinner with Kara. Twice. One of those dinners is interrupted by the DEO, but Alex tells Vicky that she has an issue at the lab. Kara makes up some kind of breaking news story that she has to cover for CatCo. They run out, leaving Vicky confused.

“You know, you’re going to have to tell her eventually,” Kara says as they fight, side by side.  

“It’s too soon,” Alex replies, with a grunt. “We haven’t even…it’s just too soon.” Kara, thankfully, drops it. But it hangs in the air, nonetheless. Alex has to tell her mother about Vicky. About…her.  

Forty-five days after, Alex comes out to her mother. Eliza takes a long moment to process and in that time, Alex feels herself run through the entire spectrum of human emotion until she feels entirely exhausted. Finally, Eliza hugs her daughter tight and tells her that she’ll love her no matter what. Also, she insists that Alex and Vicky have her over for dinner when they’re ready.  

They never get that dinner.

Fifty days after, Vicky receives a job offer in Gotham and takes it before she even tells Alex. Alex is, understandably, upset, but turns down Vicky’s offer to come live with her. Kara tells her that she should go if it’s what she really wants and Hank assures her that they’ll find a way to make it work with the DEO. Alex thanks them for their support, but insists that she really does not want to go, not even to be with Vicky. To her, that means that their relationship isn’t as strong as she’d once thought it was.  

She breaks it off with Vicky the day before she’s set to leave and they share one last, bittersweet kiss. “Stay safe,” Vicky tells her, as they say their final goodbyes.  

“You too,” Alex whispers to her closed door.  

She heads straight for the bar, where Maggie is once again setting up at the pool table. Their relationship had grown a little strained while Alex dated Vicky, what with them being on opposite sides of the law, but as soon as Maggie sees her, she offers a consoling smile. An “I know that look” kind of smile and offers to buy Alex a drink. Alex accepts and they play pool like nothing ever happened.

It’s seventy-five days after when Maggie’s life is put in danger. Neither of them have spoken about the chemistry between them that grows each and every day. Neither of them talks about how their flirting has grown more frequent and bolder even. Neither of them acknowledges the longing looks across the pool table or the shivers that run down their spines every time their hands or thighs touch at the bar. They pretend that their hearts don’t flutter every time they meet at a crime scene. Alex pretends that her world cracks a little bit when she sees Maggie hurt, lying prone on the floor. She pretends that the sigh of relief she lets out when she feels Maggie’s pulse is because she didn’t lose a friend; not because she didn’t lose the woman that she…

Alex pretends that she visits Maggie’s hospital room every day just to keep her from getting bored. She pretends that her heart doesn’t light up with joy every time she sees that smile on her lips or the way Maggie’s eyes crinkle as the dimples in her cheek pop. She pretends that she had no idea that Maggie’s favorite flowers were marigolds when she brings them to 'brighten up your hospital room a little bit’. Maggie pretends she believes it all.  

When she’s out of the hospital, Alex takes it upon herself to help Maggie out for a few days. She makes dinner for Maggie and helps her with her groceries as Maggie limps around on crutches, her foot encased in a clunky cast. They cuddle on the couch and watch sappy romantic comedies that make Alex gag, but Maggie loves them so she suffers just to see her smile. When Maggie falls asleep against her shoulder, feet propped up on the coffee table, Alex tries to ignore the shiver that runs down her spine or the glowing warmth that spreads from the left side of her body, where Maggie’s nose is pressed against her neck.

When the cast comes off, nothing changes. Except Maggie can now carry half of the groceries (Alex still insists on helping her, because the cop’s eating habits are ridiculously unhealthy without her around).  

One night, they fall asleep on the couch and when they wake up, Maggie is slung across Alex’s body, with Alex’s arms wrapped around her waist. It’s past midnight by then and Maggie insists that Alex just stay over. Neither of them really has work in the morning and they were planning to go to the park together, anyway. Alex reluctantly agrees and Maggie helps her stand, interlocking their fingers as she tugs Alex towards her bedroom. Alex’s eyes widen and her face heats, but she doesn’t resist.  

Maggie’s bedroom is…nice. The walls are a deep blue, which is calming. Her bedspread is dark gray and her bed is big and covered in pillows. Letting go of Alex’s hand, she collapses into it and crawls up to lay on the left side, her head pressed into the pillow as her body relaxes. After a long moment, she turns to look back at Alex, who hasn’t budged. Maggie smiles at her and motions, wordlessly, for Alex to join her. She pats the right side of the bed and Alex takes a deep breath before walking around and, cautiously—oh so cautiously—laying herself down on top of the covers. Maggie snorts and smiles at her, laying on her side so that she faces Alex. Alex mirrors her and, somehow, their hands meet in the middle.

They fall asleep like that.

When they wake up, their hands are no longer entwined, but their bodies are. Like before, Maggie’s body is slung over Alex’s in the center of her bed. Her head is tucked under Alex’s chin and her lips are open against Alex’s neck; not moving, but Alex can feel the vibration when Maggie snores. She snores so loud that she wakes herself up and Alex can’t help but snort at that, laughing harder at Maggie’s sleepy glare.

“What’re you laughing at?” she slurs.

“You snore really loudly,” Alex informs her, receiving a swat on the arm.  

“No I don’t,” she grumbles, then snuggles back in, forgetting herself for a moment. Alex’s face is red when Maggie pulls away again, suddenly aware of what just happened. They stare at each other for a long moment and Alex’s heart speeds up exponentially when she catches Maggie’s eyes flickering down to her lips before meeting hers once again.

Then the dam breaks.  

Neither of them know who moves first, but suddenly Maggie is on her back with Alex leaning over her, lips pressed together, hands buried in Maggie’s curls as Maggie’s press against her spine, trying to bring their bodies closer together. She pauses when she feels wetness on her cheeks and pulls her lips from Alex’s, searching her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

Alex shakes her head and sniffles. “This,” she says, swallowing thickly. Maggie almost backs off, but then Alex continues. “This is how it’s supposed to feel.” Maggie melts and feels tears well up in her own eyes as she pulls Alex back down, reattaching their lips as they continue to roll around in her bed.  

When things start to heat up, Alex finally pulls away, shaking her head.  

“I-I’m not ready,” she tells Maggie. “I’m not ready for that. Not yet.”

“You and Vicky never…”  

Alex shakes her head. “It was never the right time,” she admits. “Our relationship was…” she trails off, shaking her head. “I-I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize,” Maggie says, gently, cupping her cheeks until Alex meets her eyes. She gives her a smile. “You’re worth waiting for.” Alex smiles and almost starts to cry again, but instead presses her lips hotly against Maggie’s. They spend their 'park day’ making out in bed, only venturing out for food at around noon.

Ninety days after, Alex is ready to take the next step. Afterwards, she feels…different. Not in a bad way, though. In the best way possible.  

She initiates round two. And three.  

A hundred days after, Alex is the first to say it.

They’re lounging on the couch in Alex’s apartment. Alex is wearing shorts and a tank top and Maggie is wearing one of Alex’s bigger shirts. They’re fighting over the remote when Maggie suddenly pokes her in the side and finds out that her girlfriend is ticklish when Alex lets out the most adorable squeal. She continues to tickle Alex as Alex continues to squeal and giggle and snort. Alex fights back, though, using her size to flip them over on the couch, wiggling her fingers up and down Maggie’s sides until it’s her turn to shriek with laughter. After a few breathless moments, the detective admits defeat and Alex sits up, straddling her as she raises her arms in victory, whooping.  

Maggie rolls her eyes. “You’re such a dork,” she says, affectionately. Alex grins at her as she leans down, pressing her lips to Maggie’s. Maggie doesn’t complain, sighing into the taller woman’s mouth as she wraps her arms around Alex’s shoulders.  

When she pulls back, Alex’s heart feel so full that it could burst at any second, so she does the only thing that she can think to do. “I love you,” she sighs, nuzzling Maggie’s nose. Maggie freezes and Alex pulls back to look her in the eyes, her heart seizing a little at the tears in her girlfriend’s eyes. She’s about to take it back, to say that it was just the heat of the moment, when Maggie pulls her back down, presses their lips together harder than ever before.  

It takes less than a minute for Maggie to say the words right back.


     Sometimes, I hold on to my favorite portraits that I took months or years ago because I can’t decide if I should share them.
     Last year in October, I met this woman in Iowa City. I stayed there for five days, and I kept looking for her every day. Each time, she readily agreed to let me photograph her, but remained distant and reserved. The first several days, she had a distressed, tortured expression. I worried that she might grow tired of me. Instead, she became more relaxed, almost upbeat.
     On the last day, she smiled—ever so slightly—for the first time.


addicted appreciation week: day five ♡ favourite quote

“I knew from the beginning that we’d be addicted after all.” His amber eyes bore straight through me. “I just didn’t know whether we’d be at a better place than we were before.”
We are. I don’t even have to say the words. He knows the answer too.