five children running around is too much for you


You hadn’t been gone for so long, only a few weeks, and still it feel like years to you. You and your mother lived in New York and had worked for the Heads of the Institute since you were five. You always played with their children and their oldest, Alec was your best friend. The person you could always trust and the one you would always come back to.

So when you turned around and saw Alec looking at you, you couldn’t stop yourself from running up to him and jumping in his arms.
His arms griped you tight and for the first time in all these weeks you felt safe and at home. “I missed you so much, Alec.”
“Missed you too, (y/n).”

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It's Not Constructive Criticism, It's Bashing.

These two days I’ve read so much garbage posts about Sakura being a bad mother. Again, I have my complaints about Sakura as a character and individual but she is a good mother.

Evidently Sakura working, providing a safe environment and paying the bills is not enough. She must also be home to make dinner every night.

Stop it with the b.s. It’s irrational how far some of you will reach to hate Sakura. There are many types of families. Sakura is essentially a single mother.

Sorry(no offense to Hinata) she can’t be a stay at home mom because she amounts to what is the chief of medical staff, the strongest medic nin in the village.

Prepare meals before hand? Have you ever seen a working single parent? Most of the time they are exhausted. So families rely on each other.

She isn’t abusing Sarada. Sarada isn’t starving. Sakura gives her money and she doesn’t have to cook because Sakura said she could order out.

She chooses to cook for her mother.
Don’t you dare say she doesn’t love her daughter enough. You’ve already made up your mind and now you’re nitpicking.

And please spare me Sarada is ten! She should be out playing. You got Sarada’s whole schedule figured out from five minutes of interaction. Clearly Sarada is best friends with ChoCho, a friendship that could only have been built on frequent interaction.

You all have been watching Boruto far too much. He has no schedule, runs a muck and is disrespectful/rude to his father. He is spoiled, entitled and continously takes for granted what he has.

This is Naruto. The children are training to be ninja’s, how incompetent do you think they are? I guess they can learn how to fight, throw around fuma shuriken, use elemental jutsu but please don’t touch that hot stove!!!

Sakura is very appreciative and is aware of the help she receives. She’s not blind.

Freaking ridiculous, criticise something important otherwise it’s bashing.


Characters: Dean x Reader x Sam (Polyamory), OC-Andrew and Emily
Words: 1987
This is the tenth and final part to the “Sharing” series, the spinoff to the “Tongue Lashing” series.

   Tongue Lashing     No More Teasing     Between Me And The Devil
Hi, Luci     Sneaking Around     Second Guessing     Used
Sharing Is Caring     Reverse A Deal     Working To Live     Free                       A Night With Dean     A Night With Sam     Things Are Changing      
And Babies Make Five

          “Daddy!” your now four year olds went running toward Sam and Dean when they returned from their latest hunt.

           Sam scooped up Andrew while Dean picked Emily up and spun her around. The sight of your “husbands” with their children would never cease to melt your heart. There was so much love.

           “Have you been good for mommy?” Dean asked.

           “Yeah!” Emily giggled.

           “What about you, Little Man?” Sam asked Andrew.

           “I was good too,” he nodded.

           “They were both good,” you said, walking toward your family, “But they both also got into a little bit of trouble.”

           “What happened?” Dean asked Emily.

           “We were running,” she said, looking down, “And we knocked over the books mommy was reading.”

           “No more running, yeah?” Sam asked.

           Andrew nodded, “Not in the house.”

           “That’s right,” Sam said.

           “Does that mean no presents?” Emily asked.

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Something Important: The Sad Desk Guy in FNAF World Is Grey

Well, duh, you might be saying, but really think about it. In FNAF - especially in 8-bit minigames - the dead characters are always grey. The child in Take Cake goes grey after the Purple Guy kills them, the ghost children are grey, and in the Happiest Day minigame the entire section of the room that the ghost kids are in is monotone (save for the balloons). And when you think about it, there are almost no “living” characters in FNAF World save for Scott himself - but we do have plenty of ghosts running around, don’t we?