five chakras

okay y'all hold up
i just realized something.

pein states that kisame has the most chakra of the akatsuki, right?

but nagato was an uzumaki with enough chakra to control six dead bodies at one time, and constantly have rinnegan active.

ocular jutsus are particularly draining, meaning that nagato had to have INCREDIBLE chakra reserves within him- this is confirmed by his heritage.

then, kakuzu has chakra for five people- each of his hearts has its own chakra.

hidan is implied to have nearly unlimited chakra: when shikamaru compares hidan and team asuma, he notes that they, unlike hidan, have limited chakra.

do y'all realize what this says about kisame’s amount of chakra?

This week is mainly emotional in nature, asking us to focus on our entire being and start bringing it into wholeness. TLDR at the bottom.

Current Situation: With the sun we feel safe, we feel ready for growth, we feel ready for a more easeful experience. We can feel childlike again, playful, open. There may be a newfound connection to your inner self, one that you haven’t felt in a while. This is beautiful energy for creativity, for beauty, and for connection. Overall, I’d say we are in a great place this week to start moving through personal blocks that may have been holding us back in recent months. The sun shines it’s light indiscriminately which is part of its’ beauty. It has the ability to grow plants, warm the earth, and even generate electricity – but it also has a quality of showing us all that has been hidden from sight in the darker months of the year. This of course is a metaphor for our lives in this Tarot reading. While we find ourselves in this more optimistic and energetic position, we’re also asked to be like the sun and reveal our true nature. To allow us to stand naked emotionally with ourselves, allowing us to come into closer connection to our inner selves, thus bringing us closer to those around us.

Obstacle: Which is where our challenge lies this week. The Tarot is asking that we look at *all* of who we are – including the parts that may not feel so great. Are we being completely honest with ourselves about where we need to be on our path? Are there some “dark” qualities that just need to be brought into the light and cared for? Nothing ever goes away by pushing it down. By honoring those parts of ourselves that feel dirty, dark, or disconnected we actually find their usefulness, their message. When we ignore certain parts of our personality or emotions we actually end up making them stronger, forcing them to act out in larger ways. Everything in our experience is here to teach us something or carries with it a message. We’re not here to judge or ignore the messenger, but to stop and listen to it and understand what it has to say. Then we can integrate the lessons, come into harmony with ourselves, and not feel that distant coldness of being lost or alone.

Advice: The King of Cups makes this spread very clearly about our emotional state right now. He’s asking that we sit as a witness to the stormy seas of our inner worlds. He knows that his throne will survive them. He has seen rough waters before and knows they do not last. He has seen calm waters before and knows they, too, do not last. Because he is a cups card he is very closely linked to the emotional and spiritual world. He understands that the full range of experience is what he’s come here to do. Through his awareness he has cultivated an ability to conquer these seas and to rule over his kingdom with care. If he did not observe and learn how to navigate the various waters he may encounter, at the slightest wave of the ocean he might topple and drown. He’s asking us to respect the human experience, to watch it closely, allowing our emotions and small, inner knowings to be our guide. Through this we can enjoy the ride, surfing the waves instead of being pulled down unto the dark waters.

TL;DR: You have the inner strength necessary to do the work of looking in your darkest corners. In doing this you will become a stronger, more integrated human, much more capable of ruling your destiny instead of letting other forces rule you.

If you’d like to dive deeper into your unique circumstances reach out to me to schedule a personal reading.

The Chakras

The whole Vedic system is very comprehensive. It begins with the sound current or word of God as the first emanation. This forms the central core and axis of the Universe and of the cerebrospinal nervous system of the human body, and distributes the energy impulses upon the central axis as the motive power of the finer energies in man, from within outward, as the Life flows. First it is the psychic wireless energy and then precipitates into the physical life energy and currents.

The body is understood as fields of resonance emanating from a central ultrasonic core. Dr. Stone writes: “The central core is the ultrasonic energy current of the Soul. It is the primary energy which builds and sustains all others. It flows through the sixth ventricle of the brain and spinal chord … ”This core (sushumna) is located anatomically within the central canal of the spinal cord and resonates with “The Eternal Sound Current,” the highest vibrational essence of Atman/Brahman, the unified field of cosmic intelligence. In Sanskrit the spine is called the Brahmadanda, the “stick of Brahma.” “The ultrasonic core is the central pathway of motion along which the five primary centers are created, located anatomically within the central canal of the spinal chord. Two intertwining currents of pranic energy (ida and pingala), each a polarized opposite of the other, pursue a double-helical pathway along this core.” Each point where the two intertwining currents intersect is a pulsating orb of force—a chakra (circle, whirl). Chakras are centrifugal and centripetal whirling vortices of force radiating from their ultrasonic core. The chakras are the primary centers of the pranas—the life currents- —that sustain the body.

The chakras are the step-down mechanism from the ultrasonic core into the lower vibratory fields of the body. Reporting on clairvoyant research, Theosophist Charles Leadbeater writes:

The chakras or force centers are points of connection at which energy flows from one vehicle or body of a man to another…they show themselves as saucer-like depressions or vortices…as small circles about two inches in diameter… in the ordinary man … when awakened … they are seen as blazing … whirlpools … resembling miniature suns. All these wheels are perpetually rotating, and into the hub or open mouth of each, a force from the higher world is flowing …

Each chakra is the nucleus of an elemental energy field. The five chakras are located anatomically within the central canal of the spinal chord: Ether in the center of the throat, Air behind the heart, Fire between the second and third lumbar vertebra, Water at the lumbosacral junction, and Earth at the sacrococcygeal junction.

Leadbeater shares his clairvoyant vision of the subtle body explaining:

Though the mouth of the flower-like bell of the chakra is on the surface of the etheric body, the stem of the trumpet like-blossom always springs from a center in the spinal chord…In each case an etheric stem, usually curving downwards, connects the spine with the external chakra. As the stems of all the chakras thus start from the spinal chord, this force naturally flows down these stems into the flower-bells, where it meets the incoming stream of divine life, and the pressure set up by that encounter causes the radiation of the mingled forces horizontally along the spokes of the chakra.

But why, it may be asked, do the petals vary in number? Why, for instance, are there 4 in the Muladhara and 6 in the Svadhishthana? The answer given is that the number of petals in any Chakra is determined by the number and position of the Nadis or Yoga-nerves around that Chakra. Thus, four Nadis surrounding and passing through the vital movements of the Muladhara Chakra, give it he appearance of a lotus of four petals which are thus configurations made by the positions of Nadis at any particular centre. These Nadis are not those which are known to the Vaidya. The latter are gross physical nerves. But the former, here spoken of, are called Yoga-Nadis and are subtle channels (Vivaras) along which the Pranic currents flow. The term Nadi comes from the root Nad which means motion. The body is filled with an uncountable number of Nadis. If they were
revealed to the eye, the body would present the appearance of a highly-complicated chart of ocean currents. Superficially the water seems one and the same. But examination shows that it is moving with varying degrees of force in all directions. All these lotuses exist in the spinal columns. The Merudanda is the vertebral column. Western anatomy divides it into five regions; and it is to be noted in corroboration of the theory here expounded that these correspond with the regions in which the five Chakras are situated. The central spinal system comprises the brain or encephalon contained within the skull (in which are the Lalana, Ajna, Manas, Soma Chakras and the Sahasrara); as also the spinal cord extending from the upper border of the Atlas below the cerebellum and descending to the second lumbor vertebra where it tapers to a point called the filum terminale. Within the spine is the cord, a compound of grey and white brain matter, in which are the five lower Chakras. It is noteworthy that the filum terminale was formerly thought to be a mere fibrous cord, an unsuitable vehicle, one might think, for the Muladhara Chakra and Kundalini Sakti. More recent microscopic investigations have, however, disclosed the existence of highly sensitive grey matter in the filum terminale which represents the position of the Muladhara. According to Western science, the spinal cord is not merely a conductor between the periphery and the centres of sensation and volition, but is also an independent centre or group of centres. The Sushumna is a
Nadi in the centre of the spinal column. Its base is called Brahma-Dvara or Gate of Brahman. As regards the physiological relations of the Chakras all that can be said with any degree of certainty is that the four above Muladhara have relation to the genito-excretory, digestive, cardiac and respiratory functions and that the two upper centres, the Ajna (with associated Chakras) and the Sahasrara denote various forms of its cerebral activity ending in the repose of Pure Consciousness therein gained through Yoga. The Nadis of each side Ida and Pingala are the left and right sympathetic cords crossing the central column from one side to the other, making at the Ajna with the Sushumna a threefold knot called Triveni; which is said to be the spot in the Medulla where the
sympathetic cords join together and whence they take their origin—these Nadis together with the two lobed Ajna and the Sushumna forming the figure of the Caduceus of the God Mercury which is said by some to represent them.


When you look deep enough, you begin to see the connections between the mysteries: that everything is true and nothing is true. From Kether to Malkuth, Mooladhara to Sahasrara, Kundalini climbs the tree and descends with the fruit of divine inspiration. As above, so below.

Love is the Law, Love under Will.

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Okay so you know how orohime lives alone after her brother dies and is generally a perky ball of determination hiding gift wrapped sadness? What if Oro took her under his wing and cared for her simply because she reminded him of anko and tsunade.

The girl in the apartment above them has easily five times the chakra of anyone else in this strange, sideways world. Orochimaru finds her interesting, and he trusts his own ability to pick out the talented, the promising, the unique. She is something special, he’s sure of it. Like Tsunade was, like Nawaki, like Anko, like Kabuto.

“You know,” Rogu says, watching Orochimaru watch the brown-haired girl as she bounces up the steps, “if you looked any more like a guy, someone would have arrested you by now for being a creep.”

Orochimaru looks away from their neighbor, glancing over to where his son sits in the opposite window, smoking a cigarette. He thinks, for one moment, of chiding the boy, but Rogu has long since decided that Orochimaru has no say in his life. And beyond that, there’s no reason he should—Orochimaru is more than capable of repairing any damage the smoking causes before it’s even a problem.

There is, as well, just the barest flash of a memory, faded and half-forgotten. Sarutobi always smelled of tobacco, and despite all that passed between them Orochimaru finds he can’t separate his nostalgia from the scent. With Rogu taking up the habit, he’s more or less stopped trying.

“Shouldn’t you be bothering your brother?” he counters instead, turning back, but the girl is gone. If he listens closely, he can hear the muted thump of her feet on the stairs.

Rogu smirks, leaning back against the frame and exhaling a long plume of smoke. “He was following a ghost. I didn’t want to interrupt.”

Orochimaru hums in acknowledgement, half of his thoughts occupied by the bubbly girl who rarely lets her smile drop. It’s…familiar. He doesn’t particularly want it to be, but since the first moment he saw her his thoughts have drawn a connection between her and his former student. Anko hid her sadness with manic glee and bloodlust; this girl does the same with determination and airheaded cheer.

He’s never seen an adult go into the apartment above, or any older sibling. Just the girl.

Setting the last of the rinsed dishes in the rack, Orochimaru dries his hands, not looking away from the window as Rogu appears beside him and empties his ashtray into the garbage. “If we lose the deposit because this apartment smells like smoke, you’re paying me back in blood,” he says absently.

Rogu hums, unsurprised and also entirely uninterested. “You think the weird chakra levels are linked to the ghosts? To seeing them?” he asks.

“It would make sense, wouldn’t it?” One more glance out and Orochimaru reaches up to pull the curtain shut. “If you’re unoccupied, come help me set up the shop.”

The boy pulls a face, but he follows Orochimaru to the door regardless, even picks up Orochimaru’s keys before he can forget them. “She’s a year below me, you know,” he says. “A bunch of her friends—they’re all the same way. The ones she doesn’t spend as much time with have only a little more than a civilian, and the ones she’s always around feel like they could be Kage.”

Orochimaru hums with interest, accepting the ring of keys Rogu throws at him and slipping it into a pocket. “I wonder, though… Is she the catalyst, or the product of something else’s change?”

That earns him a slow blink from his son, who clearly hadn’t considered her to be anything but the source. Orochimaru casts him an amused smile, and reminds him, “She was not the first simply because you saw her first, child.”

Rogu rolls his eyes, but accepts the correction with a bob of his head, falling into step with Orochimaru. His hair gets them several startled glances from the scattered pedestrians, but they both ignore it; it’s been the same since the very first day. Orochimaru is getting bored with so much dark hair everywhere. And with Rogu and Mitsuki’s continued insistence that he should dye his own to match them.

“Five friends,” Rogu informs him as they head towards one of the far corners of Karakura town. Then he tips his head, considering, and amends, “Well. Four, now. There was another girl, but she wasn’t there today, or yesterday. She might be gone.”

Change should always be subject to scrutiny, Orochimaru thinks, considering. He casts a glance at his son, then back up the twilit street. A shinobi’s instinct says to keep his head down and make sure Rogu and Mitsuki do the same; they’re foreigners here, several dimensions away from where they should be, and all the forged documents Orochimaru could craft won’t hold up under intense scrutiny. He doesn’t have the correct connections in this place, and they take time to cultivate, especially when he’s still trying to learn all the little things unique to this world. Politics and religion and technology—some of it falls short of the Elemental Countries’, some has pulled ahead, but it all needs to be assessed and memorized if they’re going to make their way here.

Not, Orochimaru supposes, that they have much of a choice at this point.

“I should have listed you as a year younger,” he laments as the winding street opens out. There’s a wide lot on the far corner with a fairly ramshackle building set back from the road, bearing a white sign emblazoned with the name, and Orochimaru casts a faintly wary glance at it as he pauses before the small shop he recently rented. He’s been here many times, at all hours of the day, and has yet to see anyone actually go in. Perhaps a shinobi’s instincts aren’t useful in this world, but Orochimaru is fairly certain something is going on there.

Rogu is eyeing the building as well, if just as subtly as Orochimaru, and hums in agreement. “That would have saved us some trouble,” he agrees, and out of the corner of his eye Orochimaru sees him tuck his hands into his pockets. A casual gesture to someone else, maybe, but Orochimaru knows exactly how many kunai his son is carrying. “Well. Would you look at that.”

There’s enough light from the handful of flickering streetlamps just coming on for Orochimaru to catch the reflection in the window of his shop as someone passes behind them. A boy, perhaps fifteen, with hair the color of a daylily and an impressive scowl on his face, stalks past them, turns into the lot, and heads right into the building despite the closed sign. The slam of the door echoes down the street.

“One of the friends, I assume?” Orochimaru asks mildly, eyes still on the closed door.

Rogu hums in confirmation, pale gold eyes faintly narrowed. “He’s the one they gravitate towards.”

Orochimaru thinks of Uzumaki Naruto, of the devotion Mitsuki showed Boruto right up until the end. He knows the type of person who can draw others to them, and though in manner that boy seems as if he could hardly be further from the brightness of the Uzumaki Clan, Orochimaru is willing to bet he’s the same.

“No chance you can start a fight at school tomorrow?” Orochimaru asks. “When they call me in I can get conveniently lost and take a closer look.”

A soft snort, and Rogu shakes his head. “Today was the last day before a long break. Otherwise I have a list of several people who need their noses broken and would do it happily.”

The sticky lock finally gives way, and the door opens with a groaning creak. Orochimaru steps in and turns the light on, studying the neat piles of boxes waiting to be opened. He may not have all the contacts he needs to move freely, but he has more than enough to earn a few favors, pull some strings, and acquire a shop and the herbs to stock it. Killing people is a skill that easily transfers universes, after all, and there are certainly no other shinobi of his caliber here, so he’s safe from detection.

“I commend you on your restraint,” he says absently, and when the door fails to click shut as quickly as it should he adds, “And you, Mitsuki? Fights with other children that I should be aware of?”

“Only ghosts,” his younger son says cheerfully, squeezing between him and Rogu and hopping up to sit on the counter next to the new cash register. “Apparently there are two different kinds. The human ones we kept seeing, and ones that are something else.”

Orochimaru doesn’t particularly need to ask if Mitsuki is certain they’re both ghosts; he wouldn’t have said it unless he was. “Very interesting. Similar chakra levels?”

Mitsuki wrinkles his nose a little, considering. “The big ones? Maybe…like a jounin. Not much higher. A boy with a bow and a pointy face killed it before I could try, though.”

“Pointy?” Rogu echoes, taking the box Orochimaru dumps in his arms and crouching down to open it. “Black hair, glasses, talks like a fifty-year-old man with an attitude problem? I think that’s another of the friends.”

Mitsuki beams in the way that means he’s very much laughing at his older brother, and Orochimaru resigns himself for the sniping contest this will doubtlessly devolve into. “Yes, we had a full conversation and he was very interested in shinobi techniques.”

Rogu plucks a bundle of wormwood from the basket he’s filling and throws it like a senbon. Mitsuki ducks at the last moment, smile slipping into a smirk, and Orochimaru sighs and plucks it out of the air and he sets a pile of baskets next to the boy. “I would like to open tomorrow,” he reminds them. “Mitsuki, be a dear and arrange the teas?”

“Sure.” Mitsuki slides to the floor and starts picking through boxes, pulling the correct ones over to the shelf by the window. Following after him with several more jars, Orochimaru pauses, eyes flickering up the street to the lonely shop. The orange-haired boy hasn’t come out again.

He thinks, for a moment, of the Anko-andTsunade-girl, her masking smile, her solitary footsteps on the stairs. Her chakra levels are high, and they’ve only increased since Orochimaru first saw her. The boy earlier walked with a purpose, as if he had something to prove, and if the brown-haired girl is his friend as well…

She might be pulled into something she isn’t anywhere close to ready for.

Orochimaru isn’t the type to care, even now, so many changes from the man he used to be. He isn’t one to get involved, but his instincts are well-trained. He’s nearly eighty years old, if only mentally, and he knows when to trust a feeling.

This one says change is coming, that the avalanche is starting right beneath their feet. Maybe Orochimaru won’t involve himself more than he has to, but he certainly won’t stand back and let it bury his family.

The Causal Body is, in fact, the vehicle of the human Soul and its vibration is higher than the lower bodies. In our present state in the evolution of humanity, it is sad that most individuals do not yet have this body completely formed, with only a fraction of the consciousness that they are trying to develop as humans. In this portion is what we call the “essence” or, according to the Zen Buddhist tradition, the “Buddhata.“

The Buddhata is the fundamental nature of all reality, an eternal essence that all beings possess, and in virtue of which they can all become Buddhas. The Buddhata is an intrinsic ‘Buddhahood’ common to all life, and it is this that allows people to reach enlightenment.

"In considering the causal body (this "Temple of the Soul”), we are dealing specifically with the vehicle of manifestation of a solar Angel who is its informing life and who is in the process of constructing it, of perfecting it, and of enlarging it, and thus reflecting on a tiny scale the work of the Logos on His own plane.“

~ A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, (p. 1110)

The Causal Body is comprised of the matter originated from the three superior sub-planes of the mental plane. It is the vehicle of the abstract ideas, high ideals, and the receptacle of the memories of past lives. Inside of it, the remembrances of other lives establish themselves as seeds, with the many qualities, virtues, and defects acquired by the Soul extension during its incarnational periods.

The Causal body is permanent and indestructible, and it last as long as the evolution of the Being continues. Its name comes from the fact that this body is reflective of the causes that generated effects in the lower planes of existence. The collection of experiences accumulated by the reincarnational self is stored inside of the Causal Body, and they progressively become the attitudes and outlooks for all the actions, thoughts, directions and purpose of the Soul.

The content of the causal body is the accumulation by the slow and gradual process, of the good in each life. The building precedes slowly at first, but towards the end of incarnation - on the Probationary Path and the Path of Initiation - the work proceeds rapidly. The structure has been reared, and each stone quarried in the personal life. On the Path, in each of its two divisions, the work of completing and beautifying the Temple proceeds with greater rapidity …”

~ Letters on Occult Meditation, (p. 32)

We can say that the Causal Body primordially has two great functions:

1. To act as the vehicle of the ego: The Causal Body is the Manasic body, the aspect form of an individual, the real being, the thinker.

2. To act as the receptacle or storehouse of the essence of the reincarnational experiences of the Soul. It is in the fabric of this body that everything is careful weaved, the memories of the lessons gathered, the virtues acquired and the future purposes of the Soul still to manifest.

In this way, it is safe to say that the development of the lower triad of Human being, the mental, astral and physical bodies, depends on upon the weaving and building of the Causal Body. There is, in fact, no complete Human being until this body is complete because it contains in itself the essence of what individuality is.

The Body of Cause and Effect

“At a later stage upon the Path of Initiation, the causal body also disappears, and the initiate stands free in the three worlds. The astral body and the causal or Soul bodies are - in the language of esotericism - supplementary to reality. They have a had a temporary reality during the evolutionary process, but (having served their purpose, and having endowed man with certain required assets - consciousness, feeling, sensitivity, and ability to establish and register contact) they pass away, and the initiate remains, possessed of power over form, and a fully awakened consciousness. He is a Soul, and the fusion is complete.”

~ The Rays and the Initiations, (p. 162)

When we exercise our free will with discernment and wisdom, the Divine energies we usually qualify as harmonic elevate themselves into our Causal Body. These energies are deposited in the twelve golden spheres of Light that correspond to our twelve strands of DNA and also to our seven principal physical chakras and five transpersonal chakras, which together exercise the symphony of our creative endeavors. To these spheres is added the currents of life, as virtues, talents, gifts and aptitudes, which tend to increase in power and merit if they are rightly utilized from one life to another.

The Causal Body is one of the three superior bodies, and it is the body that reveals the effects of “cause and effect,” which makes this body the one that relates directly to the “good” Karma. “Bad” Karma is reflected in the three lower bodies. The Casual Body works more or less as your Karmic bank, your bright star in the heavenly sky; like the Star of Bethlehem pronounced the coming of the extraordinary being that carried the Christ; this Stellar energy is the result of the power of Individual accumulated through generations and reincarnations. Because this is the body of cause and benefits, only the elements that can be decoded and transmuted into particles of Light can ascend through the Christic energies to the Causal Body. The parts of the imperfection stay behind in the three lower bodies because their nature is heavier and denser.

One of the objectives of the Casual Body is to provide happiness and wellbeing to the Soul through the works of the sixth chakra of the spiritual vision. That means that to help the development of this body; we will need to visualize positive images, cultivate positive and proactive thoughts and actions; to magnetize our causal body adequately.

It is also in the Causal Body that we will find the entire registry resulting as an effect of all the virtues and aptitudes that were misused. These will need to pass through the purifying chambers of the ceremonial violet flame to be re-weaved into the Light fabric of this superior body.

“The causal body will palpitate in due course of time, with an inner radiation, and an inner glowing flame that will gradually work its way from the center to the periphery. It will then pierce through that periphery, using the body (that product of millennia of lives of pain and endeavor), as fuel for its flames. It will burn all up; it will mount toward the Triad, and (becoming one with that Triad) will be re-absorbed into the spiritual consciousness, - will carry with it - using heat as the symbol - an intensity of heat or quality of color or vibration, that before were lacking(…). Then, having accomplished this, comes the application of the flame to the causal body itself, and the joyous standing by whilst the work of destruction goes on, and the Flame - the live inner man, and the spirit of divine life - is set free, and mounts to its source.”

~ Letters on Occult Meditation, (p. 30)

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Accidentally read his/her diary AUs - Klaine! Maybe accidental love confession perhaps?

I decided to make it less of an AU and more of a belated love confession, i hope this is alright with you nonnie

Dedicated to alianne who needs all the love and fluff possible (and deserves it too)

Kurt didn’t mean to snoop.

No, really.

Besides, now that they are married, is there still such a thing as snooping into your husband’s stuff? No, didn’t think so.

Alright so maybe he has been snooping in Blaine’s stuff, but it’s only with good intentions in mind.

It’s their 5th anniversary, and he needs to make sure that Blaine didn’t manage to score a fantastic present that will make look whatever Kurt finds ridiculous and cheap.

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Ok so according to one of the spoilers this little technological scroll can give you affinity to all of the five chakra natures (fire, earth, water, air, & lightning) even if you are not a ninja soooooooo Im pretty sure this is the thing Boruto used to cheat on his fight with Shikadai since Katasuke introduced him to this little shitty scroll and said that he shouldn’t worry that using this isn’t cheating (according to the spoiler).

We must kill Katasuke

In short, man as a microcosm is the all-pervading Spirit (which most purely manifests in the Sahasrara) vehicled by Sakti in the form of mind and matter, the centres of which are the sixth and following five Chakras respectively.
The six Chakras have been identified with the following plexuses commencing from the lowest, the Muladhara; the sacrococcygeal plexus, the sacral plexus, the solar plexus, (which forms the great junction of the right and left sympathetic chains Ida and Pingala with the cerebro-spinal axis). Connected with this is the lumbar plexus. Then follows the cardiac plexus (Anahata), laryngeal plexus, and lastly the Ajna or cerebellum with its two lobes. Above this is the Manas-Chakra or middle cerebrum, and finally, the Sahasrara or upper cerebrum. The six Chakras themselves are vital centres within the spinal column in the white and grey matter there. They may, however, and probably do, influence and govern the gross tract outside the spine in the bodily region lateral to, and co-extensive with, that section of the spinal column in which a particular centre is situated. The Chakras are centres of Sakti as vital force. In other words these are centres of Pranasakti manifested by Pranavayu in the living body, the presiding Devatas of which are names for the Universal Consciousness as It manifests in the form of those centres. The Chakras are not perceptible to the gross senses. Even if they were perceptible in the living body which they help to organise, they disappear with the disintegration of organism at death. Just because post-mortem examination of the body does not reveal these Chakras in the spinal column, some people think that these Chakras do not exist at all, and are merely the fabrication of a fertile brain. This attitude reminds us of a doctor who declared that he had performed many post-mortems and had never yet
discovered a soul! The petals of the lotuses vary, being 4, 6, 10, 12, 16 and 2 respectively, commencing from the Muladhara and ending with Ajna. There are 50 in all, as are the letters of the alphabet which are in the petals; that is, the Matrikas are associated with the Tattvas; since both are products of the
same creative Cosmic process manifesting either as physiological or psychological function. It is noteworthy that the number of the petals is that of the letters leaving out either Ksha or the second La, and that these 50 multiplied by 20 are in the 1000 petals of the Sahasrara, a number which is indicative of infinitude.

i am sick and tired of hollywood i am sick and tired. leonardo dicaprio and robert downey jr. can absolutely not play these roles. they cannot.

it is disgusting.

i bet they know nothing about islam i bet they think this is going to be so cool oh yeah i read a rumi quote once and it spoke to my third eye…my five chakras…wow….islam is so cool…

because yeah all muslims are terrorists except when you can make money off of them right

this isn’t your story to tell. this isn’t your story. leave it alone.


(I totally just recycle the tarot pictures I take, no shame)

So in celebration of reaching four hundred followers I wanted to do a giveaway thing, but I’m broke as fuck. So I’m gonna do five free chakra tarot readings, a favorite spread of mine. It covers the major seven chakras and is rather in depth. 

(this is what it looks like except without the top card cropped and major filters)

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