five centimetre

The seven mystical powers of the pyramids

1. The power to make innocent souls spout profanities and hop vigorously, if the pyramids are sufficiantly small and trodden on in bare feet.
2. The power to influence the future. For example, by dropping a pyramid from a crane onto a major road one may drastically increase the liklihood of a road accident.
3. The power to maintain the sharpness of razor blades. To do this, one must keep the razor blades under a small pyramid at all times and never remove them for any purpose whatsoever.
4. One may also construct a pyramid from cedarwood, having a height of some five centimetres and a base of forty centimetres along the side, and inscribe it underneath with a sator square. A pyramid constructed in this way has the power to wedge up the legs of two wobbly tables at once.
5. By carving your food into pyramid shapes, you may be able to stack it more efficiently in your undersized fridge, thereby increasing the time you can store it against the inevitable march of entropy.
6. The great sorcerers of old were able to make common folk scatter from their path by the simple expedient of wearing a pyramidal enclosure upon their heads. Indeed, in England’s magical heyday one could often tell if a sorcerer was passing in the next street across by the distantly-heard cries of ‘watch where you’re going mate’ and 'Put some eyeholes in it you twat’.
7. Many of the great pyramids have themselves travelled through time, sometimes for thousands of years. It is said of people who have visited these pyramids that they too can travel through time and, astonishingly, that they can do so in the same direction and at the exact same rate as the pyramids themselves: one second per second, or thereabouts.

Just; C.H. 5

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It’s Thursday morning and I’m lazily enjoying my time off by spending it in bed, blanket wrapped around me, eyes closed as I listen to the cartoon network on my television across the room, trying to come up with a scenario matching the words spoken and reaching my ear. I’m broken from my trance though when my phone buzzes somewhere beneath the sheets, my hand fumbling around to detect the stupid thing.

I press it to my ear and mumble something that should resemble a hello as I wait for the person on the other end of the line to identify him- or herself. “Y/n? Is that you?”
“Ashton?” I open my eyes as I breathe loudly again, shimmying further into the soft confines of my bedding. “Yeah, sorry to bother you but we got our grades.”

“Yeah, at eight this morning. But I don’t know why you have to call me to tell me that.” I hear a snort on the other end of the line, along with another male voice in the background which I cannot place. “Aren’t you a jolly person?” Ashton laughs and I roll my eyes but he still brings a smile to my face, lightly shaking my head.
“Do you need tutoring in bio, Ash?” I decide to ask the question for him, sitting up and pressing the duvet closer to my almost naked frame.

“Well, not me. A mate of mine.” My eyes widen and my first thought goes to Calum. If it’s him, I will say no. I won’t let this turn out into a sappy fiction story.  “Who?”
“Luke. You know, Lucas Hemmings? He –“  I shut him up right there with a mumbled yeah as I raise to my feet, shrugging an oversized flannel over my shoulders and buttoning a few to keep my boobs from view.

“I know Luke, Ash. Were his grades that bad?” I let my curiosity get the best of me, my phone pressed to my ear as I make my way downstairs. I hear the loud chatter resonating from the kitchen, probably discussing their grades as well.
“Bad enough that if he doesn’t get a really good grade in his retake, he might lose his scholarship.” I sigh loudly as I squeeze the bridge of my nose, stopping in the kitchen doorway where Linda, Megan and Rosalee were seated, all of theirs heads turning at my surprising entrance.

For the time being our frat, which held six bedrooms, only hosted four girls. Linda was the eldest, doctoring at the local university. Rosalee was my age and Megan was new since this year, still trying to find her way around campus after a two whole semesters. All girls were like family to me and I appreciated everything they had ever done for me, but when summer rolled around, I just needed a break. Not only from them, but from everything that reminded me of college, school, or anything in that matter.

“I’ll help him. Because it’s you asking; But the retake is two months away, isn’t it early to start, since you’re phoning me up now?” Ashton lets out a nervous laugh and I hear shuffling on the other end of the line, loud laughter from what I recognize to be Michael’s and Calum’s voices to complete silence other than Ashton’s breathing.
“When I say bad enough, I mean he doesn’t even know the basics. I think he got a few points for sympathy.” I suck in a breath, something resembling a hiss leaving my lips as I take a bottle of water out of the fridge and try to steer my body back upstairs.

“What’s wrong?” Linda mouths towards me as her hand lands on my lower arm, momentarily stopping me from going any further and disappearing back upstairs.
“Tutoring job.” I mumble in return, squeezing my eyes closed and granting her with a tiny smile before I jog out of the kitchen for some silence as I redirect my attention back onto the phone call at hand.

“I understand. When do you want to start?” I close my bedroom door with my bum and let my body drop onto my bed again, crawling up to my pillow to rest once more.
“Today. I want to see if you can help him, look through his books and what not. I’ll even come pick you up and bring you back home. Please, Y/n?” I hum an okay in return although I am already cursing myself for agreeing to this mess. I have a feeling I’ll be spending my summer revising the biology basics instead of enjoying sun, warmth and booze.
“Great. I’ll pick you up in fifteen minutes. Thank you Y/n.” in the background I can hear Luke chime something that sounds like a thank you as well and all I can do is grumble in return before ending the call I should’ve never answered in the first place.

“Did you get yourself into trouble again?” Linda smirks as my door squeaks open, her arms crossed over her chest as her shoulder leans against the doorway. “I should stop saying yes to things which I know will bite me in the ass at one point or another.” I breathily groan, pulling my flannel over my head and chucking it somewhere in the direction of the corner of my room, Linda boisterously laughing as she disappears back downstairs.


“Thank you, Y/n. I know we never met but I owe you, whatever you need.” Luke sighs as his arms wind around my shoulders and I have the feeling these boys are very touchy-feely with one another as well. I wouldn’t see why you’d hug a complete stranger in any other scenario. Although I was saving his scrawny ass.

“Are your books around here? Who did you take this class with?” The first part of my question is already answered when Luke pushes a five-centimetre-thick book into my hands, the covered littered with pictures of plants and the large words Biology Basics stamped on the cover. 

“Miss E. I’m really sorry you have to do this.” Luke sits down on the chair next to mine, his head dropping onto the table with a loud, hollow thud. “Then you spent extra time on the division cycle, didn’t you? And stop apologizing. Ashton is very persuasive and I actually like biology so don’t worry.”

“Is it your major? And yeah, but I don’t get it… To be honest.” Luke leans back and I see the little blush crawl onto his cheeks, his hands fiddling with a string on his black nirvana shirt. 

“It isn’t that hard. The division cycle consists of four processes, cell growth, replication, distribution and cell division itself. Eukaryotic cells have four discrete phases and thus more complex.” I shrug my shoulders, rapidly skimming through the thin pages of his thick book. 

“Am I stupid?” Luke suddenly asks, his brow set into a frown as his teeth toy with his lip ring. Before I can answer though, he shoots another question my way. “So those four phases are the same as those four processes?”

“In some way. Cell growth is usually a continuous process not bound to one particular phase. DNA however gets synthesized during only one phase and then the replicated chromosomes will be distributed to the daughter cells before cell division takes place. It’s a bit more complex than how I now describe it.” I shrug my shoulders again, seeing Luke’s face contort into something that resembles utter panic. 

“Luke calm down we have enough time I’ll make sure you pass.” I smile as I let my hand fall on his lower arm, giving it a pat before leaning back against the seat. 

“I’ll go get my agenda so we can plan our tutor sessions, I still have football practice.” Luke sighs before he disappears from sight, his footsteps resonating through the empty frat house. 

“Do you know as much about the male reproductive organ as you know about cells?” Calum smirks from the opened door to the porch, blowing his last puff of smoke into the air before closing the door behind him. 

“Depends on what you want to learn.” I dryly state, crossing my arms over my chest as I let my eyes wander over his body. His pecks and abdomen are visible though his tight shirt, a pair of sweatpants hanging low on his hips. 

“I could use a revision of the female parts, though.” Calum smirks and I counter with a grin of my own, my hand landing on Luke’s text book and slowly pushing it towards him. 

“You’ll find that in here.” Calum bites his lip as he steps closer, his hand slowly, absentmindedly, dragging circles above his pelvic bone, momentarily distracting me. 

“I’m a visual learner though. I’m even faster when you’ll let me touch.” He whispers the last part and I can’t help but squeeze my legs closed as I feel a familiar tingle settle between my legs. 

He sits down on the table next to me, his ankles crossed and his gaze boring into mine. 

“I don’t think I have anything left to teach you baby.” I regret the words as soon as they leave my lips, my bottom lip pulled between my teeth as I watch his hand still dragging slow circles on his tan skin. 

“I could teach you how to relax, you seem tense.” Calum hums as his hand leaves his stomach to lazily trace my own skin, making goose flesh appear along its wake. I whimper, closing my eyes as I feel his fingertips go up towards my shoulders, ghosting over my collarbone. 

“Oh hi Cal. Tammy already left? Damn she has a nice pair of knockers, I’ll give you that.” Luke wiggles his eyebrows and Calum quickly retreats, turning his head towards Luke while he crosses his arms over his chest. “Oh Y/n, sorry. Maybe that’s a bit disrespectful.” Luke shamefully grins and I shrug my shoulders, pushing my seat back, the legs scraping against the floor before I raise to my feet. 

“I’m sure her tits were wonderful. Just text me when you want to meet up. I’m going.” I mumble, pushing past Calum and after a few steps past Luke before making my way outside. “Wait! Y/n! Ashton was going to drive you home…” Luke jogs up behind me and I shrug my shoulders with my hand already clutching the door handle for dear life. “I’ll walk.”
As the door slips closed I hear Luke hiss at his best friend. 

“What the fuck did you do? I need her Cal!”

Part 6

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Soon-to-be moms Eponine, Cosette, and Musichetta meet for the first time in the delivery room

Did I say drabble? I overestimate my ability to keep things short…

I hope you don’t mind I interpreted this as MariEpoSette with Cosette pregnant (mostly because I find it really difficult to imagine Eponine pregnant…) also because I liked the funky symmetry of them all being in a poly relationship, albeit not the same one.

“What time is it supposed to board then!?” Cosette squeezed Eponine’s hand a little harder than perhaps necessary but her intention to comfort had coincided with a particularly big contraction. Eponine didn’t even flinch. She was too focused on shouting into the telephone at what she could only imagine was a very harassed Courfeyrac. A few seconds later she heard a slightly tinny reply but she couldn’t make out the words.

“Three?” Eponine yells, “That was almost an hour ago, why in the hell is he not in the air yet?”

Courfeyrac’s tinny voice replies, “Well tell them to sort it out. Because his partner is about to have fucking baby!” the couple in the bed across from them shot her a look and this time Cosette squeezed with intent. Eponine mouthed a silent apology, and lowered her voice slightly, “Look just… as soon as he lands get him here okay? Right. Bye!” she hung up the call, her grip on the phone so tight her knuckles were almost white.

“Where’s the nurse?” she said, huffing out an annoyed breath and looking around the room.

Cosette sighed, shifted slightly in the bed and reached her other hand across to take Eponine’s in both, “Sweetie,” she said, watching the irritation seep out of her partner’s face, slightly begrudgingly, “You know the nurse said she wouldn’t be back for a while, I’m only dilated three centimetres,”

At that Eponine shot her own digusted look at the couple across the way. They were the second to arrive. And the first had arrived almost half an hour after she and Cosette. When the nurse had done their exam the woman was already dilated six centimetres. Cosette thought Eponine might not have been quite so annoyed about that if the first words they heard out of the new guys mouth hadn’t been ‘I think it’s so nice to see a woman supporting her friend like that,’. If it hadn’t been for Cosette nearly doubling over in pain at that precise moment because of a contraction she might have flown across the room at him, fists flying.

“I still don’t see why we could get Joly,” said Eponine, finally folding herself into the chair beside the bed.

Cosette laughed, “Ep come on. Their partner is pregnant too, you of all people should understand why they’re not here waiting on me,” Eponine shrugged and finally released her hand to grab a magazine.

“Fine, fine, they get this one,” she said, “You wanna find out which celebrity man you’re gonna marry?” she waved a flow-chart in Cosette’s face and she laughed again.

“I think the ship has sailed on that but… go on then,”

Ten hours later they’d long since gone through the magazines, and still no Marius. Even Cosette was starting to worry. According to Courfeyrac he was, at last, in the air. But the flight from the France was 8 hours on a good day and they’d only taken off 7 hours previous. Then again, she thought, she was still only at five centimetres, at the rate they were going she wasn’t likely to give birth any time soon.

Five women had come and gone since she’d arrived. The last ones had been the worst. The woman asked where her husband was and Cosette had only just got out that she wasn’t married before the man was loading his wife back into her wheelchair and demanding the nurse find them another room as his wife was not sharing a room with a sinner. Eponine had flown across the room that time, the guy was going home with a baby and a nice shiny black eye. She was grateful to the nurse for pretending not to have seen anything. The last thing she needed with one partner stranded somewhere over the Atlantic was her other one arrested by hospital security.

She glanced at Eponine, who had dozed off in her chair, and she reached across to gently brush one of her braids from her face.

“Take a picture,” mumbled Eponine, but she was smiling. Still half asleep she turned into Cosette’s outstretched hand placing a small kiss on her palm.

“I might. You have no idea how cute you look,”

“Yeah ‘Ponine, you’ve never looked cuter,” both girls jumped. Standing in the doorway grinning like a Cheshire cat was Joly, Eponine was upright in her seat in an instant, torn between a grin and a scowl.

“What are you doing here?” she asked and Joly grinned ever wider and swept to one side with a flourish. A moment later Bossuet came walking into the room, wheeling a chair containing a very pregnant woman recognisable to Cosette only from photographs.

Musichetta wore pregnancy beautifully. Cosette, looking at her, couldn’t imagine her doing anything in any other way. She was tall and dark, with large eyes and hair reaching down her back even in tight curls. She was grinning as wide as Joly and as Boss made to take her over to the empty bed she reached back and swatted his arm.

“Are you kidding me?” she said, “Turn me around, let me say hi!”

Bossuet only got her halfway to Cosette’s bed before she was up and out of her wheelchair, ignoring a small squeak from Joly and enveloping Cosette in a hug.

“Oh it’s so great to finally meet you, oh my God, my sweethearts talk about you all the time, do you know one time I thought they might leave me for you, you know they love you so much,” all this was said rapidly into Cosette’s hair and then she leant back and pulled Eponine in too, “And you too! I’ve been dying to meet you. I can’t believe it’s taken this long!” she gushed.

When she was done with Eponine she allowed herself to be lowered back into her chair but she never stopped talking, “Oh you know I knew it, I just felt it as soon as these two told me you were pregnant too, I just knew. Isn’t this just wonderful? It’s like it’s written in the stars, and look at you both, aren’t you just so lucky, you’re both so beautiful!” Ep looked at Cosette like she wasn’t sure what to make of what just happened, but Cosette smiled and grasped her girlfriend’s hand.

“We sure are,” she said.

“Where’s Marius?” asked Bossuet, helping settle Musichetta into the bed, whilst Joly fussed with her pillows.

“About thirty thousand ft over the Atlantic,” said Eponine.

“In a plane,” Cosette added, only realising a few seconds later that they probably could have concluded that without help.

“Oh, you poor things!” Musichetta nearly launched herself out of the bed, but Joly grabbed her shoulders and pulled her gently back. “Oh pssh,” she said looking up at them through the corner of her eye, “But he must be so upset to be missing this,” she reached up to grasp one of Bossuet’s and Joly’s hands in each of her own.

Eponine perched herself on the bed and lay her head on Cosette’s shoulder, “We have Courf waiting with a car to get him here as soon as he lands, he called from the plane about an hour ago though, got to hear a contraction and everything,”

“We’ve been here a while,” said Cosette, grimacing.

“Maybe the baby wants to wait for its dad,” Musichetta smiled.

Eponine snorted lightly, and Cosette gently wafted at her head.

“Don’t knock it. Babies are very connected to the person who carries them,” said Musichetta knowingly, “Maybe it is picking up on your wish to have Marius here,”

Having Musichetta in the room with them improved the situation greatly. She was funny and intelligent and watching the way she, Joly and Bossuet moved around each other and talked almost as one at times warmed Cosette in a way she had only ever felt observing her own little family.

Two more hours passed and Musichetta was being wheeled from the room, her partners right behind her, when they all stopped at the door and backed up a little to allow a very harried looking Marius to run through the doors. He didn’t even stop to greet Bossuet and Joly, barely even noticing them as he barrelled across the room to pull Cosette into a hug. When he let her go he allowed Eponine to point a finger in his face for half a second before she instead flung her arms around his neck, peppering his face with kisses between complaining about stupid grandfather’s and airplanes. Musichetta turned slightly in her chair and winked as best she could before disappearing out of the door. Cosette’s nurse came in a few seconds later and made her way over.

Marius was still apologising back and forth between the two of them when the nurse interrupted.

“Looks like he’s your lucky charm,” she said with a smile and Eponine’s eyes were wider than Marius’. She thought she saw her sneak a glance at the door Musichetta had just left through.

The nerves suddenly began to kick in as she was lowered into a wheelchair – along with a good ten seconds of pretty intense pain – but as she was taken out of the room with both her partners at her side she had never felt luckier.

This is also loosely based on the Friends episode where Rachel gives birth but mostly just the whole… very long labour thing.

Voltron hide and seek headcanons

Lance proposes it during a very boring day

  • Everybody says it’s stupid (especially Keith)
  • Except  Allura who doesn’t know what it is so Lance explains it to her. Her competitive spirit activates and she wants to play
  • They all roll their eyes but accept
  • Coran says it is a “childish game” but plays anyways because he is lowkey excited

Nobody wants to be it and they all start discussing

  • Shiro finally says he’ll be it to avoid any drama
  • Allura says its unfair for him to be it alone because that would be 1vs6 and although they all try to explain her that’s how the game goes she says she’ll be it with Shiro
  • They have to accept bc Allura’s the boss
  • And because everyone secretly ships them

Lance and Keith see a wardrobe to hide at the same time

  • Of course they start fighting about who saw it first and who has the right to hide inside
  • Neither of them is willing to give in so they end up crumbling inside the wardrobe together 
  • Boi do I even have to explain the sexual tension here
  • Their faces are literally five centimetres apart, their legs are laced together and their chests rub each other when they breathe
  • They spend there like 15 minutes barely speaking bc of how embarrased they are
  • When they finally get out they touch the base at the same time and start arguing about that

Meanwhile Shiro and Allura

  • Allura is losing her shit about the game because she is here to win™
  • Shiro thinks that’s cute and is pretty sure he’s been blushing the whole time
  • They find Coran first hiding under a table 
  • When they run to touch the base Allura literally punches Coran to stop him from winning
  • Shiro informs her that’s cheating
  • “Really? What kind of game is this?” she is offended
  • They go to look for Hunk but when when they come back to the base they find him with Keith and Lance

They all decide to look for Pidge together

  • Hunk, Lance and Keith go together and Allura, Shiro and Coran make another team
  • They spend literally two hours trying to find them
  • They never do, they just come back to the base and they are there playing a videogame
  • They never reveal where they hid
Day 5

Fifth day of drabbles!

@noukeeeh thanks for tagging me in those prompts!! this is for u :D

Prompt: “i was on the balcony and you started loudly quoting romeo and juliet at me”


There comes a point, at every party, where everything just gets too much. That point isn’t necessarily the same for everyone, and Zayn can admit that his fuse is probably shorter than most people’s. The reason he’s standing on the balcony in sub-zero weather, however, is because he’s reached that point and is now way past it. Some girl spilled coke and rum on his shirt, which means he now stinks of alcohol despite having consumed none himself (damn Louis for making him designated driver), and a guy was approximately five centimetres away from vomiting on his shoes. The music has graduated from simply loud to deafening, and the crowd is spinning out of control due to all the alcohol consumption.

He loves parties, just not when he’s sober.

And just as he thought the night couldn’t possibly be worse (he’s freezing his arse of on the balcony with no jacket, cigarettes conveniently forgotten in that same jacket, and he’s sober), some drunken asshole starts shouting at him from the ground below.

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” the drunk boy shouts at him, and Zayn snorts. He looks down, and finds it difficult to see the boy who’s reciting Shakespeare at him, because he’s conveniently hidden in the shadows.

“What a light through yonder broken window,” the boy goes on to say, and Zayn shakes his head, disappointed.

“That’s not how it goes, mate,” Zayn calls back at the boy.

“I’m drunk! Can’t remember the fucking lines.”

“I’m fairly sure I’m the one who should be calling out for Romeo, I’m the one on the balcony,” Zayn reminds the boy. He steps out of the shadows and allows Zayn to finally see his face. He’s wearing a ridiculously large smile on his face, his eyes crinkled nearly shut. He’s cute, Zayn notes, and perhaps this is exactly what he needs to cheer up.

“Screw that,” the boy shouts. “It’s my party, I can do what I want to.” Zayn’s fairly sure it’s not his party, but lets it slide. “But if you’re so adamant I get it right, why don’t you let me come up there so you can teach me?”

Zayn contemplates this for a moment, but decides he could use some company, and shouts an agreement at the boy, who laughs and hurries inside. Soon Zayn feels a hand on his shoulder, and turns around. The boy is even prettier up close.

“So what’s you name then, Juliet?” Zayn asks teasingly, only to see that smile light up the boy’s face again.

“Liam,” he responds, and cocks his head to the side. “And you’re Zayn, but I’m pretty sure Romeo shuts you better.”

Needless to say, they don’t get much reciting done, their mouths too busy exploring one another’s.

Modern Magic AU Karasuno
  • Daichi’s family were blessed generations ago to have a good connection to the land, so Daichi has an excellent sense of direction and the general landscape and he’s literally a very grounded person. Downside to this is because he’s so tied to the land he can’t leave Japan.
  • Suga the very cute witch who can talk to birds
  • Asahi, the poor guy, is followed around by ghosts that make him very anxious. He can dispel them, but he rarely does. They’re almost like a safety blanket for him.
  • Nishinoya summons fire
  • Tanaka can make magical guardians from smoke
  • Ennoshita is a plain witch who enjoys (and is very good at) making herbal remedies/potions. Everything he makes tastes awful though
  • Narita can hover, like, five centimetres off the ground
  • Kinoshita can make his hands intangible
  • Kageyama is full to the brim of excess power that he can share with people via touch, but doesn’t like getting close to people
  • Hinata can half-shapeshift (e.g. sprouting wings and feathers but still looking very human)
  • Tsukishima’s family mine and sell stones that exemplify people’s magic abilities or senses
  • Yamaguchi isn’t magic at all but he is very good at self defence and everyone is a little bit jealous
  • Yachi is small and no one really knows what she can do, but just like Asahi she has a ghost that follows her around and makes her anxious
  • Kiyoko is a sea witch, which is kind of rare, and she draws her power from the weather and from natural bodies of water
  • Yui creates perfect distractions, unknowingly (Kiyoko and Suga think her aura is very erratic and has a mind of its own)
Coffee - Black, No Sugar. (SMUT)

Anon Request; Shuichi (KBTBB) x MC

“Jealousy smut for Shuichi?“

[I took think scenario from Shuichi’s ‘dash of spice’ sub story. I really enjoyed this sub story of Shuichi’s so I thought I’d write would have happened if the smut ensued! Also, for some reason Shuichi kinda reminds me of a cross between Reji from Diabolik lovers & Sebastian from Black butler…I’ve been binge watching both of those series so please excuse my attempt at Shuichi with those strapping dandies on my brain. ENJOY!]

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Children Please (Part 1)

Summary:  Marinette Dupain-Cheng: Student, Heroine, Fashion Designer, and full time Babysitter when it came to her close friends.

A/N:  Another story ayyyyy I had been thinking of doing this for AGES you have no idea. Enjoy!

Part: ( 234, 5 )


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Scripts And Stars - Part 4

Summary: AU: Dan is an actor, auditioning for a new role in a film written by a revolutionary young writer by the name of Phil Lester.

Words: 1.7k (done per chapter)

Warnings: References to depression, just general bad thoughts and poetry

A/N: part 4 is here and it is queer as fuck*. bon appetit!!!!! also special thanks to this loser for helping me draft plots and being kinda cool

*(not used as a slur dan literally comes out ok i promise)



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The news articles about today’s Google doodle seem to be focusing on Emmy Noether’s life, but her mathematics is just as interesting and commenting on Noether’s life without mentioning her work on symmetries would be like commenting on the life of Albert Einstein without mentioning relativity.

Basically, what Noether is most famous for is showing that if the laws of physics are the same both before and after a transformation of one of their parameters (i.e., if they are “symmetric” about this transformation) then there must be some quantity which gets conserved (i.e., which can neither be created nor destroyed).

For example, the laws of physics have the exact same form at the position of your head, five centimetres in front of, and five hundred million miles from Earth. Thus, we would say that the laws of physics are symmetric about translations in space, so Noether’s theorem would tell us that there must be some conserved physical quantity corresponding to this symmetry. And indeed there is: it’s called linear momentum.

Likewise, the laws of physics are the same now as they were a hundred years ago, as they will be a billion years in the future. Thus, we say that the laws of physics are symmetric in time, and, as it turns out energy is our conserved quantity.

Now, of course, scientists had known about conservation laws for hundreds of years before Emmy Noether; but what she showed was why those laws logically needed to exist. And not only is this probably the most elegant thing I’ve ever heard of, it’s also been the basis for pretty much all theoretical physics in the last hundred years.

time stops, i wish that i could rewind - chapter 1/9

Chapter One: nothing lasts forever, nothing stays the same
Author: foolanyfriend
Pairing(s): Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin, background Octavia Blake/Lincoln, other minor background relationships
Characters: Bellamy Blake, Clarke Griffin, Octavia Blake, Lincoln, Ensemble Cast
Rating: Teen & Up Audiences
Word Count: 4142
Summary: “It’s 2015, Bellamy,” Lincoln states, biting the bullet. “No, it’s not,” Bellamy volleys back, abruptly feeling slightly hysterical. (Modern Day Amnesia AU).

i actually uploaded this around a month ago, but i only created a tumblr the other week and i wanted a record of it here :)

 fic title from “Beside You,” by 5 Seconds of Summer, chapter title is from “Wherever You Are,” by the same. Hope you enjoy :)


“Detective Blake? Bellamy, can you hear me?”

“Bell? Bellamy?”

“If you can hear me, Detective, I’d like you to squeeze my hand, please. This is the trauma ward of Mount Weather Memorial Hospital, you’ve been in an accident.”

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preference #04 – you're best friends with the others but he hates you (mashton/4)

pt. 2 // cake // pt. 2 ]

m i c h a e l — 

In some ways, you didn’t mind being in the shadow of your brother. He was pretty popular at school and was talented and smart and just everything. You’re were only a year younger but that didn’t stop the fact that a lot of Luke’s friends had a thing for you or at least thought you were basically as cool as your brother was. You got along quite well with Luke’s core group of friends – both Ashton and Calum, at different times, had offered you rides home when Luke had gone home sick and were always really nice to you, including you in conversations and greeting you when they entered the house. Michael, however, always looked pained to see you and you had a feeling that he didn’t like you very much seeing as he basically tried to avoid you as much as possible, even in your own house.


It was one day in particular though when you finally caught Michael away from the other three and decided to finally confront him on why he acted like he hated you so much. He had just come from the bathroom which was basically down the hall from you room on the opposite side and he’d have to pass your room on his way out. You were checking something on your phone when you accidentally walked right in front of him and his body had collided with yours. You stumbled a little off to the side when his hands firmly grabbed your shoulders as a natural instinct to steady himself but also you but when you made eye contact with him, you could see he was clearly looking a little pissed. “Sorry..” you mumbled quietly and Michael just shook his head a little, his jaw clenching slightly before his hands released you.


As he tried to step past you and purposely blocked him this time and took your chance to ask, “Why do I get the feeling you hate me?” Your lips were pursed and your tone was a tad firmer than usual. He stiffened before his brow furrowed slightly, as if he was trying to look annoyed. He sighed and toyed with his hair frustratedly before ignoring what you’d just said, “Look, I don’t have time for this. We’re doing something pretty important today.” You forced a small scoff, your brows raising slightly, “I think they can last without you a little longer.” “Y/n, reall-“ He started, this time his tone was a little harsh but you cut him off before he could say anymore. “Just answer me, Michael.” You huffed, “Why do you hate me?! What’d I do to make you hate me so much?” He swallowed and rose a hand to rub his temples but it didn’t make all that much of a difference. “Wel-“ You began but in a swift motion, Michael had you pinned up against the wall, his lips against yours a lot harder than he probably wanted. Slowly but surely, he pulled away only to trail small feathery kisses down your jaw and onto your neck where he lightly nipped at the soft and tender skin there, mumbling against, “You don’t know how bad I want you, y/n. You don’t know the things I would do if I had my way with you..” You could hear him swallow as he paused for a moment, “And if Luke knew, he’d probably have my head.”

a s h t o n 

You’d known Michael for basically all you life, your mothers were friends and you used to go over his house and play when you were much younger, resulting in the two of you growing up together and relying on each other for a lot of things. You two were basically inseparable, but of course when you two hit your high school years, you didn’t hang out as much during the week but were together most weekends. You were familiar with the guys that he was friends with because you had class with two of them – Luke and Calum, but the other, Ashton, was about a year or so older and you two really hadn’t clicked. Michael was pretty aware of that and he basically just told you the same thing every time, “It’ll blow over, Ash’s a pretty chill guy and he just needs to warm up to you.” Except this whole supposed hate for you had been going on for a month or so now.


It was around the second week of Spring break and you were at Michael’s house. Calum and Luke both just so happened to have some family gathering and couldn’t come over that day, so it just left you, Michael and Ashton. As usual, Michael was playing a game while you and Ashton watched, Ashton making small talk with Michael occasionally and completely ignoring your presence all up. It was only until Michael had abruptly paused his game and said, “I gotta pee. And I’m gonna order some pizza.” before leaving the two of you alone together. It was probably the most awkwardest silence you’d ever been caught in so you figured you’d try to start a conversation. “So…” You started before a very grumpy Ashton just so happened to snap at you, “Don’t start, y/n.” “What?” You were taken aback to how fast he’d reply and his choice of words. “Just don’t, okay.” At this point, you could only sigh and roll your eyes at how petty he was being.


That was until he decided to speak, this time sounding more hurt than bitter, “I hate that you always spend so much time with Michael.” You side-eyed him and he let out a long and loud frustrated sigh, “If this is about me stealing Michael away from you, I’m sor-“ Ashton was now a mere five centimetres away from your face, his hazel-y green eyes peering into yours as he mumbled, “It’s not that, it’s something different..” That’s when his lips were pressed to yours.

(a/n: Ashton’s is so bad I’m sorry wow- I’ll work on a blurb and pt. 2 for cake and some other prefs now because I have no life. Keep sending me stuff. I really like blurbs!!! xxx )

First times #8: Freaking out

Instead of updating my other stuff, I may have accidentally filled a prompt ^_^ .

Furynz asked for:

First time afraid of insects/snakes. I’d love to see either Mitchell seeing his first Weta in NZ, or Anders seeing his first (harmless) snake elsewhere, and completely freaking out much to the other’s delight and amusement.

I hope this is okay, and I really hope I did get all the details right. My knowledge of weta comes from Wikipedia and Auckland zoo’s homepage, bless them ^^


Vampires are invincible. Vampires are strong. Vampires aren’t scared, of anything.

Well, almost.

The day that Anders’ belief in vampires was shaken is two years in the past, but the day his belief in their fearlessness gets shattered is yet ahead of him. It begins, in fact, with a shriek he hears through the closed door of his flat; a shriek so high it makes him wonder whether Mitchell has gone into blood rage and took the neighbours hostage, or whether it’s just another episode of that wretched television series. Not that Anders has either seen or heard much of The Real Hustle yet; from what he knows about it, screaming does not belong in its repertoire, but then again it’s BBC and therefore anything’s possible.

As it turns out, it’s neither a mass slaughter nor the crooked humour of the Brits causing havoc in his flat, but a very pale - paler than usual, if possible - vampire standing on top of the sofa with a slipper braced like a weapon in one hand and a rolled up newspaper in the other, looking like he’s ready to plunge himself into a fight.

Anders casts a quick look around and, after finding neither hordes of Vandals ready for attack, nor any other imminent danger in his vicinity, proceeds to raise an eyebrow at his lover.

“Did I miss anything, Braveheart? Some weird holiday perhaps, or is this an Irish custom? I heard your battle cry from out the door, so - what the fuck is the matter?”

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Airport // Luke Hemmings

I head towards the check in desk at the airport, dragging my suitcase behind me and my eyes scan over the large amount of girls crowding around security. I quickly check my luggage in and get my ticket before heading towards where I need to go. Once I reach the crowd, I groan and excuse myself. A few girls move out of my way but one particular girl towards the front of the crowd ignores me and squishes closer.
“Excuse me.” I try again. She narrows her eyes at me. “Can you please let me through?”
“Why so you can get closer to the boys?” She sneers. “I don’t think so.” She shakes her head and turns her back to me. I ignore the urge to just shove her out of the way and tap her shoulder. She turns around with a sigh.
“Listen bitch I-”
“No, you listen.” I snap, holding my plane ticket up for her to see. “I actually have a flight to catch so I would really appreciate if you moved five centimetres to the side and let me through, then you can go back to doing whatever it is you’re doing.”
I hear a small chuckle from in front of us causing me to look up, my eyes narrowing at a blonde haired boy. He holds his hands up in defence while the girl beside me opens and closes her mouth like a fish.
“Excuse me.” The blonde boy tells the girl. She steps to the side easily and I slide past her, muttering a thank you as I pass. “Thanks.” The boy flashes her a smile and she stares up at him adoringly. His hand hovers a few centimetres away from the small of my back as we walk. I don’t need to think twice about who he is because the girls reaction gave it away fairly sways. I also don’t live under a rock. We walk in silence to where the rest of his band is but we sit a few seats away from them and their prying eyes.
“Do they always watch you like a hawk when you’re talking to someone?” I ask as I dig through my handbag for my phone. He chuckles quietly from his spot beside me. I pull the device out of my bag and cross my legs on the seat before turning to face him.
“Honestly, yes.” He replies. “Even more so when it’s a girl.” He adds leaning back in the chair and looking over at me. I make a noise of acknowledgment and nod as I flick through my messages and a few other things on my phone. When I realise he’s not moving, I glance in his direction to see him watching me.
“Don’t you have things to do?” I ask.
He shakes his head. “Planes been delayed.”
“Oh.” My fingers tighten around my phone and I place it in my lap as I turn my full attention to him. “How long have you been stuck here?”
“Few hours.” He shrugs. “We’ll probably be here for a few more hours.”
“Do your friends not care that you’re sitting with a stranger?”
“We meet strangers everyday. It’s not that unusual.”
I nod at him once again and my eyes flick over the boarding pass in my hand before flicking to the time. Silence engulfs us once again and I find myself listening in to the small conversations around us.
“Do you know who I am?” He blurts out. My eyes snap to him and I can’t help but laugh slightly when I notice how red he’s turning. “Crap, no. That came out rude. I just… Oh man.” He rubs a hand through his hair. “I’m just curious, you don’t seem to care and -”
“I know you are, Luke.” I laugh as he turns redder. “I just wasn’t raised in a barn unlike some people.” My eyes flick to the Heard of girls surrounding the gate. His eyes follow mine and he breathes out a laugh. “I’m not a hardcore fan that’s going to go home and have a meltdown because you talked to me but I like your music. I even bought it on iTunes.” I smile, shaking my phone slightly.
“Well thank you, that means a lot to all of us.” He grins. “Can I see so I know you’re not lying?”
I unlock my phone and hand it over to him, watching as he taps away at the screen. After one too many taps, my eyebrows furrow and I lean in to see what he’s doing only for him to pull it closer to him. After five minutes of him chewing his lip in concentration, he hands it back with a smug smile. A second later his phone dings.
“Real smooth Hemmings.” I grumble as I open my contacts and scroll through them. A second later, I find what i was looking for; his name and number in my phone, but added next to his name is a little penguin emoji. I peer over his screen to see him adding my number into his phone but instead of a name, it’s a little airplane emoji. I roll my eyes at him before snatching his phone out of his grasp and typing my name beside the emoji before handing it back.
“I didn’t appreciate being a plane.” I tell him when he raises his eyebrow at me. He grins at me and slips his phone back into his too tight jeans as my flight gets called over the loudspeaker. I stand up and sling my handbag over my shoulder while luke gets to his feet, his hands shoved in his pockets.
“I’ll see you again right?” He pouts.
“Yeah, pretty sure I’ll be at your show in a few months.” I state nonchalantly.
“Text me?” He asks hopefully. I bite my bottom lip before nodding causing him to grin. “I’ll see you then.”
“I’ll see you then.”

Her grey days seemed a little brighter as of late, as she took her place in the small café, just down from her studio. She opened one of the books she’d just purchased, Unenchanted and began to read. It wasn’t until she was about half way through the fifth chapter that she was startled by a sudden buzz coming from her pocket. It caused her to jump at least five centimetres from her seat. A light chuckle leaving her lips as her cheeks went a rosy pink and she scanned the café, apologizing for her sudden interruption.  It wasn’t until an old, grumpy looking man shook his head in displeasure at the girl that she began to giggle uncontrollably. Really, what had gotten into her today? She hadn’t a clue. She then glanced back down at her book, doing her best to remain her straight face.