five and a half years later

Doesn’t anyone wanna talk about how Rick said “We’re the ones who live” back during his breaking point in season five, and since Gimple plans everything (good or bad) a hundred years in advance, they totally wrote that line with the intention of it becoming Richonne’s thing a year and a half later?!

S U M M E R  S P A R K

I don’t know what I’m doing, haha. I went in game for the first time in a year and a half and decided to start a new save. Five hours later and Summer is all I have to show for it. Even re-starting my sims 3 folder hasn’t really helped the lag/slowness of my game. But starting over with CC will take forever … I don’t know. But for now, have some summer ♥

Dan Stevens' daughter helped create Emma Watson's 'Beauty and the Beast' dress

We can’t imagine there are many people out there who would turn down the opportunity to help Emma Watson design a dress for Beauty and the Beast — especially the glorious yellow dress Belle wears in that iconic dancing scene.

Well, it turns out Dan Stevens’ 7-year-old daughter had exactly that chance.

SEE ALSO: Emma Watson reveals the deeper message in ‘Beauty and the Beast’

“Emma Watson came over to our house for dinner,” explains Stevens in the clip above.

“And so we’re talking about the dress and the dress design, and Willow — who was 5 at the time — she kind of overheard the conversation, and we were talking away… and she nipped off next door, pen and paper, and came back about half an hour later with five different dress designs.”

The best part? After talking the designs through with Watson, one of them was actually picked for the film.

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Carme why did you have to do me like this hahaha i asked to spill tea on 1D and their drama and you gave me your household drama hahaha not fair 😋

I don’t have any tea to share? Martin Hall - Louis’ mystery pap man - was wearing trainers when I saw him. Apparently half of London saw Harry and Louis hold hands backstage at the Brits 2012. At socceraid last year, fans knew Louis and Michelle’s hotel, so they would stand in front of it. One evening, Louis and she were on the balcony, and Drusilla put a hand on Louis’ knee and he kept ignoring her much to everyone’s amusement. Then they “went inside together”, as in: they acted as if they were going back to their room, but actually a couple of fans walked to the back of the hotel five minutes later and here he was, Louis, smoking with the lads, with Dandee nowehere to be seen. I have nothing on Eleanor but give me a few weeks and some club outings with fans involved.

One of my favorite historical anecdotes is still the time when John André had to share a bed with Henry “the Ox” Knox and they stayed up half the night telling stories and talking shit like honestly you two.

And then five years later Knox was on the panel that passed judgment on André’s due to his role in the Benedict Arnold fiasco. Talk about awwwwkward. Can you imagine how that conversation went?

Knox: “Oh hey, I shared a bed with that guy.”

Hamilton, Lafayette, Tallmadge, everybody and their mother within a twenty mile radius: “LUCKY!!”

The Signs as Stupid Things Harry has done

Aries: Taking out the Weasley car for a spin or several

Taurus: Buying literally everything from the trolley in first year

Gemini: “Who am I, Hedwig?”

Cancer: Asking Sirius dating advice on girls (honey, he’s very gay for remus don’t you understand)

Leo: Asking the MoM to sign his Hogsmeade permission form

Virgo: Performing random spells off a dark-ass mysterious book, with no idea about what they did.

Libra: Opening the two-way mirror, which would have literally kept Sirius alive, like, a year later. (actually five months but still)

Scorpio: Trusting Kreacher as to where Sirius was, or, following Draco around in the Half-Blood Prince

Sagittarius: Trying to convince Snape that his nickname was “Roonil Wazlib”

Capricorn: Sticking his wand up the troll’s nose

Aquarius: Taking his friends off to ride thestrals to the MoM, seriously

Pisces: Not figuring Remus “werewolf mcwerewolf” Lupin is a werewolf and being actually surprised

History Lessons

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request: “Can you do one where shy virgin luke has to tutor [Y/N] and things get steamy? P.S I love you so much you are my favorite writer on this website 😍😍”

a/n: thank you so much bug, i love you. i’m sorry i haven’t written much lately but i just haven’t felt like it.

masterlist | request 

Failing history was not exactly how you hoped your school year would go. It just didn’t make sense to you — memorizing dates and people’s names just seemed pointless to you, since you’d likely forget it in a week anyways. Tests from the last chapter were coming back today and you sighed when you saw the bright red F written at the top of your paper. If you failed another test, you’d have to take the class again next year. You sunk lower into your desk and listened to the teacher drone on about the Spanish Inquisition.

Forty-five boring minutes later and you were half asleep with an empty page of notes. Possibly, that was why you were failing, but you shook it off and began packing your bag. You felt someone tap your shoulder and you turned around to meet Luke Hemmings’ blue eyes, hidden behind thick-rimmed glasses.

“Hi, Y/N. I sit behind you and I couldn’t help b-but notice you failed the test. I could t-tutor you, if you wan-t-t?” He scratched the back of his neck as he waited for your response, not meeting your eyes.

“Luke!! That would literally save my life, and my schedule next year. Thank you so much!” You almost felt like hugging the frail boy, and he blushed and smiled, finally meeting your eyes.

You were walking out of the classroom by this point and you took out a pen and wrote your number on Luke’s outstretched forearm, the rolled-up sleeve of his plaid shirt pushed away from his arm. His face was a bright pink color, and he was still looking anywhere but at you. You smiled at him, and told him to text you for details later, and he scurried off to his next class, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he did so.

You waved goodbye to the boy that was more than likely going to save your academic career.

While driving home from school, you received a text from Luke, telling you that he was free this evening after six. You texted back with your address, and told him to come over whenever he felt like it. You ate dinner with your family and changed into more comfortable clothes, and then pulled up the Wikipedia article about the Spanish Inquisition. You didn’t want to seem completely ignorant, and you jotted down some notes on an index card to have ready when Luke came over.

Around 6:30, your doorbell rang and you rushed down the stairs to answer it before anyone else could. Luke was standing at your door, sans glasses, and in a black t-shirt and skinny jeans. He still waved at you shyly as you ushered him into your house and back up the stairs to your bedroom. You led Luke to sit down at your desk and closed the door behind you so you wouldn’t be disturbed.

“S-so, Y/N, what are you having trouble with?” Luke asked, gazing up into your eyes, which were analyzing him — you’d never looked at Luke like you were now. When he was at school, he was very different, his clothes were different as was his demeanor. Sitting at your desk chair with your open computer in front of him, he looked more at ease than he ever did at school. Something in your gut told you that Luke was picked on profusely at school, for being so smart, or wearing glasses. High school kids were vicious, and you felt sympathy for Luke, but also regretted that he’d faded into the background of your time in high school. You were pulled out of your thoughts when Luke snapped his fingers in front of your face, but blushed at his straightforwardness.

“Oh, uh, like dates and stuff. I don’t get why it’s all important. And the jokes that the teacher makes — I don’t get them, but you always do because I hear you laughing. I just find history really boring, so I don’t pay attention, and as you’ve seen, I do terribly on tests as a result,” By this point, you were rambling, but Luke was hanging on to every word that came out of your mouth.

“Okay…I laugh at the jokes because they’re actually funny and insightful, but that’s beside the point. To understand the Spanish Inquisition, you first have to know about what was going on in Spain at that time. Do you know what happened to get the Spanish government to that point, Y/N?” Luke asked you, but this time it was your turn to blush as you shook your head.

“None of it makes sense to me,” You sighed and looked into Luke’s eyes. His lips quirked up into a smirk and he turned to face your desk, where your book was open. He opened it up to the previous chapter and went about explaining what happened that led to the events your teacher was covering in class. Luke knew what he was talking about, even without the book. He was passionate, and always answered your questions when you had them. When he spoke, you watched his pink lips form the words his brain was telling him to speak, and you were mildly entranced. You’d never realized how entrancing a person could be when talking about their passion, and Luke’s was obviously European history.

Before you knew it, an hour had passed. Luckily, it was a Friday night, so you didn’t have to worry about Luke needing to be home by a certain time. He was covering the content quickly, but spoke about it in a way that made you feel like you finally understood it. He caught you up to what your teacher spoke about in class today, and then took you a few years past that. You jotted down notes as he went, but after a while, it was useless. You were instead watching Luke’s blue eyes bounce excitedly over the pages in front of him.

He stood up and stretched, pulling his shirt up briefly in the process. A line of sandy blonde hair disappeared into his skinny jeans and it made you lick your lips in wonder.

“Hey, Luke?” you asked him, looking up at him while he stretched. Your eyes were glued to the line of skin under his stretched out t-shirt, and he followed your line of sight and realized what you were looking at. He flushed pink and pulled his shirt back down.

“Yeah, Y/N?” Luke blinked down at you blankly as you formulated a plot in your head.

“Have you been kissed before?” you asked innocently, blinking dramatically as you held steady eye contact with Luke. If he was pink before, he was cherry red now. He started sputtering out what could’ve been words, but didn’t end up being words.

“It’s okay, Luke. I figure I could repay you, somehow…” you drew the last word out as you stood up, your shorter frame barely grazing Luke’s shoulder. You were standing beside him, and he was looking at you nervously as you looked at his face for any signs of uncertainty. You found none, and leaned into him, placing your hands on his biceps and leaned up to whisper in his ear, “is this okay?” he nodded frantically and your lips brushed his.

You weren’t expecting much out of the kiss, but Luke surprised you when he attempted to deepen the kiss, pulling you closer to him and resting his hand on your hip. His pink lips were working against yours, and you sighed into his open mouth when you slid your tongue in to meddle with his. He gasped slightly when he felt your tongue in his mouth, but if he was alarmed, he played it off well. You sucked on his tongue and he let out a groan. He pulled away from your mouth for a breath, and when your eyes met his, his were already sparking with lust.

His chest was heaving with his breaths and you took this as an opportunity to kiss his neck briefly and work a few hickeys just under the collar of his shirt and he groaned dramatically and canted his hips up into yours. You smiled to yourself — Luke was putty in your hands and you were loving it.

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Big Bang Reaction to getting caught cheating

Anon Requested:  Could i request a Big Bang reaction ?! =3 It’s really so hard to find blogs that write for big bang and that are active ! So ; A Reaction when you caught they cheating and take pictures of it to show him later when he comes home , after that you break up with they and trow out the ring they gave you?

Seungri: Tears were flowing down your face as you were clearly going over the speed limit, not that you cared, your heart was broken in half at the sight you had witnessed, your boyfriend of five years was kissing another female. You slammed your car door and raced up to the apartment you two shared. You began putting all your items in boxes quickly making your way back to your car to put them in.

“Ah Jagi, what’re you doing?” Seung hyun asked, closing his car door. 

“I’m leaving, have fun with whatever her name is.” You said coldly, slamming your passenger side door and quickly making way for your driver side door.

“Jagi, what-”

“Don’t play dumb! I saw you kissing her!” You yell, pulling out your phone to pull up the pictures you had taken. You shoved the phone in his face, tears welling up just by seeing his eyes widen and stare at you in shock. “That’s what I thought.” You quickly pull off the promise ring he had given you two years ago and placed it in his hands. “Goodbye.”

Daesung: He had been going well over the speed limit, whatever it was on this old back road. The windows were down rolled down and the air had messed up his already messy hair. “Goodbye Daesung.” Those words were replaying in his mind, slightly distracting himself from where he was going, he didn’t know himself. He never understood why he felt the need to cheat on you, he wasn’t unhappy, shoot you had made him the happiest he’s ever been at times but he hadn’t been in love with you for awhile now. So why did he find himself at the bar trying to pick up other women when he came home to you every night?

“Look at this picture I found.” Your voice calmly said as you placed the picture you had printed from your phone on his lap. You had caught him kissing another female when you were on your way home, he hadn’t even bothered to hide the fact that he was out and about with some blonde woman at the coffee shop you two always went to. “Tell the blonde to keep the ring.” You spoke dropping the ring Daesung had given you months prior to this moment. You walked away, never looking back and it was clear to him that you’d never come back either.

Taeyang: His eyes confessed everything when you showed him the picture your best friend sent you. “I’m sorry” was all he could say. He didn’t deny it, he didn’t try to say it wasn’t him. He accepted that he was caught and quickly apologized soon leaving you backstage standing alone as he had gone into his dressing room. You looked at the picture again, seeing the urgency of his kiss to the other woman. Her hair color opposite of yours, she was your complete opposite and she just so happened to be one of the backup dancers for his band. You went into the extra’s dressing room soon finding the mistress sitting with her two other friends while finishing up their makeup. Her eyes widened once she saw you walking towards her, her friends staying by her side with eyes just as wide as hers. You quickly slipped the ring off your finger handing it to her. “Since you’re so involved with Young bae make sure he gets this back.”

G-Dragon: He had explained to you why he did it, as if him cheating on you wasn’t enough he thought you had the right to know why. He went into detail, when he fell out of love with you, when he started thinking about his ex again, when he decided on speaking to her again then deciding to meet her at the nearby bar. What transpired during the drunken mistake at the bar that led to them retreating back to her place and soon the pictures were flooding the internet. His ex had the assumption that they were now back together so she took pictures of them in bed, his shirt clearly scattered somewhere in her house as you could see the straps of her bra that had her breasts pushed up in the picture. 

“Do you love her?” Ji yong shook his head giving you a quick no.

“Do you love me?” The response was slower but it was also the same as before.

Standing up you brought yourself to walk to Ji yong who was sitting across from you, you slipped off the ring he had given you a year ago and dropped it on his lap signalling the permanent end of your relationship.

T.O.P: Tears were rolling down his face as you stood across from him, phone locked in your hand as you were showing him the pictures you had taken when he thought he was home alone. It was a very attractive woman which didn’t help you feel better, him cheating made you feel like absolute garbage but the fact that it had been with someone like her made you feel like the low man on the totem pole.  Seung hyun couldn’t speak, he had just been shaking his head and fell back onto your shared bed that had been tainted with the memory etched in your brain. The way she had taken over his body like it had been hers all along, the way he let her touch him as if he wasn’t taken by someone else. “We’re over.” You spoke quietly. Tears falling down as you tried blinking them away. You slipped your ring off and placed it in his hands which were trembling. It pained you to see him like this but not as much as it pained you to catch him. “Goodbye Seung hyun.”

Reasons why I love Rik Mayall:

  • Did his own stunts
  • Amazing dramatic actor but stuck to comedy most times because it was more fun
  • Once found out the women in Comic Strip Presents got paid half as much as the men, promptly demanded they get paid equally
  • Was dead for five days, came back to life, was back writing comedy a year later despite still getting over his injuries
  • Wasn’t afraid to be affectionate with his male friends in the 80s and looked down on emotionless machomen culture
  • Openly identified as a feminist
  • Literally the second coming of Jesus
  • Everything he ever wrote mocked homophobes, racists and misogynists
  • Once drove several hours from the city to the countryside just to give Ade Edmondson a hug
  • Blue eyes of an angel
  • Looked fantastic in a Victorian suit
  • So hot that everyone in Lord Of Misrule couldn’t keep from commenting on it including his straight male friends
  • Like really hot you guys
  • Extremely vain and self-important but still a kind and genuine person 
  • Used his status as a rich and famous white man to fight against conservative government that were hurting lower classes and minorities
  • Advocated against criminalising drug addicts, despite never doing drugs himself
  • Called Ade “Eddie Monsoon” and I dunno I just find that really funny
  • Never made a secret about being sad that Ade left comedy but still supported his career choices and they never stopped being best friends, defying the usual falling out story one expects from these things
  • His last name is pronounced Mail but it isn’t spelled that way
  • His name is spelled Rik instead of Rick but his most famous character is called Rick seriously even his name trolls people
  • Was still throwing himself about on cars and shit even when he was almost 60 and could have just hired a stunt double
  • When he woke up from his coma he had brain damage and amnesia and couldn’t remember his own name or who he or his family was but he still remembered Ade
  • Comedy friendships give me a lot of feelings shut up
  • How good were his performances on Jonathan Creek tho
  • Like I’ve read that his second episode is where some fans say the show jumped the shark but like what? Shut up that ep was amazing
  • He was really good with kids and I don’t like kids but if a guy is good with kids it means he’s got a lot of kindness and patience and fun in him and it’s really cute
  • His wife was a lucky bitch to be honest like HOW DARE SHE HOG THE BEST MAN EVER
  • I know he’s ludicrously older than me and also dead and from England, shut up
  • Probably secretly an elf or some shit cos come on guys aren’t that naturally hot 

Last week we were having some unusually nice weather so a few of us loaded up with beverages, some snacks and headed for the river. To cold to get in the water, however it was still nice to be in the sun wearing our swimsuits. Of course it wasn’t long before Cindy wet herself while sitting in the boat. The crotch of her white bikini was pretty well yellowed, even before we took this photo.

Cindy is sexy and has one of those nice twenty five year old butts that are always a pleasure to notice. The drying wet patch, reaching half way up the crack of her beautiful ass, made the afternoon even nicer. Later she used a tiny skirt to partially hide her peed bikini when we stopped at the club for hors d’oeuvres and dancing. The drinks flowed, but I never noticed her going to the ladies room. Another lady that thinks wetting her pants is sexy.
Hope Springs Early, but Not Eternal, for the Deadnettle — or for Us
A naturalist in England found the early-blooming plant had moved up its schedule by nearly two months — a foreboding sign of a warming climate.
By A. Hope Jahren


The deadnettle is the Punxsutawney Phil of the plant world: short of stature but stout of heart. At the first hint of winter’s wane, its stem rises from the ground and a green, grasping hand of sepals unclenches to divulge two silky-white petals, one of which unfurls straight up toward the sky.

I am not the only scientist to be struck by the power and meaning of Lamium album in bloom. A naturalist named Richard Fitter walked the fields of Oxfordshire, England, for more than half a century, faithfully recording the first flowering dates of 385 plant species.

Years later, when his son Alastair analyzed the data, he found that the 1990s marked a significant change on our warming planet — that hundreds of plants were, on average, flowering five days earlier than they had been during the four decades that had gone before.

And it was the unassuming little deadnettle that stood out the most: its first flowering had been pushed back by a whopping 55 days. Since the 1990s, Lamium album has marked winter’s end, on average, by Jan. 23 — the day the plant looks up and declares its flower shop open for business.

Back in the 1950s, it did not bloom before March.

The long days of summer are the true theater of nature, its rising action having been blocked across eons of evolution. While both plants and animals awaken via distinct changes in metabolic functioning, most plants prefer to err on the side of caution, waiting for hints of full-on summer before they bloom.

Because of you and me, and the 10 billion tons of carbon that we put into the atmosphere last year, the flowers of the near future must rely more and more on dumb luck as their tried-and-true blooming strategies leave them stranded and vulnerable to the unnatural climate that we have foisted upon them.

This spring, take time to smell the flowers, and consider how not long after their luck runs out for good, ours will too.

You're never too old

Today, I saw a scrawny elder lady pushing herself in a wheelchair. I walked outside in my AoT cosplay (Eren), and I asked her if she needed help. She said “yes and thank you”. So I was pushing her and about a few feet later I jokingly asked" How fast do you wanna go?“ She grabbed her armrests, turned her head to speak and said” Run like Armin is about to be eaten.“ I smiled the biggest smile in forever and pushed this 50 year old lady five fucking blocks running at full speed. Her and I had such a great time talking about our favorite animes and laughing at some really bad anime jokes. Just imagine this fifty year old lady joking about Marco being half the man he was. Her name was Marie and she is the greatest lady in the history of all histories.

I just wanted to take a minute to share this. On the left was at my college graduation party, in October of 2011. The right is today, 5 years and 1 month later. Half of a decade has passed since I was that person on the left and it’s almost impossible to believe. Five years, wow…in that time I have changed so many things in my life. I ended a relationship/engagement that made me ultimately miserable. I cut out drinking and partying more often than not. I also got LASIK surgery and ditched the glasses, too. I spent time with myself being single & figuring out what made Autumn, well, Autumn. I learned to love myself and make myself happy, and then I met Shawn. He’s the only human I ever want to spend my life with. You’ve got to love yourself before anyone else but that makes it all the sweeter. I’ve learned just how to fuel my body & feed it healthily while still enjoying life and food in general. Additionally, I have fallen in love with fitness; CrossFit to be more specific. And I was finally able to free myself from the loose, excess skin that comes with major weight loss. I have spent this last half of a decade making a better version of myself. And I can promise that I will only improve from here.😌

Five Minutes More

[title]: Five Minutes More

[pairing]: 1940s!Bucky x Reader

[summary]: Bucky finally gets a date with the Reader after a year and a half of asking. Based off of Five Minutes More by Frank Sinatra.

[warnings]: none

[a/n]: this fic is so cliche and it’s been done a million times but it’s cute and im lame so…

{Listen to Five Minutes More by Frank Sinatra here}

Also if the only song you know from the 1940s is Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and you got there from Pitch Perfect 2 and/or Pentatonix, I strongly recommend looking into more of the music because it’s gorgeous and it makes me swoon.

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           A year and a half. Bucky had been waiting this specific Saturday for a year and a half.

           The predicament that Bucky Barnes had found himself in was one rather cliche for most folks’ taste, but it was sweet nonetheless.

           His insufferable confidence and swagger was due to fail on some girl sooner or later, but why it had to be the most beautiful thing that Bucky had ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on, he could not figure out. He had tried nearly everything he knew. He had given her the sweetest compliments in the book, flashed her his fail proof smirk millions of times, showed off whenever he could in front of her, he had even left her roses on her doorstep. But nothing had worked, not until last Tuesday.

           She worked in Steve and Bucky’s favorite diner, making it easy for Bucky to see her everyday, considering he’d know exactly where she’d be.

           A small smile tugged on her lips as she saw Bucky stride into the cute diner. Her hands landed on her hips as she looked up at him with that gorgeous half smile that he adored.

           “Well if it isn’t Bucky Barnes,” she spoke, directing her eyes back to the table that she was clearing. He smirked back at her.

           “You know what I was thinking today Doll?”

           “I don’t know Barnes, what?”

           “You, me, dancing on Saturday,” he proposed, feeling like those same words had passed his lips an uncountable amount of times before. [y/n] tapped her chin lightly, as if she was pondering the proposition.

           “I’m busy,” she replied, carrying the empty plates behind the counter and piling them into the sink. Bucky’s eyes followed her. She blurted the lame excuse out as if she had only just thought of it, but Bucky remembered quite vividly that she had said the same thing last week and the one before.

           “No, you’re not.”

           “I’m really that transparent?”

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You ever get that feeling when walking through a dark space, where cognitively you know there’s nothing there but shadows and yourself, but you subconscious is whispering run?

I left for work five minutes early this morning. As a result, I was the first one to the library. Evidently the custodian is coming in later today, so I was completely alone.

I’m used to this on weekends, when I’m nearly always the first one in, and I’ve grown to enjoy the slightly spooky emptiness of a darkened library in the mid afternoon.
This was a little different.

The closer it gets to December, the darker it is in the mornings. I turned on the workroom lights, sure, but even a year and a half later I still haven’t figured out the lights for the main floor. They’re buttons rather than switches, you see. So I left those alone and went to grab a book to read before my shift started, making my way by emergency lights that stay on all night.

It was…darker than I was expecting it to be. We had our HVAC replaced, so you don’t hear Jumanji drums from the air vents anymore, or the sounds of phantom doors opening and closing (man that old air conditioning unit was weird) But somehow, silence is eerier.

I finished the book (I’d been working on it over a series of weeks before shifts) and went to put it back. And as I passed the stacks, where adult fiction fades into an inky blackness that the grey windows only barely cut through, I got that tight-chest, hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck-standing-up sensation, and broke into a run.

It was quite silly, of course, but generally speaking, humans don’t like the dark. Perhaps because of the idea that if we can’t see into it, we have no way of knowing whether something is lurking back there, watching us. I headed back to the workroom and once again felt the need to run past the stacks, like walking would have been a bad idea.

I slowed when I neared the emergency lights and spoke aloud, to remind myself that this was all quite silly. “Imagine that,” I said, annoyed at the quiver in my tones, “Me, with a case of the spooks!”

If I were a character in a book or movie, this is where some monster would invariably pop up. Thankfully, this is real life. Nonetheless, I got the creepy crawly feeling again and hurried back into the brightly lit workroom, and didn’t stop hurrying until I was safely in the kitchen where my coffee was waiting.

Funny how things like that happen, isn’t it?


The wall clocks at my parents are multiplying to dangerous levels already. Pendulum swings and mechanical clicks, bells and whistles every half hour, there’s no way you can sleep in this vintage exhibition room which happens to be also the guest room. Unless you wait until the rest of the house starts snoring then sneak behind every one of these doomsday devices and, slowly but with a steady hand, keep its pendulum in place until smothered it gives up clicking and chiming. Twenty five kills later it’s finally off to beddy byes… but don’t worry, there are another ten or so clocks in the rest of the house, no risk time would stop flowing. And no, I didn’t make up the numbers and the pictures above should prove it. You’ll notice above also a beer photo, nothing extraordinary here I know, but worth mentioning as I had it already half a year beyond its expiry date. Vintage beers deserve to go down the drain most of the time but this Zăganu IPA pulled out a nice surprise. A Romanian brew originally of fairly fine quality turned with age into a Berliner weisse impersonator: fruity and tart, fizzy almost gushing, refreshing and still bitter… fully enjoyable and not only for the surprise factor.

5 Years Later

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Pairing: past Crowley x Reader
Word count: 1,106
Warnings: Angst

Epilogue to Lost it All

It had been five years since Crowley last saw you. The day that you’d found out about the other woman being pregnant. The day that you refused to try anymore. He was now a single father to a four and a half year old little boy. When his mother realized that he had no intentions of making her queen, she walked out, having no desire to be a mother in the long run. Not if she wasn’t getting what she felt she was due.

He’d heard through the grapevine that about six months after you left, that Dean Winchester was dead. He had no feelings one way or the other about his death. On the one hand, they had some fun together, and he’d been an ally once or twice through the years. On the other, he’d found him in bed with you. A small part of him was envious of whoever managed to get their hands on the hunter.

“Daddy!” His son’s voice broke him from his thoughts, making him look down. “I’m hungry.” He stated simply.

Crowley gave him a small smile, and nodded. “Let’s get something for lunch, shall we?” He motioned down the street where there was a sign for a diner. “How does pizza sound?”

His son’s face lit up. “Can we get extra cheese and pepperoni?”

“Of course we can. Share a chocolate milkshake, as well?” He asked as they made their way down the sidewalk. Despite the ache he still felt at the loss of you, and his marriage, Donovan was able to brighten his day no matter what. He was a good kid, but it was clear that he was the Prince of Hell. He’d gone through six nannies in his short life span already. They either quit, went missing, or Donovan got a bit short with them.

He held the door open for Donovan and followed him inside moments later. Just as they sat, he heard a laugh that he thought he’d never hear again. Swallowing, he glanced to where it was coming from. Just two tables away he saw you, fawning over a little boy about the age of three, and clearly pregnant. He saw no one with you, but judging by the second drink, and plate, your company was elsewhere. Your left was to him, and he saw the jewelry on your finger, worsening the pain in his chest.

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This is the order of Steve and Tony’s relationship:


First time



Heartbreaking love confessions after traumatic incident

Perfect little family

Near Death Experience



It took twelve years, five Avengers, Pepper Potts and their six-year-old daughter asking about their first date for them to realise they’d never been on one.

Bucky had to leave the room because he couldn’t stop laughing.

A week later Steve took Tony out on a ‘date’.

Which, half way through said date, Tony realised it was his first date EVER.