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December 4 Super Dream Concert (SBS) 00:15AM
December 6 PENTAGON Mini Concert [TENTASTIC- Vol.1] 8:00pm KST
December 7 Release PENTAGON 2ND mini album FIVE SENSES 0:00 KST
December 7 HeyoTV Super Rookie Pentagon Private life EP.1 10:00pm KST
December 10 PENTAGON Showcase in Japan
December 10 (Broadcast) KNN Good Day Concert 2016 7:30pm KST  
December 12 Sbs Power FM Lee GukJoo Young street radio 8:00pm KST
December 14 MBC Show champion 7:00pm KST
December 14 HeyoTV Super Rookie Pentagon’s Private life EP.2 10:00pm KST
December 15 MNET M!Countdown 6:00pm KST
December 15 Sound K Radio 8:00pm KST
December 16 KBS Music Bank 5:00pm KST
December 16 FIVE SENSES 1st fansign Dongja Art Hall 7:30pm KST
December 17 MBC Music core 3:45pm KST
December 18 FIVE SENSES 2nd fansign S-Plex Center 3:00pm KST
December 19 Charity Event at Space 20 3:00pm KST
December 20 Arirang After School Club 1:00 pm KST
December 20 FIVE SENSES 3rd fansign 6:30pm KST    
December 21 HeyoTV Super Rookie Pentagon’s Private life EP.3 10:00pm KST
December 21 MBC Show champion 7:00pm KST
December 22   MNET M!Countdown 6:00pm KST
December 23  KBS Music Bank 5:00pm KST
December 23  FIVE SENSES 4th fansign
December 24  FIVE SENSES 5th fansign
December 25  KBS Cool FM Lee HongKi Kiss the Radio  10:00pm KST
December 26 SAF SBS Gayo Daejun 8:55pm KST
December 28  KBS2TV Music Video Bank 1am KST
December 28 HeyoTV Super Rookie Pentagon’s Private life EP.4 10:00pm KST
December 29 FIVE SENSES 6th fansign 7:00pm KST 
December 31 TV5 New year’s eve countdown (Manila, Philippines)

>>JANUARY 2017

✩ January 1 SBS Inkigayo 12:10pm KST
✩ January 5 MBC Everyone Doni’s Hitmaker (Jinho &Hui) 6:00pm KST
✩ January 5 MNET M countdown 6:00pm KST
✩ January 6 KBS Music Bank 5:00pm KST
✩ January 6 FIVE SENSES 7th fansign 8:00pm KST    
✩ January 7 MBC Music core 3:50pm KST
✩ January 8 SBS Inkigayo 12:10pm KST
✩ January 8 FIVE SENSES 8th fansign 5:00pm KST  
✩ January 12  MNET M countdown 6:00pm KST
✩ January 13 KBS Music Bank 5:00pm KST
✩ January 14 MBC Music core 3:50pm KST
✩ January 15 SBS Inkigayo 12:10pm KST
✩ January 16 Lee HongKi  Kiss the radio (Jinho and Shinwon) 10:00pm KST
✩ January 18 MBC Show Champion 7:00pm KST
✩ January 19  MNET M countdown 6:00pm KST
✩ January 20 KBS Music Bank 5:00pm KST  

After this, #SHINee’s release of the new album #FIVE today at 10:00 A.M., don’t miss the interview with all 5 members!♪ #761 morning #lovefm #shinee

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but when he slept. The young Irishsman lay curled up under the pineapple under a stepladder on the marble tiles of a tan man imbibed by the furry through you, but I also want to offer :(. the force Luke.


i present you: teresa ting as cassandra cain

idea from @alaricehawthorne

she’s a chinese american actress

fit as fuck (because she’s a dancer)


“Teresa was submerged into the world of martial arts at 6 years of age by her father whose idol is the legendary Bruce Lee. She first started her training in Taekwondo for eight years, attaining her 3rd degree black belt. At an early age she became a lover of Kung-fu and action flicks. “

i mean look at this

is that not cass cain material

it IS


*randomly puts leg in air* i want everyone to consider her as cassandra cain

(also irrelevant but she’s also a figure skating coach i mean, what kind of goals)

Prompt #1

Prompt: @drinking-thestars
Farkle is in Romeo in Juliette and Riley is jealous

Riley’s POV
He wasn’t answering my texts. I was starting to get a little worried. This was the longest he’d ever gone without answering.
Riley: Hey
Riley: Hello?
Riley: Farkle? Where r u?
Riley: R u dead?
Riley: ?! Farkle answer me!
One missed call at 8:38pm
One missed call at 8:39pm
One missed call at 10:00pm
One missed call at 11:04pm
Five missed calls at 00:12am
Riley: Farkle?
Riley: That’s it! I don’t care what time it is I’m coming over!

I snuck out my window and rushed over to his building. It took about five minutes and as soon as I entered the elevator I knew something had changed.
I was half expecting to hear his parents arguing as I stood outside his door.
I didn’t know what I should do. Suddenly the door opened and out he came looking down at his phone. He almost walked into me.
He looked surprised and at the same time relieved. He put away his phone and just stood in front of me inquisitively.
“I was just about to call you. What’s up?” He asked as if he hadn’t just been M.I.A for the past 7 hours.
“Where the hell where you?” I say loudly.
“Hell?” He raises his eyebrows. “I was at rehearsal.” He shrugs.
I’m about to say something when he turns around opens the door and invites me in.
He puts a finger to his mouth and takes my hand.
The feeling of his hand in mine makes me shiver. It’s not a bad feeling.
He drags me slowly to his room, being cautious not to make too much noise.
I close the door behind me as he jumps on his bed not taking his eyes off me. He looks at me like he’s trying to figure something out.
“You were about to say something.” He says breaking the silence.
I stand there trying to remember I was mad a minute ago.
“Yeah. So you were to busy to answer me? And what kind of person has a rehearsal till midnight?” I whispered feeling the anger boiling up again.
“Chelsea could only rehearse with me then. Chill Riley! What’s up?”
I look at him. I don’t know why but suddenly I feel bad. My stomach feels like it’s been turned upside down and I feel angry and sad.
Chelsea. Pretty Chelsea who so obviously like Farkle. She’s always being nice. Even to the people who hurt her friends. She’s like a better version of me. What if Farkle decides to be friends with her?
At that moment it’s like my body was on autopilot.
“Nothing. Well maybe you shouldn’t come get me tomorrow. Try and fit a rehearsal.” I was walking to the door when I turned around.“You know what? Just spend all day rehearsing. It’s not like I need you.”
I knew he was hurt but my body just kept walking out the door and back home.

Farkle’s POV

Why did she say that? I kept wracking my brain for an explanation. Needless to say I had no sleep.
Something was wrong and she wanted to talk to me. She was upset for some reason and now…
She basically told me not to speak to her tomorrow or ever but she knows I won’t respect that. Right? My brain was starting to get foggy. I had to talk to her.
I got my stuff and walked to her house.
The fire escape was silent which meant: window was closed. I climbed up to her window and as soon as I got there all I wanted to do was kill the person hurting her. She was crying in Maya’s arms. I became furious. Whoever was making her unhappy would suffer. I walked furiously to school.

Maya’s POV

His back was against the wall. He was waiting for me to come out. When I was at a sufficient distance from him, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me away from the class.
He’d dragged me into an empty classroom and looked like he was about to yell at me.
“What’s wrong with Riley?” He said almost yelling
“She’s…” I started
“I want to know who’s hurt her!”
“She’s jealous.” I said calmly watching his reaction.
“Of what?” He asked me calmer than before.
I shook my head and left.

Riley’s POV

Maya and Lucas were trying to cheer me up but I knew the only person that could cheer me up preferred her.
I picked at my food, not really eating it.
He wasn’t even eating with her. He wasn’t anywhere. Maybe he took what I said to literally.
I wasn’t going to eat much more so I left leaving Zay with them.
The hall was empty for a while and then suddenly it wasn’t. A bunch of girls were gathered around some guy. As I walked closer I realised who he was. Farkle. He was wearing his Romeo and Juliette costume.
He smiled at a girl and then when he saw me his smile faded. He tried coming to me but the girls blocked him.
I stormed off.

Farkle’s POV

“Riley! Talk to me! What did I do?”
She looked at me with a frown.
“Riley, tell me! What did I do?”
She mumbled something unintelligible. She looked at me and when she saw me she repeated, plunging her eyes in mine.
“You make me jealous.”
I don’t understand at first. Why me?
“Me? Why?”
“Not exactly you more the girls around you.”
She still hadn’t moved her gaze.
“What do you mean?” I asked shakily
“Farkle–"she stopped mid sentence.
I turned around and there stood Chelsea smiling. I turned back to Riley who was scowling.
She got up and walked away, pushing Chelsea by the shoulder without even glancing back at her.
I’ve never seen her be so rude. I didn’t understand. I felt like the answer was staring at me in the face.
Chelsea was still beaming at me. I apologised for Riley and went after her.
She was exactly where I thought she would be, the roof. She was staring down at the street a sad expression on her face.
I stood next to her leaning on the wall, eyes to the street below. She didn’t look up or flinch.
"Riley?” I whispered turning to her.
She stayed still but nodded.
“Why are you jealous of Chelsea?” I whispered.
She seemed taken aback and stared at me in disbelief.
It was starting to get dark. We stared at each other in silence for a minute.
The sparkle that was usually in her eyes wasn’t there.
Suddenly I realised how close we were. I could count all of her eyelashes. I could detail her eyebrows and eyes.
She was trying to steady her breath and so was I.
“Riley, why are you jealous of Chelsea?” I repeated softly
She closed her eyes and whispered something that made my heart skip a beat literally.
“Because she gets to kiss you.”
She opened her eyes to see my reaction. Immediately and without thinking I cupped her face and pulled her face closer.
I could feel her breath and mine mingling. My heart was beating so hard. It felt like it was going to explode. In a good way.
When our lips touched it was like floating. It was soft at first and then it started getting more passionate. One of my hands moved to the small of her back, pulling her closer, the other was in her hair. Her left hand was gripping the belt loop on my hip. Her right hand was on my neck pulling me down more and more. It was starting to hurt my neck so I pushed her against the door to the stairs and put my hand on each side of her. She wrapped her arms around my neck.
She didn’t want to break the kiss and neither did I. It was like floating. I never wanted to stop.
She took her lips iff mine but kept her forehead against me. We were both out of breath and panting.
“You can be sure that I won’t kiss anyone ever like that.” I whispered
She giggled and planted a soft kiss on my lips before taking my hand and dragging me towards her house, and into her room.

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okay, so I’m gonna just capitalize every letter and take out the dash because idk of any songs that start with that

  • Fools Gold - Fitz & the Tantrums
  • Buy the Stars - Marina and the Diamonds
  • Piano Man - Billy Joel
  • Hollow - Cloudeater
  • End of All Time - Stars of Track and Field
  • 100 Years - Five for Fighting 
  • 3 AM - Matchbox Twenty

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i cant believe this fucking show . this fucking. show. called samurai flamenco

  • basically starts out as a superhero show
  • in which a guy, who is a model, is obsessed with superheroes since he was a kid decides to be a vigilante
  • and his friend (and later boyfriend) a police man helps him out
  • when suddenly he goes form being a regular boring vigilante to a real superhero
  • fighting against real super villains (opm like)
  • along with his companions the three magical school girls who also kick men in their crotch as punishment
  • which is basically bc the girls’ leader, a popstar, is obsessed with magical school girls and cosplay
  • and the girls are gay and love each other
  • and the main character ends up with his policeman bf
  • after a lot of angst
  • and aliens
  • he also becomes a power ranger
  • but they can also transform all together into a giant robot
  • so they’re basically voltron
  • but ,no offense gayer 

and if this hasnt convinced you yet, look at this shit

and my gay cosplay loving girls

and of course the main couple

  • i’m serious its so good
  • it’s also on netflix!!
  • and only has 22 episodes
Disney XD July 2016 Synopsis

Saturday, July 2

Original Series – Episode Premiere

The 7D “Smarty Tooth / Surely, You Jest”

(9:30 – 10:00 A.M. EDT)

“Smarty Tooth” – After the Glooms swipe Doc’s Smarty Tooth, the 7D must work together to get it back before Doc’s “smartiness” is gone forever.

*George Takei (“Star Trek”) guest stars as Dr. Sweet Tooth, Jollywood’s cheery dentist

“Surely, You Jest” – When the Queen decides to hire a Court Jester, the Glooms suggest their witty Crystal Ball.

*Jay Leno recurs as Crystal Ball.


Saturday, July 9

Original Series – Episode Premiere

The 7D “Hop to It, Dopey! / What Are You, Five?”

(9:30 – 10:00 A.M. EDT)

“Hop to It, Dopey!” – While trying to stop Little Bunny Foo Foo from bopping the field mice, Dopey stumbles into the lair of Jollywood’s most powerful Sorcerer.

“What Are You, Five?” – Hildy casts a spell that turns the 7D into five-year-olds.


Monday, July 11

Original Series – Season Two Episode Premiere

Star vs. The Forces of Evil “My New Wand! / Ludo In The Wild”

(10:30 – 11:00 A.M. EDT)

“My New Wand!” – Star must learn how to free Marco from a magically locked closet without using her new wand.

*Jeffrey Tambor (“Transparent”) reprises his role as Glossaryck.

“Ludo In The Wild” – When Ludo is thrown into nature, he must overcome the elements and creatures of the wilderness to survive.


Saturday, July 16

Original Series – Episode Premiere

The 7D “Bedknobs and Gloomsticks /Take Care of Your Elf”

(9:30 – 10:00 A.M. EDT)

“Bedknobs and Gloomsticks” – When termites infest the castle, Queen Delightful shows up at the 7D’s cottage in hopes of taking a much-needed nap.

“Take Care of Your Elf” – After Grumpy offends every elf in Jollywood, he and Doc set out to convince the elves to come back to town.


Monday, July 18

Original Series – Episode Premiere

Star vs. The Forces of Evil “Mr. Candle Cares / Red Belt”

(10:30 – 11:00 A.M. EDT)

“Mr. Candle Cares” – Star rebels after the school guidance counselor, Mr. Candle, insists that her future is set in stone.

*Dave “Gruber” Allen (“Freaks and Geeks”) guest stars as Mr. Candle and Rider Strong (“Boy Meets World”) reprises his role as Star’s ex-boyfriend Tom.

“Red Belt” – Marco finally decides to focus on earning his red belt in karate.


Monday, July 18

Original Series – Episode Premiere

Pickle and Peanut “What Lies Beneath / The Rat King Moves In”

(11:00 – 11:30 A.M. EDT)

“What Lies Beneath” – Pickle and Peanut dig up the carpet at Pickle’s house and discover something fun and destructive.

“The Rat King Moves In” – When Peanut and the Rat King trade places, Peanut finds that ruling a legion of minions is cooler that he thought it would be.

*Chord Overstreet (“Glee”) guest stars as Scampi.


Saturday, July 23

Original Series – Episode Premiere

The 7D “7D and the Beast / Game of Grumpy”

(9:30 – 10:00 A.M. EDT)

“7D and the Beast” – Doc and the gang set out to solve the mystery of the missing Baroness Bonbon.

“Game of Grumpy” – At his family reunion, Grumpy is hailed as a hero and leader of the 7D.

*Jay Mohr (“Jerry Maguire”) guest stars as King Groucherooney, Grumpy’s cantankerous cousin.

Monday, July 25

Original Series – Episode Premiere

Star vs. The Forces of Evil “Star on Wheels / Fetch”

(10:30 – 11:00 A.M. EDT)

“Star on Wheels” – When Marco teaches Star how to ride a bike but forgets to tell her about brakes, he teams up with Oskar and Glossaryck to save her.

“Fetch” – A mysterious stray dog steals Star’s wand and refuses give it back.


Monday, July 25

Original Series – Special Half-Hour Episode Premiere

Pickle and Peanut “Australia Pts. 1 and 2″

(11:00 – 11:30 A.M. EDT)

When Peanut’s uncle’s uncle leaves him an inheritance, he and Pickle must cross the Australian Outback in order to retrieve it.


Saturday, July 30

Original Series – Episode Premiere

The 7D “Bummer Vacation /They Growl By Night”

(9:30 – 10:00 A.M. EDT)

“Bummer Vacation” – Trouble ensues when the Glooms and the 7D vacation at the same seaside resort.

*Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne guest star as Hildy’s parents, the Duke and Duchess of Drear.

“They Growl By Night” – When a grizzly bear goes missing, it’s up to Dopey and Grumpy to solve the mystery.

Me every fucking night
  • 7 pm: I'm so tired, I'm gonna go to bed early tonight
  • 9 pm: okay here I go!!!
  • 10 pm: just like five more minutes
  • 12 am: this did not go to plan but if I go to bed right this second I'm not the worst person ever
  • 2 am: oh fuck it

Saturday 5:00 AM- Opening Celebration!
Saturday 6:00 AM- Mindcrack Server
Saturday 7:00 AM- The Building Game
Saturday 8:00 AM- Dance Dance Revolution
Saturday 9:00 AM- GOB Live
Saturday 10:00 AM- NBA 2K16
Saturday 11:00 AM- JackBox Party Pack 2
Saturday 12:00 PM- Guitar Hero Live
Saturday 1:00 PM- Mindcrack Server
Saturday 3:00 PM- Destiny
Saturday 5:00 PM- Breakfast w/ Mindcrackers!      
Saturday 5:30 PM- Team Nancy Drew GTA V
Saturday 7:30 PM- Super Fight! 
Saturday 8:30 PM- 5 Guys eat 5 Guys                          
Saturday 9:00 PM- Minecraft Story Mode
Saturday 11:00 PM- Charity UHC
Sunday 2:00 AM- Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Sunday 3:00 AM- The Sims
Sunday 5:00 AM- Lego Building
Sunday 6:00 AM- Five Nights at Freddies
Sunday 7:00 AM- JackBox Party Pack 2
Sunday 8:00 AM- Charades
Sunday 8:30 AM- GMOD
Sunday 10:00 AM- FIFA
Sunday 11:00 AM- Ultimate Chicken Horse
Sunday 12:00 PM- Settlers of Catan
Sunday 2:00 PM- Rare Replay
Sunday 3:00 PM- Super Fight!
Sunday 5:00 PM- Breakfast w/ Mindcrackers!
Sunday 5:30 PM- Ark: Survival
Sunday 7:30 PM- Guitar Hero Live!
Sunday 8:30 PM- Charades            
Sunday 9:00 PM- Mindcrack Server
Sunday 11:00 PM- Bonus Charity UHC 2!
Monday 2:00 AM- UHC Recap                        
Monday 3:00 AM- Halo
Monday 4:30 AM- Closing Ceremonies

I hope this is helpful to someone!