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Voltron goes back to it’s Toei Super Sentai Roots in Season 4

So in Episode 4 (or 11 if you go by the idea that this is still part of the 3rd season) The Voltron Show! We get to see some of Toei’s influence and the influence of Super Sentai into the Voltron Series. 

As most know Voltron (Go Lion) was created by Toei Animation. Toei is also the company that created Super sentai (or Power Rangers) and used some of that in Go lion back in the day. (Five man band, the one chick in pink, poses, monster of the week, etc.) 

So Studio Mir and Dreamworks seemed to want to give a nod to this past in giving us an episode where they used the tradition of the Super Sentai stage show (used to promote the series that is playing, coming out, or just finished) to kids and fans alike. These shows are pretty much action plays, and what the group is doing on stage, is what they are like. 

I’d like to note that there are several poses that show up and from which Super Sentai Shows they are referencing. 

Flashman was an early series from Toei. The funny thing is that Allura is taking on Green’s role and Pidge is taking on allura’s pink. This is rather significant because back in the day there was only normally one female and she was pink, white or once in a while blue. It was only when Power Rangers made it two girls that the other girl usually took on yellow. Also a nod to the fact that Pidge in Go lion is male as is the green ranger here. 

While this one is based on the Second Season of Power Rangers, I have a feeling it’s also based upon Zyuranger (power Ranger’s name in Japan) and possibly one of the poses that was done in promtion of the series. 

Goggle V is one of the earlier series, and Voltron outright copied this one. 

I can’t for the life of me tell which one this one is from. It’s not Jaqk (one of the earliest sentai series) but it seems rather to be one of the older series. Not sure. If anyone knows what series this pose is from, please let me know. 

So yeah…there you go. Power Rangers in Voltron. 

In a world where Symmetra has interactions
  • Zenyatta: You recite the mantra of illusory life and death, yet work for a corporation motivated by physical gain.
  • Symmetra: A mind unburdened is easier to enlighten, wouldn't you say? A cleaner, better world is the first step.
  • --
  • Symmetra: How can someone so hyperactive be quite possibly the most balanced one here?
  • Tracer: Dunno! I just like to let loose and enjoy life, I guess!
  • --
  • Sombra: You should get a life outside of your work.
  • Symmetra: You should live your life entirely outside of yours.
  • --
  • Zarya: Could you make a construct so heavy I could not lift it?
  • Symmetra: I would have to ascertain there is something you cannot lift, first.
  • --
  • Hanzo: I want to ask you: Is the path you walk in life one you know is right?
  • Symmetra: I can only believe it is right. Though even that...
  • --
  • Symmetra: How can you so gratuitously waste money blowing up your mech?
  • D.Va: Chill out, I got sponsor money for days!
  • --
  • D.Va: It's kinda weird chatting with somebody my BFF hates.
  • Symmetra: And his feelings should affect yours because?
  • --
  • Symmetra: ... I mean, a peg leg, really? I could make a prosthe--
  • Junkrat: Don't even think about touchin' me!
  • --
  • Doomfist: It is easy to understand. We cannot attain higher ground if we are complacent, and unchallenged.
  • Symmetra: It is easy to understand. We cannot attain higher ground if we are chaotic, and dead.
  • --
  • Mercy: I know you might not hear this much, but, I truly admire your ideals of a world to benefit all, Ms. Vaswani.
  • Symmetra: But it is your selfless desire to help others that is to be praised, Doctor Ziegler.
Reblog if a band has somehow changed your life for the better

People don’t usually understand this 

You know that feeling you get when you hear a band for the first time? Where you hear the first few seconds of a song, and you just want more. And after you fell in love with them. And you just love everything about them. The songs. The lyrics. The voices. Do you ever wish that you could go back to the first time you ever heard a band? Just so you can feel that feeling again. Just so you can relive all of the amazing feelings that this band gave you.

Tony Stark equipping Peter Parker with his parachute is the superhero equivalent of packing your kid a sandwhich for school