Não percebe?
Eu quero que fique.
Eu quero permanecer.
Quando colocar meus braços
ao teu redor, é na tentativa
de te fazer imune dos gestos vazios,
dos amores falsos que tentam te cegar,
e eu quero que me enxergue,
que perceba que posso
e quero ser
o teu lar.

omnia causa fiunt

At the Same Level.

Author: b0blegum

Pairing: Choi Youngjae x Reader

Rating: PG (but who wants their parents to read this with them tho, just read at your own risk lmao)

Genre: Smutty-Fluff


Part: One-Shot

a/n okay, so this is actually requested by @fannyfransiscaaa. I don’t know if she’d like this as much as i do, but let’s just hope this is also her cup of tea x

Saturday, 9pm.

Nothing much different than any other weekends. The apartment is quiet. You, reading a book you haven’t got the chance to finish it since last month and Youngjae, your flat-mate, busy clicking mouse and torturing the keypad with eyes locked on bright computer screen.

You and him are not fond of going out on weekends, because both of you share the same thought; why would one go out on weekend when they were out everyday on weekdays? Were those 5 days not enough?

“Youngjae!” You shouted from your room. You always let your door open. Except when you are showering or sleeping, of course.

“Hm?” He hummed, without taking his eyes off the screen.

“I am hungry.” He kept quiet, waiting for your next chain of words. “Want to order some chicken?”

“No, shit!”

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Te ofereço tudo que tenho.
Meus ouvidos.
Minhas mãos.
Meu coração.
Gasta o meu tempo,
estou aqui pra te ajudar.
Não seja orgulhosa
ao ponto de não aceitar,
e nem tente me enganar
com suas palavras fantasiadas
de alegria e bem estar.
Eu consigo te enxergar.
Não fuja achando
que é a melhor opção,
eu vou te alcançar.
—  omnia causa fiunt