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you said no v3 spoilers, so I'm not exactly sure whether we can actually ask v3 stuff. but if you do, may I request fluff oumasai/ ouma x s/o (whichever you prefer)? thank you!

What I mean by no V3 spoilers is that you can request the guys and gals from V3 but don’t mention any game spoilers or backstory spoilers or mastermind spoilers. Plus I’ve only played the demo so I do not know if my writing is actually in character

Oumasai (Ouma X Saihara)

  • Ouma will tease Saihara at any time he gets
  • (They hold hands and he blushes instant tease)
  • Saihara also blushes at any affection given to him which Ouma takes advantage of
  • Ouma won’t admit it but he loves the small and gentle kisses that Saihara gives him
  • Once Ouma fiugres out that Saihara can pick him up he request piggy back rides constantly
  • And will whine until he gives in
  • Saihara learns how to handle Ouma’s tantrums… with practice
  • Saihara is his if Ouma sees you making fun of Saihara or dare to flirt with him expect to be severely pranked
  • Likewise if Saihara catches wind of you making fun of Ouma.. well he is a Detective after all I am sure he knows a lot of stuff that you don’t want others to know 
  • Ouma is constantly stealing and wearing Saihara’s hat
  • (Saihara won’t admit it but he thinks Ouma looks cute in it)
  • Ouma is a major cuddle bug and it takes Saihara while to get used to it
  • (Theses two can be quite a scary couple to piss off)

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lulu lemon, VS, and urban outfitters tips?

lulu - fuckkkkk girl thats hard. go when theyre busy, watch the SAs at the dressing rooms, conceal clothes under jackets or in between bags and fuckin triple check when you detag cause that shhiit is locked up like a virgin in vegas

vs - free for all biiiitch watch out for the tags on bras and shift but if you can get em off theres rarely any cameras (sometimes domes in the corner so b careful and limit floor concealing) but like SAs dont give a shit and rarely count what u have and if they do use the black t shirt method (look it up im lazy) but like panties are neeeva tagged and even more expensive stuff sometimes doesnt have tags randomly like lol i just popped on a 100 dollar corset and walked right out cause there wasnt anyting fcking on it i love vs 

uo - fuck that place!!!!!!!! call your lawyer in advance lmfao. real talk most locations arent toooooo bad n like most stuff that ISNT clotes isnt tagged and you can just pop it in your bag in a blind spot or do the photobooth method and honestly if you cant fiugre that out youre too dumb to lift. bring a tiny thing to take off tags cuz their new tags are SMALL AF.

hes is really nice looking first of al, I like the colro of his hair skin and hoodie and he way it looks good together. I feel lik e there is something about him I don’t like bug tcan not put my firnger on it currently so I will say that I love him until I Fiugre out what I dont’ like

Kiseki no ROCK ☆

Kise : Singer, obviously (he’s just so fit for the Johnny’s)
Kuroko : Probably won’t do any proper music with this thing, but who cares, he’s cute.
Mukkun : Seriously, I can’t even figure out what instrument you’re playing, here… Wait… Castanets…? You serious ?
Midorima : … He’s wearing leather pants and he plays bass guitar…*passes out*

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I may be late to the party, but I've seen a lot of these conspiracy theories for why Noel isn't coming back to Shameless. Do you think any of them hold weigt? Also which reason do you think the most likely is?

I think, given the fishy circumstances surrounding the show, something definitely went down, but I doubt we’ll ever know the truth. That being said, I am absolutely on board with the conspiracy theories because that ending scene and Mickey’s final scene completely felt like a big Fuck You to Noel/Mickey. 

Why is this the case? I have a few ideas:

They were annoyed that Noel’s schedule isn’t wide open for them to just have him hanging around and they’d actually have to plan an arc for him since he’d be limited to a few episodes. Therefore, they changed the ending to make Mickey’s “disappearance” more plot related so they don’t have to work as hard. Fuck You Noel.

Noel was frustrated by his lack of material this season and fiugred that, with Ian and Mickey broken up, there’s probably going to be no reason for Mickey and signed a contract for something else/decided not to renew his contract for a season. Writers get pissed that their gravy boat might be leaving town for a while. Again, Fuck You Noel. 

The writers/creatives are annoyed that Mickey/Noel is getting so much attention because HE’S NOT A REAL GALLAGHER so they wrote him out of the show out of spite and to make sure that we are all still loving the Gallaghers. (We’re not really at the moment.) So Fuck You Noel & Mickey. 

The ending scene was changed on a whim to that garbage and Noel didn’t want to work for a show that didn’t appreciate him so he decided to take some time off and hope that maybe, in a future season, the writers will actually give him (and Ian) proper screen time and a story. 

What it really boils down to for me is that, regardless of what happened or what didn’t happen behind the scenes, that break-up scene and Mickey being shot at while chased off camera was a huge Fuck You to Noel Fisher for busting his ass to bring to life such a complex and lovable character with very little screentime and story, to the fans who have related to Mickey and love him, and to all the Ian/Mickey fans out there. 

It’s literally the only thing I can think of because there is no way a group of professional writers wrote that shit and thought it was gold. (Step it up writers.)