Fitzy & Wippa create their own version of Bridesmaids with two important additions: Dan Aykroyd and Crystal Head Aurora…introducing Bros-Maids!


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One thing I detest:

As soon as the men on this trip found out I have a partner and would not be available for sex, they stopped inviting me places and asking me how I was doing. It’s good to know their intentions now, but I would still like to have friends.

Fuck men.


Here’s a little peek behind the curtain…For any of you who might like some insight as to who I was before I “became” Fitzy, or what lead to me being a sports fueled townie smartass? Here’s a true story, a very animated tale told better thanks to animation.

There had to have been at least one time when you looked at me and thought, “Damn, Fitz, you got a giant friggin’ head!”

graveexcitement asked:

As far as not casting an actual trans male, it's unlikely that trans men who have transitioned would want to play the part of a pre-transition trans guy, and would quite possibly experience dysphoria from the role. As for the director's misgendering of Ray, my impression is that the director thinks that Ray would only have he/him pronouns after transition - and while the director is misguided if this is her view, I would encourage the movie to not be judged until it actually comes out. (1/2)

(2/2) If the movie helps trans men, and trans people in general, be seen AS people - if the movie helps spread awareness of trans issues and helps, in general - then I really couldn’t care less about the director. Now, if the movie comes out and it is a detrimental representation of trans issues - that’s different. While I think it likely that this movie will be flawed, I will be thrilled if it helps, if it can be a stepping stone for better trans movies. So let’s not judge til it’s released.

I agree that the movie has the potential to be really good and help with awareness, but from what I’ve been told, it’s not just the director. The writer is doing the same thing. Based on that and the way the trailer seemed, I have a suspicion (I hope I’m wrong) that the character might “realize” that they were a girl “all along”.

I hope that you’re right though. I hope that it is good for the trans community, but I’m not going to just trust it. I want more info.


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5. Do you watch Shay’s YouTube: not really
6. Whose interviews do you enjoy watching most: Lucy Hale  and Ian Harding
7. Do you listen to Lucy’s music: kinda
8. If you could meet 3 of the actors/actresses who would you choose: Lucy, Ian, Troian

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please don't support the movie Dear Ray there is so much transphobic stuff going on with it. The director refused to cast a trans boy for main role because she said that it's not what his story was about and continuously misgenders her own character. "The part is a girl and she is a girl who is presenting in a very ineffectual way as a boy," is how she described the character

Oh wow…I didn’t know that. All of my excitement just flowed out of me.

Thanks for letting me know. (post will be deleted because of this, because screw that noise).

Hey everyone, listen to this instead. While it’s great that we’re getting a movie about a trans teen, and it might help slightly, don’t support it for these reasons. Cis washing is bad, and if that’s how the writer and director feel about it, then they should not be making this (particularly the writer).




Tomorrow marks my impending first German test, and I’m very nervous. I had a really bad feeling when I got on the tram this morning, and I think it’s because I’ve been riding without a ticket. Here’s the low-down: In Austria, public transportation plays god. There are street cars (the tram), buses, and the UBahn. The UBahn is Vienna’s subway, which sometimes runs on tracks above the city, switching to below. Those are the funnest rides (especially at night, when all transportation is free!) How you pay works like this: you can buy different types of tickets- 24 hour passes, 48 hour passes, weekly, monthly, and yearly. You buy a ticket, and then you can use any/all of the public transportation as much as you want for the time period purchased. 24 hour passes are around $8, weekly $20, monthly $50, and so on and so forth. HERES THE KICKER: NOBODY CHECKS YOU WHEN YOU GET ON OR OFF. The system runs on faith and honesty, and you’re supposed to just buy a ticket and electronically stamp it yourself when you buy it. So, under the direction of my RA, I bought one 24-hour ticket and didn’t stamp it. HERES THE OTHER KICKER: THE UBAHN POLICE RANDOMLY HOP ON THE SUBWAY, RANDOM STREET CARS AND BUSES. THEY ARE DRESSED IN STREET CLOTHES AND WAIT UNTIL THE TRANSPORTATION LEAVES BEFORE PULLING OUT THEIR BADGES AND DEMANDING TO SEE A CORRECTLY PAID FOR/STAMPED TICKET. If you get caught, you have to pay a $150 fine. Which is pretty hefty, considering a monthly pass is $50. 

My longwinded story continues: So, because I’m cheap and scared of money. I bought one 24-hour ticket and never stamped it. This way, I could use to for however long I wanted until I got caught. My RA Nadia said the police only do these random checks like once every couple of months, so I wasn’t worried. If I needed to, I would play the ‘dumb American’ card and pretend I didn’t know that I had to stamp it. Which is exactly what happened when yesterday, the police stopped me on my morning routine 46a tram ride to class. I pretended I couldn’t understand German, showed them my WI driver’s license, and pretended that I really truly thought I only had to buy a 24-hour card and not stamp it. “I bought it this morning! Did I do something wrong?”, I said, buggy-blue-eyes-a-buggin’. The police laughed at my dumb American self (I used that stereotype to my advantage here) and stamped my card. 8:33am. SO, I only had access to the entire public transportation system for 24 hours after that point.

This morning, I woke up, rode the tram to class, and didn’t encounter the police. My ticket expired at 9am, and when I walked out of class at 12:30pm, I realized I didn’t have a legit ticket. I boarded anyway, decided to take my chances, and SURE ENOUGH, about 20 minutes into my commute, there the Ubahn police appeared again, asking everyone for their tickets. So, once again, I played dumb, and then physically ran off the tram and away from the police. Living on the edge. Don’t worry, mom, I’m actually gonna bite the bullet & spend the ridiculous amount of $$$ to abide by the laws and blah blah blah. 

ANYWAY- I then had to walk the rest of the way home, which took about 45 minutes. Not that bad, seeing as I got to take in more of the city and found a really cute small cafe I want to visit! After my tiring morning and commute, I finally arrived back home, napped, and went grocery shopping. Olive oil, peanut butter, lentils, tomatoes, garlic, apples, peppers, and potatoes only amounted to 13euro, so I made myself a nice hearty lunch, packaged half for tomorrows dinner, and started typing this long post. 

The moral of the story is: the Ubahn police don’t chase after you. Use Viennese salty peanuts to season your potatoes instead of buying salt. Yum.

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I- I want it all- Jules Larson

A- All I need- Within Temptation

N- Not Letting go- Tinnie Tempah ft. Jesse Glynne

S- Sugar- Robin Schulz

Q- Dont know??

U- Umbrella by Rihanna

A- All I Need- Within Temptation

R- Royals- Lorde

E- Every Breath You Take- Denmark+Winter

D- Drag me Down- One Direction

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