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Shin Soukoku Pirate Au! **

Alright so, I got a list of headcanons for you fam.

  • Atsushi is a poor boy, who steals from the tyrannical Lord Fitzy, who puts a bounty on his head.   He stows aboard a ship, the Agency, and is still on it when it sets sail.
  • Dazai and Kunikida realize he’s a fugitive when they find him, only they’re PIRATES so too bad so sad Fitzy, the boy is ours now.  (They actually prefer the term freelance merchants, but shhhh)
  • Kunikida is the first mate and mother to everyone onboard.  He’s also in charge of finances and the actual uh….’merchantry.’
  • Dazai pulls off the most heists; his skills are scary good and kind of cutthroat at times.
  • Ranpo is great at sailing, a bloody prodigy, but could get lost going to the bathroom.
  • Yosano is the ship doctor/quartermaster.
  • Tanizaki is the lookout, because I always forget about him poor thing, and he deserves love.
  • The Mafia is actually a fleet of ships that runs a mercenary company.  They keep control of the ports through violence and fear.  Akutagawa is in charge of one of their ships and he has a nasty reputation and the skills to back it.
  • Low and behold, he gets into a naval battle and Atsushi is taken prisoner.
  • Akutagawa realizes just who he’s holding captive and immediately sets sail for Yokohama to turn him in to Fitzy.
  • But like?  Atsushi is so sad?  And so sweet?  What are emotions, Akutagawa doesn’t like them, make them stop.  He starts having doubts about turning Atsushi in.
  • The two of them talk, late into the evenings, about anything and everything and they realized they have more in common than they thought.
  • But hold up, Atsushi’s crew isn’t gonna let him go like that, they attack Akutagawa’s ship and things get real.
  • Dazai wounds Akutagawa pretty badly, and Atsushi is freed; before he goes though, he turns to look back at Akutagawa
  • Smooches, because I am weak for fluff
  • Atsushi returns to the Agency, but him and Akutagawa still meet up in secret whenever their ships are both docked.

Sorry if this wasn’t long enough or exactly what you were expecting!

Maybe one day when I don’t have 18 unfinished fics in the works, I’ll sit down and actually write all this.  Also, thanks to @haloud for talking about this with me and giving input.