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hey girl! how about number 20 for the fluffy prompts!!

#20 = “You look incredible in that”

*disclaimer – my sorting will forever be more simplistic and less creative than that of the Sorting Hat. disagreement is okay.

“I think I’m gonna be sick,” Fitz croaked, running both hands up the sides of his head and through his hair only to flatten it again immediately afterwards.

“Everyone feels nervous before their first game,” Daisy assured him.

“Yeah but everyone else gets more than one game, case they monumentally screw it up the first time.”

With a sympathetic and entirely unreassuring wince, she opened the door just a smidge, letting in a sliver of light and the boom of Sam Koenig’s magically amplified voice.

“…since Ravenclaw currently leads the lot, each point is vital. Of course, some insiders say this match can hardly be considered part of the run-up as Gryffindor has had to call up its third-string – I repeat third-string, Billy and I didn’t even know that was a thing – Keeper, with both Campbell and his understudy down for the count after an experiment gone wrong in Charms class. Never assume you know better than Flitwick, kids, never. Anywho, this leaves Gryffindor with untested fourth-year Leopold Fitz – whether he will manage to block a single Quaffle is anyone’s guess…”

“Nope, definitely gonna be sick,” Fitz amended.

“Fox in the hen house, fox in the hen house!” Elena shouted from the other side of the changing room, but she grinned and tugged good-naturedly on Jemma’s cloak as the Ravenclaw Seeker passed her.

“You shouldn’t be in here,” Fitz said automatically, glancing around as if to make sure their team’s master plan (there was none, or none which they’d deigned to share with the third-string Keeper) was well-hidden. “You’re the enemy.”

“As if Gryffindor stands any chance of coming within striking distance of our sizable lead,” Jemma chuckled, smirking up at Fitz. She had his number – 15, an indication of how low he fell on the roster – traced on her left cheek in red paint. “Besides, I only wanted to wish you luck. You look incredible in that, by the way,” she added, indicating with a slowly roll of her eyes down his body that she meant the crimson robes. “It suits you.”

“They’re a bit big, don’t think anyone had time to take them in,” he muttered. She might be in a different house but he was neither blind to his friend’s brilliance and beauty nor immune to her increasingly obvious hints, and she was currently standing very close to him, smelling of vanilla and the pine branches they burnt in the corridors this time of ear. “If it goes terribly, I can just throttle myself in the extra fabric.”

“Don’t worry, I told Trip to take it easy on you,” Jemma said brightly.

“Did you really?” Fitz was torn between relief – Antoine Triplett was Hufflepuff’s top Chaser and most eligible bachelor – and a pang of embarrassment.

“Of course not. But you don’t need that. You’ll be brilliant.” She patted his chest with a gloved hand and stood on tiptoe to kiss his cheek. “See you later.”

He was still staring at the swinging door, mouth slightly agape, when Daisy came up beside him and nudged him with the end of her broom. “We’re lucky we’re not playing Ravenclaw this week.”

“Hmm? Oh. But the Hufflepuff Chasers are better—”

“I don’t care about their Chasers. If Jemma were out there, you’d be too busy watching her Seek to even stay on your broom.”

“I wouldn’t – that’s not—” he huffed furiously, but Daisy just chuckled and led the team out towards the roar of the crowd.

And, well, he couldn’t really deny that the thought of how Jemma might react to a display of previously unmanifested athletic prowess served as significant motivation.

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fitzsimmons → teachers au

The English Literature teacher Leo Fitz loves books, fast food and novels. The English Language teacher Jemma Simmons can’t imagine her life without cofee, pretty blouses and library. Or, being the smartest people in the Coulson High School, they are too oblivious to one simple fact - with every year, they fall in love with each other more and more.

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fitzsimmons → horror au (in collaboration with @idecaesteckers)

Everybody is afraid of something. But we can’t face our own fears until there’s something what makes us forget about quit and peaceful life. The question is, what would you do if you saw your fears coming true? When Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons are sent to investigate on a strange company, they have to play a twisted game and face their worst fears brought to life.

Fic Rec - “When it’s dark enough, you can see stars”


If you like AU Fitzsimmons and time travel, READ THIS FIC by @historygirlbites!  I know this fic has been around a while, but I just mainlined it for the first time AND IT WAS AMAZING.

I mean.

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It was just, I bookmarked it and will probably reread it multiple times.  I just, I really really enjoyed it.

Go read it at AO3!

AU’s give me hope. Because you could put those two people in any situation, in any world, in any time, in any universe – and no matter what you did, no matter what happened, they’d still end up falling in love. And I think that’s beautiful.

Fantastic Beasts (and Where to Find Them) - an AoS AU 

Rating: T                          Chapters: 1/?
Relationships: Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons, minor 
Skye | Daisy Johnson/Antoine Triplett 
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - WizardsAlternate Universe - 1920sPOV Multiple, Role ReversalMagicDark MagicEnemies to Friends to LoversHijinks & Shenanigans 

Written for @whentheskyequakes for @thefitzsimmonsnetwork‘s FitzSimmons Secret Santa. This isn’t quite the prompt we started out with, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! I’ll have the rest out to you ASAP!

           The year is 1926 when world-renowned magizoologist Jemma Simmons arrives in New York to complete the last leg of her research tour. But when she runs into former classmate Leopold Fitz, she finds herself ensnared in a battle against encroaching dark forces, torn between the desire to escape and the need to save the defenseless.
            Simmons isn’t sure which has captured her attention more: The danger faced by the muggles and wizards of New York, or the intrigue of the Scottish ex-Auror with a personal vendetta against the anti-magic activists.

Read the first chapter here!

Agents of Shield call center AU where:

  • Coulson is the co-manager, he is a pretty chill manager for the most part, but he knows how to keep the balance between work and play for his employees
  • May is the assistant manager, everyone is cautious of her at first but then they begin to love her. If they need help with anyone over the phone who is giving them a serious problem, she’s their go-to woman.
  • Daisy knows her way around a computer better than anyone on their team. Although Fitz is a close second.
  • If they get someone who calls and speaks a different language; Bobbi, Elena, or Joey are their go-to people
  • Elena is the fastest one on the team to go through calls
  • Hunter gets the most complaints because he constantly argues with people
  • Daisy and Hunter sometimes have a competition between the two of them to see who can get the most calls and help the most people hint: it’s always Daisy
  • Lincoln unfortunately has a lot of electrical outages where his set up is. They have a fire extinguisher nearby just in case….
  • Joey doesn’t have electrical outages but his computer overheats a lot. Sometimes the team swears it’s just going to start melting one day.
  • Mack is good at talking with people but is not afraid to call them out on their ridiculous shit stories. 
  • Trip always gets the best customer reviews back. Everyone loves him.
  • There are so many people in the first room, so Fitz has to sit alone in the back room that have a few extra computers. He’s exceptionally good with helping people fix basically anything. 
  • This team is a part of the night shift. The day shift has more of the good employees, but the worst people. This is where the two shifts are in constant war to do better than the other.
  • Garrett is the other manager during this shift. He doesn’t care what the employees tell the customers as long as they’re making money and appear satisfied. 
  • Ward and Raina are the best at manipulating customers. 
  • Kara feels like she doesn’t fit in at times but tries to impress everyone. 
  • One day Coulson hires Simmons and she sits in the back next to Fitz. 
  • Fitz doesn’t know how to talk to her so she thinks he hates her.
  • He learns she’d rather be outside at night staring up at the stars than inside working.
  • So one day he brings a telescope for them to go outside and look at the stars. They become best friends after that.
  • It’s not long before theres a running bet going on during the night shift between Daisy and Hunter on when the two will get together. Soon everyone joins in on it.

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if you still accept prompts, can you write 273+288 for fitzsimmons? :D

273 = “Well, this is awkward” and 288 = “I think I’m in love”

“You’re a good friend for coming to this thing,” Daisy comments, cheerily linking her arm with Fitz’s. “I owe Hunter a favor, but you’re just here out of goodwill.”

“He’s like a brother to me,” Fitz mutters, perusing the event’s program booklet so she won’t see the pink in his cheeks and tease him for it. “When he’s not blisteringly drunk or calling me Sparky. And his sister’s important to him, even though we’ve never met her—“

Step-sister,” Daisy reminds him.

“Same thing. By the transitive property, it’s only right I come to support her, and thereby him, at her big conference.”

“Hunter says she’s a real braniac,” she muses. “Just like you. Bet you two would hit it off.”

“Don’t act like you couldn’t out-code, out-hack, out-manipulate every person in this room,” he says idly, flipping the page.

“Well, we all have our talents.” Daisy flips her hair dramatically, then nearly falls forward as Fitz stops abruptly. “What?”

“Listen to the biography for this one presenter – Cambridge by 14, first PhD from Stanford at 16, combined PhD and MD from Harvard by 19 –“

“Really gave up there at the end, didn’t they?” Daisy snorts. “Three whole years for a PhD and MD? Slacker.”

“Original research on stem cell technology and cures for immune-degenerative diseases… Ten published articles, including three on the potential for inter-science and inter-disciplinary cooperation… Scientific consultant to the United Nations and the European and African Unions… Working on a novel?!” Fitz looks dazedly up at Daisy. “I think I’m in love.”

“Let me see the greasy old guy you’re so smitten with,” Daisy teases, snatching the program from him. Then – “Oh. Oh this is good.”

“What?” Fitz demands, just as Hunter bounds up, looking surprisingly sharp in a grey suit and blue tie.

“Hey loves, thanks so much for coming, the keynote’s about to start and all the presenters need to get up there but you’ve got to come meet my sis first, she’s at the stage entrance—”

He drags them across the lobby as people swarm for the auditorium doors.

Waiting for them, bouncing slightly on tiptoe, pushing up glasses that she seems unaccustomed to wearing and talking to herself as if practicing the speech she’s about to give, is the woman from the picture beside the Cambridge-Stanford-Harvard bio.

“Guys, meet Jemma. Jemma, this is the gang,” Hunter gushes.

“Well, this is awkward,” Daisy chuckles under her breath to Fitz as she breezes by him to hug Jemma warmly.

Fitz gulps.