fitzroy falls


Excellent driving and flying view of the features on Australia’s East Coast. You have no idea how much I love the videographer for giving me the full list of sites they shot, in the caption below.

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Fitroy Falls 1 (Southern Highlands, New South Wales, Australia) - if you look closely above the left of the waterfall, that’s the first viewpoint of the valley and the fall. There was quite a lot of wind that day, blowing the waterfall a little sideways, which made a cool effect. Plus, I loved the mini waterfalls below.

Snippet of the South

The long weekend is over and I went back to work today, how was your break?

I had a charming and relaxing time across two days down south around the region known as the Southern Highlands in NSW, approx 2hrs drive from Sydney. We stopped by and took in the sights and tastes around the quaint towns of Berrima, Bowral (where we stayed over night), Fitzroy Falls, Robertson and Moss Vale. They’re all very small towns - Bowral would have been the largest, but all very rustic and peaceful - just the perfect dose of nature on a weekend away!

I took a pile of photos so some photo diaries are up next soon on the blog, but before I go to bed tonight, I couldn’t resist posting one of my favourite shots. A pretty banksia basking under the sunlight in Fitzroy Falls. It pretty much captures the natural light and ambience of the region and of my weekend :)