Because Cam

It wasn’t that long ago I wrote a post in appreciation of Cameron Knight. After the performances at iHeart Radio and Red Rocks last week, I just have to say it again.

Growing up, I moved every two years. I was always “the new kid.” I know those struggles. I feel that.

I was horrified that during the iHeart Radio interview segment, the (annoying) host introduced everyone except Cam who she was standing right next to. Now, I know from nothing. Maybe because he is “only a touring member” it was agreed upon that he would not be introduced. If the agreement was truly to just ignore Cam, perhaps it might have been more politic to ask him to unobtrusively slip off stage during the interviews. Maybe, because iHeart Radio is radio, the interviewer thought she could just skip over the living, breathing human fucking BEING right in front of her. (Sorry. Composure. Calm. Breathe in…exhale.)

But it was a terrible thing to watch and it hurt my heart.

Cam was on fire at Red Rocks. He was grooving to the music, had his eyes up for a change, and I even caught a smile once. His guitar work on Bloodflood was just droolingly beautiful. Taro and Fitzpleasure would not be the same in concert if he were not hard at work day after day. This man has stepped into a hard job, and performs with precision and panache. I have nothing but respect for him.

So, once again, I rise to give a standing ovation to Cameron Knight. Touring member of alt-J. Bassist. Guitarist. Maestro of the clamshells. Keeper of the samples. Cutie pie.