the montmaray journals fake screen caps: The Fitzosbornes at War (201x)

Why not? People do get married, when they care for one another. Don’t you think I’d look after you? You once said I was hard-working and clever. You thought I’d make a good husband then.


For cantering across the grass came a beautiful white horse, and astride it was a man, fair and lean and graceful. He held the reins lightly in one hand, as though they were simply for show – as though he had only to murmur a word and the animal would obey. He caught sight of me, and I dropped my burden and started to run, and by the time I’d reached the drive, he’d swung down from the saddle and taken a few steps in my direction, and I threw myself into his arms.

We did have such a happy life in the end. King and Queen of Camelot.

AU | The Montmaray Journals by Michelle Cooper | JFK & Veronica FitzOsborne Kennedy