fitzgerald grant


Tony Goldwyn salutes Kerry Washington @ Paley Fest, 2017. "He does it for you, guys… He knows that you like this Olitz stuff!”


This is not about Annalise Keating. This is about Olivia Pope. Where the hell is she? […] I’m not that person anymore. I’m no longer the woman you… Things are different now, Fitz. Why did you take this case? Olivia. Answer the question. Because it matters. I took this case because it matters. Because you want to change the world.


You followed me, you relied on me, you trusted me when this entire time, I was the problem. It was me. That’s how it’s always been. It’s been me. I’m going to jail tomorrow. This is, most likely, the very last time that you and I will ever be in the same room together alone. So we have a choice to make, we can keep talking, we can keep having feelings or we can do something else. Feelings, option “A”, something else, option “B”. Which is it going to be?