fitzgerald thomas grant


There isn’t a day that passes me by that I don’t think of her and how she won’t be mine. I can’t begin to express how painful it is to finally come to terms with the fact that Olivia Pope, the woman who I’ve fallen in love with who I thought loved me too, truly doesn’t want me. 

For so long I believed that she was just going through her own issues but I guess I was kidding myself. Now it’s time to get back to reality. The reality is Olivia Pope will never be mine because she doesn’t want to be mine. I’m just another pawn in her game. 


Fitz is so damn sexy, powerful, smart, intelligent, and loving. He has his flaws, but damn who can blame Olivia for falling in love with this sexy beautiful man! Jake doesn’t even compare. Vagina lips and not sexy at all not to mention Foley can’t act for shit. He’s terrible.

So this is a Fitz appreciate post! Just look at this gorgeous hottie. He’s Scandal President and he’s in love with Olivia Pope and she’s in love with him. So deal or stop watching!


Scandal popularity was and always will b based on Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn talent separate and together as Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Thomas Grant lll. It wasn’t Shonda writing it wasn’t Bellamy Young Scott Foley r any other who put Scandal on the map. It was The character of Olivia Pope and her chemistry with Tony Goldwyn. Pt damn blank. When these asshole talk abt getting back late o forum those r the things u focus on.

Companion Post to and Excerpt from Shattering Expectations- Chapter 113

“His mind and heart had joined together in a chorus.

She is your Soulmate.

She is your Partner.

She is your Companion.

She is your Best Friend.

She is your Wife.

She is your Equal.

She is your Livvie.

Respect her, cherish her, protect her, fuck her, make love to her, make her happy, and keep her happy so that she’ll never, ever go away forever…make sure that she doesn’t go away forever, Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III.

You will break if she goes away forever. Don’t even pretend otherwise.

This is no you without Olivia Carolyn Pope (-Grant) in your life, in your heart, in your arms.

So, be a man. Be a good man. Be a smart man and never make her feel like she has to go.

And if she ever feels that way, talk to her about it and if talking doesn’t work, then you chase her to the ends of the Earth if you have to.

Never give up on her.

Love her.

Love her until you can’t anymore.