fitzgerald murphy

Gerald and Sara Murphy partied with Picasso in 1920s Paris and inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night, but their story was shrouded in mystery until writer Calvin Tompkins, by chance, became their neighbor. Tomkins talked to The Paris Review about his friendship with the Murphys and MoMA’s new reprint of his book about their lives. 


If you aren’t watching this show, you’re missing out. I started this show on Netflix expecting not to make it past the pilot but - thirteen episodes later - I am hooked and anxiously waiting season 2. It’s got a scare factor surpassing both Teen Wolf and the 100 while also managing to be funny as hell without taking itself too seriously - not to mention multiple badass ladies, multiple recurring poc characters, and Garth has a dog supernatural fans rejoice. If you can handle gore and don’t mind zombies, this show is worth your time. re-re-reanimated said it better than me:

“Z Nation is a campy, action packed comedy from the makers of Sharknado - they bring the fights to the zombies and make fun of common zombie tropes in the meantime. It doesn’t have the same drama storylines as TWD does either - it’s light, fun, and downright hilarious at times… It’s got some original ideas while keeping true to more common zombie tropes (so they can poke fun at them of course XD) and while definitely is NOT flawless, it’s still really good. [x]

If you need more convincing, read dardixxon’s write up:

”The show popped up on my dash probably a total of three times over the course of its first season run.  Needless to say, the posts were from one person—one person who finally convinced me to watch the show…and I fell in love.
Obviously, I wasn’t expecting it.  I straight up laughed when the show was recommended to me, but one day I was bored, and…well…
Long story short, I want to tell you guys why Z Nation is worth the watch.  SERIOUSLY worth the watch…“

Seriously guys, just give it a chance.
gif credit goes to: z-nationdaily