25 times Scandal was disappointing, annoying or made no sense in season 5

1. Anytime Rowan was on screen speechifying 

2. When Olivia went to Mellie to have her father released from jail and casually told her he killed her son. When she blackmailed a person who was trying to protect a child. 

3. When the judicial committee was blackmailed on live television and suddenly the impeachment hearings ended…with no questions or follow-up

4. When Mellie actually released her child’s killer from jail

5. When you realize that Mellie released her child’s killer from jail for no reason because they’ve had no interaction and Rowan’s working with Jake 

6. When Fitz moved Olivia into the White House

7. When a cookie recipe sent Olivia over the edge

8. When Olivia had an abortion out of nowhere

9. When Fitz and Olivia broke up for the umpteenth time 

10. When Joe Morton was promoted to series regular 

11. When Olivia and Mellie teamed up even though they’ve had a disharmonious relationship for seasons 

12. When you think  the love triangle is over and Olivia and Jake might have an adult relationship, but it’s faux-contentious and rapey as hell 

13. When Olivia’s relationship issues are never explored and there’s no pay-off in watching her disastrous relationships 

14. When Olivia’s PTSD randomly came up again after being ignored for close to 20 episodes 

15. Jake and Rowan’s dumb-ass, tension less, predictable VP plans 

16. When White Hat David became a womanizer and was god-awful to watch 

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17. Every time Ellen’s wife was on screen 

18. Anytime Fitz suggested that Mellie wasn’t entitled to what was theirs during and after the divorce…like they weren’t married for 20 years 

19. When Mellie’s “sacrifices” are mentioned for the thousandth time 

20. When precious, smol bean Susan conceded to Mellie even though she is more likable and better qualified 

21. When they spent 11 episodes building up an election only for it to be paid off quickly in 15 minutes.  

22. When Fitz was hoeing and it was pretty obvious the reporter was going to play him 

23. When Hollis wasn’t nearly as scary or ridiculous as Trump 

24. When social commentary was lazily inserted 

25. When you realize 5B has made little sense, but you’re going to watch the finale anyway..