Olivia & Fitz | Like I’m Gonna Lose You

**WARNING - May cause a lot of feels. Approach with caution**

Cyrus will go to prison & Mellie will become our next president.
—  Olivia Pope, obviously not knowing what show she’s on because WHEN👏🏾IS👏🏾IT👏🏾EVER👏🏾THAT👏🏾EASY👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Angela Who?

//GET IT TOGETHER. Listen, I’m here for Jealous Liv. Angela can stick around in my book. Angela seems genuine, and she even asked for Olivia’s permission before pursuing Fitz. I hate the people who support Zilla’s crazy ass “Feminism” that results in Fitz being traumatized. All Fitz did was love Olivia’s ungrateful ass and she broke his heart so many times. Olivia can’t get mad when she was fucking Jake’s lame ass even after he choked her out and participated in the killing of Fitz’s child. There are so many things wrong with the
Olake ship. Jake is a fucking serial killer, and she chose him over Fitz. Fitz built her a Mansion, got a divorce for her, and he even declared WAR for her. Maybe Angela deserves to he a recipient of that love until Olivia gets her act together. She’d better hurry it up. She’d better hope Fitz doesn’t fall in love with Angela. Her time is running out because I bet you that Angela would drop everything and move away to go be with Fitz. I love Angela’s character, and I hope she will give Olivia a shove in the right direction. She needs to see that Fitz won’t be dangling by her finger forever. I am a HARDCORE Olitzer, but Fitz deserves happiness atleast until Olivia wakes up.

Everyone Hates Olivia Pope

The general vibe of Gladiators with the approaching premiere of S6 has been one that is miserable, as well as angry, to say the very least. I don’t think it’s unfair to say that everyone is seemingly gearing up for a shit show. Quite literally. I write this with the sticky remnants of cold tea dribbled down my chin because I chose to take a gulp that I would only spit out as I listened to @redorkulous take on the synopsis of 6.02. He literally summarizes why everyone is so fucking pissed off. He speaks the truth, people. For me, OP has turned into a caricature of the type of woman this character represented and embodied. Everyone loved OP because she was a badass, a boss, and a woman we fucking wanted to be.

I was a literal nutcase when I first started this show because I wanted to be the type of person she was. I found myself rooting for Monica-fucking-Lewinsky. But I think the last couple of seasons, we’ve had terrible storyline and basically absence of all and any dignity in OP. I love Fitz, but I found myself starting to hate him because he always, literally always had that crinkled-eyebrow look of utter heartbreak on his face. 

I disliked Jake from the start. And most of all, I hated the entire threesome and OP’s incapability to sort out her issues with them and primarily, within herself. Of course the show is ridiculous and unrealistic, and I think Rhimes takes great lengths to make sure it’s as unworldly as possible, but I detest the stupid love triangle. I think its cliché and so drawn out and overworked at this point.  I appreciate growth within a character, but in all honesty, OP has turned into a dazed and absolutely lost version of who she used to be. I’m just confused. What kind of character is she supposed to be at this point?

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Everyone is predicting the end for Fitz. I will be utterly crushed to see him go, but at the end of it, is it even going to make a difference? What the fuck did he even do last season? I wanted him and OP to escape to Vermont and spend the rest of their days covered in jam and have at least a dozen beautiful babies running around them. Seriously. But Fitz, in my opinion, deserves so much better than to be crawling back to OP, and vice versa. Olivia has used and disposed of him down to the bone, and will keep doing so, to the point where as a character, Fitz doesn’t have much use except to clean up OP’s messes. 

And yet, despite all of my bitching and negativity, I will still be there on Thursday to watch the premiere because there’s the faintest glimmer of hope that Rhimes will maybe, possibly turn the show around. I’m trying to be positive here. Thoughts?