“The Doctor pulled a tattered piece of paper from his pocket and opened it. Stobbold could see that there was writing on it. An even handwriting, almost mechanical it was so consistent, faded and smudged. It said:

Meet me in St, Louis’, February 8th 2001.

It was signed with the same perfect writing. The name looked like Fitz.”


So I got the best present ever from Jess today.

Opened the card first and, eeeeee, adorable art of the Doctor and Fitz being disco-ridiculous in the 70s. Best drawing. Also a super sweet and far too kind note in the card.

The stuff was in little packages, so I started opening them. “Playing cards? Oh no, wait, it’s SAILOR MOON CARDS? AND CANDY? EEEEEEE! What’s this stuff? … Aww, it’s stuff for the Doctor’s pockets! OH MY GOD, A YO YO? WITH A BUTTERFLY? AKLSDJFALKSDFJ BUTTERFLY.”

Yes, I speak in keyboardsmash.

So then I opened the last one. It was in a butterfly like CD case thing. I was intrigued. A cute pink butterfly handkerchief? Wait, what’s this in it?

Folded paper?

It’s… it’s the note… it’s the alsdkfjalksdfj the note.

Jess is the best. <3 <3 Thank you so much bbdoll.