“The Doctor pulled a tattered piece of paper from his pocket and opened it. Stobbold could see that there was writing on it. An even handwriting, almost mechanical it was so consistent, faded and smudged. It said:

Meet me in St, Louis’, February 8th 2001.

It was signed with the same perfect writing. The name looked like Fitz.”

If you mention or imply in any fic that Nine’s jacket used to be Fitz’s, I will curl up in a ball and set myself on fire.

This doesn’t mean that I’m opposed to the idea, oh no. It just means that, no matter how you intended it or whether or not it was meant to be an important thing, I will stop reading for at least five minutes and dry sob in agony, because you have reminded me of Nine Times The Doctor Kissed Fitz Kreiner (And One Time He Never Got To) and that fic is a fist full of feels.


So I got the best present ever from Jess today.

Opened the card first and, eeeeee, adorable art of the Doctor and Fitz being disco-ridiculous in the 70s. Best drawing. Also a super sweet and far too kind note in the card.

The stuff was in little packages, so I started opening them. “Playing cards? Oh no, wait, it’s SAILOR MOON CARDS? AND CANDY? EEEEEEE! What’s this stuff? … Aww, it’s stuff for the Doctor’s pockets! OH MY GOD, A YO YO? WITH A BUTTERFLY? AKLSDJFALKSDFJ BUTTERFLY.”

Yes, I speak in keyboardsmash.

So then I opened the last one. It was in a butterfly like CD case thing. I was intrigued. A cute pink butterfly handkerchief? Wait, what’s this in it?

Folded paper?

It’s… it’s the note… it’s the alsdkfjalksdfj the note.

Jess is the best. <3 <3 Thank you so much bbdoll.

I did a bunch of sketches for my Christmas cards this year so I though I might as well put them up. If people like ‘em, who knows, I might do more and give this tumblr a purpose.

This one is Fitz Kreiner and Izzy Sinclair. Fitz is Izzy’s father horrible style twin.  If nothing else, they’d get along great. And offend fashion sensibilities everywhere.

my otp, proven by mathematics
So I was playing with this website where you can make cryptarithms (math puzzles where letters stand in for numbers). So like,   WRONG +WRONG =   RIGHT is   49153 +49153 =98306  and it’s hard to make a valid one because sometimes there are tons of possibilities for the letters given and sometimes there are none, and you want just one answer. FITZ+DOCTOR=FLIRTS is a valid cryptorithm.

A Study in Fitz Hair by ~Not-On-Boats

So, most people (including myself) tend to draw Fitz with fairly short but messy hair…probably something to do with Callum Bllue fan-casting.

BUT! Most of the time his hair is described as being long and stringy and constantly being pushed away from his face. I think I may start drawing him like that more often- when I do, it becomes more and more apparent why he can’t get anyone to take him seriously.

And remember that one time he was a brainwashed communist and he got his head buzzed? Yup.