Cabin Pressure 30 Day Challenge: July 15 - Make a Cabin Pressure GIF

“I don’t have an airline. I have one jet. You cannot put one jet in a line.



Cabin Pressure 30 Day Challenge: July 1 - Favorite Main Character
Martin Crieff (portrayed here by Tom Goodman-Hill)

“On your scale of one to ten, if one is the bare minimum of competence, I’m about a four. And I used to be a one– no, I used to be a zero and then I took my CPL again… and then again… and then I was a one. And then a two. And then a three. And now I’m a four. And I’m not finished yet. And that’s why you should employ me, that’s why you’d be lucky to employ me. Because if you’re not naturally good, if you can’t rely on just knowing how to do it like Doug- like some people can, then you have to… well, you have to be a perfectionist, actually. And I am one! And that’s why even when you’ve turned me down, I’m gonna keep on applying: because flying is the perfect job, and I won’t settle for a life where I don’t get to do it.”