fitz is my favorite

I don’t even have just one “son” anymore. Now it’s more like “a medium sized army of jilted, underappreciated grown ass men that I need to wrap in blankets and shield from the world.”


Aɢᴇɴᴛs ᴏғ S.H.I.E.L.D
details The Only Light In The Darkness
Best case – Agent Koenig knows something we don’t. He took a team, kept us in the dark for our safety. Worst-case scenario? We’ve had a wolf in the herd the whole time.

My favorite thing

Is how Ezra Fitz keeps leaving his novel manuscripts laying around for girlfriends to find and have their hearts broken by.

Not weird or suspicious at all.

Just like it’s not at all weird that after his teenage girlfriend went missing, a few years later so did his immediate next girlfriend.

And it’s also not even slightly strange that the book each of those girlfriends found turned out to be about them.

Also, hey not strange that not one, but 2 of Ezra’s ex girlfriends have super heavily implied that they were a bit scared of Ezra.

It’s super great how Ezra just keeps recreating the same circumstances with new girls.


I think perhaps love comes from finding someone you feel utterly comfortable with, someone who makes you comfortable with yourself. (x)


“How vast was a human being’s capacity for suffering. The only thing you could do was stand in awe of it. It wasn’t a question of survival at all. It was the fullness of it, how much could you hold, how much could you care.”
― Janet Fitch, White Oleander

So, my grandma recorded AoS for me on Tuesday & decided to watch it...

So I thought I’d share her reactions to the episode with you. (FYI she has never seen a single episode of SHIELD so she didn’t know anyone’s name or what was going on)

Me: “So what did you think of it?”

Gma: “It sure is action packed, isn’t it? Wow! They made you think everything was okay but then flipped it!”

Me: “Yeah, that’s the way SHIELD always is.”

Gma: “Who was that real pretty, sweet girl who went crazy?”

Me: “Oh, you mean Aida?”

Gma: “Yeah! She was a sweetheart but then she became a villain. She really didn’t like that the boy didn’t wanna date her, huh? She was kind of scary!”

Me: “Yeah, she used to be a robot but made herself a human body and became obsessed with Fitz. He’s the Scottish one. My favorite character.”

Gma: “Oh yeah, you’ve mentioned him before. I felt really bad for him, poor guy. He just wanted to be with the English lady.”

Me: “Yeah, I ship him and Jemma.”

Gma: “Are they married?”

Me: “Not yet!”

Gma: “Aw, too bad.”

Me: “So, are you gonna watch it next week?”

Gma: “I think I will! The pretty robot said she was gonna kill the Scottish boy’s friends, so I gotta see what happens next!”