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There isn’t a day that passes me by that I don’t think of her and how she won’t be mine. I can’t begin to express how painful it is to finally come to terms with the fact that Olivia Pope, the woman who I’ve fallen in love with who I thought loved me too, truly doesn’t want me. 

For so long I believed that she was just going through her own issues but I guess I was kidding myself. Now it’s time to get back to reality. The reality is Olivia Pope will never be mine because she doesn’t want to be mine. I’m just another pawn in her game. 

The three of us together. Some may see the worst in Mellie and Cyrus but the truth is they’ve been loyal to me. They’re the only two who have been loyal to me. They’ve been true friends. Especially Cyrus. Cyrus is my best friend and I know all that he does comes from a good place. He has a big heart. Love you Cy!

The “new Scandal fans” simply reflect what the show’s creator and writers want them to feel. It’s been clear from the interviews and tweets with Shonda in the past year that she loathes Fitz, loves Mellie, loves Olake, gets excited about the plot “twists” on the show and feels indifferent to powerhouse Olivia. The bones she tried to throw the Olitz shippers on twitter after particular harsh episodes like 315 or the finale is just the business woman inside of her scared that she might have finally pushed the audience that gave Scandal its success to begin with too far and threaten the bottom line.
—  Corinnestark spitting that real.
In addition to being all presidential and smoldery-like on ABC’s “Scandal” — Hel-lo Fitz! — Tony Goldwyn’s behind-the-lens work directing the pilot for WE tv’s upcoming legal drama “The Divide” will also make its long-awaited debut this year.

The Next Big Things for the ‘Divergent’ Cast. By Amanda Bell. 24 March 2014.

I LOVE how fan-girly is about Tony and Fitz. It makes me giggle. LOL.