There isn’t a day that passes me by that I don’t think of her and how she won’t be mine. I can’t begin to express how painful it is to finally come to terms with the fact that Olivia Pope, the woman who I’ve fallen in love with who I thought loved me too, truly doesn’t want me. 

For so long I believed that she was just going through her own issues but I guess I was kidding myself. Now it’s time to get back to reality. The reality is Olivia Pope will never be mine because she doesn’t want to be mine. I’m just another pawn in her game. 

Watching You (One Shot Attempt) (Smut)

(I’m not a writer, I’m an RP account of Fitz. However, I wanted to try my hand at some smut because I’m messy as fuck. Enjoy)


After months of begging on Fitz’s part, Olivia decided to stay at the White House over night. They’d had dinner, cuddled, and now they sat in the Oval Office. Being the workaholic that she was, Ms.Pope refused to leave work behind. Her perfectly-arched eyebrows were knit together, and her nose was scrunched up in that cute little way that Fitz adored. His eyes traveled down to her plump lips. Oh, how he loved her lips. He loved the way they felt as they slid across his own lips, making him dizzy. He loved how her lips felt around him as she sucked not so manly noises from his presidential lips. His pants began to tighten as his eyes hungrily drank in her appearance. From her red-bottom heels, to her perfectly-manicured nails, she was perfect to him. It seemed almost effortless. He continued to watch her shamelessly as she peeked at him. “Fiiittttzzz,” she whined. “I can’t work with you looking at me like that.” She’d put off work to come see him, and she really needed to work on this case. “So don’t work.” He put his large hand over her smaller one, making her close the file. “You have an even bigger case to work on, right here.” He moved her dainty hand to his bulge. The sight of her small hand against his impressive bulge made it even more erotic for him. Olivia said nothing. She just looked at him. Fitz knew that she was having an internal battle. Moving the file to the table, he made the decision for her. He scooped up her little body and deposited her on his desk. “Lay down. Damn, you’re so sexy, Ms.Pope.” Olivia obeyed. This look in Fitz’s eyes was something she was used to, and she loved feeling wanted. Fitz made quick work of her suit before he climbed on top of her, claiming her pillowy lips in a searing kiss. Their tongues battled as Fitz slid a sneaky hand into her panties, thumbing at her clit. She broke the kiss to let out a high keen before Fitz surged forward and claimed her mouth as his own again. Her lip quivered in that sexy way it does as she was brought closer to orgasm. Her body arched off of the desk as he slid his thick middle-finger between her folds and crooked it, successfully pulling an orgasm from her. He bit his lip before settling himself in his favorite place in the world, between her legs. Tearing her panties off with his teeth, he immediately opened his mouth to cover her clit. He swirled and flicked his tongue against her with no mercy. “Fuck.. F-Fitz.” He grunted in response before forcing his tongue into her, wiggling it. His dark sapphire eyes were on her the entire time. He drank every moan, whimper, gasp, and sigh in just as greedily as he was drinking her juices in. She tugged on his hair, shaking as she came again. Fitz stood up and just looked at her. He observed his handiwork of the most powerful woman in DC. Fitz wasn’t a man who liked to relinquish power, but Olivia’s power turned him on to no end. After staring at her, he finally decided to end his own torture. Releasing himself from the confines of his boxers, he guided himself into heaven on earth. His body heated up as her walls closed around him, taking the air from his lungs. He moved her legs to his shoulders, pressing a tender kiss against her ankle. His thrusts were powerful and unforgiving, rocking her to the very core. Olivia’s eyes shut just as his hungry eyes landed on her breasts. He latched onto one, sucking on it with vigor as he gave her a third orgasm. “Fitz, please,” she begged. “Please what?” He spanked her with his large hand. “Use your words, Ms.Pope.” His voice held that cocky arrogance that she’d usually hate. Luckily for him, she could barely remember her own name. “Please… Just.” Her voice cracked as he delivered one particularly rough thrust, sending her into another orgasm. Her body was spent, going limp against his desk as he savagely rammed into her petite body. He eyes drank in his naked form as he approached his climax. This woman was his. Her mind, soul, body, spirit, and heart. She was his. The thought of her being his was all it took for him to tug on her hair and release deep into her. Panting, he put his head on her breasts. “Still want to work?” He looked up at her, his eyes turning a lighter blue. She rolled her eyes and playfully hit him on his back. “Yes, I do, Cocky.” Fitz gave a deep chuckle. “Well in that case, get on all fours.” A squeal could be heard as she tried to hop off of his desk to escape his wandering hands. “Come back here, Ms.Pope. You can’t escape the president!” He chased after her, his smile mirroring her own. He was glad he invited his Livvie to come relax with him.

The three of us together. Some may see the worst in Mellie and Cyrus but the truth is they’ve been loyal to me. They’re the only two who have been loyal to me. They’ve been true friends. Especially Cyrus. Cyrus is my best friend and I know all that he does comes from a good place. He has a big heart. Love you Cy!