fitz simmons

AIDA be like:

“Hey guys, welcome to my AU fic of Agents of SHIELD. Just letting you guys know, there’ll be lots of Skyeward and Mackelena family feels, Phil as a teacher, and May as a HYDRA agent. Also, I’m hella anti-Fitzsimmons. Jemma’s dead in my fic because I hate that bitch. Also, just FYI, I’m shipping myself with Fitz. I know this is hella self-inserting but it’s gonna be awesome! Make sure to leave a kudos and a review and let me know if you want me to continue this fic.” 🙂🙂🙂


agents of shield + smiles
requested by anon

“Don’t touch Lola.” - Phil Coulson

Jemma; *Is resting her elbow on Lola* 

Skye: *Is leaning on Lola* 

Ward: *Is “sitting” in the drivers seat* 

Fitz: *Is standing at the co-drivers place* 

May: *Is freaking chilling on the hood* 

Coulson: *Is the only one standing away from the car*