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Oh how much I miss so much food from home. Still sticking to my healthy eating while on vacation with some indulging here and there. Everything in moderation of course 😉 great coffee, delicious salads, and beautiful spring weather … What more can you ask for?
This was a Cobb salad I had which had romaine lettuce chopped, sliced avocado, bacon pieces, sliced hard boiled egg, blue cheese and tomatoes, all topped with balsamic #nomnomnom 🔹🔹
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Question for Our Followers?

Hi everyone! I’d like to ask you all a question - 

If you could offer someone ONE piece of advice regarding fitness and healthy living, what would it be? Something that has worked (or is working) for you in your own life.

I’d like to compile a list and post it on the site. I feel like hearing personal experiences are more effective a lot of the times than seeing random pictures :) 

Feel free to mail me, or you can comment on this post. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, just let me know. Thanks guys, you’re the best!

Options for a Low Fat Eating Style

(Fit Your Body) Low fat diets typically focus on not only limiting (or totally removing) “bad” fats from your diet, but also limiting the overall amount of fats from your daily food intake. Doctors may recommend a low fat diet for people with heart problems, severely overweight people, and other health issues. If you’re considering lowering your fat intake, you have a few different options. 

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How Many Calories You Need To Lose Weight

(Fit Your Body) Before this question is answered you should be aware of what a calorie is.  It is a unit that helps in determining the energy producing potential in any food.  Your body requires a specific number of calories each day.  How many calories depends on your weight, height, and how active you are during the day.  There is a standardized formula that you can use to calculate how many calories in a diet that you need each day to keep your body running properly.  On average a woman needs two thousand calories in a diet while men need two thousand five hundred calories.

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Hi everyone!

We did a bit of a facelift to our site over the weekend - now it’s more organized, more streamlined and easier to search. It’s still a work in progress, and we plan on adding some more features soon. Give it a look through if you get a chance :) Thanks and enjoy!