Make it a habit to count your blessings every day. Life is too short to sit around and mope about what’s wrong.

I’ve learned that being thankful for what I have brings more things into my life to be grateful for. So take a moment today and think about all the things you are thankful for. #fitwithblair #gratitude #lovelife

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Did you do less of things you didn’t want and more of things you did want this year?

Did you hit your New Years resolution? There’s still 3 whole months left of 2013 and you can make the changes you planned on waaaaay back in January.

Don’t ever give up! Do more of what you love and what moves you towards your goals! It’s that simple :) #fitwithblair #success #domore #believeinyourself

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Have some fun with planks today! You can add this in anytime. Try doing them during commercial breaks and you’ll quickly see why planks are the business. Hold each position for 10 counts and repeat as many time as you can until the commercial breaks over. Your body will thank you :) #fitwithblair #planks #trainmean #getlean

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I read this today in my new personal development book The Compound Effect and just LOVED it!!

This is sooooo true! The first initial step in any journey is always a little scary and sometimes overwhelming.

But each step gets easier on my path and I’m taking them much faster now.

Because the more steps I take closer to my goal the more faith I have in my abilities.

Learn to take the first step no matter how scary it is and find that belief in yourself to hit your goals. #fitwithblair #love #personaldevelopment #success

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Motivational Monday!

It’s all about the mindset. Believe you are strong, then you are. Believe you can do anything you put your mind to, you will.

Think positive thoughts and you will attract more positive things into your life. Like attract like.

Have a goal? Focus on how amazing it will FEEL to have it NOW.

Whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality. #fitwithblair #fitspiration #motivation #lawofattraction

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Homemade Chicken Soup….Paleo style baby!

Since I still have the sniffles I wanted chicken noodle soup. Really bad I might add. I decided to give making one paleo style a whirl. I didn’t follow a recipe just kinda winged it.

Here it goes>>>>>

So I took some sweet onion and sautéed that in some butter then added half a scooped out spaghetti squash (that had already been baked)

Then I added to the pan some organic all natural chicken broth. I searched for one that only had chicken broth, sea salt and some seasonings in it. I let that simmer for a little bit.

Then I poured it into a bowl (there was enough for 2 servings) and topped with some grilled chicken and avocado.

Woola! Done! Now I didn’t measure or anything so I apologize for that. Like I said I kinda winged it and didn’t even know if this would come out good. But it’s pretty tasty :) #fitwithblair #paleo #chickensoupforthesoul #yummy

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Do you actually go beast mode or just go through the motions? If you want to see results then you have to put in the work. Lots of people go to the gym or workout from home and just half a** it. But the truth is your just wasting your time if your not really putting your heart into it. Don’t get discouraged or angry with the results your not seeing….click into your inner beast mode today and reap the rewards tomorrow :) #fitwithblair #beastmode #fitnessfunny #truth

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Motivational Monday! Always remember that any progress is progress! And it’s not just about lbs lost either! Give yourself props for inches lost, dropping pants sizes, being able to lift heavier weight, faster times, or getting through a workout you once couldn’t. Keep pushing yourself today peeps! #fitwithblair #fitfam #fitmom #trainmean

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