fitting eh

also uhhh Listen
i know ive changed adris monster form 4 bajillion times but consider this one now,….

i had a dream where like…there was a new update, and it turned out that nevy had these two younger brothers, who joined the hosts in trying to defeat TiTAN?? except like, the brothers were the same size as the hosts, and everyone on the forums and tumblr were super confused and making all these theories 

except then the hosts visited to covetess planet and it just turned out that all the guys were delicate little human sized mermen and the woman were all 100ft tall cuttlefish monsters

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I'm not sure if your back up with requests (and I'm sorry if I'm only adding onto it) and thank you in advance, Connor with Bruised.

dw about it, you were like the second person to send me a request, haha, thank you! 

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Hey! I know you're probably hella busy, but I thought it might not hurt to at least ask if we were gonna see anymore art with Altean Lance and Galra Keith? I absolutely adore this au and worship your art (and I would sell my soul to see where you take them with this au). Either way, thanks and I love you!!!!

YOU SURE WILL! I’ve actually plotted out a comic for it, starting with their first meeting when the BoM arrives on Altea for their negotiations and following their journey of awkward flirting, teasing, frustration, make-outs and Catching Feelings. I just gotta learn how to use Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint and how to actually plot a comic, use panels and shade with screentones first… BUT IT’S DEFINITELY ON THE LIST OF PROJECTS I WANT TO WORK ON, DON’T WORRY!!

And thank you, anon - I’m glad you enjoy my art so much <3

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So proud of Danny in the Defenders... He was my favorite. His fights were a huge improvement from his show, I loved them all! What do you think about Danny this season?

    Danny was a rockstar in this show. As Daredevil bloggers, we’re contractually obligated to say that Matt was our favorite… but well… we loved every second of Danny’s journey, and the wait for Season 2 is going to be very long indeed. We really enjoyed the fights in Iron Fist, but we agree that they were awesome in The Defenders– particularly with the addition of those glorious Luke/Danny tag-teams! If you don’t mind, we’re going to take this as an excuse to do a deep dive into Danny’s Defenders arc.

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