fitting eh

Purple Puma, eh? Pretty fitting, I suppose. It’s interesting to me that Amethyst chose to be a male wrestler. Are women not allowed?

Oh, hello again, Ronaldo… And goodbye.


Ah, of course, that makes sense. Amethyst likes wrestling because she’s free to do what she wants… She can be as wild, rowdy, and immature as she wants to be with no judgement. That’s actually a really healthy outlet… I didn’t expect that from Amethyst.

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Hey! I know you're probably hella busy, but I thought it might not hurt to at least ask if we were gonna see anymore art with Altean Lance and Galra Keith? I absolutely adore this au and worship your art (and I would sell my soul to see where you take them with this au). Either way, thanks and I love you!!!!

YOU SURE WILL! I’ve actually plotted out a comic for it, starting with their first meeting when the BoM arrives on Altea for their negotiations and following their journey of awkward flirting, teasing, frustration, make-outs and Catching Feelings. I just gotta learn how to use Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint and how to actually plot a comic, use panels and shade with screentones first… BUT IT’S DEFINITELY ON THE LIST OF PROJECTS I WANT TO WORK ON, DON’T WORRY!!

And thank you, anon - I’m glad you enjoy my art so much <3

  • <p> <b>2p!England:</b> *repeatedly slamming a phone into the desk in a fit of pastel colored rage*<p/><b>2p!France:</b> Oliver! OLIVER!<p/><b>2p!England:</b> wHAT?!<p/><b>2p!France:</b> It's a inanimate fucking object....<p/><b>2p!England:</b> YOU'RE A INANIMATE FUCKING OBJECT!<p/><b>2p!America:</b> .... *whispers* fucking savage...<p/></p>

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❝  the  Many  Faced  God  can  have  the  rest,  but  he  can’t  have  this.  ❞

❝  where  there  is  a  way  in,  there  is  a  way  out.  and  fear  cuts  deeper  than  swords. .❞

❝  you  should  have  saved  my  Mother.  ❞

❝  she wanted to hit them. she wanted to hurt them. she wanted to cry.  ❞    she  does  none  of  those  &  instead  gives water  to  dying  assholes.  water  /  mercy  is  a  huge  theme.

❝  that  was  the  best  part;  the  dreaming.  ❞   /    ❝  had  she  only  dreamed  Arya  Stark?  ❞

My hubris caught up with me and I took a nap this afternoon. I dreamt of an oil well rig being set up in the middle of Fuck You County (some back-ass part of Texas) in an area that the First Nations peoples had warned was No Good™.

The first week of drilling was one broken thing after another. If it was a hose, is burst or got clogged. If it was a pipe or a shaft, it broke. If it was electrical, it fried. Every day some poor soul passed out from heat stroke despite all the legitimately best efforts by the foreman to keep his men safe. The second week was double the first week’s costs.

The Suit (read: upper management) didn’t care about the increasing costs of drilling. He bragged that not only was the rig replaceable, but so were the men, and he didn’t care if it cost them their souls to get the well dug, that well better be dug on time because the projected profits would greatly overcompensate for the financial cost of digging it.

“You willing to bet your soul on that, Sir?”

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Merry christmas @i-homeostasis 8′D IT IS I! YOUR SECRET SANTA!!

Obviously Asahi in a dress is something I can do harharhar - I hope it’s at least somewhat like you wanted it to be? I tried very hard to up the adorable factor /fistpump

happy holidays everyone u3u

"Why is Sense8 a good show?"

Normal show:
“Save the cheerleader… save the world”
“Save the genius transgender hacktivist girl who has the hottest girlfriend on the show… save the world.”

Normal Show:
Gay Boyfriend: “If you don’t get that skanky champagne soaked slut outta here I’m gonna throw a BITCH FIT! ”
Gay boyfriend: “…Eh, you know I never say no to bubbly.”

Normal Show:
Characters that suck.

Normal Show:
*stereotypical portrayal of an Indian father who puts traditions or religion above the happiness of his children*
*An Indian father who cares about nothing but his daughter’s happiness*
*Another Indian father who finds no value in tradition or religion*

Normal show:
Gay guys.