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All Niall has been saying is this album is him. Period. He's not going for gimmicks or artsy aesthetic. It's him plain and simple. The album cover fits that. It's brilliant and exactly what his album represents, a vulnerable Niall take it or leave it. Plus he's smoking hot. Idk what these anons are talking about tbh. An artsy fartsy cover would go against everything he's been saying during promo.

yes thank you!

this is just soo…niall and i love it!


Are you a Hayao Miyazaki 宮崎駿 fan? If so you’ll love these. Open searching for album covers fit to grace my iTunes music collection I stumbled across these fabulous mock ups down by shinobireverse on deviant art. They are absolutely gorgeous, and give a whole new meaning to what a DVD collection can be. These days as things become more and more digital we can still revel in the fact that there is a certain quality to things that you can touch, and feel. Imagine this as a DVD collection, and how happy you’d be to have it XD :D