From a young kid that attended #FittedThos KrispyKreme Tuesdays, to a regular at FittedThoMondays; #FittedTho has shaped what it is to be an enthusiast for me. It’s such an honor to have them post this small pic and story about me and my car. I’ve always looked up to them and their movement. I cannot express how honored I am to have them write about my build. @fittedtho, always keeping it real and filled with passion ☺️🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗 #FittedThoFam

Had a great time Saturday hanging out with the Fittedtho family at Nisei and the Fittedtho Meet. A bunch of us hung out at this boba place in Westminster after the meet ended with the @superkawaiicrew. Geat time with good people. #fittedtho x #superkawaii #fittedthofam

I am very stoked on receiving a banner from the @fittedtho guys last night at the “secret meet”. At first I started going to the Fittedtho meets because it was a good meet with quality cars. I started to get to know everyone and my reasons for showing up Monday nights changed. It wasn’t just for the builds and to hard park my bucket anymore. It was to hang out with the friends I have made there into the late nights or early mornings. Glad to be part of the Fittedtho Family and to be friends with all of you. #fittedthofam

Story time: ✖️Cold February Nights, Dope Vibes, and Slammed Cars✖️ So every Monday I come to a place that’s become quite special to me over the past few weeks. In fact, FittedTho Mondays is probably one of the highlights of my week haha 😅. It’s a personal meet held in Ontario where #FittedThoFam and people from all over come to chill, talk cars, and not have to worry about Cops. What I love about this meet compared to other meets, is how welcome I feel when I go to FittedTho. I’ve developed a reputation as the “Headlight Restoration Guy” LOL. Every week, I get to meet new people, restore their headlights, and get to talk future plans with their car. Last night, I got to meet up with 2 homies who I’ve known about/talked with before; essentially internet IG friends haha. @allandeguzman and @noweezus came all the way down from freakin SD. They drove 2 HOURS to come hang and meet the homies! Talk about dedication!🙌 Noel(black FA5) and Allan(Red Gs) are real humble guys, super nice and were really impressed with my car. It’s refreshing knowing that fellow 8th owners like my car haha. Often I’m so Jaded by my car because I see it everyday that it fills my heart when someone compliments the amount of work I put into her ☺️*OPEN COMMENTS TO READ PART 2* (at FittedTho Mondays)

S/o to @alannntho for letting me borrow his 10-22mm at the Valentines Day #FittedTho meet! Got to meet a bunch of photographers and enthusiasts whom I follow on my IG personally 🙌😄. Dope people, no drama, just late nights spending time with people and their passion @limitphotography @soobieninja02 @charged_ @theemark @thefijijuan @silver_bb2 Thanks for the great time as always guys! #FittedThoFam