Aloha kākou!

This Thursday we are releasing another stand-out piece from our Waiʻaleʻale collection. Designed and customized from the ground up using our own in-house specs, we present a new lightweight, breathable windbreaker—aptly named Ahu Laʻi as a nod to the ti leaf rain coats used in ancient Hawaiʻi.

The Waiʻaleʻale Ahu Laʻi is made up of a lightweight nylon rip-stop material, featuring an all-over sublimated print of the Waiʻaleʻale pattern. Trilock accents are seen throughout, including the adjustable velcro closure on the wrists and the stitching on the back ventilation flap, which adds breathability. It also features adjustable drawcords at the waist and hood to help achieve the perfect fit. Waterproof reverse zippers are used for the full body and lower front pockets, as well as an upper left front stash pocket. Our Military Spec label is patched on the lower left front pocket while our crest is stitched in white on the upper left chest area. Our Nihi logo is also printed on the back of the neck area in white.

Along with the Ahu Laʻi, we will also be releasing another FITTED + Blue Hawaii Surf Waiʻaleʻale Aloha tee, this time in black with white front outline around the Waiʻaleʻale pattern and white back print.

Releasing in-store and online March 29th

We present to you our spring D2 collection entitled “Legacy”

As we near a decade in the business, we have seen many designs come and go, but their are some that just leave a lasting impression. Our spring collection will showcase some of our favorite FITTED stories and designs from the past nine years. This is our Legacy 

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As a new blog on a Tumblr, our goal is to bring amazing content and lifestyle from us to you. With that being said, every week we will be posting at least once from one of our few members in our group. 

Starting Tuesdays, we’ll be posting up small biographies of our team, but why? We want our community to know who we are! As a team, we don’t want to be like others who just post for the sake of posting, we post for the sake of being something more, something different, something served with contrast.

This week you get to meet one of our founders, Hadji. He’s pretty much a leader on action, always out and about on trying to get something new started, a kickstarter pretty much. He’s our bboy, make-believe model, and risk taker, always down to take up new challenges like starting this blog right here. Don’t worry, he ain’t as mad as he looks in his picture, only when he’s in the bathroom. All kidding aside, without our braddah man right here, we probably wouldn’t even be here, I will never cease to think how great my brotha is right here.

Want to get to know us better? Follow us, we’ll be posting at least once a week with a new bio and more pictures for you to see.

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