fitted long sleeve shirts


Magnus wearing his bracelet on the outside of his sleeve as a fashion statement.

Sweet Tears Pt.3

Jungkook x Reader { Cat Hybrid/Dystopain Au! } (a)(f)(eventual smut) 

Warnings: Mature themes, Language, Abuse, Violence

Who could have known that taking home a hybrid would change ones whole life? How could y/n have guessed he would affect her so much? All she wants to do is help, but she doesn’t even know if he’ll let her.

Wordcount: 10k+

**Ah~ It’s finally here! Honestly, the next part will probably be up faster than this one was, so that’s good. Anyway, I hope you like this chapter, and you know i love feedback and hearing from you guys, so tell me how it was.



Previously: “It does involve me because he’s my hybrid. He may not have a collar yet, but he’s definitely not filth or unwanted. And he doesn’t want, or need, your help. Don’t come near him or I again, or so help me, you won’t be having “fun” anytime soon.” You spat the words out, turning around hand in hand with the hybrid who silently followed behind you.

After taking a few steps, you spun around and spoke one last time, making your presence and voice as dominant and intimidating as you could.

“And that whole talk of bitches and who could get the most, I don’t even wanna hear about it. I mean honestly, you’ve never had anybody come to you except when they’ve been in heat, and even then I bet they still aren’t begging you.” Smirking as you spoke your last comment, you turned around for the last time, making your way back to your apartment, leaving Jaebum and Jackson frozen in the middle of the hall, confused on what just happened.

You went down the hall to your apartment, mumbling in anger to yourself on the way.

“How could they do that to anyone?” Your voice would come out hushed and fast, the thoughts of your mind slipping through your lips with every passing second.

The way that they acted was horrible, and you knew that what you saw was just the surface. If they could say all of that in the hallway, a place where people could publicly see and hear them, you could only imagine what they were like behind closed doors. The tone of their voices and the position they put the hybrid in replayed over and over in your head. Each time the memory passed through your mind, you would feel sick. A wave of anger and disgust washing over you, building and building, with no end in sight.

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Life’s Fucked Eddie, It’s so Damn Fucked

(Reddie) It’s a couple moths into senior year. The Losers are still going on strong. Eddie Kaspbrack has just joined the cheer squad. One day, a painfully sweet jock lends him his jacket. Eddie’s heart swoons. Is this love? It can’t be. Who said Eddie Kaspbrack was gay? Is he? What will happen when his best friend realizes he has intense feelings for this small mysophobic hypochondriac.

TW for whole fanfic: angst, self harm, eating disorders, attempted suicide, fluff, make outs, sexual stuff. (This chapters only an introduction so nothing yet lmao)  the end will be happy don’t worry.    

1, 2, 3 (coming soon), 

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Intertwining Your Soul (Thor Odinson) Soulmate AU

Thor is shocked when a soulmate tattoo begins to form on his arm. He goes to the Avengers for help but finds her there. What will Thor do when he has to choose between his soulmate and his love, Jane?

A/N: so this isn’t my best work and there will be a part 2! Also, I would have posted this yesterday but while looking for gifs I got lost in a few imagines that popped up ahaha

Warnings: Angst, soul-tearing - bruh

Words: Too many


Gif belongs to @sexualthorientation

Thor didn’t know what he was expecting when he returned to East after Loki’s death. The loss of his brother shook him to the core and he knew he would never be the same. The one good thing left was her, Jane, the love of his life.

He’d heard that mortals have something known as a ‘soulmate’ which is identified by the matching tattoos. The tattoos grew from the time you receive them at age 12 to the time you find your soulmate, then growing would stop. Some never found their soulmate which results in a whole limb being covered in the tattoo. 

Some peoples soulmates die and this results in their tattoo turning white. Jane’s soulmate had died a couple years ago and also it was heart-wrenching, she managed to push on and eventually, she found him, Thor. But the tattoo from her past remained, staining her bicep in a range of patterns. They say that the tattoos patterns link to the soul’s foundations and may even be able to predict the two should future together- studies have been conducted by there can only be so much looked at; most of it is guesswork.

Sitting on the couch, with Jane next to him, Thor began so feel an uncomfortable pain in his forearm. Looking at it, there was no physical sign there was anything wrong, so he returned to watching the amusing box the mortals call a T.V. Yet again, Thor’s arm began burning and this time he could not ignore it. The pain was extensive and caused him to pull away from Jane and cradle his arm to his chest. “Thor? What’s wrong?”

“Something is wrong with my arm.” The pain began to simmer down, letting Thor breathe a sigh of relief. Jane began tearing up, “T-thor? Let me see your arm.” This confused Thor, why was his Lady nearly in tears? Was it for him? Oh, how she cared for him was such a blessing. He could never love another as much as he loved his Jane.

Standing, he held his arm out and let Janes caress it staring at his arm heartbrokenly. Following her gaze, Thor saw an intricate pattern of three swirls connected in the middle. “Ah, this is an ancient symbol, one to show the three stages of life. Typically for women but…” Thor than realised, he’d never had any form of a tattoo before and this was the cause of his pain. Jane put her hand over her mouth in shock and backed away from Thor.

“You… you have a soulmate.”

“That isn’t possible, I’m no mortal.”

As soon as he calmed Lady Jane down, Thor sped off to the Avengers facility, looking for an explanation. This couldn’t happen, no Asgardian had ever had a soulmate tattoo in all their histories. Landing on Stark’s lawn, Thor trudged inside, worn from the current stress.

Steve came out of the kitchen towards the large footsteps of Thor. “Thor! Its good to see you, I didn’t know you were back on Earth.” Grasping each other’s forearms in the usual warrior way, Thor sadly nodded. “Unfortunately, it is not with good news. I need to see Banner and Stark immediately.”

Steve led him straight to the lab where the men were working on locating a certain item. “Stark, Banner.” Thor greeted.

“Point-break!” “Hey Thor, what brings you to Earth?” Banner says, completely ignoring Tony. “Well, I’ve been here a while after the death of my brother, Loki.”

“Finally!- I mean so sorry for your loss…” Tony began but shutting up when he realised it had actually taken a toll on Thor. Bruce shook his head and turned back to Thor, “so what can we do for you?” Thor showed them his arm containing the three connecting swirls that were slowly growing. Thor could see it actually moving within his skin and it disgusted him. “How do I get it off?”

“Thor…” Bruce whispered taking in the sight of the man’s arm. “How long have you had this?” Thor frowned. “Just today, why?”

Bruce shared a look with Tony. “Thor soulmate tattoos grow with you from age 12 and start off as a single black line slowly growing-“ “Yes, I know of this. Jane has explained this to me. What are you trying to say?”

“Thor, you’re tattoo is a day old, it shouldn’t be this big. We can see it growing as well, that’s not normal.” Frowning, Thor puts his hands on his hips. “What does it mean?”

“You’re Asgardian so it could have sped up..?” Tony finally inputs.

“No, it’s not that. I have two theories. The first is that you have never been on Earth long enough for your soul mark tattoo to develop and its just making up for lost time, or…”


“I mean…its been theorised that when a person’s other half is about to die or due to die within the next year, your tattoo with grow exponentially and fate will speed up your time to get you to meet earlier than intended.”

“I don’t get it.” Tony sighed, leaning on the table muttering ‘shit’ constantly while Steve just frowned crossing his arms. Bruce looked around the room before fixing his glasses and crossing his arms.  “Thor, you’re soulmate is going to die within the next year and they don’t even know it, but you do. The fact you have a tattoo at all is amazing..”

“You know this looks familiar… I’ve seen it somewhere before…” Tony was closely inspecting the tattoo, trying to understand where he’s seen it before.

“How do we find-“

“I’m so sorry I’m late!” A lady in heels walked in a bit frazzled from rushing to get here. Not even noticing the situation, she began placing all her files on the desk and blabbering away at the silent men, not realising. “The traffic was horrific on the way up here and then I couldn’t find a carpark, I was almost tempted to park on the lawn. I mean tony you have a lot of money, you think you could put in some more car parks, not all of us can fly in, ya know? Also, someone scorched your grass and I swear it wasn’t me and my fire this time. Poor Jerry’s going to be so upset half his lawns…” (Y/n), in her long sleeved t-shirt and fitted jeans, only just noticed the silence in the unusually loud lab.

Turning around, she spotted Thor.  “Holy shit!” Smacking Tony on the chest, (y/n) mumbled. “Why didn’t you tell me the best Avenger was visiting today. A round of shocked and playful hurt gasps spread around the room. Thor smirked and crossed his arms, looking down at (y/n). He couldn’t deny she was a beautiful woman, it almost appeared she didn’t belong here on Earth, rather Asgard. Hand on his chest, Steve laughed, “I’m hurt (y/n) I always thought I was your favourite.”

“Oh honey, you are something else entirely.” (Y/n) gave a wink and a sultry smile causing Steve to smile, blush slightly and then look away; not wanting to be caught in her gaze. Something about the interaction irked Thor the wrong way and he didn’t like the feeling.

“Hello, Thor, God of thunder and Prince of Asgard, what brings you to this… uh, establishment?”  (Y/n) waved her hands around and stepped closer to Thor, looking into his eyes. Her eyes were seemingly taunting him and as he stared longer he saw images. Images of himself and Loki. Loki bleeding on the floor- Thor looked away quickly causing (y/n) to smirk.  “Sorry about that.” She whispered, before taking a step back.

“My name is (y/n) (y/l/n) but you can call me Fuka (fe-you-ka). I control heat/fire and happen to be the queen of nightmares, so don’t stare at my eyes too long, as you just learnt, or you might be seeing your worst nightmare.” Tony smirked before she held out her hand for friendly terms. Something seemed to snap together in Tony’s mind and instantly he ran towards the two. “No, wait!” But it was too late the two were shaking hands and a heat seemed to spread between the two. (Y/n) understanding instantly and smiling brighter than any of them had ever seen.

Thor was just confused. “What just happened?” Releasing (y/n) caused a slight ache within himself that he couldn’t control. It was strange… the need to be close to her was dire. “You just sealed her fate by beginning the bond process…” Tony sighed.

They all thought of (y/n) like a sister ever since a couple months ago when she terrified a whole town by accident in the first stages of developing her powers. The Avengers stepped in and eventually calmed her down and invited her to the team. She was extremely intelligent within the field of molecular biology and technology. Now she was an Avenger and apparently now Thor’s soulmate.

“Sealed my fate? What?” Thor’s mind seemed to grip onto every word that fell from plump lips. Sensing his staring (y/n) looked to Thor and gave him a wink. Thor snapped out of his stupor and looked towards Tony for answers. “Look at his tattoo.” She grabbed his arm, causing Thor to jolt with the electricity running from her fingertips to his arm. “Holy shit, well either I’m doomed or you should have been on Earth longer than you have.” Running her hand over the vines spreading from the triple spiral, Thor gasped. This was meant to be sensual, Jane had explained that one’s soulmate touching the tattoo was a private and special affair. Yet, (y/n) had no problem touching it in front of their team members.

Both Steve and Bruce were looking away from the pair awkwardly, confirming Thor’s thoughts that this was something private. Blushing, (y/n) pulled away knowing that’s not something to be done in the presence of others. Thor kindly smiled down at her. Something within him was pulling him towards her, ‘it must be the soulmate bond’ he thought.

“That’s what I said (y/n), but there’s no way to tell. So we’ll have to see.” Seeing the two soulmates standing quietly taking peeks at each other, Bruce began walking over to the door. “C’mon lets give them room to go over some things.” “But this is MY lab! Shouldn’t they find a room?” “C’mon Tony.” Steve said, pulling Tony with him. “Keep your clothes on kids! Make good choices!” Tony shouted as he was dragged out.

“So, you’re my soulmate?” Thor said awkwardly. “Yup…”

Both couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other but neither knew what to say. “May I… May I see your-“ “My tattoo? Yeah sure.” Rolling up her sleeve, Thor now saw the extent his tattoo was bound to grow to. The Triskelion was on her forearm, like Thor’s, but the vines and various Nordic symbols that covered her whole forearm was extent. Thor gasped, his was nothing compared to (y/n)’s. Walking forward, without asking, Thor held her arm delicately and brought it close to his face to inspect. He recognised quite a lot of the symbols adorning her arm. (Y/n) gasped when he ran a light finder over a certain snake symbol, and almost moaned. The soulmate tattoo was extremely sensitive to your soulmates touch, which is why it was always something done in private.

“I apologise, its just that-“ “It’s Loki, the god of mischiefs symbol. I know.” Looking up from her arm, Thor realised how close her face was to his. “I did my research, I was curious as to why my soulmate’s soul encased a lot of Norse mythology, but I can see why now.” (Y/n) breathed. Their faces slowly drifted closer, “…since you’re a Norse…god” Her breathes came quicker anticipating his soft lips upon his. (Y/n) closed her eyes, yet a gust of air made her eyes slam open. (Y/n) was alone in the lab… her soulmate gone without a goodbye.


Thor landed on Jane’s balcony, stumbling. Something within him was breaking and making him feel light headed. “Jane..” He whispered. “Jane!” Thor called for his love. Jane came stumbling out with Darcy in tow and upon seeing Thor on the ground she was quick to help. “Thor!” “Mir-mir!” Jane just looked at Darcy, “what? I thought we were calling everybody’s name?”

Jane and Darcy managed to move Thor to the couch and Darcy went off to get some water and a facecloth. “What happened, Thor?” Jane sat next to Thor on the couch, as he was laying down and was kindly brushing his hair away from his face. “Did you talk to the Avengers about what it means?” Thor only nodded, unable to look Jane in the eyes because overtime he did, he saw (y/n)’s beautiful- no he wasn’t going to think about her. Thor loved Jane, damned be to the fates. “What did they say?”

“I met her, Jane. She was there.” Jane pulled away slightly. “Did you come back to tell me you’re breaking up with me?” Thor sat up abruptly, “No, my love. You are the one I love, the fates be damned.” Janes smiled sadly and let tears pool. “Thor, you can’t. As much as I love you, it is not worth losing you.” Thor became confused, why was Jane pushing him away when he was choosing her? His greatest love?

“Thor we can deny our soulmates but we can die in the process. Just look at you, you’ve been away from her an hour and you’re nearly deteriorating. Not many people come away mentally or physically stable. It’s like tearing yourself in two-“ “I’ll do it! For you, for us- always.” And then he kissed her.


Back at the lab (y/n) still stood confused before something like a sledgehammer hit her in the chest. He was denying the bond and as he gets further away from her, the more it hurts (y/n).

“JARVIS….” (Y/n) barely called, sinking to the floor. The edges of her vision were slowly turning black. “Hold on miss, they are on their-“ (Y/N) blacked out.

When she woke up, (y/n) woke up screaming. The burning in her chest and arm was like someone sawing her arm and stabbing her chest simultaneously. “THOR!” She screamed. Various voices came through but she ignored all of them. Her body told her she was dying, her mind screamed in anger at Thor. “Hold her down!”

“We can’t or she might set the whole room alight!”

“Get the sedatives!”

“No! Someone find the fucking prick!”


“Look what he’s doing to her!”

“What’s happening Tony, Bruce?!” A panicked Steve Rogers entered the room hearing the deafening screams from around the compound.

“Thor must have gone against his bond and, I don’t know made contact with another female before they sealed their bond!”

“You mean he’s with Jane right now?”

The sedatives kicked in and it was like drifting in an ocean. (Y/n) felt at peace floating in her black ocean of nothingness. Here she could still think but was unaware of her own body.

How could Thor reject her? Did he know how this worked? If he denied her, if he got through this part he would live on, but there was a high chance she wouldn’t survive having her soul torn in half. Finally giving in, (y/n) fell into a dark hole.

On the outside, the men suddenly stopped at the heart monitor went flat. “Oh no.” Tony and Bruce hurridly started up the defibrillator.

“charging… five hundred… clear!” 


It was as clear as if it had already happened. As clear as if she’d been there. But it hadn’t happened and Elain would not be there when it did.

Azriel stood naked under a stream of hot water, face buried in his forearm, breath heavy. The muscles of his back and buttocks flexed and clenched with each hurried stroke of his scarred hand. His beautiful scarred hand. There was something desperate about the look on his face, in the curve of his shoulders. Perhaps something haunted, too.

He bit into his lower lip, eyes wrinkled shut, body curled forward.

Elain—” He came with a groan and a jerk of his hips and then it was over. He washed the mess away, ran a hand over his jaw. Water dripped everywhere. For a moment, it was hard to see his face, nearly hidden by steam from the water. But she saw it as he pulled the curtain and stepped out—shame. He was ashamed.

Ashamed of himself for what he’d just done. For thinking of her. For saying her name.

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1. Send thank you notes

2. Practice good posture

3. Speak more softly

4. Listen without interrupting

5. Wear solid colours

6. Ignore fads, or use them sparingly

7. Have a signature wine that you serve at home

8. Wear only 2-3 accessories

9. Have impeccable manners

10. Read on a variety of topics

11. Maintain a budget

12. Study the arts

13. Have one signature perfume/cologne

14. Show restraint in expressing anger

15. Learn the art of conversation

16. Learn French

17. Wear a trench coat

18. Learn how to wear a scarf

19. Wear a tuxedo, when one is called for

20. Practice quality over quantity

21. Don’t yell or scream

22. Learn to dance the waltz

23. Have one fabulous signature meal you serve guests

24. Remember birthdays

25. Go on picnics

26. Wear dresses/suits more often, and on dates

27. Simplify your life, your home and your calendar

28. Wear pearls

29. Men, Open the door for ladies

30. Ladies, et him open the door for you

31. Remember that it’s more important to be kind than it is to be right

32. Serve coffee or tea after meals

33. Arrive exactly on time

34. Don’t complain

35. Dress to travel

36. Be well travelled

37. If you’re a woman, don’t wear black shoes between Memorial Day and Labor Day…wear spectator pumps instead

38. Keep your home clean and uncluttered

39. When guests stay over, put a small pitcher and glass for water on their nightstand, along with a book they might enjoy

40. Learn how to host a small dinner party

41. Have one subdued solid colour scheme throughout your home, use accessories to add colour

42. Learn how to make the perfect martini

43. Learn how to tie both a regular tie and a bow tie (whether you’re a man or a woman)

44. Be a lady or a gentleman at work, especially when delivering a difficult message or when tempers flare

45. Wear lovely/handsome hats

46. Don’t point out the mistakes of others

47. Wait your turn patiently

48. Don’t curse

49. Chew each bite 20 times

50. Sip your drink

51. Learn proper etiquette for all situations

52. Accept compliments graciously

53. Be quietly self confident

54. Don’t boast

55. Be respectful of others

56. Have fresh flowers in your home

57. Write a letter rather than send an email to those you love

58. Keep your nails well manicured

59. Maintain your shoes and clothing

60. Don’t ever lose your joie de vivre

61. Be well groomed

62. Remember that money does not equal elegance, nor is it necessary to be elegant

63. Wear less make-up

64. Wear well-fitting clothes

65. Spray lavender on your sheets

66. Be positive

67. Learn to politely say no

68. Be concerned with making others feel comfortable

69. Maintain good health

70. Don’t overindulge

71. Hold yourself to high standards

72. Turn your mobile off at dinner

73. Wear simple, classic hairstyles

74. Think before you speak or act. Ask yourself, can anything good come from this?

75. Apoligize sincerely

76. Have integrity

77. Don’t speak ill of others, or gossip

78. Always take a gift to your host or hostess

79. Tie a scarf on your handbag

80. Take a clutch in the evening

81. Wear well fitting jeans with either a long sleeve white shirt or solid sweater for more casual events

82. Only wear sneakers for exercise

83. Use white sheets, white towels, white dishes

84. Be sure your clothes are pressed

85. Your car’s horn should say “pardon me, but do you see me?”, rather than “get out of my way!”

86. Overdo empathy

87. Light candles in your home

88. Go for walks in the park on Sunday

89. Give others sincere compliments

90. Understand your own worth

91. Learn how to open a bottle of champagne

92. Dress appropriately for the occasion

93. Do small favours for others, without expecting anything in return

94. Say please and thank you

95. Take the time to stop and listen to others, especially children

96. Take responsibility for yourself and your own happiness

97. Keep a journal

98. Give thoughtful gifts, rather than expensive ones

99. Less is more

100. Savour the moment

—  100 Ways to be Elegant by me (via pearlsandcurlsandpreppygirls)
Like A Fun Idea

Originally posted by multifandomfantasychild

Title: Like A Fun Idea

Summary: The reader catches of the eye of Dean Winchester and tries to win her over.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 1105

Warning: I can’t think of anything, but I always like to be cautious. So warning in general. 

Credit to Gif maker - who is not me. 

  Dean looked across the bar to this bombshell wearing a fitted long sleeve shirt, which raised high enough to see your belly button and toned formed and the type of ripped jeans that you knew all the holes and tears were made from experience. He thought you were stunning, but that wasn’t what drew him in. You were hustling these guys from the bar in pool and they didn’t care because of your smile and laughter. Looking at you, he could tell you had a lot of experience with hustling vulnerable guys at a bar.

               “Check this out,” Dean tapped his brother. Sam swerved his body, looking in the direction Dean was gesturing, “This girl is hanging these guys out to dry.”

               “Oh, I know that face,” he smirked at his brother, “She would eat you alive.”

               Dean shrugged, still staring at you, “I don’t know, I’d just might like that.”

               Sam pushed his arm, “Dude.” The game was over and you were racking up the balls. Dean stood up, finishing the rest of his beer, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Sam yelled after him.

               “Hi,” Dean leaned against the pool table, staring at you, “Can I buy you daiquiri or something?”

               You looked up at him with a straight face, shrugging your shoulders, “I don’t know,” you stand straight leaning on your stick, “Can I dump it over your head afterwards?”

               He raised his eyes at you, “Alright, how about we play a game? And if I win, you let me buy you a drink of your choice?”

               “And if I win?”

               He placed a wad of cash down on the table, “You can take my cash.”

               “Dude,” Sam groaned from the bar.

               “You know him,” you gestured towards his upset brother.

               Grabbing his stick, chalking up the tip, “Nope, now are you going to play or just brew in a corner some more?”                

               Your eyebrows shot up, a little taken back by his sudden confidence. He must have quite the experience with this kind of behavior, “I’ll let you go first, looks like you haven’t gotten a win in a while.” Dean cocked his head to the side, wondering what you meant. Sam picked up his drink and moved closer to watch the scene unfold, hoping his brother didn’t lose their money. Dean focused on the game, the intrigued feeling in his chest pumps adrenaline into his body, and he was excited.

               Walking up to Sam, you went to shake his hand, “I’m Y/N.”

               Sam gave you a smile, “Sam,” he looked at his brother, “Go easy on him, he’s not as douche-y as he seems.” Dean hit the rack, balls flinging in every direction, turning to you and grinning. He looked so proud of himself, “Alright, he can be.”

               You smile at him, turning back to Dean, who was doing quite impressively. Sam got up to go to the bar and Dean had about two balls left with the eight ball. It wasn’t your style to lose, so you had to use one of your tricks. You walked over to Dean’s beer. When you started to walk, you noticed it always catches his attention. It especially caught his attention when you lifted his beer to your lips, taking a gulp. After putting it down, you bit your lip, trying to look coy, “I’m so nervous, I just needed a little more libations to calm the nerves. You don’t mind Dean,” you paused, “It is Dean, correct,” you leaned on the table, letting him catch a glimpse of your cleavage.

               He just nodded his head, “Yeah, it’s Dean,” he struggled with the words. And right then, he lost his edge and missed his shot.

               Sam returned with two beers, passing one to you, “Why thank you Sam,” you smiled at him, cheers-ing in his direction.

               Instantly frustrated, he looked up at you, “You’ll accept a drink from him,” he asked.

               “One,” you said taking a gulp of beer, “He didn’t ask, he just got me one. And two,” you pointed to Sam, “He got me a beer, not some girlie fruity drink. He knew what I wanted,” you wink at Sam. He just shakes his head, taking a seat again, “Mine turn,” you ask.

               Dean nodded, taking his drink with him to sit next to his brother, “You are letting her play with you,” Sam said to his brother.

               Shrugging, Dean watched you bend over the pool table to take a shot, “She can play me anytime she wants,” he smirked, “Plus, I think she likes me.”

               Sam rolled his eyes at him, “Oh yeah, I’m sure she wants you bad.”

               It wasn’t soon before you were on just eh eight ball. You looked up at Dean, he drank his beer, and bit his lips trying to look sexy. He had several attempts before this moment, bending over to pick up his wallet, etc. It didn’t work, but you were entertained. And somehow this stranger, like fungus, grew on you, so right before you sunk the shot you sent him a wink.

               Sam clapped his hand and Dean rolled his eyes, “Take the money,” he groaned.

               You smiled at him before walking over to him, grabbing the cash, and pulling Dean into your lips for a passionate, spontaneous kiss. Right as you pulled away you said, “Nah, keep it. Who would I be if I hustled a fellow hunter,” grabbing your beer and finishing it.

               Dean was still taken by the kiss, but Sam stopped mid drink, “Hunter,” he questioned.

               “Your Sam and Dean Winchester,” you smiled at him, “Jody told me I could meet you here,” I sat next to Sam, meeting eyes with Dean, who was currently in shock, “I need help on a case.”

               “So you knew who we were,” Dean asked, “And this whole pool game?”

               Shrugging, “It seemed like a fun idea,” you smiled at him, “Plus, you were really cute playing that whole playboy douche-y type. It works for you Dean Winchester.”

               Both Sam and Dean’s eyebrows shot up in shock. Dean just looked at you, not knowing if he should be offended or grateful, “Since I gave you your money back, are you going to buy me that drink.”

               Cocking his head again, Dean nodded in agreement, “Fine, but I’m getting you a girlie fruity drink.”

               “Hey,” you yelled back after him.

               Sam pulled out a chair for you, “Don’t worry, he’d be too embarrassed to order a drink like that. You really know how to make a splash Y/N.”

               “Sam, I think this is a beginning to a beautiful friendship,” you smiled after Dean.              

Halloween-Steve Harrington Imagine

Requested: No

Warnings: Fluff, underage drinking, Billy being Billy

Originally posted by dailystrangerthings

 “Here you go!” Nancy said as she slipped an orange piece of paper into my hand.

  I just got out of fourth period Spanish and it was taking me a little longer than usual to snap myself out of Spanish mode. I blinked and glanced at the paper my best friend had nearly smacked me in the face with. 

   “Stacy’s having a Halloween party? Tragic.” I crumpled the paper in one hand and began opening my locker with the other. 

   “Tragic? No, it’s great, it’ll be a good way for us to just let loose and be normal teenagers for once,” Nancy said.

    After what happened last Halloween, I didn’t think we’d ever be normal again. Unfortunately, I had gotten wrapped up into the Upside Down shenanigans last year after Barb was murdered at Steve’s kickback. Neither of us wanted to go, but Nancy wanted the chance to get closer to Steve even though Barb kept telling me that Steve was into me, which made no sense. He only ever talked to Nancy and I have always been awkward in the few conversations we had. But, we did get close after we fought the demagorgon in the Byers’ house—-rather, after Steve saved me from getting killed by the demagorgon. We talked more after that, but we definitely weren’t a thing like Nancy and Jonathan were.

    “I’d rather not be surrounded by over-aroused, drunk teenagers for three hours,” I said.

    Nancy groaned. “You sound just like Jonathan!”
    “You say that like it’s a bad thing?” Jonathan seemed to appear out of nowhere as Nancy kissed him on the cheek. He smiled bashfully before looking at me.

    “Your girlfriend wants us all to go to Stacy’s Halloween bash tonight.”

    “It could be fun,” Nancy sang.

    “Not really my scene.”

    “Mine neither.” 

    “But you guys, this is an excuse to get dressed up in costumes and get free alcohol,” Nancy said.

    “I don’t even have a costume, I honestly have no reason to go.”

   Then, by some stroke of fortune, Steve showed up, looking as cool as he always did in a jean jacket, white shirt, and perfectly fitted jeans. His almond brown hair looked soft enough to touch and I felt my fingers itching to touch it. I knew better though, he was the star of the basketball team and the king of the school while I was just Y/N Y/L/N, Nancy Wheeler’s friend.

    “You guys are going to Stacy’s party tonight, right?”

    “Yes, we are, but Y/N isn’t feeling it,” Nancy said, sending a knowing look in my direction. 

    Steve looked at me with an exaggerated hurt expression on his face. “Y/N, you can’t skip this party, it’s the party of the year! Everyone gets all dressed up and super hammered.”

     “You make it sound so much more appealing,” Jonathan said sarcastically.

     I felt my face heat up the closer Steve got to me and that stupid grin on his face only made it worse. “Um, that seems great and all, but I don’t have a costume.”

     “I can help with that!” Nancy offered.

     “And I’m not really good at parties…”

     “Just follow my lead.” Steve grabbed my hands and gave me the biggest puppy dog eyes. “Y/N, you have to go to this party for me. I’m graduating soon and this will be the last Halloween party I’ll ever go to in high school and it wouldn’t be the same without you.”

      As much as I wanted to say no and stay at home watching TV and eating popcorn, I couldn’t resist those stupid, gorgeous puppy dog eyes. When I muttered “yes”, Steve looked triumphant, Jonathan looked only a little surprised, and Nancy seemed smug. It wouldn’t be until much later that I would realize my grave mistake.

      At ten o’clock, I dragged my feet into Stacy’s house a little bit behind Nancy and Jonathan. 

    “Come on, Y/N!” Nancy said as she tugged me forward.

    “I look ridiculous,” I muttered.

    “You look adorable,” Jonathan teased.

    I glared at him and adjusted the cat ears on my head. Nancy had felt like being more creative for my costume since she dressed me up as a cat, which meant that I was wearing a fitted, long-sleeved black shirt, tight black pants, and boots with a bit of a heel to them. She put whiskers on my face and drew a cat nose as well. I thought she was going to be something as traditional as me, but she went as a normal schoolgirl.

    I could have killed Nancy Wheeler.

   Though the costume wasn’t that bad, I was nervous that I would look childish in comparison to all the other girls and I didn’t want Steve thinking that I was a child—-I was already younger than him. The party was in full swing with generic Halloween songs blasting from the stereo. Popular people from different grades in varying level of outrageous costumes were dancing fairly drunkenly to the music. We weaved our way to the kitchen and Nancy poured cups of punch for me and Jonathan.

    “Can’t, I’m driving, remember?” Jonathan asked.

    “Right.” Nancy kept his cup and gave me one. “Bottoms up.” 

     We clinked drinks and I began sipping. The drink was extremely sugary until the vodka kicked in, which could have made me nauseous, but I felt okay. After I took another large gulp, I turned to see that Steve had just arrived. He was dressed up as some sort of greaser with his leather jacket, dark pants, and sunglasses. Every time he bobbed to the beat, his feathery hair bobbed with him. Tons of people went up to greet him and I felt my stomach clench. So, I drank some more and before I knew it, I was on my second cup.

     “Hey, guys!” Steve yelled over the music. “Isn’t this party great?”

      “Yeah!” Nancy yelled.

     “I guess,” Jonathan commented.

    “The punch is decent.” I sipped more of it to solidify my point. 

    Steve laughed and poured himself a cup. Then, “Monster Mash” came on, and he insisted we all danced. Slowly, I trailed behind him while Nancy had to drag Jonathan on to the dancefloor aka the living room. The room was crowded but Steve insisted on twirling me around and dancing kind of goofy to make me feel better about my own dancing. The funny thing was that for the first time, I didn’t feel self conscious about my dancing and just had fun. Each song began to blend with the other the more I drank, and I couldn’t help but admire how cool Steve was without even trying. He was the only guy here that could wear sunglasses indoors without looking ridiculous and also super brave. He was perfect.

    “I’m gonna get another drink!” I said over the next song.

    “Are you sure about that?” Steve asked.

    “Yeah, ‘m fine!” I gave him a thumbs up and he shook his head at me.

    I grinned at him as I floated through the crowd back to the kitchen. It was amazing how the punch bowl was never empty. I suppose I was a little more intoxicated than I thought because at one point, I got some of the punch on my pants.

    “Crap!” I exclaimed, dropping the ladel back into the bowl and trying to wipe as much of the punch off as I could.

   “One too many?” I looked up to see the new kid, Billy, staring back at me.

  He was dressed up as some Gothic thing, but it was really an excuse to show off his abs. They were impressive, but could not make up for his ridiculous hair and mustache that made him look like a dad. Steve was much better looking, the girls at school only liked Billy because he was new and from California.

  “I guess.” I grabbed my cup from the counter.

  “You’re Y/N, right? Nancy’s friend?”


  Billy’s eyes raked up and down my body slowly, making me shiver in a disgusted way. “You make a good lookin’ kitten. You here with anybody?”
   I nodded. “Nancy, J-Jonathan, and Steve.”

   Billy raised an eyebrow and glanced behind me. “Looks like Nancy and Jonathan disappeared and Steve’s pretty busy.”

   I whirled around and nearly stumbled, but once I regained my balance, my heart sunk. He was dancing with two of the prettiest girls in school, both dressed up as Madonna. Of course, he’d be into them, Barb was wrong, Steve couldn’t have possibly been into me ever. 

    “Hey.” Billy turned me to slowly face him. “Why do you look so sad, kitten?” 

    I hated the way he called me kitten and I hated how my bottom lip was jutting out, like it always did when I was about to cry. 

    “It can’t be because of Steve? He’s on his way out. C’mon, I’ll help you clean up.”

    I wanted to speak up and tell him I was fine, but I let him lead me to the bathroom upstairs. Unfortunately, it was locked, so he took me into a different room.

    “This should work out just fine.”

    “This isn’t a bathroom,” I muttered, stumbling forward.

     Billy grabbed me and pulled me into him, making me spill my drink. I whined and Billy took it the wrong way as he pulled me closer, trying to kiss me. “C’mon, don’t fight it, Y/N, we both know you want this.”

   “Stop,” I muttered. 

   But Billy didn’t stop and he kept groping me and trying to kiss me. I felt both stiff and frightened as I tried to fight him off. But the booze mixed with fear didn’t help me at all. This wasn’t how I wanted this night to go at all, I wished I had just stayed with Steve or Nancy or Jonathan. I shouldn’t have come.

   “Why are you so stiff? What’s your problem? You’re acting like you’ve never done this before.”

    It was at those last words that my heart stopped. There was no telling how long it would take Billy to realize that his predictions were correct. He might spread it around school and I would be a laughing stock. I tried pushing him away again only to get shoved down on the floor this time. As I rolled onto my back, he seemed to be a big looming shadow over me with only the malicious intentions.

    “Billy, stop!” I begged.

    “Shh, kitten,” he said.

    He grabbed my ankle and pulled me close just when the door slammed open. I froze once more when I realized that Steve was in the doorway. He took once look at the scene and shoved Billy away from me.

   “Don’t you ever touch her again,” he hissed. 

   “Or what? You’ll beat me up,” Billy said with a smirk.

   “Don’t tempt me.” Steve turned around and helped me to my feet. “Let’s get out of here.”

   I didn’t fight him but it was a struggle to walk out of Stacy’s house and to his car. Once I sat down, I breathed a sigh of relief from being out of that terrible situation. The car ride back to my house was relatively quiet except for the music from the radio playing softly.

   “You okay?” Steve asked.

   “I guess. Thanks for saving me again, you always seem to do that,” I said.

   Steve shrugged, a smile on his lips. “It’s nothing.”

  “It really is, though! You’ve saved my life twice now and I can never repay you.”

  “I wouldn’t be mad at you if you returned the favor.”

  I laughed and turned to face him. “You’re so perfect, you know that? Steve Harrington, the most perfect guy in Hawkins.”

  “You’re so drunk,” Steve said with a laugh.

  “Maybe, but I’m telling the truth. So many girls think that Billy is the best thing to ever happen, but he isn’t. His hair’s gross and his mustache looks like a rat crawled on his lip and died.”

   Steve burst out laughing. “That it does.” 

   “But you, you always look good, no matter what you do.”

   “No, I don’t. I look horrible after games.”
   “Still perfect,”  I sighed. “I shouldn’t have gone out tonight.”

    “Of course you should have. I’ve never seen you so…free before. If it wasn’t for that a–hole Billy, you would have had the best night of your teenage life.” 

    I sniffed. “Yeah Billy. But I’m glad you had fun though with those really pretty girls.”

   “Oh, you saw that?”

   “I don’t blame you, they’re gorgeous, belong on Vogue or something, totally your type.”

   “Uh huh, and how do you know my type?”

   “Logic: perfect boys like perfect girls.”

   “And what are you?” 

   “Not perfect, a mess actually, and not a beautiful one, just an average one.”

   Steve pressed his lips into a firm line and looked upset. “Don’t talk about yourself like that.”

   “Like what? I’m just saying the truth.”

   Finally, we pulled up to my house and Steve parked. I took off my seatbelt and was about to get out of the car when Steve stopped me. 

   “Hey, everybody’s a mess, some people are just better at hiding it than others.”

   “Thanks, Steve.”

   “And I happen to think that you’re not a mess at all, you’re a lot better than you think.”

   I smiled at Steve, feeling butterflies erupt in the pit of my stomach as I leaned back against the seat. “You know, the worst part about the Billy thing was that he was going to take my first kiss and I did not want it to be with him, I wanted my first kiss to be special, with someone I liked.”

   “Do you like anyone?” Steve asked, his eyes trained on me.

   “Uh huh, but I don’t think they like me.”

   “Well, that’s a risk you have to take sometimes.”

    He looked the most serious in that moment than I had ever seen him before as long as I’ve known him. It made him more irresistible than ever before, so, I took a risk. I leaned closer towards him, but Steve pushed me back.


    Blinded by embarrassment, I recoiled away and grabbed the door hande. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have done that, I can’t believe I did that. Barb was totally messing with me when she said you had a thing for me.”


   But I got out of the car, not in the mood to hear any of his pitiful comments. I slammed the door behind me and as I was walking away, he started honking and against my better judgment, I turned to face him, tears of embarrassment brimming in my eyes.

   “She wasn’t messing with you.” 

leading lady

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Pairing: S.Coups/Choi Seungcheol x Reader

Word Count: 1,817

Rating: F for fluff

A/N: A little drabble because this silver-haired devil man wrecked the crap out of me in the Clap MV.

You walk onto the set with your face bare, hair loose around your shoulders. You hitch your backpack up higher, looking around with awe. After two weeks of preparation, today’s the day. The day that you’re filming S.Coups’ music video for the lead single on his first solo album. No pressure or anything you think.

Even though you’ve rehearsed the dance with the choreographer, you haven’t met the man in question face to face yet. His company selected you after an intense round of auditions.

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Got7 Imagine: Jinyoung as University / College Student
  • Requested by Anon
  • Got7 X Reader
  • Order from eldest to youngest member
  • YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW OFTEN I IMAGINE THESE 7 BOYS AS UNI/ COLLEGE STUDENTS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR REQUEST! Also, I feel like I’d over-write for each member so I’ll put this into 7 separate posts!
  • Inbox / Requests are OPEN
  • Masterlist

University AU list: Mark | Jaebum | Jackson


  • Second/ Sophomore Year
  • Major in English and Korean Literature, Minor in Film Studies (Considering another minor in Theatre)
  • Outstanding Grades, Straight A Student
  • Best friends with Jaebum from Film Studies and Yugyeom from Department of Theatre and Performance Art
  • Known as the Prince by the females and the savage one by males. Park actor by Jackson Wang
  • How he commutes to campus: The public bus since he lives with his sisters and not at the university/ college dorms
  • Everyday outfit: Styled hair, glasses, some sort of button-up shirt (Mid or long sleeve), fitted pants or jeans, vans and or converse, sometimes leather loafers.
  • Class Schedule: 11am to 7pm classes. He dislikes waking up early but likes to stay late
  • At school a fairly large amount of time because he likes to stay in the quiet library to do his own thing until late times

During Class:

  • Takes his seat at the front of the halls so there are no people blocking his view to the board
  • Has a set of basic colored pens and has a book for notes for every single class. Sticky notes and tabs in his pencil case for extra uses.
  • Takes the cleanest, precise and tidy notes with beautiful penmanship
  • Refuses to take notes on his computer with the reason “We write our exams so I’m better off writing my notes as preparation.”
  • The student that answers difficult question the professor throws to the class
  • Hands in his assignment prior deadline; revises his work and submits an improved version by actual deadline
  • Has a few close friends in class and usually sits with them
  • Has the habit of pushing his glasses with his pen
  • Sits up straight with good posture the entire time
  • Arrives to class early and usually stays behind to organize notes or talks to professors about work

During Breaks:

  • Can be seen around the cafeteria or at the school’s common area with his friends (the rest of got7)
  • Usually, has the house pizza or burger with fries served with water or juice
  • If you don’t see him at the cafeteria he is most likely in the library doing his work. enjoying a good book, or helping out the librarian
  • Sometimes during longer breaks between classes, he’d go out to the nearest CD store to look for music or goes to the cinema to watch a movie, alone
  • Other times he’d be talking to Jaebum about their Film Studies projects
  • But most of the time he’d definitely be messing with Yugyeom (Tom and Jerry Couple)
  • If Yugyeom and Jinyoung are not at the cafeteria, you know they are probably working on some dance for Yugyeom’s theater or performance piece
  • If Jinyoung and Youngjae are both not at the cafeteria, they are also probably in the music rooms composing a piano piece for Youngjae’s classes
  • Very rarely, if he’s stuck on his papers, he’d go look for Mark’s help
  • In extremely rare cases, he’d be napping with Mark under the sunlight by the grass area

During Exam Season:

  • Same as Mark, You will not see this boy anywhere else besides his classes, the library or at his home
  • Since he already has notes written from class, he’d just be reviewing them…… A million times
  • He is more than prepared, but secretly worrying and stressing so SO much
  • Written out a detailed exam study time table and sticks to it by the dot
  • Dresses more comfortably for exams
  • T-shirt, jeans, a jacket and comfortable shoes and leaves his hair down
  • The student that asks for more paper in the exam hall
  • Finishes half an hour before time’s up, checks the paper over and triple checks it again
  • Along the checking his answers, he also calculates his possible scores
  • Leaves the exam hall with his mind in peace, doesn’t think about the exam once it’s over
  • Smiles brightly and kills the female population when he finds out he has aced all his exams

How he handles on-campus admirers:

  • Surprisingly for his image, he handles them pretty mischievously or savagely
  • If his flock of admirers gasp over him nearby the corridor, he’d pull an offended face jokingly and shake his head while continuing his way.
  • If he’s approached with a confession, he’d be very flattered and maybe embarrassed inside; but has a nonchalant expression on display
  • He would decline politely but if the guy or girl persists, be prepared to receive a roast from savage Jinyoung (He gives me the impression that he does not like anyone that won’t take a hint and back off.)

How you meet him:

  • You actually first meet Jinyoung’s voice before you meet him in person
  • You were a theater major and part of the Theater department’s student administration team
  • It was near auditioning season for the Theater department when you were having a huge creative block for your own performance work
  • You were working in one of the drama rooms but drifted off to dreamland midway
  • Not knowing how long you’ve been asleep for, you woke up to an extremely soft and soothing voice
  • “If god told me I had three wishes, I’d tell him…”
  • You realized that whoever is rehearsing must have thought that they were alone as you were asleep and well hidden behind the long curtains in the drama room
  • You peeked out to see a male student sitting by the window, facing away from you
  • Only the light of the moon lit the dark room and gently washed over his figure as he was reciting the lines in the notebook he was holding
  • “First, I’d give you half of my life. Then the remaining other half, to exchange for your happiness.”
  • “Lastly, forget me, and live on.”
  • “Please, shalt not shed tears for when I’m gone.”
  • The modulated, yet silvery voice has struck you deeply.
  • They were simple, yet very cheesy lines. But, the atmosphere became bittersweet from the male’s simple narration.
  • You hid behind the curtain as he sighed and stood up from the chair, proceeding to leave the room
  • You made sure he had left before you gently moved out from behind the curtain and proceeded to leave back to your dorm.
  • For many days, the narrations and the bittersweet feeling lingered in your mind
  • Fast forward to audition day where students are applying to the Theater department
  • Auditioning students were instructed to demonstrate their abilities with a short performance and the theme was “Agape”
  • “Agape”: A universal, unconditional love that transcends, that serves regardless of circumstances
  • You were sitting at the judges’ table, bored out of your mind when the next performer came onto stage
  • Your brows raised as you recognize this performer.
  • He was the popular straight-A student/ campus prince: Park Jinyoung.
  • “Wasn’t he majoring in English? What was he doing here??” You thought
  • You stayed quiet as you signaled for him to begin his audition piece
  • Jinyoung took a deep breath and begun
  • “My dear. You are my soul, filling this empty, eroded shell. Without you, this shell will cease to exist.”
  • “If god told me I had three wishes, I’d tell him…”
  • “I love you, I’m sorry, and I really love you.”
  • “I’d give you half of my life. Then the remaining other half, to exchange for your happiness.
  • “Lastly, please forget me, and live on.”
  • “Please, shalt not shed tears for when I’m gone.”
  • You instantly realize that Jinyoung was the person rehearsing from that night
  • An idea sparked your mind and you stood up from the judges’ area
  • You slowly walked towards Jinyoung, he seemed to be slightly panicking but remained still at the center of stage
  • You stood in front of Jinyoung, and his eyes completely focused on you: searching for answers
  • “My dear. If god told me I had a wish, I’d tell him…”
  • You stopped and smiled at Jinyoung gently
  • “If possible, please take my life in exchange for his.”
  • “Even if he’s an empty, eroded shell, Please don’t take him away. Don’t tear the love of my life, away from me.”
  • “For my tears shall form a new ocean.”
  • Jinyoung’s eyes widened at your improvisation and returned a soft smile
  • Jinyoung took a hold of your hands and gave it a light squeeze
  • “Through thick, and thin.” Jinyoung whispered.
  • “Through thick, and thin.” You replied back.
  • The audition room erupted with applause from both auditioning students and judges
  • You lead Jinyoung and took a bow, before returning back to the judges’ area
  • “Mr. Park. Your short piece was simple yet moving. I’d be honored to represent the Theater Department to warmly welcome you.”
  • You were certain that Jinyoung would be the upcoming, new prodigy of Theater Department
  • “Thank you very much. I am flattered of your high praise.”
  • Jinyoung smiled warmly as he bowed, his eyes never leaving yours
  • And you were also certain that your creative block will soon be resolved

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Coming Up: Youngjae as University/ College Student

Rise Up

Chapter Four

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count: 4872
Warnings: Swearing, fighting, angst

Song: Game of Survival by Ruelle

The original team had, again, gathered off on their own away from the compound within the bunker (Y/N) had been stashed in during her training exercise with Garry so many weeks ago. This time, however, it was not a training exercise which had them all milling about, but a demonstration, one a few of the team had decided to insist on, and one Matt had been, if not eager to be involved in, at least highly agreeable to.

Steve watched the man known as Daredevil from his stance beside his girl, arms crossed over his chest while Bucky warmed up a few feet away. He wasn’t quite sure what Matt was doing, but he was very still, his chest barely rising and falling.

Black cargo pants, combat boots, a fitted long sleeve t-shirt, and wrapped knuckles completed the look, that was until he reached into the pocket of his pants and pulled out a skull cap he tugged down over his eyes.

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Different (Bad Boy Jungkook Au): Part 5

A/N: took me a life time but I finally know where I’m going with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for waiting a million years for me to update this but now that I know where I’m going with it it should only take half a million years for me to update! Anyways I hope those of you who pushed me to continue this like it! I’m starting to finally like it too :)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

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Looking up, he smiled at you with his usual cheerful grin. Smiling back, you walked closer to him and felt weird seeing him out of his uniform. He looked like a completely different person with his slightly parted on the side just enough to see more of his face. His jeans fit him perfectly and his long sleeved shirt seemed so casual for someone with such a high status.

“I was walking around and noticed your car. Well, I wasn’t sure if it was yours but now I am,” he chuckled as he stood up off of the hood. “Are you here alone?” he asked you curiously.

Opening your mouth to answer him, you remembered what Jungkook had told you about Taehyung. For some reason you heeded his warning and decided to nod to Tae. “I was bored at home and came out to get some lunch.”

“Oh! So was I. I’m guessing you ate already,” he smiled at you.

“Uh… yeah!” you lied, trying not to make it too obvious. “I’ve gotta get going but it was nice seeing you!” you told him, trying to step around him.

“Wait! We should hang out sometime. Are you free later?” he asked you, blocking your path to your car.

Feeling like you couldn’t lie anymore, you sighed. “Yeah. I am. Just text me,” you said hoping he’d be satisfied with your answer.

“Awesome! I’ll see you later,” he spoke cheerily. Letting you pass finally, you got into your car. He walked away after waving goodbye and you couldn’t help but wonder why Jungkook would think Taehyung was so bad. He seemed like nothing but sweet to you.

Waiting until he was out of sight, you started your car and went to go pick Jungkook up. Driving around the block, you saw him sitting with his head laid back. He had his eyes closed but he still looked like he was in pain. Driving up to the side of the curb, you jumped out of your car to help get Jungkook into the passenger’s seat.

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Could you do some omnic genji or robot fuckers

…I was compelled to write this if only because you used the term “Robot Fuckers”

Previous Omnic!Genji AU posts: 1, 2

A single wire trailed from Genji’s temple to Mercy’s tablet as they walked through the Zurich garden. Genji bent and examined a group of ladybugs feasting on aphids on one of the roses.

“Fascinating,” murmured Mercy, watching the lines of code of his analysis of the organisms line themselves up on her tablet, “I had no idea the omniums had this much archival data on human culture.”

“It’s merely messy cross-referencing,” said Genji.

“Messy?” said Mercy, “Genji, your processing is poetry. Your programming is far beyond anything typical of the crisis era. It’s inspired—it’s—” she glanced up from her tablet, to see Genji was giving her a steady look, and she flushed red and cleared her throat. “From a…,” she tucked her hair back demurely, “…Purely technical standpoint it’s far beyond any of our expectations for crisis-era Omnic units. How much of this is from the omnium and how much was this adaptive?”

“I recorded and learned much on my own from my own infiltrations while in the service of the Omnium, however much of my other human cultural data I archived on my own following the fall of the Kantō omnium, though… the crisis itself made much of that data-gathering difficult,” said Genji, “My infiltration capabilities only allowed for so much learning.”

“You’ve mentioned that before—Infiltration. I’m curious to see as to how—” Mercy started but cut herself off as Genji rolled his shoulders and his metallic chassis suddenly disappeared beneath some veneer of light. The veneer of light shifted easily and almost unnoticeably, like a cuttlefish’s camouflage, until Genji’s vaguely bipedal shape took on a human form of a tall Japanese man in a finely tailored suit.

“…too formal?” Genji said and the clothes shifted to a simple fitted long-sleeved shirt and jeans, “Is this preferable?”

“How is this…?” Mercy put a hand forward and touched his chest, then recognized the texture of the surface, “Hard-light,” she said, her eyes flicking up into Genji’s as she ran a hand over his chest, “A hard light exoskeleton for infiltration—that’s brilliant! That’s—” she caught herself and withdrew her hand from his chest and gave his shoulder a pat, “You continue to be full of surprises, Genji,” she said with a smile, “Oh–um–” she had forgotten her tablet was still connected to his temple. She disconnected it and walked around him as the wire quickly and easily retracted itself back into his head. “So is this a default form?” she said, walking around him.

“Technically, yes,” said Genji, “Though, I have added in some of my own preferences since the Omnium shut down.”

“It’s…” she blushed a little, “It’s very nice,” she said with a smile. 

“Thank you,” said Genji, straightening up his posture 

Angela gave a quick sharp rap of her knuckles to his chest, destabilizing the hard-light matrix and revealing his original metallic form. “I think I prefer the original though,” she said with a smirk. 

A soft ‘vrrr’ could be heard as Genji vented excess heat from his systems. “Yes well… that is… pleasing to hear,” he replied.

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Sheith - Shiver <3

Shiver, noun

  1. a momentary trembling movement.


Keith slows his jog to a brisk walk as he approaches Shiro, who’d waved him down from the other side of the track. The cold claws at the cuffs of his grey sweatpants and seeps into his sweat. Maybe it was foolish of him, but when Keith had signed up for the military piloting program in the desert, he’d expected the winters to be a little balmier than this.  

Decked in a form-fitting long sleeve shirt and running tights that were well outside of Garrison regulation athletic gear, Shiro seems unbothered by the cold as he twists and stretches. His breath clouds in front of his face with the exertion. The sight it worth it, Keith reminds himself, worth exposure in this frozen wasteland of a track and football field.

“You’re out early,” Shiro says once Keith gets close enough. Shiro pauses in his stretching, but Keith jogs in place, unwilling to stop moving and die of cold.

“Yeah,” Keith pants. “Figured I could use some more conditioning outside of PT.”

Shiro’s eyes scan him slowly, but the smile on his face leaves Keith hopeful that he hasn’t seen through his lie: Keith never ran this late in the morning, preferring to be up an hour earlier and indulging in the pleasant warmth of the basement gym and the regular rhythm of a treadmill. But he’d heard another cadet mentioning seeing the infamous Takashi Shirogane out for regular morning jogs, and between that and his knowledge of how much Shiro likes the outdoors, it didn’t take a huge leap of faith or an act of serendipity for the two of them to end up at the same place at the same time.

“Want a partner, then?”

Desperately, Keith thinks, but instead he just nods. “Sure. Maybe I can outrun this weather.”

Shiro’s laugh is the sun in a cloudless summer sky; Keith feels warmth spark in his stomach. Maybe it’s the sound or the cold, but a little quake runs up Keith’s spine. Shiro seems to notice.

“I know you’re not used to this kind of cold,” Shiro says, amusement tinging his tone, “but even you’ve got to know you’re not properly equipped.” He stares pointedly at Keith’s bare hands, curled into tight but frozen fists.

“ ‘s fine,” Keith manages. Another tremor wracks his body.

Keith’s been on the receiving end of Shiro’s concerned looks plenty. Sense tells him he should stop making Shiro look so worried about him, but there’s something too dizzying about being met with that set of brown eyes. Addictive, like flying for the first time.

He clenches and unclenches his fingers, trying to work some semblance of circulation back into them. Shiro shakes his head. A chuckle mingles in with his sigh.

“You should at least get some gloves,” Shiro says.

“They limit my mobility.”

“So will not having any fingers left.”

“I’ll be fine,” Keith says again.

The look on Shiro’s face is wholly new: not the stern exasperation of an advisor who’s done with the bravado of his hotshot cadet mentee, nor the guileless joy of a friend who got into just as much trouble when he was a cadet a year or so back. No, this expression is something different altogether. Lips parted, a faint half-smile. Brow slightly furrowed. Fond. A bit uncertain. Keith’s heart finds a new home in his mouth.

Shiro pulls off his gloves and takes Keith’s hands in his. Compared to his frigid fingers, Shiro’s skin practically burns. Shiro brings his hands close to his face and blows out a puff of warm air. His thumbs rub small circles into Keith’s palms.

“If you’re not going to get gloves, you can at least find another way to keep your hands warm,” Shiro says, voice surprisingly level. His face is flushed red, from cold, or exertion, or maybe - just maybe - from the moment.

Keith can’t fight back his shiver. Shiro seems to notice.

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If you’re going dressed like that, I’ll have to put you on a leash, so everyone knows you belong to me. // SHAWN MENDES

“Y/N” I hear a voice calling me from downstairs. 

“What” I call back, not moving from where I lay on my queen bed. No response. “WHAT” I call back louder. Still nothing. Huffing I get up dragging my self down the stairs to see what the person wants. 

“Next time just reply,” I mumble to myself. Opening the kitchen door I walk in to come face to face with my boyfriend of 18 months, Shawn.

I squeal running up to him and throwing my arms around his neck pulling him closer. “What are you doing here? You were supposed to be here tomorrow?” I say my face buried in his neck. His familiar cologne filling my senses.

“We got back early from tour and I wanted to see you,” Shawn says holding me just as tightly.

I awe at him. “What did I do to deserve you?” I say pinching his cheek lightly making a slight blush form on his cheeks. He swats my hand playfully.

“Get ready I’m taking you out to La Porchetta,” he says, his hands resting gently on my waist. 

“Shawn do you know how expensive that place is?” I say frowning slightly. I didn’t really like Shawn spending that much on me when I knew he wouldn’t let me pay for anything.

“It’s fine, wear something fancy, I’m going to go change alright Y/N?” Shawn says taking a few steps back.

“Cool,” I say turning around and racing up the stairs. 

“20 minutes” I hear Shawn yell and I chuckle to myself knowing he will be waiting much longer then that.


Putting the finishing touches to my mascara I admire myself in the mirror. After my shower I took my hair out of its braid leaving it in loose, wavy curls. Walking over to my closet I grab the dress that I picked before that I left on the hanger. 

It was a mid thigh baby pink dress that had a high neck line and made my figure look slimmer. It was my favorite dress and I only wore it on special occasions. Just as I finished pulling up the zipper the bedroom door opens and Shawn walks in. 

“Hey” I say walking back over to my bed and putting on my white pumps. Not hearing a response I turn back around to see Shawn staring blatantly at my dress. “Oi my eyes are up here,”

Slowly his eyes drag up to meet mine. Shawn walks over to me, wrapping one arm around my waist pulling me flush against his body. He looked amazing to say the least. His black tight jeans fitted nicely and the black long sleeved collared shirt complemented his hair perfectly. He didn’t even have to try.

“You look good,” I say pressing my lips gently against his. 

“Hmm so do you,” he says against my mouth and I cant help but smile pulling away. “But if you’re going dressed like that, I’ll have to put you on a leash, so everyone knows you belong to me.” his pupils expanding as he speaks so that his eyes look almost completely black.

“I don’t think so baby,” I laugh patting his chest lightly. “Now lets go eat,” I grab my bag and make for the stairs.

“On second thought maybe we could just stay home,” Shawn says pulling me back to him.

“I would,” I say kissing him again quickly, “But I want some pasta,” Shawn groans before following me.

“Stupid pasta,”

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the spark of a first encounter (pietro x reader)

my first post.. to a non-existing audience. maybe one day someone will actually read this lmao. okie dokie then, let’s get started. Description: you are the newbie at the tower and this is your first encounter with Pietro. And you begin to feel something inside of you that you realize are more than friendly feeling - You just moved into the avengers tower about a week ago, and you were still trying to adjust and find your way around the massive building. so far, you’ve met everyone besides this one guy. everything was so overwhelming to you and the person you instantly clicked with was Wanda. she was soft spoken, sweet, and had the coolest accent. “F/N, how are you liking being an avenger so far?” Wanda asked with a hopeful smile drawn across her face. “I can’t describe it. It’s this most amazing feeling that I get to help people, but I admit it’s still overwhelming.” you replied while playing with your thumbs and staring out the window at the skyline. “I felt the same way. you will be used to it in no time. so what is your power? that is if you do not mind me asking..” Wanda looked around the room, avoiding eye contact with you. You pondered whether you should tell her or not, not many people knew. “Uhm, well.. you see..” you stammered with your words, trying to find the right ones. “I can manipulate forces of nature. So basically, I can do whatever I want with the weather, play with the elements, and cause natural phenomenons.” There was a reason why you didn’t tell people. You had caused a tsunami when you were 7 on accident when your parents were brutally killed in front of your eyes. “What!? F/N!? That’s so cool!” Wanda had wide eyes and her voice carried across the echoing floor. You have her a shy smile, hoping she wouldn’t push it any further. Suddenly, a streak and white and blue flew past you in a whirlwind that messed up you H/C hair as well as Wanda’s. A stack of mission files that had been sitting on the counter next to you scattered all over the floor. You were dumbfounded as to what had happened, wondering who that was. Whoever it was, you found that they smelled of fresh linen and the nicest cologne that made you feel all tingly inside. “Pietro! I swear.. am de gând să te omor! Am fost în mijlocul unei conversații minunate pe care…” The outburst from Wanda startled you, but then you realized, “Wanda, who’s Pietro? And what just happened?” You looked around at the scattered files, then looked up to her with wide eyes. Rolling her eyes she growled, “Pietro is my brother. My twin brother. He can-” before she could finish another streak of blue and white stopped in front of you and the smell of the beautiful cologne filled your lungs. There was a silence between the three of you. “Well, Wanda, are you not going to introduce me?” There was a gorgeous man standing in front of you. He had dark brown roots while the rest of his hair was bleach blonde, right to the tips. He was wearing a fitted, gray long sleeved shirt that showed off his toned arms and his six pack. So this was Pietro. He had icy blue eyes that you couldn’t draw yourself to look away from. He flashed you a gorgeous smile. You quickly looked away, blushing. “Pietro, this is F/N. She has just joined the team.” She proceeded to punch him in the arm cursing him in a harsher whisper in their native tongue for scattering the files. He payed no attention and just kept looking at you. He was taking in every inch of your beauty. When you first looked into his eyes, he found that you E/C ones said something that only he could hear. He wanted to know more about you. The way your H/C waves cascaded over your shoulders and down your back made his heart swell. When he realized he had been staring, he took your hand and kissed it, “este atât de frumos să te întâlnesc frumos. And to finish my sister’s sentence, I can run faster than the speed of sound.. if you were wondering.” With Pietro standing next to you, you felt this invisible pull that wanted to bring you to him. You wanted to know him. He was mysterious. When he took your hand and kissed it, saying such lovely words you couldn’t understand, it made you go weak. His accent was so seductive and his lips so soft, you were internally screaming with giddiness and you felt this fire in your heart. You liked him. You liked him a lot. “It’s nice to meet you Pietro.” A blush started to rise onto your cheeks and you smiled. “I am sorry about the papers, i will pick those up once I get myself to stop staring into your beautiful eyes,” replied Pietro who fashioned a goofy grin across his face. You blushed harder. You forgot Wanda was still there are smiled at her, shyly. “Well, I am going to find Vision. I have not seen him in a few hours and it is beginning to worry me. Who knows what he could be doing right now.” Wanda got up and walked down the hall to look for her red and caped companion. You got down on the floor with Pietro and began to sort through the papers, trying to figure out which one went to which file. You both worked in silence, but you both were catching glances at each other, admiring every curve and parts of your beautiful bodies. Both of you weren’t paying attention and your fingers landed on the same paper. Neither of you moved, and you slowly looked up at him, gracing a smile with your dimples that he newly found adorable. He smiled at the ground and chuckled, then turning his full attention to you. “F/N, I know we have just met, but there is something about you that I just cannot resist. Would you do me the honor of taking you out on a date?” He smiled at you, his eyes hopeful. You saw his scruff and it made you even more drawn to him. His accent was thick and sexy. You thought to yourself, “these aren’t friendly feelings. Nobody thinks that a friend has a sexy accent or wishes that their body was pressed against yours.” You smiled up and him and replied, “why I’d love to.. Speedy.” His smile got even bigger and he reached a hand out to you to help you stand up. The soft touch of his hand holding yours made the fire inside you burn brighter. You could tell he was a charmer, he was smooth. The next thing he did after helping you up was instantly intertwining his hand into yours. “Hm, you’re smooth.” You gave him a devious look and he returned it with a seductive one. “Oh I can be even smoother dragoste.” He flashed you a smile and with his super speed, suddenly his arm was around your waist. You laughed, he thought it was so beautiful. He suddenly saw you in his whole future. That’s all he wanted now, you. And only you. You two walked away, laughing, his arm still around you. “I could get used to this,” you thought, “I feel like I’ve known him forever and it’s only been about 15 minutes. I don’t want to just be friends with him. I want all of him, always.” Neither of you realized that the other one was thinking besides Wanda, who was hiding around the corner with Vision by her side. She was reading both of your minds, a huge smile plastered on her face. Her brother found his one and only and her new best friend found her’s as well. She squealed, “I could not be happier at this very moment.” She looked at Vision. “They look like they could be very happy together.” He was calculating the probability in his head. Wanda took one more look down the hall and saw you two smiling at each other. “They’ll take care of each other. I know it.” - - TA DAAAAA. my first fan fiction piece. Wow that felt good to write that. Finally I get to put my imagination on paper. Will anyone see this? Maybe. Will I keep writing regardless? Yes. Part 2???

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hey that Obianidala was AMAZING and if you ever feel like doing a continuation (whether is alpha's anakin and padme trying to pamper obi, first heat together, obi-wan getting hurt once they're all mated and them panicking...) that would be BEAUTIFUL. I didn't know I needed alpha padme and ani trying to woo omega obi-wan until now :)

She’d never say it to his face, but Obi-Wan was really pretty. A distinguished kind of pretty, with a nice profile and unique coloring. And asleep he looked almost soft, the perpetual frown he always seemed to carry eased into the realms of dreams and warmth.

She knew if she told him that though, he’d insist that he wasn’t pretty but perhaps handsome. Such a humble man he was.

“If you stare at him much longer, he’s liable to waking up.” A quiet mumble from the other side of Obi-Wan sounded and Padme raised her head a bit to look at her husband, smiling a bit. “Well, unless he feels safe that is. But he’s not used to this bed so he might not…” Anakin yawned, blond hair in his eyes.

Padme reached out and stroked it out of his face before settling back down. “I’ve been watching him for around half an hour, he doesn’t seem close to waking.” She offered easily. They were all fully dressed, having come back from the date night late.

Obi-Wan had awkwardly tried to say he should go home only for Padme to gently take his hand and assure him that nothing would happen that he didn’t want if he stayed, only a shared bed and warm arms.

There had been something vulnerable in the older mans eyes, something etched with longing before he had agreed, following them to Padme and Anakin’s bed. She hoped she’d be able to call it all of their bed soon.

They had placed Obi-Wan in the middle, Anakin the big spoon and Padme pressed to Obi-Wan’s chest.

Slow, almost shy arms had wrapped around her waist, peering at her for consent before settling when she had smiled in agreement, cuddling against the omega she hoped to call a mate. Her cheek to his chest, she had listened to his heartbeat slowly slow down as he got comfortable, Anakin gently caressing his waist and Padme scratching his stomach lightly with her nails.

“Really? That’s a good sign. That and how quickly he fell asleep honestly. He doesn’t always do that.” Anakin nosed Obi-Wan’s hair slowly before yawning and carefully detangling himself from the two, getting up and padding to the fresher. Padme remained against Obi-Wan, to warm and lazy to move just for the moment when there was nothing important to do.

Beside, she didn’t want him to wake up alone in the bed.

Feeling completely justified in her decision, Padme watched Obi-Wan slowly open his eyes as he woke, a look of confusion entering them first before green eyes focused on her, looking incredibly lost for a few precious moments before his arms tightened around her, as if in disbelief that she was there.

The action made Padme wonder if Obi-Wan was used to waking alone in bed after having shared it with someone. That made her rage inwardly even as she gave him a soft peck on the nose. “Good morning, Anakin’s in the fresher.”

“Good morning Padme.” He whispered, voice sleep roughed before he turned his head to cough a bit, clearing his throat out and smiling sheepishly at her. “Sorry.”

“Its fine. I do the same.” She laughed and squeezed him gently. “Do you want to borrow clothes from Anakin wardrobe? Your clothes are rather wrinkly from sleeping in them.”

That got Obi-Wan to shift a hand up to ruefully pluck at his tunic, giving a small nod. “That might be good, yes. Sweet Force, a shower actually sounds nice too.” His stomach gave a loud gurgle and he blinked then gave a sheepish grin. “And…breakfast.”

She chuckled at that and nodded, slowly untangling herself from him before getting up. “I’ll find you some clothes, so you can shower first.” She went to her husbands closet, keeping half an eye on Obi-Wan as he sat up on the bed and ran his fingers through his hair. While Anakin was taller, Obi-Wan was broader and after searching for a few moments she found a lose shirt that would fit him as long as the sleeves were rolled up. Moments later she found a pair of soft lose pants and socks.

Anakin had returned from the fresher by that time and was sitting beside Obi-Wan, running his fingers through the others disheveled hair in an attempt to sooth it down.

It wasn’t working. But it was a good look on Obi-Wan even as Padme offered him clothes. “Here, towels in the bathroom, you can loan the shower soaps until you bring your own.” She smiled as he stood and accepted the clothes.

“And I left my sonic razor in there for you along with a fresh comb.” Anakin piped up, beaming when Padme sent him an approving look.

“Thank you. Both of you.” The copper haired Jedi smiled at them before moving into the fresher.

“…He’s not waking up alone Anakin, do you hear me?” Padme whispered quietly.

“Huh?” Her husband paused in tying his hair back from his face, blinking at her. “What?”

“When he woke…he looked like he expected to be alone. Like he’s shared beds with others and always woken up alone. He’s not waking up alone in our bed even if we have to trade on who stays.” She pressed her lips together and Anakin hummed before nodding.

“Now, lets get breakfast going.”

“Dibs on making the scrambled eggs.”

“Oh but you always over salt the eggs.” She sighed and Anakin stuck out his tongue at her.

“Obi-Wan likes them.”

“No I don’t!” Obi-Wan called out from the fresher before the shower was turned on.