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If I wanted to get a binder but my proportions aren't quite "average" and normal sized probably wouldn't fit me, could I send you guys my measurements in an email or something and get a recommendation on what to buy or something? Thank you

Dearest Anon,

First, to actually answer your question: Our binders are all custom-sized and hand-made – we ask for every customer’s measurements at checkout so that we can make you a binder that fits you. You’ll find no “S,M,L” options in our store, just fabric choices and extra customizations.

Why? Well, to rant a little bit: There is no such thing as “normal sized.” It’s a rare person, indeed, who can fit perfectly into any given mainstream sized garment. How many people have long-sleeved shirts that fit fine everywhere except the sleeves are too short? How many people buy jeans that are too big for them because the “right” size doesn’t fit over their hips? How many people with large chests have never been able to find a button-down shirt that doesn’t strain those two buttons?

Please do not judge your body based on all the ways that the fashion industry’s failed you. The fact of the matter is that “standard sizing” isn’t even standardized. Too many clothing companies slap the “Medium” label on whatever size sells best and call it done. And more and more frequently “straight-size” companies are adopting Asian sizing and advertising that they carry “plus sizes up to 5XL!” only for excited plus size people to find out that “5XL” might not even qualify as a 2XL in an American plus size company. And honestly even if there were some kind of standardization it wouldn’t fix the problem, because literally everyone’s body is different. To say nothing of personal comfort and preferences.

And on the subject of binders specifically: Let’s just remember that most binders were designed with cis men with gynecomastia in mind; this is a disorder where cis men naturally grow breasts, but their breasts don’t typically grow larger than a B cup, if that.

So if you’re having trouble getting “mainstream” binders to work for you? It’s not because there’s something abnormal about you or your body. It’s because those binders weren’t designed for you.

And that, Dearest Anon, is exactly why we’re here. To make binders that work for everyone and to prove that it can be done.

Comfortably. Safely. Fashionably.

Viva La Binder Revolution!


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Super random but have you seen Jungkook's pic from one the music shows (in most of them he's wearing that baby pink bomber) where he's just wearing his white FITTED long sleeve shirt and pretending to aim his hand at the camera? Idk that rlly affected me because that shoulder to waist ratio was verrryy nice 👀 I feel like the day he decides to wear a fitted shirt and let us see him properly will be the day I (and most JK stans) will lose it

YES THAT PICTURE IS SO ASLDSALKGFHJLAKJD HE LOOKED SO GOOD DURING THAT PERFORMANCE UGH it reminded me of that vid of him bowling where he was wearing that tight white shirt that fit him really nicely ;;; he’s too handsom sigh

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Your drawing with Killer's shirt "I'm not kid sized" omfg I'm dying XD I never really cared for these two until you drew them, what have you done to meeee!!!

They buy shirts they chance upon or silkscreen it themselves. This time, Kidd bagged this booty shirt in the ladies’ isle. He snarled at the saleslady.

Hehehehehehe, my work here is done!!! XDDDDD

I’ve really been feeling the sweater dress/high-boots trend. I wore this look out for a friend’s birthday, semi-casual dress code. To my surprise, sweater dresses aren’t that easy to find. I looked in my top favourite stores (Aritzia - found one there, Top Shop, Zara) and really couldn’t find anything that fit quite like this; baggy but fitted enough to not make me look like a blob. So, after much hunting and ending up at my current FAVOURITE store (obsessed with this place), Urban Outfitters, and scavenging through the men’s section, I found this top. The top is actually a long, long-sleeved fitted shirt for men, in a size large, and for someone as small as me (I’m 5’3), this fit perfectly as a short dress. And now, these boots (dramatic pause), I won’t go on to type how much they actually were because I give myself a mini heart attack every time I think about the price tag. I will mention, however, that they are Stuart Weitzman, yeah, that’s all that needs to be said. I will also add in that these boots were worth every dollar. Because I have thick calves, I usually have a hard time finding knee-high boots; they either don’t fit, and if they go all the way up to the knee, end up getting creased when I take them off. I also get blisters easily, so, these boots are HEAVEN. They’re so comfortable, so easy to walk in, and easily come on and off. There, that’s me trying to justify my purchase (story of my life).

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Maybe I’m Amazed | Jaraj

This was going to be the best day of his life so far. Well. Second best day, since the other best day was Raj telling him that he loved Jacques. Jacques loved Raj with his entire being. And now he was going to take Raj to the carnival and blow his mind. He had attempted to dress nicely for the occasion, picking out some tight form-fitting jeans, and a long sleeved shirt that sort of went with his eyes. Jacques texted Raj, agreeing to meet him at the edge of the carnival and making his way there as fast as his legs could carry him. 

He tapped his foot impatiently, nervously, waiting until he caught sight of his…yes, his boyfriend coming toward him, and the smile that lit his face was like sunshine, he was practically glowing as he pushed forward the rest of the way to wrap his arms around Raj. “Hi. You look fantastic.” He always did, but that didn’t make the words any less true. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

Such Great Heights || Thomas & Mia

It was just past sunset when Thomas’s white Bentley pulled up outside Mia’s building. He parked, then pulled the military-style backpack from the passenger seat and tossed it lightly into the backseat before climbing out. The occasion for which he was dressed was unclear. He wore a long-sleeved fitted black t-shirt over tight black jeans with thick boots that ran nearly to his shins. The shirt was thermal, but still wasn’t quite warm enough for the weather.

He pulled on a thin pair of gloves that was also laughably inappropriate and strolled up to the entrance, looking more like a cat burglar than an invited guest. Which was probably appropriate given that he was not, in fact, an invited guest. He hadn’t really been invited at all and he hadn’t actually told Mia when or even if he’d be coming. He had just suggested to her the day prior that perhaps she ought to avoid making plans because he had something in mind after all.

He buzzed her room and waited for her to respond, then sang out cheerfully, “It’s me! Are you ready to go? I’m parked outside. Wear pants!” He frowned slightly, then clarified, “Instead of a skirt or something, I mean.”


This is one of the scenes that hit me the hardest every time I see it because my attention immediately focuses on Aunt Cass and here’s why.

Everyone pretty much stuck to their individual fashion styles. Fred has his laid-back style, Wasabi kept his clean cut look, Honey Lemon has her knee length dress and tights, and GoGo still looks like she can kick some butt in what looks like a jacket plus pants combo.

Aunt Cass doesn’t though. She has a dress on.

She always wore jeans and a simple t-shirt combo. Granted most funerals you dress up in, but I would imagine her in a black business like suit outfit or some black slacks and a long sleeve shirt. A dress doesn’t fit her personality in my opinion.

There’s a part of me that thinks she wore this particular outfit in honor of Tadashi. His style was comfortable yet clean and kind of formal. That is what the dress is to me.

I think that for her, dressing similar to his style on the day of his funeral, was a way for her to show her love for Tadashi because she realized she didn’t give him one true last hug.


At the red light, Nathan checked inside of his light brown messenger bag to make sure his laptop was actually inside of the bag and not left back at his home. He was headed over to the local technology store to see what the issue was for his laptop that he owned since 2000. He glanced over at the stores he drove past by to see which store was the tech store. Once he found the store he was looking for, he drove up and down the parking lot until he found a spot which was actually on the farther side of the lot. Nathan got out of his car and threw the strap of his canvas messenger bag over his shoulder and began to walk towards the store after he locked his car. The weather was quite warm which contraindicated the white, fitted long sleeve button up shirt that snugged against Nathan’s fit body which was tucked into his dark blue boot cut jeans from Costco. 

Once Nathan walked inside of the building, he eyed at the signs that displayed of the different technology spots, which slightly overwhelmed him. He looked for the sign that said, ‘Laptops and Computers’ and he followed to where it hung only to find a bunch of high tech computers which didn’t look like the one he already owned. As he looked around his area of computers, he saw a worker and approached him, “Excuse me lad, could you help me?

So I saw this guy coming out of Starbucks today that looked exactly like a hipster Harry Potter.


He was wearing a dark green beanie and literally had black hair sticking out all over the front of the beanie and black roundish glasses and tan skin and he was so handsome. He had on this long sleeve fitted green shirt and dark jeans and these brown motorcycle boots with a strappy brown satchel.

And he looked so much like a twenty something Hipster Harry I seriously wanted to follow him and take his picture.

*sighs wistfully*

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99 cal pal

(#99: “We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere.Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here!”)

Forlornly, you stared out the window and counted the number of snowflakes that settled onto the screen of the window outside until a whip of wind would scatter them across the window pane. Your record was twenty seven but you were quickly approaching breaking the number when a gruff voice interrupted your train of thought.

“Want a beer?” the brunette asked on his way over to the fridge, clad in low-hanging sweatpants, a dry-fit long-sleeved shirt, and a pair of fuzzy socks.

“Our friends are out there probably dying right now, and you’re asking me if I want a beer?” you accused, your voice raised higher than normal in pitch.

Calum shrugged and threw you a look over his shoulder as he bent down to retrieve his preferred beverage. “So is that a no?”

You huffed and rolled your eyes. “Just give a damn beer, Hood.”

“‘kay,” he replied, settling two bottles on the counter and quirking them both open before walking yours over to you. “Cheers,” he declared clinking his bottle against yours after you took it.

You stared at him, scrutinizing his face and successfully making him feel uncomfortable if his shifting his weight from one foot to the other was anything to go by.

What?” he finally demanded.

You kept your eyes locked on him. “Just trying to figure out if you were dropped on your head as a baby or something.”

Calum scoffed. “You know what? You need to chill. I’m sure everything’s gonna be fine.”

We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere,” you deadpanned before cheerily remarking, “Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here!

“Lighten up a little bit, would you?” the brunette complained, pulling himself up to sit on the windowsill beside you. “The boys are smart, they were probably listening to the radio and stayed in the supermarket to wait until the blizzard blows over.”

“Whatever,” you replied, taking a sip of your beer. “I just don’t know how out of all people, I got stuck in a cabin for an unforeseeable amount of time with you.”

“Yeah,” Calum teased, “Girls would kill to be you right now.”

“Oh god,” you quipped, jumping down from the ledge and flailing your arms in defiance once you’d stabilized yourself. “You know just because you’re hot and you’re in a band doesn’t mean shit, okay?”

A beat of silence passed before Calum cocked his head and asked, “Did you just call me hot?”

“No,” you answered him quickly, turning on your heel and walking towards the back of the house with him right on your tail.

“You did!” he exclaimed, laughing at the fact. “You called me hot?”

“So what if I did?” you blurted, halting your steps as you came to the entrance of your allotted room. “Doesn’t mean anything.”

“Oh darling,” Calum mockingly implored, “It means everything.”

“And why’s that?” you asked, your voice weaker and more curious as the brunette slowly pushed you against the door.

“Well, babe,” Calum remarked, twisting the doorknob and chuckling as you clumsily shuffled backwards, him walking towards you until the back of your knees hit the bed. “It’s you, me, and an empty house for at least a few more hours.” He trailed his hand across your cheek as he took both of your beer bottles and set them on your nightstand. “How ever will we entertain ourselves?”

“I don’t know, Hood,” you stated, playing along with him as he gently pushed you back onto the bed. “Why don’t you tell me about the ideas swirling in your mind right now, huh?”

“Gladly, babe, gladly,” he remarked, slotting himself in between your legs; the place he resided through the rest of the night and into the early morning.

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It’s here! The product of our latest collab with super talented Josh likehelldesign is listed in our store now! Go check it out
Available as regular or light weight fitted T-shirt, long sleeve, hoodie and ladies cut crew tees. Every purchase gets a free RustBucket sticker. I want to give a huge shout out to everybody involved in this project!!

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Ari bit down on her lower lip as she drove home, sighing and turning the heat up. She was absolutely freezing, having left her coat at home. As she arrived home, she turned off the car and ran inside, shivering.

“It’s brutal out there,” she called to Mako. “I don’t suggest going out any time soon.” She wore sweatpants that were rolled down at the hips and a slim fit long sleeved shirt, exposing midriff and one of her tattoos. Her hair was down and wavy.

Closed RP

L had been keeping a close eye on Namikawa for weeks. The investigation had grown dull at this point, and he wanted to do something on his own.

Many times in past cases, he had used his own body to get information, so this wasn’t completely odd for him.

He put on a buttoned, long sleeved white shirt and relatively tight-fitting jeans, making sure he looked innocent enough to tempt the man. He then placed himself in the path that he knew the man would travel, pretending to be nose deep in a book when he bumped into the man.

He stumbled backwards, looking up at Namikawa with wide eyes. “Oh, sorry..” He mumbled, picking up his book and brushing it off. “I should have been paying more attention to where I was going. Are you alright?”

BAFTA Tea Party Suit Wish List


AMI Slim-fit Wool Suit

Brunello Cucinelli  Panama Check Long-Sleeve Sport Shirt, Brown

Etro  Silk Dog-Print Pocket Square, Yellow Multi

Burberry Leather Derby Shoes in Oxblood


Thom Sweeney  Grey Slim-Fit Cotton-Corduroy Suit Jacket

Calvin Klein Black Slim-Fit Wool-Flannel Trousers

Ralph Lauren  Houndstooth Dress Shirt

Alexander McQueen  Skull-Patterned Cotton-Blend Jacquard Socks

Grenson Matthew Pebble-Grain Leather Oxford Brogues  


Alexander McQueen  Navy Slim-Fit Checked Cotton-Blend Blazer

Thom Browne  Slim-Fit Cotton-Twill Chinos

Tom Ford  White Slim-Fit Collar-Bar Cotton Shirt

Brioni  8cm Silk-Jacquard Tie

Berluti Alessandro Capri Polished-Leather Whole-Cut Oxfords