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Forest green boyfriend cardigan ✶ Vintage silk shirt ✶ Velvet embroidered clutch ✶ Burgundy velvet skirt {similar here and also here} ✶ Patterned tights {similar} ✶ Vintage monk shoes and velvet ribbon ✶

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Do you have particular tones of colours that you just can’t resist? With me, it’s this exact shade of forest green - not too teal, not too bottle green, just right. I’d been wanting a cardigan/jumper in this particular shade of green for ages, so when I saw this one on Boohoo, I just snapped it right up even though it’s a size M/L from the straight size section! And I’m so relieved to say that it fits perfectly, just how you’d want a boyfriend cardigan to fit, with that wee bit of bagginess that makes it look so cosy. Calling all inbetweenies, if you’re roughly my size (UK 18-20, US 14-16) and you’ve been looking for the perfect forest green cardigan, here it is! And if you’re in the US, it’s only $16 on the cyber monday sale! 

My clutch is also from Boohoo - isn’t the embroidery delightful?! I don’t know if you can tell but the golden thread is metallic and catches the light like a dream. It’s the perfect day to evening bag for winter. I don’t know what it is about dark florals that always gets my attention, but I just cannot imagine autumn/ winter without them. You’ll see that I’ve also incorporated some of my other favourite autumn colours into this outfit - namely mustard and burgundy - so I’m pretty much wearing all the fall shades at once. It’s hard to go wrong with this colour palette! What are your favourite shades for cold weather dressing? Do you love dark monochromes or would you go all out in a riot of colours as well? Let me know in the comments!


The body swap au a surprising amount of people asked for, actually. 

Read on AO3 / Summary

Pairings: Eddie Kaspbrak / Richie Tozier

Warnings: swearing, sexual references

Chapter 1/?


Word Count: 3279

If given the choice to remove something from existence, most sensible people’s suggestions would be akin to war, famine, homelessness, cancer, or something else along that line. Some people would be more specific, maybe choosing to rid the world of a particular person, or food, or trend in clothing. Some would say they would get rid of bagpipes, or tomatoes, or the entire concept of wearing socks and sandals. Others wouldn’t be able to give you an answer, making the argument that we need the bad to balance out the good, or some other pretentious and insightful bullshit.

Richie Tozier knew exactly what he would get rid of, if given that choice. It would, without a doubt, be the song Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves.

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vivi_am waffle cardigan(TS3)

*2 swatches

*new mesh

*all recolorable

this is an event gift for my 33333th visitor of my naver blog :3

I tried to make a basic fit cardigan, don’t know you guys like it or not

always thanks for using my cc and hope you enjoy this :>




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You’ve heard of Jer in Mike’s hoodie Content–! NOW get ready for cardigan content!

Sexy Fit

Summary: You, Nancy and Jonathan are going to one of Steve’s basketball games. Everyone keeps making snide remarks about you choice of clothing.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

A/N: This was inspired by something that happened to my friend irl

Tags: @xanaphorax

“ So, I’m confused. “ Nancy said, a smirk playing on her lips. “ What is a sexy fit? “

You looked at her in the mirror as you fixed your hair. “ What are you talking about? “

Nancy held up the new, green cardigan you had gotten at the mall the other day. She read off the tag. “ The perfect sexy fit…? What does that even mean Y/N? “

You shrugged. “ I dunno, maybe it’s more form fitting or something. “

Nancy let out a laugh. “ Form fitting? It’s a cardigan, Y/N! “

Rolling your eyes, you turned around and snatched the cardigan from her. You owned a lot of cardigans, they were a staple item in your everyday look. You could’ve just worn any normal one, but tonight was special.

You’d overheard Steve and Jonathan talking the other day at lunch, tuning in just in time to hear Steve say that his favorite color was green. That day, you’d driven straight to the mall after school in search of the perfect green cardigan.

It was stupid, you knew it was. But you were completely, head over heels, utterly and completely in love with Steve Harrington. And you needed something to catch his attention at the game tonight.

You wriggled you’re legs into a pair of black tights, tugging up your high waisted jean shirt afterwards. You pulled the green cardigan over the black turtle neck that was tucked neatly into your skirt.

Nancy handed you your black headband. Another staple item. “ You look great. The sexy fit looks nice on you. “

“ Okay, I’m glad you got that out of your system. “ You said as she held back laughter.

People described your style as prim and boring. But you honestly didn’t give a shit. You enjoyed looking put together and yes, a bit nerdy.

“ Jonathan is going to be here any minute. “ Nancy told you, putting on her jacket and grabbing her purse.

You followed her out of your bedroom and into the living room to wait for Jonathan’s car to pull up.

“ Be back by midnight or we’re locking you out! “ your father called, hopefully jokingly, from the kitchen.

You laughed. “ Yeah, okay, Dad. “

“ I mean it! “

“ Sure, love you! “

“ And I you! “

Nancy and you hurried outside to Jonathan’s car. He smiled as you slid into the backseat, Nancy into the passenger.

“ Hey. “ he greeted. “ You guys look nice. “

Nancy grinned, looking back at you. “ Yeah, Y/N is wearing her sexy fit cardigan. “

You groaned.

Jonathan looked confused as he started driving down the street. “ Sexy fit? “

“ My cardigans tag says it has a ‘ sexy fit ‘ and Nancy thinks it’s hilarious. “ You grumbled.

“ How does a cardigan have a ‘ sexy fit ‘? It’s a freaking cardigan! “ Nancy exclaimed.

Jonathan chuckled.

You pointed an accusing finger at him. “ Not you too, Byers! “

He tried to hold in his laughs. “ No….I’m not….I would never….”

“ I’m divorcing you two. “

You arrived at the school shortly after that. The three of you walked to the gym, eager to find good seats. As you climbed the bleachers, you spotted Steve on the court, running drills.

Even while he was running and jumping and sweaty, his hair was perfect.

You tried to ignore the butterflies swirling in your stomach.

Nancy pulled you down into a seat beside her. She turned to Jonathan. “ Do you wanna get drinks while we save the seats? “

They shared some secret look before Jonathan nodded.

He gave Nancy a quick peck on the lips. “ Be right back. “

As soon as he was gone, Nancy whirled around to face you. “ Okay, spill. “

“ Spill What? “

“ Don’t play dumb, Y/N. “ Nancy said. “ You’ve been acting weird all day, including the whole cardigan thing. “

You groaned. “ Okay, enough about the cardigan, Nance - “

Nancy cut you off by holding up a hand. “ Y/N, you have millions of cardigans, so why did you go out of your way on Friday to go find this one? “

Your eyes flitted involuntarily down to the court, to Steve, then back to Nancy. It couldn’t have been more than a second. But Nancy caught it.

“ Oh. My. God. “ Nancy grinned. “ I knew it! “

“ Shut up! “ You hissed.

“ You like Steve. “ She whisper yelled. “ You like Steve! I always kind of had a feeling that you did but, I didn’t think you’d freaking buy a cardigan to impress him. OH MY GOD, YOU GOT A GREEN ONE ON PURPOSE! It’s his favorite color! Y/N you’re - “

You slapped your hand over her mouth. “ Nance, I love you. But can you please shut the hell up? The game is starting. “

Nancy started to talk again, but was interrupted by Jonathan handing you two your drinks.

“ Hey, they didn’t have regular. I hope Diet Coke is okay. “ he said.

You waved him off. “ It’s fine, thanks. “

Basketball wasn’t really your thing, and you didn’t understand much of it. But you tried your best to pay attention. Every time Steve did something that you thought was good, you cheered until your throat hurt.

“ Y/N, he just got a foul. “ Jonathan told you.

“ Oh. “

By the end of the game, you were more confused then when it started. But Hawkins had won. Everyone lept to their feet, cheering for the boys as they shook hands with the other team.

The three of you rushed down the court where Steve met you, a huge grin on his face.

Jonathan gave him a high five. “ Good job, man. “

“ Thanks. “ Steve said, his eyes bright. He and Nancy were talking about you all meeting up to eat at the dinner when he glanced over at you.

His smile wavered a little as he eyed you up and down. You felt your cheeks flush. Steve was checking you out.

“ Yeah, just wait until I get changed, okay? “ he said, turning back to Nancy.

As you walked back to Jonathan’s car, Nancy stopped abruptly.

“ You know, “ she began. “ The diner is going to get packed. Maybe Jonathan and I should go ahead and get us all a booth. “

You glared at her. “ Nancy Wheeler, I swear to fucking god - “

“ You should stay to let Steve know where we went. And you can ride with him so he won’t be lonely. “ Her smile was devilish.

You looked to Jonathan for help. He gave you a smalll smile.

“ I think that’s a good idea, Nance. “

Ignoring your pleas, the two traitors climbed into Jonathans car and sped out of the parking lot. You were going to kill them.

“ Y/N? “

You whirled around to see Steve walking towards you, carrying his duffel bag. “ Hey. “

He pointed to where the car had dissapeared. “ Did they just leave. “

“ They wanted to save a booth. “ You explained.

Steve shrugged, unlocking his car. “ Well, climb on in. “

You slid into the passengers seat as Steve settled down behind the wheel. He turned to look at you after starting up the car.

“ You look nice in green. “ He said, smiling.

You blushed. “ Thanks. “

The two of you were silent for a moment as Steve pulled out of the parking lot.

“ You know, greens my favorite color, right? “

Your heart was pounding. You could either lie, or basically admit that you had worn his favorite color on purpose.

“ Um…”

So, you went with ‘um’.

Steve laughed. “ If you wanted my attention, you really didn’t need to go through all that trouble. “

You stared ahead as Steve parked the car outside the diner. “ And why is that? “

“ Because you already had it. “

His lips were on yours before you even had a chance to blink. His mouth was soft and lush, moving against yours like gentle waves crashing against the beach.

Steve’s hand crept around your back, tugging up your shirt and pressing his palm into your bare skin. You pressed forward, aching to be closer to him. You swiftly ran your hands around his neck and into his hair. You felt him moan into your mouth.

There was nothing rushed about the kiss. It was slow and smooth and seemed to never end.

That is until there was a knock on your window.

Steve and you broke apart with a jump to see Jonathan standing outside the car. You released a shaky laugh as you ran a hand through your hair and straighten out your shirt.

Steve glanced over at you with a smile as you both stepped out of the car.

Jonathan raised an eyebrow at you and Steve. “ You two have fun? “

You shoved him lightly. “ Shut up. “

Nancy was waiting for you all inside, sitting at a booth. She smirked when she saw you and Steve’s disheveled hair and swollen lips.

“ It was definitely the cardigan. “ she said.

You grinned at her. “ It’s all about the sexy fit. “

love me love me even if it’ll kill me

All I want is Budo and Ayano ending up together. Ayano gets her ‘senpai’ and Budo get’s his perfect girl…a little too perfect.

winsbuck  asked:

Modern Asra headcanons? OwO

Ohh yes modern au stuff~ ≖‿≖

  • Asra spends his free time watching conspiracy theory shows on Netflix and can’t get enough of it.
  • His modern style is relaxed, simple, and yet still stylish. He rocks cardigans and fitted shirts and jeans~
  • Works at Harmony or any store where they sell incense, healing stones, tarot cards, faerie statues and all that jazz.
  • Carries a deck of tarot cards to practice and impress his friends and strangers.
  • Local coffee shops are where you are going to find Asra most mornings.
  • Likes going to the mall by himself, it’s just his thing.
  • On rainy days Asra will find a chill playlist on Spotify and have that play throughout the room as he lays in bed with a cup of tea, Faust around his neck and just dozing off.
  • Asra definitely had a pair of heelys when he was a kid
  • Has a huge collection of scarves and wears them all the time.
  • Asra isn’t a fan of driving and prefers to bike around the city or take public transit.
  • At night Asra works at those bars where the bartenders perform magic tricks! He brings in most of the customers (especially the ladies)
  • This dude owns a magic bullet and his diet consists of smoothies and home-cooked meals. Rarely does he go out to fast food places.
  • Has all kinds of random small tattoos
  • Imagine Asra owning an impressive collection of earrings. 

agespenst  asked:

The dads reactions to you wearing their clothes

🥃 Robert is currently in the bathroom, to “powder his nose”, so it’s just you, Neil and Robert’s leather jacket. You’re not sure why he left it, since you could count the times you’ve seen him without it on one hand, but you already learnt the lesson not to question Robert’s motives long ago and you’re not going to start doing it now. Sipping on your juice, you find yourself looking at where Robert had hung it over his chair, and can’t help but reach out and take it in your hand. It’s heavier than you imagined, probably because there are knives in every pocket, and, as you lift it to your nose, smells like Robert, his cologne and the faint scent of dog. Before you even know why you’re doing it, you’ve slipped into it. It doesn’t fit you, but you imagine your coolness level just multiplied by 9000. Neil shoots you an amused look and subtly nods towards the bathroom. You look up and find Robert just standing there, frozen, his eyes even darker than usually, hungry. You open your mouth to apologise, but he cuts you off before you can even get a word out. “Put the drinks on my tab, Neil, we’re leaving.” He grabs your arm and hoists you on your feet, dragging you along behind him.

🍸 You had spent the night on Joseph’s yacht, for the first time since Amanda’s graduation party. It’s far too early to be awake, but the bed next to you is empty, so Joseph must be up already. Grumbling, you blindly search for your clothes and take the first thing you can get your hands on. You only realise that it’s not your shirt when you open your eyes and see blue fabric instead of what you’d worn yesterday. Well, Joseph’s cardigan fits you alright, and in all the time you’ve known him he’s never actually worn it, so you doubt he’ll mind and keep it on. You find Joseph leaning against the railing, staring out at the water. “It’s Saturday,” you complain. “Why are you awake?” Joseph turns his head. The moment he sees you, his eyes widen and he blushes. Self-consciously, you fumble with the sleeves. “It was the first thing I found. If you want, I can get changed…” Joseph immediately shakes his head with such ferocity you worry he might get dizzy. “No!” He walks over to you and wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you flush against his chest. “It looks… nice on you. Very nice. Keep it on…” He kisses you deeply and gently nudges you back towards the stairs leading below deck.

☕ An outdoor concert had sounded like an awesome idea, but your brain only caught up to the fact it was far too cold to be outside without a jacket when it was already too late. You wrap your arms around yourself and shiver; even your teeth are chattering. But unlike you, Mat doesn’t seem to notice the cold; he’s standing with a small group of old friends, his tattoos on display as he isn’t wearing his jacket. You look over to the piece of clothing in question and shiver. It looks so inviting and warm, and you find yourself taking it and putting it on without further thought. Even here, with smokers and the scents of nature around you, it still smells like coffee and sugar, a combination that makes you bury your face in the hoodie. “Sorry for taking this long, Y/N… Y/N?” With a yelp you nearly jump out of your skin, completely taken off guard. Mat holds up his hands, his face caught somewhere between guilt and being flustered; his cheeks are a deep pink and he can’t seem to take his eyes off you. “Sorry, baby, didn’t mean to scare you. Why… um… why are you wearing my jacket?”
“I was cold.” Mat steps closer and wraps an arm around you. You immediately borrow into his side, seeking his body heat. “You don’t mind, do you?” Mat shakes his head. “No. I… I don’t mind. It… it suits you.” From where your face is buried in his neck,  you can feel him blush.

🌹 Damien and you had planned on going to the cinema after his shift ended, but something required him to do overtime and now you’re in his manor, waiting. You’d already gone through his private book collection, checked on that one gargoyle you accidentally damaged and strolled through his garden – you’re bored. So, naturally, like any other rational, mature human being, you start playing dress-up. Damien’s clothes don’t fit you, but you make do; you struggle with the buttons and you have absolutely no idea how to get the ruffles of the collar to look right, but the end product could be worse. You do a little spin in front of the mirror, twirling like you’d seen models do on TV. Not looking where you are going, you let out an ‘oof’ when you hit something solid: Damien. “I can explain,” you begin, but Damien’s frown makes you trail off. Damien reaches up and starts fiddling with your collar, adjusts your cape and properly re-does the buttons. “There, my love, now everything is like it’s supposed to be.” He turns you around so you can look at yourself in the mirror again. “Though it would, of course, be even better if the clothes were custom-fitted to reflect your unique physique. If you’d like, I can take you to my tailor, so we can get you Victorian-era clothes of your own.” You take his hand in yours, your other coming up to play with his hair. “How do I look?” He smiles and leans down to kiss your forehead. “Absolutely stunning, darling.”

🎣 You have no idea why you agreed to going fishing with Brian again after that disastrous first time, but one thing you were certain of: Never again. Sitting near the fire Brian had made to help you warm up, you pout and wrap your arms around your naked torso. Brian, that bastard, just gave you an amused look and finishes wringing out your shirt. “I told you not to lean over that much.” You resolutely ignore him. “Still cold?” You nod and he pulls off his shirt, giving it to you. It soaked up much of Brian’s body heat and instantly makes you feel warmer. Sure, it’s too big on you, but that only makes it better at keeping you warm, like a little tent with a hole for your head at the top. It probably looks silly, but you doubt Brian cares. You look at him and pause, surprised to see him so… flustered. “Brian?” He jumps a little, as if he was lost in thoughts, and clears his throat, his blush deepening. “Ah, sorry, Y/N, I was… distracted.”
“By?” You catch him stare at you; the moment he notices you caught him, he averts his gaze. By now, his face is as red as a tomato. “Brian?” You wiggle your eyebrows and give him a pointed look.
He splutters. Instead of giving you a verbal reply, he leans over and cups your face in his paw-like hands. “You know exactly why, Y/N.” Before you can continue teasing him, he’s already kissing you.

👟 “Bro, have you seen my—“ Craig trails off as he walks into the bedroom. His skin is still glistening from the shower he just took in preparation for his morning run. The only thing that missing is his shirt. The very shirt you’re wearing. He crosses his arms in front of his chest and raises his eyebrow. “Bro, did you steal my shirt?” You act like you didn’t hear him and roll on your stomach, burying your face in his pillow and letting out a long, sleepy sigh. You hear footsteps, then, Craig sits down on the bed next to you, giving your butt a little poke. “Bro, you know that’s my favourite shirt. Can you please give it to me?” You make a noise that’s not really a no, but definitely not a yes either. “Bro. You had to get up and sneak into the bathroom while I was showering to steal it.”
You turn your head just enough so that your voice isn’t muffled by the pillow. “I strongly deny your accusations, bro. I didn’t steal your shirt.”
“What would you call it, then?”
“Borrowing. Sharing is caring, ever heard of it?”
He rolls his eyes and nudges you until you’re lying on your back and he is looming over you. You pull him down for a kiss and wrap your arms around his neck. “M-mh. Any reason you borrowed that shirt and not any other one?”
You grin and kiss him again, longer and deeper than the first time. “I know a better way to start the day than jogging, bro,” you say, and he laughs against your lips.

📖 Last night is a mess of shouting, bright lights, violence and Hugo. You wake up with a groan, your head pounding with what a hangover, and roll on your back. It takes your eyes some time to get used to the light, but once you do, you turn to your side, expecting to find Hugo lying next to you, still asleep after the big wrestling match you two went to yesterday. But the sheets are pulled back and Hugo is nowhere to be seen. Instead, you can smell bacon; your stomach growls and you realise you will have to stand up if you want anything to eat. Slowly, you get out of bed. You get dressed in the first thing you can find on the floor, which turns out to be Hugo’s yellow wrestling shirt. The floor is cold under your naked feet so you just hurry downstairs to the kitchen. Hugo is standing in front of the stove, his back turned to you. “Hey, babe.” You yawn and rub your eyes, which makes you miss Hugo turn around. You do not miss, however, the sound of something falling on the ground. You drop your hands. Hugo is staring at you, his mouth, honest-to-god, hanging open. “Um, babe? Earth to Hugo?” You grin. “Like what you see?”
He startles and blushes. Clearing his throat, he takes a moment to compose himself, then crosses the distance between you two, effortlessly lifting you into his arms. “A lot,” he whispers against your lips. Your back hits the counter and you wrap your arms around him, softly moaning into the kiss.
“Get a room.” Hugo doesn’t draw back immediately, but kisses you again and only then turns to acknowledge his son.

10 Wardrobe Essentials for Larme Kei

There’s been a surge of interest in larme kei of late, and as others have noted, this has also resulted in major misconceptions about what larme kei is. Since this has been covered at length on other tumblrs, I’m going to focus instead on answering the big question that inevitably pops up after, namely, what should a larme kei wardrobe have?

In this post, I’m going to recommend 10 wardrobe essentials for the larme look. There are a few things readers should note:

A: I will be omitting some items that others may deem essential because this list focuses on versatility. For instance, I have completely omitted one-pieces from this list because they tend to fit into niche larme looks, which not everyone may be aiming or suited for.

B: Almost everything on this list is in my own wardrobe. I selected them based on the following criteria: Can you find them outside of Japan in regular shops like H&M? Can they be combined with other items for a wide variety of looks? Are they wearable all year round?

C: Most things on the list are in black or white because these two colours offer the most utility. That said, do feel free to get them in other colours to suit your own style.

(Brands: Bubbles; Axes Femme)


Lace blouses are perfect for creating a more mature vibe to your outfit and easily paired with bustiers or camisoles. There’s a huge range to choose from, especially in terms of sleeve lengths and collar styles. If you’re worried about seeming too risque or just catching a cold, you can always pair the lace blouse with a cardigan.

Extra larme points for: puffed sleeves

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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 4.17.17

knitted cardigans for men and women by vajuhandmade

i’ve been finding a lot of rad ukranian etsy shops lately, like vajuhandmade — a cool sweater and accessories seller that has styles for both men and women. check ‘em all out and find your faves!

Fic: The Tea Shop Girl (Part 2/?)

Here’s part 2! Part one is here.

FIC: The Tea Shop Girl

Part: 2/?

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield/Reader

Also starring Tom Holland in the role of Goofy-Ass Best Friend

Summary: Harrison and the reader have their first date.

Warnings: Extreme fluff. And if you haven’t listened to the Nerdist Podcast Tom did, well, this is your first time hearing about The Advisor. Congratulations! :)

Tagged: @scamandaaaamn

“How do I look?” Harrison asked nervously. It was 6:57pm, and Harrison was getting ready to take (y/n) to dinner.

He was wearing a white button-down shirt, a black blazer, jeans, and black shoes. He’d decided to skip the tie (after putting one on and removing approximately seven times) and unbuttoned the top button of the shirt.

Tom rolled his eyes as he looked up from the script he was studying. “You look fine, Harrison. Really. If the first eight times I told you that haven’t convinced you, will the ninth finally take?”

“I just… I really like this girl, Tom. I want things to go perfectly.”

“They already haven’t.”

Harrison raked his fingers through his hair. “What’d you mean?”

Tom sniggered. “Do you like dinner?”

Harrison groaned. “How long before you let me forget that?”

“Let’s see, it’s…6:58? Never.”


“I’m teasing, mate.” Tom stood up and gave Harrison a quick hug. “Now go get ‘em, Tiger.”

“Thanks, Tom.” Harrison smiled, went out the door, and walked the three steps over to (y/n)’s flat. He took a deep breath, steeled himself, and knocked on the door.

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Betty Cooper Essentials

A rough guide on how to get Betty’s style. 

Her outfits usually consist of…

* Sweaters

* Jeans

* Skirts 

* Fitted Cardigans

* Jackets

* Sleeveless tops

* Blouses

* Jewelry

If you want to slowly transition your wardrobe to get Betty’s style, try these tips!

* Pastels, pastels, pastels! Betty is portrayed as “The Girl Next Door”. The innocent, good girl. Her wardrobe consists of tops/sweaters filled with pastels, mainly shades of blues and pinks. If you’re up for a change one day, switch to a light shade of red or mustard yellow. 

* Wear your camisoles and tank tops under cute cardigans. 

* Betty can be seen wearing a pair of brown/taupe ankle boots in a few episodes along with some grey converse. Invest in boots that are comfy and durable and wear them when you are more “dressed up” (e.g. a nice camisole or blouse paired with a cardigan) and wear your simple shoes, like converse or keds, on days when you are dressed more relaxed and comfy (e.g. wearing a sweater). 

* When it comes to bags, keep in mind Betty is more on the girly side. In the show she can be seen carrying around a floral light blue backpack. If you’re going for solid colors, go for light pinks and blues (maybe white) and for printed patterns, floral is your go to but polka dots will suffice.

* Keep the jewelry simple. Never wear over the top necklaces or earrings. Simple pendant necklaces and stud earrings are prominent throughout Betty’s wardrobe. 

* Keep in mind Betty’s style is simple and comfy yet classy. 

* Everytime you pick something off the rack/shelf, ask yourself: Is it something you can see Betty wear?

Where can you find brands/stores selling Betty-inspired clothing? 

* Forever 21


* Ann Taylor

* Ted Baker

* Topshop

* J. Crew

* Macy’s

* Target

* H&M 

* Gap

* Old Navy

* Banana Republic

* JC Penny

* Express


* RW & Co.

OC Body Stats

•Tamlen Lavellan•

I was tagged by @ephemereon, @bogatyris, @kurogoesinthedas, and @sunshinemage aaahhh thank you so much!! :D I’ll be doing this only for Tamlen for now, but since I was tagged so often maybe for someone else afterwards :D

I’m not sure who has done this before so I’m tagging @iio-in-thedas​, @luinquesse​, @thedosian-cabbage​, @freya-theirondragon​, @mlp-micoo​, @americanbeauty-americansidehoe​, @nachtvater​, @spycopoth​, @ananjolee​, @sakurabunnie​ and everyone else who’d like to do this! :D

BOLTALIC for occasionnal.


Long legs. Short legs. Average legs. Slender thighs. Thick thighs. Muscular thighs. Skinny arms. Soft arms. Muscular arms. Toned stomach. Flat stomach. Flabby Stomach. Soft stomach. Six-pack. Beer belly. Lean frame. Beefy/muscular frame. Voluptuous frame. Petite frame. Lanky frame. Short nails. Long nails. Manicured nails. Dirty nails. Flat ass. Toned ass. Bubble butt. Small waist. Thick waist. Narrow hips. Average hips. Wide hips. Big feet. Average feet. Small feet. Soft feet. Slender feet. Calloused hands. Soft hands. Big hands. Average hands. Small hands. Long fingers. Short fingers. Average fingers. Narrow shoulders. Broad shoulders. Average shoulders. Underweight. Average weight. Overweight.


Shorter than 140 cm. 141 cm-150 cm. 151 cm to 160 cm. 161 cm to 170 cm.171 cm to 180 cm. 181 cm to 190 cm. 191 cm to 2m. Taller than 2 m.


Pale. Rosy. Olive. Dark. Tanned. Blotchy. Smooth. Moles. Acne. Dry. Greasy. Freckled. Scars. Birthmarks.


Small. Large. Average. Grey. Brown. Blue. Violet. Pink. Green. Gold. Hazel. Doe-eyed. Almond. Close-set. Wide-set. Deep-set. Squinty. Monolid. Heavy eyelids. Upturned. Downturned.


Thin. Thick. Fine. Normal. Greasy. Dry. Soft. Shiny. Curly. Frizzy. Wild. Unruly. Straight. Smooth. Wavy. Floppy. Cropped. Pixie-cut. Afro. Shoulder length. Back length. Waist length. Past hip-length. Buzz cut. Bald. Weave. Hair extensions. Jaw length. Mohawk. Dreadlocks. Box braids. Faux locks. White. Platinum blonde. Golden blonde. Dirty blonde. Blonde. Ombre. Light brown. Mouse brown. Chestnut brown. Golden brown. Chocolate brown. Dark brown. Jet black. Ginger. Red. Auburn. Dyed. Thin eyebrows. Average eyebrows.Thick eyebrows. Plucked eyebrows.

Tattoos / Piercings

Full sleeve. Thigh tattoo. Neck tattoo. Chest tattoo. Back tattoo. Shoulder blade tattoo. One tattoo. Face tattoo (vallaslin). Hand tattoo. A few here and there. Multiple. No tattoo. Monroe piercing. Nose piercing. Septum. Nipple piercing(s). Genital piercing(s). Industrial piercings. Earlobe piercings. Prince Albert piercing. Eyebrow piercing(s). Tongue piercing(s). Lip piercing(s). Top of the ear. Tragus piercing. Angel bites. Labret. Stretched out ears. Navel piercing. Inverse navel piercing. Cheek piercing(s). Smiley. Nape piercing(s). No piercings.


Eyeliner. Light eyeliner. Heavy eyeliner. Cat eyes. Mascara. Fake eyelashes. Matte lipstick. Regular lipstick. Lipgloss. Red lips. Pink lips. Nude lips. Dark lips. Bronzer. Highlighter. Eyeshadow. Neutral eyeshadow. Smoky eyes. Colorful eyeshadow. Blush. Lipliner. Light contouring. Heavy contouring. Powder. Matte foundation. Shiny foundation. Concealer. Wears war paint from time to time. Wears make up regularly. Wears it from time to time. Rarely wears make-up.


Floral. Herbal. Earthy. Fruity. Perfumes. Aftershave. Cocoa. Moisturizer. Shampoo. Cigarettes. Leather. Fur. Sweat. Food. Incense. Marijuana. Cologne. Whiskey. Wine. Fried food. Blood. Fire. Metal. Rain.


Jeans. Tight pants. Overknee socks. Tights. Leggings. Yoga pants. Pencil skirt. Tight skirt. Loose skirt. Tight/Form-fitting dress. Cardigans. Tunic. Blouse. Button up shirt. Band-T-shirt. Sports-T-shirt. Sweatpants. Tanktop. Cut off t-shirt. Designer. High street. Leather jacket. Thrift. Lingerie. Long skirt. Miniskirt. Maxidress. Sun dress. Tie. Tuxedo. Cocktail dress. Highslit dress/skirt. T-shirt. Loose clothing. Tight clothing. Jean shorts. Sweater. Sweater vest. Waistcoat. Khaki pants. Suit. Hoodie. Harem pants. Basketball shorts. Boxers/Boxer-Briefs. Thong. Hotpants. Hipster panties. Bra. Sportsbra. Crop top. Corset. Ballerina skirt. Leotard. Polka dot. Stripes. Glitter. Cotton. Linen. Silk. Lace. Leather. Velvet. Patterns. Florals. Neon colors. Pastels. Light colors. White. Black. Dark colors. Fur/Fauxfur. Revealing clothing. Heavy armor. Medium armor. Light Armor.


Sneakers. Slip-ons. Flats. Slippers. Sandals. High heels. Kitten heels. Ankle boots. Combat boots. Knee-high. Platforms. Stripper heels. Bare feet. Loafers. Oxfords. Gladiator shoes.