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You have survived. You are here. Confused maybe, screwed up, perhaps. But you are here and you’re trying and that’s what matters most.

Fitness changed for me the moment I stopped using the scale to measure my “progress” and started loving the process by itself.

It’s not preached enough on how the scale is SO inaccurate with progress. You can look heavier at your lowest weight simply because of fat vs muscle content.

I promise the moment you stop only using the scale to measure your progress, the happier, more free, less strict, and more fun the process becomes.

Being fit and healthy isn’t a temporary “diet” or process, it’s a lifestyle choice!

Whatever you’re going through at the moment just know that you’ll overcome this obstacle in ur life. Might not be today or tomorrow, but it will happen soon. Take one step at a time. Chin up, beautiful. Also remember this: There’s a rainbow at the end of every storm. You’ve got this!!!! I believe in YOU 🌸🌸🌸🌸