fitspo journal


[3/100] Days of productivity

•finished my Physics and Chemistry homework
•made some Chemistry flashcards
•went on a nice long walk
•did a good HIIT workout+stretched
•going to bed early

Today already way more like what I want it to feel like. I am slowly catching up on all my work and it makes me feel a lot calmer.

January 15th, 2017

Its been a long while since I updated. So, I’m down 11lbs since Jan 1st. It’s pretty fast weight loss. I haven’t done any specific diet either. I just eat healthy, no soda/sweets, and I’m sure to treat myself every week just so I don’t go nuts! Ha. Uhm, I don’t go above and beyond for exercise.. but my job is physically demanding. Oh! (I have coffee every morning.. just thought I’d put that out there)

My clothes are starting to loosen up!! I feel great! My skin also looks awesome! I drink so much water though. Ha. I’m hoping to reach my first real goal soon! My goal was to lose 15lbs this month. I’d say I’m on the right track 😉

SW: 196.8
CW: 184.4

(inspired by this post)

this is a mix of prompts to reflect on 2015 and prompts to look forward to and plan for 2016. feel free to add more to the list! here’s to another year of journaling. happy new year!

  • biggest events in your life in 2015
  • things to look forward to in 2016
  • things you learned in 2015
  • things you learned about yourself in 2015
  • health goals and health plan for 2016
  • a bucket list of things you want to learn
  • things to leave in 2015 - e.g. attitudes, habits, mindsets
  • things to adopt in 2016 - e.g. habits, mindsets, hobbies, self-improvement
  • 2016 personal goals & philosophy
    • mental, physical, social, financial, academic, spiritual
  • 2016 goals action plan
  • things you love about yourself
  • favorite pictures you took in 2015
  • favorite drawings of 2015
  • little things worth getting out of bed for
  • things worth staying alive for
  • beautiful moments of 2015 in pics, descriptions, and mementos
  • list of self-care regimens
  • places you want to go in 2016
    • parks, cafes, book stores, stationary stores, art stores, thrift stores, hiking trails, beaches, road trips, museums
  • review 2015 like a restaurant review - give it a rating out of 5 stars, review the experiences, moods, culture, aesthetic, etc
  • rate everything from 2015 on a scale of 1 to 10
    • mental health, physical health, spirituality, social life, sleep, grades, finances, work, relationships, etc
    • reflect on each rating
  • events you want to attend in 2016 (concerts, festivals, conventions, etc)
  • favorite songs of 2015
  • favorite bands/singers of 2015
  • new music for 2016
  • favorite art you discovered in 2015
  • foods you loved in 2015
  • foods you want to try in 2016
  • hobbies you want to try in 2016
  • activities you want to try in 2016
  • DIYs you want to try in 2016
  • list of things to reward yourself with when you’re feeling sad
  • favorite places you went to in 2015
  • don’t break the chain habit chart
  • stationary shopping list
  • clothes shopping list
  • room decoration shopping list
  • things you like to do outside of school and work
  • songs that make you happy
  • things worth your time and money
  • best and worst purchases of 2015
  • future plans from 2016 onward
  • news headlines that affected you the most in 2015
  • things that annoyed you in 2015
  • things you hope to see happen in the world in 2016
  • dates in 2015 that you want to remember
February 1st, 2017

Here comes month #2!!! I think January went well, can’t complain. I honestly think February will be better! I have goals to be met later this year, so everything I do now will impact them!

Since this is month two, I need to add a few more “goals” to my list.
-Drink even more water! Especially when I wake up.
-Get more sleep.
-Say no to people who offer me food. (I’m so guilty of this.. it’s usually “junk” food)

I know it’s not much but it’s a good set to get me through February.
Small changes add up, I tell you what!

Thanks to everyone on here who motivated and supported me throughout January!
XOXO 😘😍👌💪

Super long workout today. This includes my warmup, free weight session, 25 minutes of cardio and cool down stretches. It felt so good to just take my time and do work. AND I apparently burned over 1000 calories!?! 😁
I only worked this morning so I had the whole afternoon to kill! Now I’m eating delicious teriyaki chicken fried rice post shower and going to spend some quality time with the bf this evening!
A great start to the week! Happy Monday everybody!

non-scale victories
  • overeating less
  • learning to listen to my body
  • more positivity
  • compliments from those are noticing
  • a pile stacking up of clothes that are too baggy and no longer flatter me
  • drinking 8 cups of water a day is now a habit
  • doing well avoiding fried or overly processed foods
  • eating less meat and significantly less dairy
  • tea no longer needs any sweetener
  • picking up on the natural sweetness of certain foods
  • stronger, more flexible
  • more stamina
  • lower resting heart rate
December 10th, 2016

I want to apologize, sincerely. I’m going to miss a few updates due to the fact I have to go back to work Monday and that I’ve been just plain sick. (Allergies from cats) I moved yesterday and now I’m in a house full of cats. Haha. I’m so miserable.
Anywho.. my weight has been pretty consistent. Which I wouldnt say was a good thing? I want to lose it obviously. So, something needs to change. I’m assuming more physical activity.. I’m lacking in that department. It doesn’t help that I’ve been snacking from my monthly. YIKES!


Sweaty hair, don’t care. Finally got back into the gym after 2 days rest. I try not to go more than that without a workout otherwise I find I struggle to maintain the habit. It doesn’t have to be the gym, as long as I’m getting active some how, I’m happy.
The count down is on. Four more days of work till my weekend away. I can do this. I’m good at both my jobs and I really enjoy them. It’s just going to be a few long days. Monday and Tuesday are double shifts and I still need to get my Friday evening covered. Sigh. 😧
I even took an extra three hours today on a whim. I’m exhausted but keep hearing 💲Cha-Ching💲

Bedtime now. It’s time.

It was a good day! Worked this morning, finally went to the gym after 2 days of solid work. I plan on finishing week 4 strong and am happy with the progress I’ve made in my lifts. Squatting 125 is getting easier and easier. I’m looking forward to the new workouts next week though, I’m ready to mix it up. 😁
More work tomorrow, I’m going to try and hit the gym again. A short shift on Friday will let me sleep in. Then this weekend brings friend time! I’m making an effort to reach out to friends more. Today I skyped with my friend staying in Brazil! Next week I’m going to try a Brazilian steak house with another girlfriend! Look at me, being all social. 💁


hot yoga class this morning - so glad I got myself this membership. I’m starting to explore more arm balances, and it’s exciting!

hiked 7 miles on my now-favorite local trail.

oatmeal with strawberries, nuts, and some other good stuff for brunch. larabar for afternoon snack, then eggs, broccoli, and cheese for dinner.

I have been so happy lately. partly from this whole eating-well-and-exercising thing, but also because I’m loving who I’m becoming. and because I have so many things to look forward to in the months to come. moving in with my fiance, hopefully adopting a cat, buying my own car, and of course getting married.

basically, fuck yeah!


Hello again! Today was a work day, a short shift and then I chilled on the couch till my workout. I’m going out tonight to see friends. It should be a good time, I don’t really see this friend group a lot so it will be nice to catch up.
I’m happy I was able to do some painting last night, it’s really coming along and I’m excited to get it finished! It’s going to be a gift for my very new nephew! I’m looking forward to meeting him! 😍 I miss him already.