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Helloooooo morning abs 👀 had a very eventful day yesterday which involved taking my friend to a&e and waiting for hoooours, which meant unsurprisingly I didn’t get to go to the gym! I did have a really good 30 minutes of stretching when I got home though, which was desperately needed as it a) helped my tired little muscles and b) helped me relax after a pretty stressful day! On my way to the gym to train shoulders and a little bit of arms now ☺️


Donavan Barrett|2016 Training Sampler

This is my last video of 2016!  This was by far the hardest year of my life.  Between my parents splitting, my sister going through a major surgery, being completely overworked with things that I’m not passionate about and told how I should live my life, and losing all things stable in my life, I still came out as passionate as ever to reach my goal. 

Think this is impressive? It’s nothing compared to what 2017s sampler will look like.  Watch me grind. Watch me rise.

Smiling because I get to go to the gym today!! And that’s the attitude everyone should have, because GYM IS NOT A CHORE. Told myself I’d let myself go to the gym today if I finished my coursework last night which I did!!

So many of you may or may not know about this whole “negative calorie” food ordeal, there are myths going around saying that certain foods take more energy to digest than give in calories which makes it a negative calorie food. With this being said there are some foods that do take more energy expenditure but not ALWAYS. In my opinion, this was a way for people to lose weight and became its own little diet plan, but the problem with this whole thing is there is very little to no evidence that this “negative calorie” is true.  If we look up the foods that supposedly have zero calories (which I will list), you will just see they have very low calories compared to other foods and the majority, if not all of them are a fruit and vegetable.  As discussed many times before, you should implement a fruit and vegetable in your meal plans and everyday eating, so realistically you should be eating these without having to think about the amount of calories.  So in this post I am going to vaguely discuss with all of you the low calorie foods, for some of you this may be new information and for others, you may already implement these into your eating regimen.  

  1. Watercress- 4 calories per cup (produce) (has tons of antioxidants)
  2. Arugula- 5 calories per cup (produce)(vitamin K) (antioxidants)
  3. Celery- 6 calories per stalk (produce) (vitamin K)
  4. “Bok Choy”- 9 calories per 5 leaves (Asian green) (produce) (Vitamin C and vitamin A)
  5. Radish- 17 calories per cup (produce) (Vitamin C)
  6. Zucchini- 31 calories per medium zucchini (produce) (Fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, magnesium, and vitamin K)
  7. Cucumber- 22 calories per ½ cucumber (produce) The skin holds the majority of fiber
  8. Plum- 30 calories per plum (produce) (antioxidants)
  9. Grapefruit- 37 calories per half grapefruit (produce) (Vitamin C) (helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol)
  10. Strawberries- 49 calories per cup (produce) (high fiber) (Vitamin C)
  11. Honeydew melon- 61 calories per cup (produce) (potassium and vitamin C)
  12. Blackberries- 62 calories per cup (produce) (fiber) (antioxidants and vitamin K)
  13. Bulgar- 76 calories per ½ cooked (grains) (high fiber) (can help with blood sugar)
  14. Soba noodles- 113 calories per cup cooked (grains)
  15. Teff- 128 calories per ½ cup cooked (grains) (fiber, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus)
  16. Wheat bran- 31 calories per ¼ cup (grains) (magnesium and vitamin B) (fiber)
  17. Popcorn,air popped- 31 calories per cup (grain)
  18. Rice cakes, plain- 35 calories per cake (grain) (avoid flavored options; has added sugar)
  19. Shirataki noodles- 0 calories per 3 oz. (grains) (fiber) (Asian noodles)
  20. Sandwich thins- 100 calories per thin (grains) (whole wheat preferable)
  21. Turkey breast, deli meat- 72 calories per 3 oz (meat) (avoid honey roasted; has added sugars)
  22. Cod- 70 calories per 3 oz (meat) (Selenium) (Alaskan water; preferably)
  23. Mussels- 73 calories per 3 oz (meat) (high protein) (omega 3 fats)
  24. Turkey legs- 91 calories per 3 oz (meat) (high protein) (avoid eating the skin for less fat)
  25. Chicken breast- 92 calories per 3 oz (meat) (high protein)
  26. Pork tenderloin- 92 calories per 3 oz (meat) (thiamine) (high protein)
  27. Eye of round steak- 100 calories per 3 oz (meat) (protein)
  28. Silken tofu- 31 calories per 3 oz  (legumes) (plant based protein)
  29. Refried beans- 91 calories per ½ cup (legumes) (magnesium, phosphorus, iron)
  30. Canned kidney beans- 108 calories per ½ cup (legumes) (protein and fiber)
  31. Lentils- 115 calories per ½ cup (legumes)  (high protein) (fiber, vitamins and minerals)
  32. Liquid egg whites- 25 calories per 3 TBSP (dairy) (amino acids and protein)
  33. Mozzarella, part skim- 71 calories per 1 oz (dairy)
  34. Skim milk- 83 calories per cup (dairy) (calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus)
  35. Plain non fat yogurt- 137 calories per cup/depending on the brand (dairy) (protein and probiotics)
  36. Almond milk, unsweetened- 30 calories per cup (seeds/nuts)
  37. Powdered peanut butter- 45 calories per TBSP (seeds/nuts) (protein and fiber)
  38. Red wine vinegar- 3 calories per TBSP (seasonings)
  39. Thyme- 3 calories per TBSP (seasonings) (antioxidants)
  40. Cinnamon- 6 calories per 1 TSP (seasonings)

There are many other foods that may be low calorie that I have not mentioned on the list. I think for the most part, many people eat each of these things and do not realize their significance; which is why I shared some small bits of information about some of them.  I hope this was of help to many of you, the serving size could be different depending on the brands, and how it can be purchased, it is best to read the labels!

Your fitness blogger,Shay-lon xoxoxo

Just a heads up...

Next month I will be starting a blog, the first post will go up the first Sunday of April!  I plan to upload a new post every week looking to help people who just want to enjoy their workouts and be completely happy mentally and physically. I will be posting my blog mainly on wordpress, I will put links and short snippets on here. I really hope i can have your support, its something I’m very passionate about!

Let’s do this together!