14 Beautiful and Healthy Fruit-Infused WatersRECIPES

Strawberry, Lemon, and Basil

Orange and Blueberry

Watermelon and Mint

Citrus and Cucumber

Strawberry, Lime, and Cucumber

Rosemary and Grapefruit

Raspberry, Rose Petal, and Vanilla

Kiwi and Cucumber Agua Fresca

Honeydew and Raspberry

I’ve been overweight my entire life, but when I was 18 and weighing 246 pounds, I decided to buckle down and lose the weight for good.  I got down to my goal weight of 130 pounds and then found out that I was pregnant a week later.  So, the photo on the left was taken after I gave birth to my son and the photo on the right was taken this morning, after months of hard work, trying to make it passed the plateau I was stuck at since fall.

With hard work and determination, you can reach your goals.

Feel free to follow me on my journey through round 2 of my weight loss!


Chocolate Raspberry Chia Pudding…RECIPE


6 Tbsp chia seeds
2 cups coconut milk beverage or any non-dairy milk
6 large squares dark chocolate (yield about 2 Tbsp melted + 4 Tbsp grated chocolate to decorate)
½ cup fresh or frozen raspberries + a few raspberries to decorate