Hey guys!
I couldnt find day 17 of the 8 week body transformation but here is day 18!
I’m just going to post the workouts available for free from foodfitnessdiva, so there will be missing days.
If you want more of these awesome workouts check out!

Nearly 6 months progress between these pictures 😲😲 - I am baffled, I honestly see the left pic when I look in the mirror but when comparing the pics it’s unreal, I can’t believe I have achieved this in 2016, can’t wait for 2017! Also needa work on the booty, any tips would be great 👌👌👌

This is my first ever one of these and I’m really nervous lol
⬇️23 pounds
I made this to remind myself how far I’ve come even though some days it feels like I’m still just as big as on the left
Let me tell you, my mental health has been what’s improved most of all