@adv3nturelust calling for a confidence selfie.

Hi, my name is Jared. Some call me JD. Others call me Jar’d. I’m a self conscious, overthinking, and passive 20-something. My confidence isn’t the best, but it’s getting better. I live life by preaching passion and positivity. My vanity stems from my lack of self confidence and a “fake it til you make it” mentality.

Nice to meet ya!

Sorry for not keeping you all updated, school has been hectic again with finals wrapping up. Just to catch everyone up, I have only been doing around three days of cardio a week, and I haven’t been very consistent with my diet. I’ve gotten so much better about binging, but I’ve still been snacking and not eating clean. I’ve been going heavy with my lifts though so I’m still seeing some good results! I only have two finals left over the course of the next two weeks, so I can get back into my routine. Not today though because it’s the last day of class as an undergrad for me, so I will be celebrating at the campus pub 😜

Trying to motivate myself for my daily walk is not going so well… It’s just a walk, not exactly hard work. I’m tired and I just want to sit in bed all day and eat 😭 I’m 100% not going to do that though, I WILL go for this walk after my lunch and then I WILL go on the exercise bike for 20-30 minutes because that is one step closer to my goal, and not doing it would mean I remain the same. I GOT THIS.

When it’s rest day...

Today is a rest day but I still want to go to the gym. I miss you sweat stenched box. Do you miss me? My body needs a day to recoup but my mind is on my goals. My mind is on the weigh in, the body fat calculator, and how I will feel in the cute shorts I just bought. Have I followed my meal plans close enough, am I getting enough protein, should I have had that second glass of wine at dinner?